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The ARAC is a civilian service dedicated to keeping the community running. Our Mission Statement: To save what is considered lost. Arte Et Marte - By Skill And Valor. This group is for the discussion of ARAC issues, ARAC suggestions, and General ARAC questions.

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    What is the ARAC? - Mechanic Services What vehicles do the ARAC get? - Skinned Pickup - Skinned Van - Skinned Tempest Transport What is the flatbed truck? - Hemmt Transport upgraded at the MOD SHOP (400k investment) Does ARAC get special compensation? - No, ARAC services are not required to be paid. We accept donations. Are ARAC protected by special laws? - Other than general public laws, ARAC is not protected. There is nothing stopping someone from robbing you. > As an ARAC you can carry a firearm, only if you have the firearms license. What are the server rules for ARAC? (9.3) The ARAC are the servers breakdown service. It is a role to help people and role play a mechanic, so in order to prevent abuse we have some rules surrounding this licence. (9.3.1) ARAC members must be wearing the uniform while they are performing ARAC duties. (9.3.2) ARAC members must be using the ARAC vehicles while they are performing ARAC duties. (9.3.3) ARAC members should not use the ARAC system to target players when they are at their most vulnerable, i.e. broken down in the middle of nowhere and asking for assistance. When not playing as a ARAC member, you must not acknowledge any messages sent via this system. (9.3.4) ARAC Members are not allowed to perform any illegal activities when they are in uniform. It is a purely role play activity. > This means you CAN do legal runs, if no calls are being made. > While no rule says you CAN'T have illegal items on you, it is highly suggested in the group that you do not have them in your inventory >> No drugs, lockpicks, illegal weapon attachments, Illegal weapons. (9.3.5) ARAC Members are exempt from rule 3.4 when on duty. > (3.4) Side (OOC) chat roleplay is forbidden. You must not use side chat to broadcast events that you observe (for example, you may not broadcast "X are going to rob the bank". The exception is advertising your in game business. >> It is highly suggested in the group that one limits the advertisements. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM AND GET ARAC BANNED FROM USING THE ADVERTISING SYSTEM.