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  2. Just some random clips i have
  3. Mayor Announcement

    Communism will prevail ☭
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  5. House Action! Selling Weapons, Suppressors and more! (SOLD)

    Sold to @carnifex for $2.300.000
  6. Savage

    During my final moments, The Police kept me company and they destroy a random hobo.... Savage ..... They left him in ruin....
  7. Mayor Announcement

    Looks good mate, I look forward to seeing this.
  8. House Action! Selling Weapons, Suppressors and more! (SOLD)

    Bidding stops in one hour if no wane else places a higher bid.
  9. Realy good roleplay from all side

    Ah the one man confession machine 😂 Thanks for the mention, we had a lot of fun from you 👍
  10. Zaros DMT (Gang Base)

    Can confirm, nametag does indeed state "Shacky"
  11. Mayor Announcement

    * Blueberry * 😁
  12. Khandamir


  13. Welcome to Judge Malleys Court House.

    thanks for recommending us .I enjoyed the situation aswell was fucking great and very funny :D
    • Saul Goodman
    • Saul Death


  14. Combatlanding 101

    Looks like a calculated move.. +1 for surviving that horrific landing
  15. Lifetime Donators

    I did ask regarding this. Lifetime donator can only be achieved by any one off donation of £160. Investor however if you are interested in it can be from any 2 £160 donations.
  16. Robbery

    Dear @Alexsnadder The Police Complaints Commission has received your complaint; we aim to deal with this complaint within the next 48 hours. Thank-you for your patience. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Constable Coozer
  17. Combatlanding 101

  18. Robbery

    So yesterday me and a friend was on our way to make some money by doing drugs etc, we happend to crash our car on the way out from kavala, place of crash was rather close to the local gas station, as we crashed a pair of two men who was driving behind us had stopped to see if we were okay, my friend had already went to see the gas station for a toolkit, but this man insisted on helping, he ran around the corner and came back with a new set of wheels, and after about two minutes of pretending like he knew how to attach the wheels, he rather suddenly whipped up the gun and told me to put my hands up, his friend at the time had not yet spoken so i assumed he was the silent kind, following his orders type of guy, he also carried a very big assault rifle, while his "boss" im assuming had a pistol, as my friend came back he saw the two criminals steal my gas money, and shot the "boss" down quick as lightning, the "silent brute with the ar" ran around to attempt a flank on my friend but was quickly suprised as there was a police car who spotted him and instantly went to work on apprehending the suspect, and after done so, they just left, i assume they brought him to the police station. a pair of two new police cars came along and was curious of the situation since i am at this point standing over a man who has been shot, i explained to them that the other officers who had left to the police station would explain to you what happend and that these men are guilty of their crimes, after the medic had revived the man, the man started to pout saying he didn't rob us, and how could he, he was alone he said, we explained that "no, he had a friend that was most certainly down at the police station for process right now" the officers after many minutes of trying to get the man in cuffs, eventually brought him down to the police station, i also followed as to give myself in as a personal witness of the crime he had commited, when we arrived though there was no second man, the silent brute with the ar, was nowhere to be found, so i thought mabye he had already been sent to jail, as i waited inside the police station i kept hearing the guilty man pout and pout on and on, about how he was not guilty, and after about 5 minutes he was actually let go because the police had no evidence to keep him detained, So what basically happend is the police who came to the rescue was negligent of giving the new officers on the scene information about the situation, they did a very very poor job in this here situation and the criminal went free because of police neglect, and should not be accepted...
  19. Mayor Announcement

    *Swipes Left* jkjkjkjk
  20. Mayor Announcement

    Guy on the left is a beautiful blueberry
  21. Mayor Announcement

    @Zubba i think you mean that guy on the left ;D
  22. NEW! - A Stoneman's Guide - The Altis Life RPUK

    You have made the supreme leader proud👍🏼 Good job buddy🇨🇳
  23. Mayor Announcement

    Nah, I'm not there you must be mistaking me for someone else xD
  24. Mayor Announcement

    Who might that handsome man on the right be ?
  25. Mayor Announcement

    Citizens of Altis, i have just been elected has Mayor of Altis, your true and only Pupss! Of course iam here for the people... for the... citizens of Altis! I have a special Announcement for any one that would like to attend, it will begin at 5 pm UK Time, the message is in this beautiful video @Terom @Zubba @Bjorn_NL @putjeschepper5000
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