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  • Roleplay UK Donations

    Without the brilliant support of our donator's Roleplay UK would not be able to keep our multiple dedicated servers online and keep this community fully functional.


    Dedicated servers are not cheap but to give you the best possible up-time and performance and to limit the effect on any attacks to our network we have always operated on a 1 service per dedicated box setup which we outline below.


    Dedicated Server 1: Altis Life S1

    Dedicated Server 2: Altis Life S2

    Dedicated Server 3: Gameserver DB & Backend

    Dedicated Server 4: Teamspeak

    Dedicated Server 5: RPUK Website


    When you donate you have peace of mind that you are donating to the biggest Altis Life / ARMA community in the UK and Europe, We have been online and busy since February 2014.


    We are no fly by night server and are passionate about what we do and we are here driving the community forward daily with plans for the future going into the next 10-20 years.


    Our Altis Life ingame economy is connected to our donation goal, therefore if the donation goal is met, every single player (all donators and non-donators) on the server for 10 days receives 50% off all weapons and vehicles.


    This means we accept all donations ever small or big (every little helps) however any donations under £10 will not recieve teamspeak/forum perks as outlined below.



    Donators will recieve the following on our Forum's & Teamspeak


    • Our full appreciation for your support!
    • Burple username on forums
    • Donator badge
    • Donator icon on our teamspeak (this is a permanent icon)
    • Any Visible Forum Advertisments disabled (excluding G2A.com on homepage)
    • Edit & Create a forum signature
    • Unlimited Private messages



    Recieve donator status by following recommended affordable donation terms


    • £10 - 30 Days
    • £20 - 60 Days
    • £30 - 90 Days
    • £40 - 120 Days
    • £50 - 180 Days ( 30 Days Free)
    • £60 - 210 Days ( 30 Days Free)
    • £70 - 300 Days ( 60 Days Free )
    • £100 - 1 Year ( 365 Days + 1 year donator forum achievement)
    • £160 - Lifetime ALUK Donator Status ( See below for features)


    Lifetime Donator Information


    • Our full appreciation for your support!
    • Gold sparkling username on the forums forever!
    • Access to Donator Support Forum
    • Your own private permanent teamspeak room
    • Lifetime Donator forum badge
    • Donator icon on our teamspeak (this is a permanent icon)
    • Lifetime Donator Achievement (See here)
    • Any Visible Forum Advertisments disabled (excluding G2A.com on homepage)
    • Ability to have a forum signature
    • Ability to update and add your own profile song (youtube video)
    • Unlimited Private messages


  • July 2017 Server Donations

    All donations are really appreciated and will help keep our servers online. Please click the link at the top of the forum to view more information.

    473.72 GBP of 500.00 GBP goal reached.
    Donate Now

    Donation Terms & Conditions


    1. Your donation is made voluntarily therefore all donations are final. (No Refunds)

    2. Your donation status will not be issued until cleared by the respective payment services. (Sometimes payments can be held by Paypal).

    3. Every donation you make is for the community and will be used to keep our servers funded, and because of that we are not able to refund you.

    4. If you dispute your payment your account(s) will be banned from our community until said dispute has been resolved.

    5. Donating does not exclude you from the main server rules or their punishments for a player. The rules will be enforced equally to all players and as such, if you become banned, no refunds will be issued.




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