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  2. sciencefreak74

    [HELP] Where did the moon go?

    Sorry you guys wanted that??? Should have chained it down then, mine now.
  3. Piliboef

    Bring Back The Moon

  4. Yesterday
  5. DjHolyChirst

    Bring Back The Moon

    Nah mate fully intentional
  6. Kempi Anderson

    [HELP] Where did the moon go?

    Last I heard was that a cat stole it away. @Jaffa
  7. Jaffa

    Bring Back The Moon

    'twas a bug.
  8. Jaffa

    Too dark at night (Moon AWOL)

    The new stage has had it's stolen power redistributed back to the moon. (I forgot Arma simulates the lunar cycle based on date, Fixed in next update)
  9. Ronald Strauss

    Headset recommendations

    I would recommend the Steelseries Artics 5. Great sound, and it's extremely comfy on your head, compared to the HyperX Cloud 2, however this could be different for you obviously... I've owned two HyperX Cloud 2', both of them broke after a year. It was either the microphone or one of the earbuds..
  10. Drex

    [HELP] Where did the moon go?

    Just locate the "add_moon.sqf". Easy.
  11. Police Man Reiss

    [HELP] Where did the moon go?

    Jaffas face when he removed the moon
  12. Yankee

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - Ollie Walker - 13/08/19 <T>

    Well than, I personally wouldn't chuck a random gang tag in my name unless I knew what it was, but to each their own I suppose. This is all well and good, but you still didn't answer the question I asked of you, which was this:
  13. In-game Name DJ GRIFFIN Steam ID 76561198379771896 The date of your ban. 10/07/19 Member of the team that banned you. DELETER (i think) Reason given for your ban. VDM, METAGAMING AND BAD RP The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was banned over a month ago as a police member of Altis complained that I had no reason for shooting at him. However I disagree with this allegation. I was robbing a petrol station and was expecting police to arrive. I see that a black car pulls up right outside of the station. I start telling them that they should 'leave before they are killed'. Now I am not too sure why they were unable to hear me, however I have a couple of ideas. Firstly, since I was only very new to Altis I may have been too far away from them so they may have not heard me or I could have been on the wrong voice chat or having had just bought a mic so that I could join this island it was probably not working as I have had a lot of difficulty trying to connect my mic to my pc. I then was trying to drive away and happened to accidently hit one of the officers as at the time I didn't know the binding to look freely in the vehicle (2xALT) and so my vehicle was turning properly. Then the police were chasing me and we had a shootout in the nearby town in which I was killed. Then with being questioned I refered to the server as a game as (being new) I didn't realise that you had to stay in character the entire time which now in hind sight was fairly ignorant of me seeing as it is a 'role play' server. Why should we unban you ? I think that you should unban me as I am always active and am not a menace to society in altis, I had just made a bad mistake which can hopefully be forgiven. I really enjoy this server and have invested a lot of money in to things that should improve the experience for both me and people that I encounter in Altis (e.g new mic, all arma dlcs etc.). For the reasons above I hope that I can be forgiven and be let back into the island as I have now been playing in other servers since and have got enough experience now to not make a mistake like this again. This ban has taught me a lot about how to deal with encounters on the island (such as making sure the other person can hear me and not referring to the server as a game) and If I am accepted back im sure I will be a much better citizen of altis. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  14. Slawek Orion

    [HELP] Where did the moon go?

    Ok, tutorial to find the moon. 1. take your phone out and open your tutorial on it instead of having it on the pc. 2. turn off pc. 3. Make sure it is dark outside. 4. Go out. 5. Look above. 6. The big shiny thing is the moon, small ones are stars.
  15. Do Something Real Altis Police Careers Production By ACC Shepherd Special Thanks to: DCC Gordon - Voice Over, Actor CC Tadworth - Actor CSI Jon - Actor
  16. I would say 1 fuck up every month is a good record, when you take the play time, in the heat of the moment you will fuck up somehow.
  17. Can someone help me find the moon? £1 reward for any information leading to capture of the moon.
  18. ACC Shepherd

    ACC Shepherd


    1. CI Corrie Healy

      CI Corrie Healy

      whats this 


  19. DCC Gordon

    DCC Gordon


    1. ACC Shepherd

      ACC Shepherd

      I approve of this.

  20. TCK Pee Money

    Player loyalties and admin treatments.

