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A place where all RPUK members can coordinate playing Paradox Interactive games!

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  2. dzul

    HoI 4

    Oi guys, i'm having a HoI4 session in like an hour or so,feel free to add/message me on steam to join, all are welcome!
  3. Aight comrades, this group has seen little to no use so I'd like to reactivate it. A HoI4 game, probably with RT56 mod will be happening within the next hour(20:00 UK time). If you're interested please add me on steam!
  4. Greetings Comrades! Next week on Thursday the 21st of September,Synthetic Dawn launches for 10$/EUR. I plan on doing a long ass session on Saturday the 23d any time,thinking 15 UTC+2. If you're interested feel free to declare your interest in here,all DLCs will be enabled by the Host. @Edgar Ville @Khandamir @Reece Smurf @Kech And all the other lads that played with me, whose forum names IDK.
  5. Looks like we've got quite the change coming for Stellaris,personally I can't wait to play as Rouge Servitors and name them the Culture! https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/stellaris-prepares-robotic-empires-for-digital-distribution-across-the-universe.1038083/ https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/stellaris-dev-diary-80-machine-empires.1038072/
  6. dzul

    25/27 HoI game

    All the sessions I've played with these lads have been everyone for themselves and with human alliances allowed. This ain't COOP ))))
  7. Psycho045

    25/27 HoI game

    Is it gonna be like a group world take over or is it everyone for themselves and team up with who they want? @Madmatt150
  8. Madmatt150

    25/27 HoI game

    Depends on the size of the country, but I'll say yes for now
  9. Khandamir

    25/27 HoI game

    @Madmatt150 When you say no large developed nations, you probably mean no nations with custom focus trees, so only generic ones?
  10. dzul

    25/27 HoI game

    Too bad I only come home on the 31st ,otherwise id rek y'all with Polan again ))))
  11. Madmatt150

    25/27 HoI game

    Either the 25/27, Starting game around 4pm UK time Small nations, No large developed nations I.E American, China, Russia Mods: Millennium Dawn No DLC If interested reply with pref date
  12. NotMattch

    Remove Kebab!

    Damn right ;)
  13. dzul

    Remove Kebab!

    No politics rule! I'll leave it as its an inoffensive meme though )))
  14. Feel free to post Twitter spoilers or dev diaries for any Paradox game in here! Make sure to write what game the spoiler is for.
  15. dzul

    Group Rules

    1. All sessions are to be detailed with following: a)Date and length of sessions. . b)Reserved/banned nations or traits(Stellaris) . c)DLCs owned by the session host. 2.No real life politics/history debates. 3.No references of anime. 4.I @dzul hold the moderation power in order to remove invalid threads,otherwise its anarchy and everyone's equal.
  16. Greetings everyone! With the new forum update I've decided to create a group intended for easy organization of any Paradox Interactive MP session. Feel free to start your topics and invite your friends that are willing to play MP!