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A place to talk about the latest and greatest in medieval RPGs! Oh, and look: Henry's come to see us! Jesus Christ be praised!

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  2. Finally I get the chance to claim a village for myself. Always wanted to have some sort of building mechanic in KCD, as you don't even get a proper player home! Just some outhouse in the stables!
  3. Love this game! However, 70 hours in I seem to have come across a bug that has stopped me from progressing entirely. I have written about it below, although it contains spoilers which I'd avoid if you're engaged with the story SPOILERS:
  4. Having recently finished the main questline, I've been having a think back over the various different missions, quests, side-quests, and random encounters that I've had over the many hours I've sunk into Kingdom Come. I think that my favourite part, however, was when I infiltrated the Monastery. I played it a couple of different ways, but my most successful by far was the time I waited for everyone to get up for morning Mass, kept the target with me using the secret art of conversation, stabbed him, ran away before the guards arrived, blended in with the Mass service, then choked the Prior out just as he was leaving, grabbed the Monastery master keys off of his unconscious body, sprinted past the guards who were milling around wondering what to do with a dead monk, and bolted out of the front doors. I mean, was it a perfect assassination that Ezio would be proud of? Probably not, but I still didn't get caught, so ...
  5. Gurlanin

    Ulrich, the master of flight!

    Yeah, he did something similar to me. There are some fun bugs in the game XD
  6. Gurlanin

    Kunesh The Drunkard

    I struggled, but you don't have to win. Something the game doesn't tell you is that there are certain missions you will really struggle with, or are designed to fail. Kunesh, I think, is meant to be the first lesson in that. If you don't win, then you can go and round up the lads and gang up on him instead. He loses pretty quickly then :P
  7. Danish

    Ulrich, the master of flight!

    I mean it's Bohemia, so of course the physics are hillarious.
  8. Am I the only one who had a hard time fighting him? I had to restart at least 6 times until I won.
  9. Ezio would have been proud of ol' Henry.