    BJOKAVOV DOWN! I feel like that they already respect the long term members, well atleast in my case i feel like i've been given more then enough chances over the years. 12 or 13 bans and i'm still able to play. Fair play to them though i don't play any other servers but i can't imagine many of them giving me that amount of chances.
  21. what happens now? after i got unbanned are we also gonna negotiate about teamspeak unban?
  22. LastNickLeft

    Escape From Tarkov

    They've implemented BattleEye in an update few days ago. Hopefully that will help.
  23. Stavik

    Player loyalties and admin treatments.

    First and foremost i would like to thank you @Tuna for encouraging mature and well written response to a topic like this. This is very important to keep the topic alive and this will summon a proper response from the staff team. (This is it). Now this is the offical response from the Staff Team Leads and the Staff Team: After you are done loading the mission file, the picture up above is the first one that you get given^. This is the point where you agree to our rules. Roleplay starts as soon as you load up at the spawn location and all rules apply. Now the issue that you mention is that newer players "get away" with rulebreak. Of course the racism and the more "serious rules" are a no-no and the Staff Team will promptly get rid of the most serious cases, but as other communities and places have a different ruleset and/or mindset than our own, we base our intervention on the knowledge of the player. If the he or she is new, there is a fair chance they have come from a different community or the milsim aspect of ArmA 3 ( This is a MILSIM game, don't forget that). This is where educating and informing the new players about our ruleset is important. Generally the new players take this to heart. The rest go on to break more rules and subsequently get caught, if they don't immediately swear at, threaten, or berate the staff member dealing with them leading to their immediate ban. If they want to come back, they need to appeal. Now let's look at the more experienced part of the community. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours on the server (You guys don't hear this enough. Thank you for staying with us. You are the community). Lets call them "The Experienced". After so much time on the server, maybe time in JFS rooms and maybe even having been banned and unbanned. You have gone through the process, so your view and understanding of the ruleset is different from someone that is new. A ban put in place is really up to the discretion of the STAFF MEMBER and alot of factors come into to play here. You have touched on this alittle but everything from warnings, attitude and have he/she done it before etc... I am not going to list everything, for obvious reasons but i hope you get the point. The rules are there fora reason.. I do understand that this might seem confusing but alot of work goes into it... it really does. We don't have to talk to you. It is preferred to maybe educate. But we really do not have to. We the leads push for this and leniency in many meetings we do have as it is the preferred way. But if there is a blatant exploit, duping or even VDM. We know exactly whats going on and more than likely a ban is the right choice. Now to the little point that bugs me a little, and I'm going all out drama-queen on you. " long-time players are treated with a little more respect and consideration of their loyalty." I can guarantee the amount of respect we get for doing this in our spare time, is nothing. We know people talk shit about us, constant personal attacks, videos edited of us that people laugh off. We in the staff team have learned over time to brush these kinds of things off. We give you all the respect we can until someone throws all their toys out the pram. This is when people don't get to play here anymore. I have kinda forgotten what its like to have this thing called respect.. Players of this community will always have the respect of the staff team, because without the players.. There would never be a community. Now this post feels like there is a bit of disconnect from the community to the staff team. So let me be the one to open up abit. Some brave souls might say we don't do anything... But we do.. Free Weekend in 2018: 74 bans, mostly scriptkiddies. Discount in September 2018: Again, mostly scriptkiddies. Autum Sale 2018: Again, scripkiddies. More recent numbers can be given but it would take some time due to other factors that have come into play. These times are some of our most challenging moments. Hacks/Cheats have been a huge problem. Fortunately, our development team worked incredibly hard to crack down on it. While you haven't seen the kind of content updates we saw at the start of the year, this was the focus of our team. Since these updates there has been a wave of calm. Yes a few incidents here and there but they are minor by comparison. Many, many more are caught before they ever become a problem and that happens due to the efforts of the staff team. Now to just end this post here.. Feel free to ask us any questions in this topic and we will answer to the best of our ability. Ask us here in this post to make sure people do see it.
  24. DCC Gordon

    Too dark at night (Moon AWOL)

    +1 Moonplz
  25. Angerpull

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - Angerpull - 21/08/19

    I will use my own words: Using a Vehicle as a weapon is not allowed, if you do, it is punishable with a ban. You should exit your vehicle in a RP encounter, or try to flee if it is hostile. If you cannot flee, do NOT use the VEHICLE as a way to get easy kills/escape from your situation.
  26. Bloodfox

    Real life Altis (Lemnos) vs Altis

  27. Jim87878

    Report a Player - (AMW) James moat - RDM

    Kudos to you mate. Scamming though meh, bit of a sly game using the rules to you’re advantage. Sorry for capping you’re mate but he pulled a gun out in a robbery. Let the admins decide and leave me alone please. X
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