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  2. KingGodDiabloZ

    NPAS MH9 for sale

  3. Pvt King

    one of these things is not like the other

    Paramilitary garb.
  4. Hontah

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    How relevant is that?
  5. D Y L A N

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    why do you need it 2 Mil
  6. Pvt King

    My journy with some cops

    Paramilitary garb.
  7. KingGodDiabloZ

    NPAS MH9 for sale

  8. Ant Arni

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    Are you sure it's not an AR MH9? Seems like all police vehicles nowadays belong to AR
  9. Congo



    First game of CS in ages, I still got it tho 😄

    1. SGT Ronin

      SGT Ronin

      don't get cocky now its only 1 headshot xD, we should play sometime 

    2. Congo


      Ye my cross-hair placement, movement and spray are way off. it feelsbadman

    3. SGT Ronin

      SGT Ronin

      it was the same for me as well, till i played a bit more and got use to it all again


      add me https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089460129/


      just let me know your steam name so i don't ignore it


  10. D Y L A N

    NPAS MH9 for sale

  11. KingGodDiabloZ

    NPAS MH9 for sale

  12. Today
  13. Hontah

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    It 100% keeps the police skin yes.
  14. D Y L A N

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    Does it deffo keep the skin? 1 MIL
  15. Hontah

    NPAS MH9 for sale

    Police NPAS MH9 for sale. (It keeps the skin when you steal it, confirmed with devs) Starting bid: 1m Min increment: 150k Buyout 6m. Happy bidding. If you have any questions PM me. Edit: The deal will take place at Altis main airport. You will transfer over the money and I'll take out the helicopter and hand you over the keys.
  16. DanishGuy

    (Armed Response) Prowlers For Sale!

    Oh. Let me try again
  17. D Y L A N

    AR Prowler

    Got a prowler for sale. 1 Mil starting bid (250k increase) PM ME ON TS OR THE FORUMS WITH A BUY OUT PRICE!
  18. 'RiCh'

    (Armed Response) Prowlers For Sale!

    I have never had a problem. The only problem I get is having to wait for it to load in my garage, and it showing up when the server restarts.
  19. DanishGuy

    (Armed Response) Prowlers For Sale!

    Is it fixed again?
  20. A N D Y

    A N D Y

    Server 3 Now? Mad

    1. Santo


      server 3 is the police training server, if im correct

  21. 'RiCh'

    (Armed Response) Prowlers For Sale!

    No its not ?
  22. joshlugg

    Paratrooper Fishy in Action

    Fishy the “self-proclaimed” paratrooper XD
  23. DanishGuy

    (Armed Response) Prowlers For Sale!

    Still Bugged....
  24. SI Ryan

    SI Ryan

    Why is everyone selling “Armed Response Prowlers” They do realise it’s not just AR who gets them right??? 😂

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    2. INS Matt

      INS Matt

      Look @SI Ryan I'm not messing around anymore. 

    3. SGT JackM

      SGT JackM

      Why are they forgetting about NCA 😢

    4. JammalCammal


      Mpo prowlers? 

  25. FishyGeslo

    Paratrooper Fishy in Action

    Nah fam, was about 30 minutes ago haha. Yesterday I blew my heli up at the same spot...
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