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  2. Busterguy

    Goons are bad mmmkay

    When we drop on goons with bombers bar. we normally have around 10 titans drop with smart bombs haha.
  3. A short clip from a Roam I went on with some alliance mates into Delve - home of the Goonswarm Federation. We popped one Rorqual, went for another and got surprised, most of us got away only to get double surprised at the end :D https://zkillboard.com/kill/67112670/
  4. All it takes for some pvp is a few people in cheap destroyer ships - a ship you get at the very start. In my above terrible PVP video I'm in a Projectile-based destroyer called a 'Thrasher'. It's fitted with 7x 200mm AutoCannons - short ranged rapid fire guns. Like space mini-guns. This ship only cost a few million isk (very little) but with it, and some friends in the same ships, we destroyed 2x Vexor Navy Issue cruiser class ships - bigger and badder than ours. Each worth in the region of 100 million+. Bigger isn't always better, and in this case if you die, your ship cost all of like 3 million. Aint no thang. Some destroyers and battle crusiers and you too can ruin someones day by destroying their Half-a-Billion Tactical Cruiser(Advanced Tech 3 ship) in only 30 seconds!
  5. Be able to afford a loss Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can't afford to lose. Yes, not even in highsec. Meaning that you should not fly a ship you cannot afford to replace and refit. Consent to PvP You consent to PvP when you click "undock". You are not safe in 1.0 security space. CONCORD22 is there to punish, not to protect. Get used to the idea. In most cases, the only way to be 100% safe from aggression inside the game is to be docked in a station. Being cloaked in a secret safespot could work too. Everyone can scam - and so can you Never grant corporation rights to stuff you can't afford to lose either. No exceptions. People offering free stuff? Probably traps. Be cautious. Free stuff usually isn't. Not even minerals you mine yourself. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Paranoia pays off here. Double-check everything. Scamming and unethical behavior some would consider griefing is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded by the game mechanics. Harassment or real-life threats are not ok, and you can get a shiny ban for them. Learn the difference. Experience matters, not ISK or Skills Just because some character is just a few minutes old doesn't mean he's a newbie. Many people have alts. The reverse is also possible, people come back after very long breaks, and characters are sold. You could see year-old newbies around too. Skills that take less than 1 day to train are short skills. Over one week is long. You're in this game for the long haul. Don't expect to do something meaningful in the grand scheme of things in the first day of your first trial account ever. All other things being equal (experience, skills), superior numbers more often win a fight rather than superior ship value. However, things are hardly ever equal. Total skillpoints count doesn't matter much either, it's level of relevant skills to the current situation that does. Yes, that does mean a 2 mil SP combat-oriented newbie could badly beat up a 60 mil SP industry-oriented veteran. Bigger is not always better More expensive stuff is not always better stuff. Slightly better stuff usually costs many times more than slightly worse stuff. Choose wisely. Tech-2 is usually cheaper and better, but harder to fit. Sometimes it's not better. Other times it's not cheaper. And occasionally, neither cheaper nor better. There are no "solopwnmobiles" in EVE. Everything you can fly blows up if it's shot hard enough. With enough skills and experience, ship size really doesn't matter all that much. Use the in-game info Show Info and Variants->Compare are your best friends. Use it on all stuff you can. Always check your ship insurance before you undock. If it's a T2 ship however... not that important. Unfair circumstances? There is no such thing as "a fair fight" or "an unfair fight". There's only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant. Just because you can fly something doesn't mean you should. You will lose stuff, don't worry! If you PvP long enough, you will lose your ship. It's only a matter of where and when. If you logoff in space without a PvP timer8, you're only safe after 1 minutes... and then only until you log back in. If you logoff with a PvP timer, it's at least 15 minutes. Bottom line, once a fight started, don't logoff. You'll only die anyway. Somebody, somewhere has better skills than you, more experience than you, is smarter than you, has more friends than you and can stay online longer than you. Just pray he's not out to get you. If you lose stuff, it's almost alwaysyour fault. Really, only yours.
  6. Busterguy

    The Ancients

    We don't really do agent missions our self, but we do a lot of PvE in the sense of combat sites in null sec. If your interested join the ingane chat "Awakening Ancients" some more details there.
  7. Psycho045

    The Ancients

    Would i be able to focus on the pve aspect of the game doing agent missions etc with u guys?
  8. Busterguy

    A little mining

    Come join us in null sec!
  9. Got this sexy skin from the exo planets hunt in project discovery.
  10. Zeito

    A little mining

    Dual boxing two procs for a little ore.
  11. Busterguy

    The Ancients

    The Ancients coalition is on a mission of recruitment to find like-minded sci-fi space junkies to join our gaming community! We have been given a platform in EvE online to create and build our own unique empire. We are very old veterans to the game with a lot of experience and we want you to join us in this adventure! We stand for true freedom in Eve. Make ISK with the only defence in mind separate to a sister entity that gives you the freedom to PvP with anyone or against anyone. - No obligations. - Community-based. - RL comes first. You will be greeted by amazing people who can guide you and give you more content than you could ever imagine from an online space game guaranteed! If you are new to eve we can also take you under our wing and show you the ropes on how to play. Send me a pm on the forum or reply to this topic if you want to know more information or how to contact us.
  12. Here is a playlist of some getting started videos.
  13. Busterguy


    https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=71eeeda3-c480-4d95-b425-cfcf4b1e20e2 Sign upto eve online today and get kick started with 250,000 free skill points when using the above link.
  14. Busterguy

    My first capital ship

    Just got the skills and ship. Now flying in my first capital.
  15. Busterguy

    Big fleet battle

    Video from about 8 months ago when I was part of the GOTG coalition.