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  2. 3FingerGaming

    Bring back the police offroad

    I mean tbh there is a few skins that are underused and could be removed, the hatchback as no one ever drives it! The NCA van is never used unless Ali is taking pictures and the 4WD is underused
  3. John Fletcher


    Gave him a bit of extra moolar, but overall was a good turn out and a bit of fun getting cops and poseidon in the mix
  4. John Fletcher

    Bring back the police offroad

    I do believe that what I've offered as an opinion is viable. I think Police have enough skins as it is, maybe if what I have put forward could happen, then allow police to have a few extra skins. Rebels will need the priority as of now, they need new things to do, for a start (which I'm sure you're already working on - that's great!), I think gangs would be a lot more invested to the server if they got their own gang clothes with custom skins, for vehicles aswell. It would allow them to be rebel but have aspects from whitelisted factions and make them feel just as important as Police, NHS and Poseidon.
  5. ShadowDirector

    Bring back the police offroad

    When the the Police had this before it was hardly used. I do not see the point in re adding it. To add the Police have an outstanding amount of vehicles that contain skins I do not see the need to add anymore. -1
  6. Tom Cliffoff

    Tom Cliffoff

    Anyone else remember this wee clip?

  7. Bowen Orion

    INS Erik [6600]

    So we were in a fight at the RBA with cops (big shock, I know!) and @INS Erik managed to shoot me down. My usual thing to do is to scream something like "My legs! Help!" so as to actually bring some sort of RP to an otherwise RP-less gun fight. Upon hearing me yell this, Mr Erik ran over, under fire from my guys and proceeded to RP with me, patch me up and even offer me blood. I just thought it was really nice for someone to prioritize RP over just trying to win the gun fight. Even when a member of AR ran past yelling "What the fuck are you doing man", Erik continued to RP with me. It ended with him running away and us exclaiming out love for each other. Good bloody work Erik. Really good to see that kind of thing mate
  8. In-game Name Onelath Steam ID 76561197960287930 The date of your ban. 03/31/18 Member of the team that banned you. Alfred Reason given for your ban. Money Duping The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. i was just selling fish at the market. and i was told if i will tell how i did it, i will not get banned but i got. Why should we unban you ? becourse i know it was a mistake, and i will not happend agian. and now you have unbanned 30.000 player, why not me. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  9. Surgay

    Selling: Blasting Charges

    ill take 3
  10. Butch

    NERF Decamp Timer

    I completely agree, however "fixing" it might sound easier than it is. Im sure it's up there on the to do list but troubleshooting servers for performance losses and desync which Arma already has alot of even if the server is running minimal scripts will probably take some time. In the mean time i would suggest either completely removing it or going with this option. Ofcourse if you would opt for this you would need a timer that would Count the seconds Before someone can shoot upon exiting the vehicle.
  11. Charles Vane

    Selling: Blasting Charges

    Still got charges for sale BTW, lots of new gangs around.. you frag kiddies wanna test yourselves against the police? Well let me hook you up, ill even make a bundle.. Now for 400k you can get yourself 4x Bolt Cutters Premuim Blades 1x Blasting charge.. Lets call it a Bank Job Starter Kit
  12. SI Jefke V

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - RustyAnkle - 10/20/19

    Can you provide the steamid 64 please
  13. Surgay


    sold it to him in the end
  14. Wicker

    Bring back the police offroad

    Remove posideon taru skins its not like you see that skin in the sky anyways
  15. Today
  16. Kayn


    @Jaffa when i say lag, i dont mean FPS i mean desync, people shotgunning, people teleporting up stairs, hit registration, major tower lag. 

  17. Matt O'leary

    Bring back the police offroad

    Is it possible to make it so people that join the server for the first time will be greeted by a message when they enter the slot selection menu of the server? With this you could try to convince newcomers to wait 10 min to download the files.
  18. DjHolyChirst

    Bring back the police offroad

    It shares the same file as the hatchback sport. I am not saying there is not room for more skins but i would rather that space go to rebels for example whereas police skins take up a significant amount more than every other group, there are plenty of unused skins police have it is up to command to decide which is important and what is not. Replace a police skin.
  19. WilsonWilsonson

    Change is needed and the floor is open

    I've only been on this server, and arma 3, for 3 or four days so I thought I'd give a new players perspective. It is true that if you just dive straight in without reading the relevant parts of this site and watching a few youtube vids, Stoneman for example, Altis is a confusing place. The obligation to orientate yourself as a new player is upon themselves. roleplay.co.uk, and a few people on the island, go out of their way to educate yourself. With that in mind once I did do that.....properly And learnt hw to navigate the menus and do actions like hands-up, holstering weapon etc its all about the RP! Even when the odd dickhead RDMs you and you lose all your peaches and stuff well it doesn't matter! Their are idiots IRL I just incorporate into RP. So in my opinion its not the way the server is set up or random knobheads that is probably contributing to server depopulation....my one slight suggestion to increase police, nhs etc is that they don't have to use teamspeak! It may be essential i'm not sure but for a noob like me its a bit daunting really. Anyway I love the server and am glad to be a part of it!!
  20. Simon Ross

    Bring back the police offroad

    Well in the whole context of this. I know in Poseidon people generally get away from the Off-road ASAP, and head to the MB4WD. As fast as possible. I feel like something similar will happen apart from when people are having a joke
  21. Ralph the Hobo

    Bring back the police offroad

    Just gonna throw this out there, what about the red arrows buzzard skin, or the black gryphon skin? They both have a few nice skins that aren't custom so could free up some space there, or maybe brown for the Taru, rarely see it.
  22. MKw

    Remove name over your own head

    ?? Do you get excited from seeing your own name and rank or something?
  23. MKw

    NERF Decamp Timer

    Well surely rpuk should fix that? It's not the players fault to suffer shit, slow paced, sniping combat, all because of no decamp script
  24. Dmitrij Ivanovic


    He scammed Fletcher yesterday F in chat...
  25. Dmitrij Ivanovic

    Pc upgrade

    @Romly weird that linus didnt drop it....
  26. Butch

    NERF Decamp Timer

    No i know how it works on other servers... However on rpuk the desync on a 130 server made you invisible when decamping at times hence why they added it. But adding a timer would circumvent that.
  27. Matt MSc

    DECLINED Report a Player - Jack - Trolling

    Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
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