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  2. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    no need to be so serious lol
  3. Recording Ingame

    I use xbox dvr as it is already there and doesnt seem to affect my game too much, it works in the background and does its job and there if you get accused of RDM or vice versa etc
  4. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    its not really a language its just for the meme
  5. Today
  6. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    What coding language is that, has elements of python but doesn't look like it at all
  7. BlueSaint

    I am back :D 

  8. Recording Ingame

    I use OBS Replay buffer great feature doesn't affect my FPS (Set to 10 minutes). I was using Shadowplay but when I saved the clip it made my game lag for 10 minutes
  9. Recording Ingame

    I recommend in this order: NVIDIA Share, Plays.tv, OBS
  10. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    wazowski initiation on the strider: x=true if(strider==taken) { while x == true { repeat No } } else { break }
  11. Hello guys its Nuestra familia.

    Cmon bois give him some credits, he didn't get even1 face palm compared to Bill shite
  12. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    Well................... xD
  13. When you fail UNMC bootcamp

    Bet you were like, what the hells happening out there?
  14. Robbie

    Get back from my shift at 3am and order food at 3:20am. it is now 5:22am and it has finally arrived! Not even a f****** sorry 😡

    1. Danish


      Wait, you didn't get it free?

    2. TikTak


      At least you can order food between 23:00 and 13:00

    3. Tiger Jiggins

      Tiger Jiggins

      at least you get another notification from me :)

  15. Altis Life UK Server Development - Feedback

    I was complaining about this: I'd like a profession level increase for aluminium too.
  16. Recording Ingame

    Hey man, you could always just use OBS! It uses almost no CPU power, and is extremely easy to setup how you want. It is normally used for streaming, but is very useful in other ways. I use it to record gameplay incase of any foul play or comp. Hope you figure it out!
  17. Fusion Inspirational Video

    You don’t see josh with his sex whip in the back ready to punish them if they say anything bad. @J O S H
  18. Fusion Inspirational Video

    fusion wouldnt do that. they had there families ziptied 😜 jk
  19. Fusion Inspirational Video

    Wait...Was there a gun pointed to their heads behind the camera? xD Jkes <3
  20. Police redy to work

    PCSO army redy to patrol in kavala streets
  21. Heroin

    We find truck. 133 heroin off the streets. 👌
    • Mattch
    • SGT Owen

    Hey, Wake up.

  22. Me.jpg

    Hello RPUK, it's me!
  23. Yesterday
  24. A Human Meme

    Enough said
  25. They Are Billions

    LOL good luck with that xD
  26. Fusion Inspirational Video

    This video is so cringy o wait fusion is cringy
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