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  2. Mad Yoke

    Mad Yoke

    Anyone streaming warlords ?

  3. TheCap

    Looking for owner of this Barn

    Why? Log in and find out yourself?
  4. Today
  5. Cowboy Chip

    Looking for owner of this Barn

  6. Kempi Anderson

    Boat Demolition Derby

    Boat Demolition Derby Where: Kavala Pier, The area between Weapons cache and Kavala Police Station Quick and simple event, bring a boat and try and be the last man standing. There will be multiple rounds so make sure you got more then one boat ready. Rewards: Rewards will be given out for each round 1st place: £500,000 2nd place: £250,000 Best Boater/sailor (I don't know what to call it to be honest): £250,000 Rules: You may use any boat except the SDV. All server rules apply with the exception of 2.1 when the event starts You must stay within the designated area
  7. Ags


    If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I had to reboot my computer…

    oh wait...he does.




  8. REEEEEEagan


    my childhood 


  9. Drew


    Oh boy does it feel good having my PC back again. £85 for my repair cost though, think i got conned tbh but at least it's working!

    1. Willie F

      Willie F

      What was wrong with it initially?

  10. Aethon

    Looking for owner of this Barn

    Can you post a picture of the location?
  11. Cowboy Chip

    Looking for owner of this Barn

    Never-mind. Sorry....
  12. Nuclear Atlas

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

  13. Charles Vane

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    Should we call childline? Is this grooming?
  14. Nalurah


    Have fun tonight at the Warlords Event! I am in Denmark for the weekend so won't be there to cheer you lot on

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    2. Danish



    3. CI Mystix

      CI Mystix

      Feel sorry for you going to Denmark😝 go to Sweden instead 😉👍🏼

    4. Nalurah


      Fuck you mystix (you hobo) best regards, her boyfriend/Azamai (she added the hobo part)

  15. xraybadboysidx


    what a busy busy busy week I had, 

    NHS- last Sunday I got medic of the week, then pass tier 2 for RIR, promote from Paramedic to Surgeon now,  now i'm thinking what to do next or keep going to be a Doctor 

    POLICE- this was a stressful week, passing the interview, then FTC to become a PCSO, gone through PCSO all week and doing my FTT and FA exams, after reading alot and pass the exams, now I.m Prob. Police Constable working my way to Police constable.

  16. Jimmy savage

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    Perfect i'll pay just after school tomorrow @dopefish
  17. dopefish

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    how about ur massive cock
  18. Jimmy savage

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    I'll pay you in human limbs: How about an arm and a leg for one?
  19. Oscar Haynes

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    ill take 1 mr dopefish
  20. Yesterday
  21. DCC Gordon

    RPUK Warlords

    Warlords team submissions now CLOSED Information regarding the individual games will be released tomorrow.
  22. DCC Gordon

    RPUK Warlords

    @Joshua Triton -- Team has been updated on the Team Sheet.
  23. Joshua Triton

    RPUK Warlords

    @DCC Gordon team updated
  24. John Farrell

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    10K for one
  25. dopefish

    10+ 7.62 suppressors

    Price from 900k each hmu bby :]
  26. J0hnathan

    Last Hurrah

  27. DCC Gordon

    RPUK Warlords

    Warlords team submissions close TONIGHT 23:00 (GMT) Any teams submitted after this time will not be allowed to partake in the event.
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