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  2. Daanv

    Water demo Derby

    Just a clip from yesterdays derby. congratulations to @Nik Kaden for being the only one to bring out the speedboat and winning using it. also congrats to @Eemil for ending second and winning the Scared chicken Reward here is a small clip showing how much people ended up joining (sound is muted in the clip due to random chitchat) Derby.mp4
  3. Today
  4. ill give it a shot when im out of school, if it doesnt work im getting the rook i am fairly sure that I have the latest version tho - I’ve reinstalled it a few times too ( after removing all traces).
  5. Charles Vane

    PlaysTV not showing that Arma 3 is launched.

    there was a update a while back now which required you to download the new plays.tv. So the symbol should be this one: https://gyazo.com/8d1723baf66ec4412f11b3cdfe88ce6f you also need to delete the old version for this to work properly. When this was first released i had to delete anything Plays.tv and then just reinstall the new one
  6. Yankee


    Not gonna lie, I love factorio. Having a 6 hour session and just spending 10 minutes zoomed out being like "look at how productive this is, wow, I'm a genius" than out of nowhere you feel like Isaac Newton with some of the genius but jank techniques you have to-do make Iron and Copper have proper backlog all the time.
  7. Jason Detiri

    Beautiful Police hunter

    5 mill
  8. PapaSmurphy

    Introducing Vanity [TRAILER]

    Bloopers! Please. Great video jeep was a laugh making it. Many thanks!!! (LETS HOSTAGE THE QUEEN)
  9. Stavik


    Do you have what it takes to become a STAFF MEMBER?

    Give it a shot !


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    2. Fat Chao

      Fat Chao

      don't wanna be a port in a corrupt system. no thanks


    3. Stavik


      huh? ^

    4. DjHolyChirst


      @Pee Money for staff

  10. Josh Black


    Have to see Plz No
  11. Yesterday
  12. Uncle Adam

    Aquatic Demolition Derby

    I got VDM'd so it wasn't really a fair match GB will get the win next time!
  13. Eemil

    Aquatic Demolition Derby

    Easy win for the NHS
  14. i have tried that, but it doesnt even show that the game is open in plays.
  15. Nate Han

    PlaysTV not showing that Arma 3 is launched.

    I had this issue a while ago, I’m not sure what fixed it, but while it wasn’t working I set plays tv recording mode to manual, and started recording each time myself using the ctrl +f3 shortcut
  16. Uncle Adam

    Aquatic Demolition Derby

    can't wait to see the whole thing from your perspective, twas a hoot and a half for sure!
  17. Daanv

    Aquatic Demolition Derby

    Was some great fun i got it recorded and will upload that tomorrow
  18. So ive tried to record arma 3 with plays like i used to a few months back. ive beentrying again but now when ever i launch arma and am in game ect, plays doesnt show that arma is launched. it just stays on "waiting for game to launch". ive tried pretty much anything i can find online, and think of. but if anybody has any ideas or tips that would me amazing. im not too sure if specs are of any value here, so if you think it would help you just leave me a comment and ill send you them. cheers lads.
  19. Jack Dutfield

    PAR. Eemil

    +1. Has the kush, can find you in a bush.
  20. SI Ali Barber


    its like you want your houses raided
  21. Uncle Adam

    Aquatic Demolition Derby

    From a herd of people. To an Armada of Boats. Then to a pile of corpses. 10/10 Must do it again
  22. JordaN GooD

    • JordaN GooD
    • ellis1234

    top guy

    1. ellis1234



  23. Jack Dutfield

    • Jack Dutfield
    • ellis1234

    Biggest bloody hobo since @Banjo Jo

  24. ellis1234


    im totally not ellis

    1. ellis1234


      yes you are!

  25. Austin Marley

    How much is a uranium license

    Ok thks
  26. Jessi bondurant

    How much is a uranium license

    True. but still. there are more safer and profitable ways to earn money.
  27. Simon Ross

    How much is a uranium license

    You only have to wear the suit when in the zone tho, when you leave you can take the suit and helmet off again without consequences I think
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