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  2. i changed my name to "fuck off i left" im not sure why or what happened to what made me think and write this. but this has been over 3 years ago and i dont have that strong of a memory but i feel terrible for being such a childish idiot back then.
  3. Please advise what you changed your name to and why/what you thought that would achieve ?
  4. TheEnglishCrumpet

    UNDER REVIEW Permanent Ban Appeal - TheEnglishCrumpet

    I was not really sure what he meant when I was previously banned because the last ban that I had received which was probably over five months ago I admit to have losing my cool when the other person was also rulebreaking themselves. But waiting this long has given me the time to think back on those situations and improve majorly. I have not been banned since. @Wilco
  5. Wilco

    UNDER REVIEW Permanent Ban Appeal - Ziffy_UNBAN3

    Well firstly ill ignore the idiot that couldn't get his words out that commented on this, and he has the audacity to call members here "retards" You seem to bounce around... Only 8 days after writing this appeal you appeal elsewhere and get unbanned, So should i really be taking this seriously ?
  6. Nik Kaden

    Build so far. (Suggestions please)

    Must say awesome pc m8 so many parts too
  7. In-game Name no idea Steam ID 76561198132471218 Please provide a link to your previous denied appeal. https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/116444-un-ban-appeal-yamato-130619/?tab=comments#comment-675352 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. inappropriate forum name. What have you been upto in the last 6 months+ ? life. and some random games inbetween. Why do you want to return ? i like serious roleplay. Why should we unban you ? im honestly not a bad person or bad at rp but after years and years of playing i had 1 moment of weakness and for some reason changed my name to something inappropriate. it was stupid and childish. i am fully aware of this. (i also see that it needs to be 6+ since denied appeal but that would be insane as ive not been able to be on for over 3 years. so i hope this is a different circumstance) Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes I confirm 6 months+ have passed since my denied appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  8. Wilco

    UNDER REVIEW Permanent Ban Appeal - TheEnglishCrumpet

    @TheEnglishCrumpet I have concerns that you either do not know how to roleplay or follow rules, If you get banned elsewhere where its much more lenient then how do you think you would remain unbanned here ?
  9. Wilco

    Website / Forum Changelog

    IPS Updated to v4.4.4
  10. Simon Ross

    New system

    Ryzen has better bang for buck, and due to also wanting higher speeds elsewhere ima prolly still go amd. The reason for 580 is due to nvidias new Lower end gpu are still outta range and 580 outdoes the 1060 which is what I would be looking at(as well as much newer) also reason for the 2600x is due to the fact I don’t want to OC, and £30 for the increase of base clock is something I can justify(as well as better cooler)
  11. VibesUK

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - Delltor - 14/06/19

    I believe I was followed by a gang that previosly captured me for 1 hour, and they turned up at the hospital and that was the closest vehicle to escape with I know this was wrong, but I do remember returning said vehicle later on if I am correct.
  12. Today

    Build so far. (Suggestions please)

    Dont see anything?
  14. Kempi Anderson

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - Delltor - 14/06/19

    Now when you got banned you were also reported. Could you please explain why you stole a medic vehicle from a greenzone?
  15. Kempi Anderson

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - karsten - 14/06/19

    To start off with could you please supply us with your steamID64, it should start with a 7 If you do not know how to find it there is a guide here
  16. TheEnglishCrumpet

    UNDER REVIEW Permanent Ban Appeal - TheEnglishCrumpet

    I thought I was meant to link the original ban appeal from the very start. But my defense is plain and simple, it has been a long time since my ban and I all need is a fresh start because I have had more than enough time to think back on what I had done wrong. I was not really given much time to explain myself in the previous ban appeal when it was denied but hopefully I can now. It was a dumb mistake that I had done and it clearly won't happen again. @Wilco
  17. Kempi Anderson

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - Glocx - 13/06/19

    To start off could you please supply your teamspeak Unique ID?
  18. Wilco

    DENIED Permanent Ban Appeal - Miku299

    Your Permanent Appeal has been denied
  19. Wilco

    DENIED Permanent Ban Appeal - Miku299

    @Miku299 I check your steam profile and it has a Nazi swastika in the comments which you've just allowed to be left there since 2017 That along with your previous anti-semitism I can conclude you will not fit in here.
  20. So you have never bought any hacking tools? @Jerano
  21. Kempi Anderson

    UNDER REVIEW Un-ban Appeal - cyte - 13/06/19

    With 2 previous warnings for RDM and here you are again providing low quality roleplay before shooting. How many warnings do you need before you realise that this is a roleplay server and that you need to provide high quality roleplay before shooting? Could you kindly quote the rule(s) you've broken and explain why they exist?
  22. ACC Shepherd

    Shepherd's Setup

    Cheers mate !
  23. Blanco Bullet

    New system

    I get ok fps with ryzen but intel is good for arma 3
  24. P4ndem1c

    New system

    Would suggest grabbing Intel and Nvidia rather than AMD. I'm on AMD but fps is low, heard that lower gens Intel get better frames on Arma than me.
  25. Blanco Bullet

    New system

    @Simon Ross yea the the cooler on a 2600x is a wraith spire but the 2600 is prob a better buy really as you got more for gpu
  26. Hi, please edit and tell me whats wrong or whats right. Also I wouldn't mind saving money so If i can slightly down grade on some parts and still play Arma in Ultra then let me know. I like pancakes.
  27. I do not think you have been wrongly banned... A steam account is setup, they add only you then they come on the server and start spamming outdated personal information. So my guess would be (and I didn't and won't spend long on shit like this) that it was either someone you knew and you were involved or it was you Simple as that, so you can either stop the hard done by stance and start talking or forget about this community.
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