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About This Group

A Group of people who play Euro Truck Simulator 2. We can do juicy convoys or whatever is good to do!

  1. What's new in this group
  2. Jeff South

    The Big Question...

    Dont forget get the pain of not changing your radio to a different frequency and listening to people hotmicing
  3. CMO Louie Austino

    The Big Question...

    Europe 2 is just full of screaming and whining 12 year olds most of the time, however listening to their overly dramatic cries for bans and the 'Mummy I've learnt a new word, C***' moments are a joy at times.
  4. Jeff South

    The Big Question...

    Sadly I wasn’t online at the time did you go on? If so what was it like
  5. Bob Wilkinson

    The Big Question...

    Were you at the real ops event today?
  6. Well, this is used for general discussion between us truckers!
  7. SI Ali Barber

    How did you manage that?

    How did i not know about this group? @Fluqi there are more of you trucking people.
  8. CMO Louie Austino

    How did you manage that?

    Sometimes I sit there and think 'How did you manage that?' - Straight-ish Road, not sharp corners, HOWWW!?!
  9. Jeff South

    Convoy Times

    Current Convoy Times/ Members Attending/ Meeting Place Next Convoy: N/A