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  3. JoshuaN

    • JoshuaN
    • Lube

    Loving the new background pic🇬🇧🇬🇧

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    2. Lube


      This is plain stupid and made worse by the fact, you can by 3 curved deck carriers for the same price as one flat decked carrier. This is because it costs more money for the planes to lift into the air without a ski jump meaning it costs an additional £8 billion for a flat decked carrier.

    3. JoshuaN


      Everybody gangsta until the smokey boi turns upspacer.png

    4. Lube


      bit too smokey for my liking....


      How many times has it caught ablaze? 4 hasn't it? Still better than any flat deck though.

  4. KeirT

    Wild West Altis

    Do it with a Zubr
  5. KeirT

    Never underestimate a hobo

    If only u had 30 round mags SMH
  6. CSI Sneitost

    AutoCare Repairs & Imports / Sultan RS

    I agree! Nice looking veiw you guys had there, amazing.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Morgan Dunne_UNBAN

    Unban Appeal - SGT Morgan Dunne - 05/24/20

    To be honest, at the the time I didn’t think that a staff member would have the access to change an NHS Document. Kinda wish I did tell a staff member now as it would’ve not resulted in me getting a 1.6 Ban. Before I was banned I was an SMTO in the NHS and a SGT in the police academy and had access to certain information and databases and had zero intent of Sharing anyone’s personal information. (Sorry Couldn’t reply on the above forum account as it is forum restricted)
  9. Daanv

    Report a Player - John Black - Other

    Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean. Your report has been approved and action has been taken against the reported player. If you are out of pocket due to this case please now open a compensation request here, Do make sure to mention this report.
  10. Daanv

    Report a Player - John Black - Other

    So I have gone through the report with John and we agreed on the fact that this is a break of server rules. You should never break a server rules just because you don't like the actions someone else has taken For this reason John has recieved a 24 hour ban.
  11. Hammie

    Grove Street

  12. Hammie

    The legion

    More competition lad
  13. SGT Jason

    SGT Jason

    That lasted long, but I wanna point out I ain't gonna throw salt into the wounds. To stop people messaging me about it, ima post this here. I was stupid, did a thing that I know I shouldn't do and attempted to pull the wool over their eyes. My interest in the server still stands and I am not gonna be a bitch about it. Much love ❤️

    1. Wilco


      A lot of people would give there limbs to be in the position you was, I would leave it there

  14. Dave

    The legion

    Good luck, nice to see new gangs rising
  15. Kseniya

    The legion

    This made my day
  16. Hammie

    The legion

  17. JoshuaN

    The legion

    As an act of friendship to the Legion, and as @Mango King resides within this gang. My gift to you @Kseniya. 7% off taxi rides for 24 hours
  18. Felix

    The legion

  19. Kseniya

    The legion

    I was forced by Mango. I don't need luck, I'll die within 2h anyway xD
  20. Gray

    The legion

    Good Luck
  21. Kseniya

    The legion

    The Legion Who are we? We are a gang on the streets of Los Santos who base ourselve on the on the defensive standards of their citizens and their grounds. The people in the gang are strongly tied together in a brotherhood and will defend their grounds and people if need be. Most of the members are people who have been in contact with the police and preferred to have a different type of a government than the one there is now. Wanting to remove the now corrupt government and replacing it with a more competent, and unique leadership, with a stronger police force who will be able to counter the active threats. How to join Message a member of their active command to join as a recruit or civilian. (civi's dont get tags) Yes this was based on Fallout NV the legion, the who are we section might be a little bit different ingame with more slavery involved.
  22. Tink93

    AutoCare Repairs & Imports / Sultan RS

    The Sultan is probably one of my favourites to drive to be honest!
  23. Milk N Chilli

    Trophies and Medals Order

    @Gray or chooooooose what is showen in what order
  24. Norman



    1. Wilco



  25. Wilco

    Trophies and Medals Order

    @Simon Ross No... work for it
  26. Simon Ross

    Trophies and Medals Order

    Could we also have a 2,500 posts award to bridge the gap between 1k and 5k
  27. Gray

    Trophies and Medals Order

    If possible can the Trophies and Medals be changed to in a linear order 1-6 followed by the 100 -1000 posts award. so instead of this its this. my eyes will thank you!


    Travis Scott and Fortnite

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