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A group for the group owners of Roleplay UK groups to ask and answer questions and share tips! - Check the announcement regarding groups here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/92322-introducing-groups/

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  2. Wilco

    Can You Invite People To Your Group?

    @Jumper yes you can however if we receive multiple reports that people are spamming unwanted invites then we will need to first give a warning to the group owner and if it continues then restrict the invites. Please invite people you know who would want to join your group.
  3. Fallen

    Move Topics

    @Wilco yep option has been fully removed :P
  4. Wilco

    Move Topics

    @Fallen this option should now be fully removed.
  5. Wilco

    Move Topics

    The red button is behind glass!
  6. Fallen

    Move Topics

    Tried it, i saw the option there just didn't click in-case it did move it, but i can confirm you are unable to move them :P
  7. Wilco

    Be able to give posting restrictions

    @BennyBait not currently an option in IPS but I am sure as the feature gets developed future moderation options like and more will be added down the line, If i get a moment I will suggest it for you on their forums.
  8. Wilco

    Move Topics

    @Fallen I invite you to try moving a test topic in your group to the main forums.
  9. Would be a nice touch, rather than having to kick them from the group, you can give them a restriction to posting in the group.
  10. Fallen

    Move Topics

    On the moderation tools we have access to move things, im not going to but the options for like developemnt log and stuff show up, does that mean anyone would be able to move topic anywhere on the forums ?
  11. Wilco

    Setting up your own Q&A group forum.

    Yes, it is! every group can create one simply by creating a new topic tab, you are given the option when setting it up as seen below: Select Topics in the manage group dropdown (my options my vary from yours) Setup your new topics forum, give it a name and a description and most importantly select the questions option and click save.
  12. Just wondering if it is at all possible to make it that you have a Q&A section on your group that anyone can see and post to even if they arent a member and the group isnt set to Public
  13. Wilco

    What's the difference between a leader and an Owner?

    Good question and one I am sure that will get asked many times! There isn't any! The owner is the person who founded the group and the person ultimately in charge, The leader has the same permissions and can even make others leaders or moderators. So be careful who you give leadership to, I would recommend giving trusted people moderator instead.