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  2. Dr Willis

    Recommend a Vehicle

    Chevrolet Camaro SS: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/chevrolet-camaro-ss-2016 Willys Jeep MB: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/jeep-willys-mb-add-on-extras Land Rover Defender: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/land-rover-defender-110-with-extras The Willy's Jeep and the defender, two staple British cars that are a must. I can see the Defender being used in NHS/Police as well as the classic search and rescue car.
  3. Wild Wiisy

    Vehicle Modification Issues

    Vehicle Model / Name: 939131970 / Audi Rs6 Vehicle Licence Plate: YUCF 704 Modification Purchased: Turbo Time / Date: (If known) 31/3/2020 some time after 20:00 i think Any other relevant information: you can hear the turbo but it was no effect
  4. Dr Willis

    Contender Rear Roof

    Is there any chance of adding the rear roof on the Contender as an option to add in the Los Santos Customs? Thank you Much Love
  5. JaxTeller

    Vehicle Modification Issues

    Vehicle Model / Name: Subaru Impreza Vehicle Licence Plate: LIGG 102 Modification Purchased: Metallic black, Engine lvl 4, transmission lvl 4, Turbo, dark black window tint Time / Date: (If known): Car(29-4-20) / modifications(31-4-2020 around 20:00 hrs) Any other relevant information: non of the parts works properly.
  6. Today
  7. In-game Name RedCatty Steam ID 76561198130169469 The date of your ban. Member of the team that banned you. I dont remember Reason given for your ban. Saying the n word in chat Where was you banned Altis Life In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I think i was banned because i typed the n word in the chat. Why should we unban you ? Because it was over 2 years ago and i belive i have matured since then. What i did was foolish and i regret it. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes I confirm this is not a temporary ban as those are not appealable Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read our rules Yes
  8. Teddy Winkle

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    Hi @Stavik, yes you might be right, but I think @Nalurah has a good idea about location. If this was on the beach 1. its a nice setting and 2. it could have a few races, quad bikes, jetskis etc that would hopefully spread out the crowd. Could also let people have a little bet on the races if they wanted.
  9. Stavik

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    If this would have a large turnout, the ArmA 3 Voice Codec will probably set itself on fire. That would be an issue.
  10. Nalurah

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    Sounds like a great idea, I am up for it! Maybe make some nice mini games for people to just come together? Little races or something in the harbor of Kavala on jetskis? Just silly little things to lighten the mood and get together?
  11. Dentibus

    Flatbed bug when loading

    I just thought it was me not having the truck in the right place but now it makes sense why half the stuff i do never goes on the flatbed and i just switched to the tow truck and its tempermentalness
  12. Dentibus

    Community talks about GTA RP

    i mean this is the nicest way i can, but while the server is under 20 people daily and there is only 2 people developing it i dont think a meeting about it is needed until its more fleshed out and more popular
  13. SGT Louis

    Flatbed bug when loading

    When loading a flatbed with the F6 menu if you exit the menu when the loading bar is present it will bug the car out and not load it on to the flatbed. After this happened I did multiple Impounding jobs and had no issues when keeping the F6 menu on when loading a car onto the flatbed.
  14. Milk N Chilli

    Community talks about GTA RP

    once a month maybe server is low on devs to build quickly on everything
  15. SGT Louis

    Community talks about GTA RP

    So my idea would be very simple and be like something we used to have in the past and that would be a community meeting on the teamspeak for the GTA server in the Community meeting room. Now, this could be a one-off meeting like this weekend or it could be every week which in my personal opinion would be better as the server is still in an early-stage and then maybe space the meetings out after a few weeks. I feel that by allowing people to talk about the server and get points across would allow the server to improve more easily than people just putting up bug reports which are great but sometimes talking about a problem is a lot easier than typing it out. Also in this meeting, people can suggest content for the server and discuss on what they feel will enhance the server in all aspects. Like I said its only an idea that I feel would help out the server and its players.
  16. Mr Maxim

    Toggle Grass

    Simon Ross has never done CQC in his life, biggest roach going.
  17. Cyanide

    Buff Poseidon Drug Stash

    +1 Nobody attempts the Poseidon Casino or Drug Cache. Maybe if implemented they will
  18. Clark-

    • Clark-
    • Lil Diego

    Hello Diego I think you should do your lobos test now.

