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  2. RaptorAM

    Anyone want to team?

    Anyone still playing? I decided to play this wipe again, got a fairly good amount so far but it's not the best solo!
  3. Erno De Goochlicker

    Teaming after wipe!

    if you still play lmk
  4. Not sure who in this group still plays Tarkov, but I stopped since the greed event and I want to start playing again after the wipe and new update, so yeah, if anyone wants to team with me let me know!
  5. Busterguy

    Anyone want to team?

    Nice, il be around later tonight
  6. Wilco

    Anyone want to team?

    Me, Vladic and chris are currently playing
  7. Xkan

    Anyone want to team?

    I'll be up for playing a little later tonight if you're still on.
  8. Any fancy teaming up? I have just been running solo so far :(
  9. Me and a couple of friends got a items case and a fully kitted m4 and ak. Just check on the website to see if you have one and click receive gift.
  10. MadassRubberduck

    Tips for a noob

    I had the pleasure of meeting 2 other player scavs who were both friendly to each other and wiggles their heads and flashed their light, so we ended up teaming and took on a few PMC together - but I agree, don’t trust anyone, it’s rare to see a friendly face in Tarkov Besides that, @Ant Arni Thx for that very helpful post bud - much appreciated.
  11. Ant Arni

    Tips for a noob

    Right well most maps are pretty massive so you'll struggle to find the extraction points on them. I know some people think that it's a radical suggestion but I think you should start by just going into factory as a scav at every opportunity, so you actually understand what the game is about (although factory is obviously tiny, it's super PvP and PvE based). Once you've got an understanding for that and it's mechanics, then you can start venturing into other maps which you can also buy a map for (for forest and customs) in game from the person who sells meds I believe. Along with those two maps, shoreline is a massive step up from factory in terms of size and they start to feel like 'proper' maps. Eventually they'll merge all of these maps together so it's one massive map but for now that's really all you do. Some general tips that don't relate to the map: Look for the crates - these contain special magazines and attachments like scopes, suppressors, grips etc. Look for keys - you'll find them in stuff like coats hanging on the wall. They, obviously, open different doors on different maps but so far the most important key is the purple factory key which opens a locked door upstairs in the map usually containing a weapon as well as the underground escape (most maps have loads of different extraction points, including factory) Don't trust anyone Try and creep around as often as you can because the way you'll get caught is by making too much noise
  12. RaptorAM

    Tips for a noob

    General map layouts that may help you out: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15B0UDdvBr7RdOgVph9s9mTHAwdqlaeSflOCJ_uSDJn0/edit#slide=id.g234c7b6395_1_0 I'm unsure how up to date those as personally I haven't playing a wee while just still worth a look :)
  13. Hey Guys, got this yesterday any tips as i struggle to even find the extraction points never mind anything else?
  14. Police Man Reiss


    any of you bumholes wanna plaY/
  15. Busterguy

    Ingame screenshots

    Some in game screenshots
  16. Escape from Tarkov is on a new stage of development - Closed Beta Testing. CBT access will be provided to all owners of early access packages. The admission of players will be conducted in waves, but as soon as reasonably possible. Within a week, every package owner shall receive an invitation email. Players who have purchased early access packages earlier than others will be allowed into testing first. New users will be able to join other beta testers immediately after the end of the last wave. With start of the new phase, the game receives a significant number of updates: the first part of the largest of game locations - Shoreline, reworked balance of existing locations and new spots to explore, more useful items, medicines and equipment, advanced arsenal of weapons and weapon modifications, balanced economy and insurance system, as well as general chat to search for info or raid companions. There is no non-disclosure agreement set forth for the closed beta testing. All users shall now have the right to make, store and share screenshots and videos, broadcast their gameplay and post game materials online. Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame, and also pre-order the game on the official website of the project.