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  2. iPhone 6s resets entirely.

    You can save your data on the Itunes from your PC. And you can reset your phone. I suggest you to do that because, it's better for your phone.
  3. Case Fans

    I think the cheap fans are not that properly good. I suggest you to take a look at this. : https://www.amazon.co.uk/quiet-Pure-Wings-BL046-3-Pin/dp/B00ECWKD6I/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1506335967&sr=1-1&keywords=be+quiet+fans
  4. Today
  5. Staticz

    somebody play battlegrounds pls im lonely

    1. TCK Will Boston

      TCK Will Boston

      Should watch teamspeak if @Stavik is only he is always in for a good game i think? ;)

    2. Stavik


      I am

    3. TCK Will Boston

      TCK Will Boston

      @Stavik online*  nice 😄

  6. MK200 + 5 Magazines[SOLD]

  7. Change? Only hobos ask for change!

    By Monarchy I assume you mean me?
    • M Y T H
    • Tiger Jiggins

    Such a chavvy song :D

  8. 443 subscribers

    • PC Ron Diesel AT456
    • Fallen

    Congratz with being Dev Team :)

    (sorry if im a bit late)

  9. Stavik

    Dayem what a tune..

    1. M Y T H

      M Y T H

      How can you listen to that ;)

  10. MK200 + 5 Magazines[SOLD]

    Alrighty boys and girls on the Island of Altis, i have been lucky enough to find the infamous MK200 and 5 magazines to it. This is a 1000 bullets, 6.5 mm ready to be fired at your enemies. So let's start the bidding... Starting bid is 1 MILLION for all of it. Minimum of 100k bidraise. Example: someone bids 1 mill, you have to increase by 100k to be in the race. + Proof of ownership: Have fun! -Stavik
  11. Loote - Out Of My Head

  12. ! LRPS SCOPE !

  13. My first police funny moments !

    Ohhhh, So this is what the cops are doing when I'm trying to bait someone doing drugs.
  14. ! LRPS SCOPE !

  15. Selling 2x LRPS and CMR

    What's the highest bid 500k for 2 LRPS
  16. Like it says in the title, hmu if you are good at pubg and want to get them chicken dinners.
    • Alex Jackson
    • Handy

    "Yh man i'll bell ya g" -Ethan Hill

    1. _Jesse_


      "If you're a ganja farmer better go hide your marijuana" C Johnson

    • ZephyOG
    • Fallen

    fix the lag, pls, thx.

  17. Change? Only hobos ask for change!

    So 1. what are you gonna bring 2. Robs deported 😇
  18. TCK, and all involved in the Kavala conga

    I have to say every time i have met an TCK member they have been great roleplayers, even if bad shots ;)
  19. 6ccc1a874341c3da12a2413c85a666e8.png

    You send this to everyone. Everyone already knows what you look like.
  20. ft. @JSt4r in the second vid
    • Alex Jackson
    • Fallen

    pls implement morrisons supermarket 

  21. Yesterday
  22. Haywire

    We were hiding in a tower from a gang thirsting to kill us. Suddenly, we see a Police Sporty come riding up and 2 officers dispatch. They storm the tower and kill us. I am so confused and have so many questions but whatever happened was hilarious

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