    1. Stanley



    2. DemonPuppy


      @Clark- are you not banned?

    3. Clark-


      @DemonPuppy Shush

  19. Teddy Winkle

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    Hi @Nalurah yes, you are exactly right. Its just a vent and hear how others are coping informal chat, with hopefully a bit of fun thrown in.
  20. Milk N Chilli

    Milk N Chilli

    im bored come annoy me xoxo



  21. Nalurah

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    In my opinion this is a good idea just to share experiences etc. But be mindful not to make it a group therapy session as no one here is qualified for leading that and it can result in doing more harm than good. Just coming together, sharing experiences and all in all just cheering everyone up sounds like a great idea though.
  22. MacDonald


    This is why the server is dying. Cant believe this still happens fix this shit please dev team.



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    2. Milk N Chilli

      Milk N Chilli

      remember guys look for the two Qs

    3. TBigSoul


      Fucking hell man

    4. just Monk

      just Monk

      i dont like getting pranked if im excited about the suggested subject

  23. ACC Greenhalgh 8181

    Any other warreners?

  24. iHaveCOVID19

    Unban Appeal - iHaveCOVID19 - 03/28/2020

    There is nothing fun or funny about saying that word. I am truly sorry for what I did, and will NEVER do it again. If you give me another chance I can prove that I am capable of being a respectful human being. It was beyond unnecessary of me to do this. Please give me a second chance.
  25. Teddy Winkle

    RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk

    Event Name: RPUK Wellbeing Community Talk Description of Event: Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle I am suggesting an event where people can meet up and talk or just come and listen. Ideally this would be a virtual pub held in Altis away from those who don't want to take part. The coronavirus is (to me) not only a virus that attacks our physical health, but it attacks our mental wellbeing as well. For some of us in the community, RPUK can be an escape from all things real world and I understand completely that this event would be the worst thing in the world for them. This event is aimed only at those who want to talk through their own experiences and share what they are doing to manage and cope with the day to day life we find ourselves in. The event is not to be a theories or medical insights talk, its merely to act as a platform for people to speak to others in a safe space. I am happy to start the talk but really the idea here is that everyone has a chance speak up. It would be good to understand how many people are interested prior as its not going to be much use if I am the only one there. I am lucky enough to have a really good support network out there, if you don't and want to chat, even if this event doesn't go ahead reach out to me. Teddy Wrinkle, that's me. Time and date: A Friday at 20:00 Reward: If done correctly, a better wellbeing by the end. Requirements from players (i.e. bring vehicle): Just be open and take part, also if you don't want to take part, don't rob/kill anyone who does. Required admin assistance: Will leave to staff to see if they feel necessary?
  26. Wilco

    Unban Appeal - Faded_Shev - 04/01/20

    @Faded_Shev What type of person would find a offer of money for there barn on the forums funny ? Someone without a brain ? Stop trying on the possibility that the staff here might be clueless, You are digging yourself a deeper hole here is the PM so everyone can see this clearly isn't a joke or even an attempt at a joke. (2.9) Trading - Roleplay UK does not condone any sort of real life to ingame trading or vice versa. This is due to the fact that we do not want to be looking like a commercial entity, or any of our members for that case. You are free to donate on behalf of a member as an act of kindness, but not in return for an item. Bad Example: “Whoever wants donator send me 2 million in cash.” Exception: “I am having a cross Altis race, winner will receive a free donator package for one month!” (Please authorise with a staff member if you wish to do this, or we may see it as a breach of this rule (2.9).). Permanent Ban You therefore have given yourself a permanent ban
  27. Butch

    Toggle Grass

    Logged on for the first time since the new update when the server was full, had 40 where i usually got like 70 fps altough grass not being removed should not impact server fps that much (i think) it fucking does just add a option to get rid off it. In my understanding it don't work either way...
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