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  1. Past hour
  2. That tiny mission file size tho 😍


  3. Not gonna miss you. Seeya in prison!
  4. you sure told him
  5. Roasted
  6. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/nonciclopedia/images/7/72/Carabinieri.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080103221436
  7. Today
  8. Please refrain from such biased commentary. The National Bank of Altis opperates multiple financing options, including savings, loans and insurance policies. We advise potential clientele to open a savings account with a modest amount they wish to gain interest on. The advantages of this, besides the interest, include the security of a reputable third party that opperates a strict non-disclosure policy, making it impossible for any one party or government to fully know where and how much a private individual owns in capital. We aim to branch into micro finance to help small start ups on the island, as well as develop our large loan lending system for clients living a more luxurious lifestyle. We are pleased by the private outreach to us already from clients both new to the island as well as several established "businesses" who have approached us already. Thank you. @CMO Jackdevo
  9. @SPC Timmy, I may be the lowest rank in the police, but I have a lot of experience in mental health problems. Especially autism. I'm pretty much always on Teamspeak if you wanna talk. I'm mostly in a channel called Harry Whites House (Streaming Lounge xx). Just ask for the password and we can talk. If I'm on patrol, I'll happily leave so I can talk to you. Kind Regards Ollie :)
  10. Oh so do we just give you all our money? @NatBank of Altis
  11. When you do the mohawk test some hours before this happens 😭😭

    "Removed NHS Mohawk and Taru's"

  12. Honesty gets you everywhere. Bullshit gets you in game perm banned.

    Wise words...

    1. YoCo
    2. DSGT Fergus
    3. Simen


      Unless Yer me and gets a 1month ban in the forums for being honest ;)


  13. The "Bank of Altis" shutdown due to poor financial handling. We here at the National Bank of Altis are industry experts with over 30years experience. Your future investment is safe in our hands.
  14. From the look of it he might have to change name of his gang from SOS to S.O.S
  15. All done. *click*
  16. May as well xD 54!
  17. Been here for a year in less than a month😳

    1. Lemmen


      been here for over 3



      it only gets better











      run while you can

      the great mage wilco will spellbind you


    2. JammalCammal


      been here like 30 minutes fels like a year and a half 

  18. id pay no more than 50k for a black one xD and thats if i actually wanted one
  19. How's the 30 day posting ban?

    1. S A L V

      S A L V

      Oh shit i forgot, you can't reply

    2. ReissSS



  20. Especially when its the same hobo that shot you with his rook while you stopped for petrol.
  21. the worst is when a hobo keeps blood bagging you
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