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Inglourious Bastards

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In October of 2017, the government of Altis developed a plan to build genetically enhanced men and women. These Human experiments would be grown in test tubes, in a maximum security laboratory near Telos and later trained with the help of chemical enhancers to be the ultimate in high tech super human soldiers. After several years of cruel and punishing treatment, one of the soldiers began to develop feelings of which he had never encountered, for a lab technician called 'Nalurah'. Nalurah was the only person to ever treat the soldier in a way that made him happy, another emotion that was alien to him. After a few months Nalurah colluded with the soldier to escape captivity and run away together. The plan was for the soldier to hide under a trolley , and then dash for the trunk of Nalurahs sport hatchback, parked just by the door. But that's not how it went down.... As Nalurah pushed the trolley toward the door a guard approached her with a limp in his left leg , he had slipped like a moron, on a banana peel. As Nalurah panicked at the prospect of stopping to help him she rushed at the door, causing the guard to be alerted. The guard immediately hit the alarm and others came running almost right away. The other soldiers heard the alarm and fearing for the soldier whom they had a strong bond with, came fighting to his aid. After successfully yet momentarily subduing the guards, Nalurah made a plea to the soldiers to leave with them, or face harsh punishment. with Nalurahs gate pass and the speed of the hatchback. Today those same soldiers prosper under the name 'Inglourious Bastards' to fight oppression in its many forms. Striking down on those that stand in their way. Offering a helping hand to those who find themselves in need.

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