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    DayZ Roleplay Rules

    Created 20/02/2020 - Last Updated 20/02/2020

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  • (D1.1) Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) - Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. Countdowns are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering shooting.) Mass RDM is a permanent ban.

    (D1.2) Random Vehicle Deathmatch (also known as RVDM) - Running players over with a vehicle is not allowed unless the player is involved in combat with you or your group. Mass VDM is a permanent ban. 

    (D1.3) Prison (Admin) Island - You are not allowed to visit "Prison (Admin) Island”. Anyone caught firing weapons or stealing from Admins on Prison Island will be removed.

  • roleplay_rules.png


    (D2.1) You must remain in character at all times, unless a uniformed Admin authorises you to speak out of character. Roleplay everything.

    (D2.2) Out of Character Chat (OOC) interactions must be made over side chat.

    (D2.3) Quick messages to another player in direct chat must be prefaced by the syntax "//" 

    (D2.4) Extended OOC interactions are forbidden.

    (D2.5) Microphones are required on RPUK servers.

    (D2.6) Side (OOC) chat roleplay is forbidden. You must not use side chat to broadcast events that you observe (for example, you may not broadcast "X groups base it at Y". The exception is advertising your in game services.

    (D2.7) You must hot-mic all communications that have been made with other players in-game, through the in-game radio. You must not use teamspeak as a means to communicate if you are initiating for your group. 

    (D2.8) When your communication devices have been taken from you by another player, you must not use external methods or group chat to communicate with anyone else. Only direct chat is to be used in this case.

  • metagaming_rules (1).png

  • (D3.1) Using out of game information to influence the course of roleplay is considered metagaming and punishable by a ban, In character forum posts are considered in game information.

    (D3.2) When joining the server, you may involve yourself in base raids, robberies, shootouts, etc to help out your fellow group members. 

    (D3.3) If you are restrained and communications have been removed you must not be active on any other forms of communications other than direct chat.

  • new_life_rules.png


    (D4.1) A new life starts, when:

    Your character died in an RP situation.

    (D4.2) A new life does not start, when:

    Your character died due to a rulebreak.
    Your character died due to a glitch/bug. (If said incident happens, please fill out a compensation request on the forums.)
    Your disconnect (end of session)

    (D4.3) When you respawn:

    Your character does not remember any previous roleplay situations.
    Your character does not remember its vehicle locations.
    Your character does not remember your killer/robber etc.
    Your character does remember their friends/group members.


  • zone_rules (2).png


    There are 2 types of zones that you will experience on the map.

    Green zones are “Safe” areas where players are able to convene without hostile interruption. These locations are where you will find traders.
    Red zones are “Hostile” areas where certain rules are suspended. All military locations are considered Red zones.

    (D5.0.1) You must not abuse the boundaries of any marked zone on the map. Using the boundary to troll/taunt or temporarily gain protection is forbidden.

    Green zone specific rules:
    (D5.1.1) You must not attempt to kill anyone in a green zone.
    (D5.1.2) All weapons must be holstered in the green zones.
    (D5.1.3) You must not restrain and or rob players in a green zone.
    (D5.1.4) You must not steal a vehicle in a green zone.
    (D5.1.5) You must not exploit the green zone to avoid ongoing hostile roleplay. Retreating into a green zone is forbidden.

    Red zone specific rules:
    (D5.2.1) All other server rules apply in the Red zones with the exception of the RDM rule.
    (D5.2.2) For Red zone specific rules to apply, both shooter and victim must be inside the Red zone.



    (D6.1) Taking hostages must be roleplayed to a very high quality. (7.1.1)

    (D6.2) Killing someone must be carried out with roleplay. You may not shoot anyone on site unless in a redzone, or if they’re involved in a hostile situation with your group members.


    (D8.1) To raid a base, you need to initiate with voice. You can walk up to the base and call out the players, or use a megaphone. Once you’ve intiatiated, you need to give enough time for the group to comply. 

    (D8.2) You may not offline raid a base, there must be at least one person in the base at the time of the raid. 

    (D8.3) If you are at your base and another group initiates, you must reply, as not doing so would deny roleplay.

    (D8.4) Bases are not to be built out of the map, doing so will have the base removed.