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Hatchback Hullaballoo


Event details

Description of Event: Teams of two will races in Hatchback Sports from one location to another. The first past the finish line is the winner.

Instructions to Participants:
Step 1 - Submit your name below along with your partner. One of you will be the driver while the other is the navigator. Please make this clear who is who when submitting your names.

Step 2 - 30 minutes before the server event begins, you need to be at Stadium Fuel with £50,000 in hand. This is the ‘buying in’ cost. You will give this to OfficiallyJolly. You’ll then be assigned a car where you will wait until the event begins. All of the navigators should be in ‘Events Room’ at least 20 minutes before the event begins.

Step 3 - 5 minutes before the event begins the navigators will receive a message with the race map. Navigators will then move to a TS room where they can talk to their driver clearly (i.e a public room etc). They’ll need to communicate this route to the driver during the race so maybe get some practice before the event begins!

-All server rules are still in play. The exception is 2.1 so long as it is accidental. Admins will be watching and intentional VDM will result in disqualification
-As mentioned above, the navigator must be in the Event Room before the map is given out. I recommend navigators enter the room at least 20 minutes before the event starts.

Time and date: Monday 22nd, 9pm

Reward: Every £50,000 that has been entered + £250,000 courtesy of the Event Organiser

Requirements from players (i.e. bring vehicle): -
-The navigator to be in Events Room at least 20 minutes before the event
-A positive attitude 🙂

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Team: No RIR Points

Driver: DR. Pancho

Navigator: CST. Joe Cracker

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T0rstii #Bottom


Team Mohjambo

Driver: Mohjambo

Co-driver: Mohjambo JR.

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Team YUGO 95

Driver:Pavlic Carstein

Navigator: Paul Ross

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Due to a lack of interest, this event has been POSTPONED until Saturday, 27th at 9:00pm. To maximise numbers, please spread this event to as many people as possible. 

Thank you for your co-operation,


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