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For all Car lovers to come and share pictures of beautiful cars.

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  2. Iggy Triton

    My whips

    we had a BMW 320d 2010 e90 fully spec'd. i found a Mercedes e350 v6 last year and practictly forced my dad to buy it as when viewing it i kept saying buy it. while i was a little younger my dad had a few rare beamers. e36 4 door alpine in purple and a blue convertible m3 evo e36 (still have the hardtop in the garage) but the m3 was totalled by a lorry on the m6. i always gorm over @alex's dads 700bhp toyota supra. it looks so mean and holds the fastest lap of a modified supra around the nurgburgring. (just over 7minutes) it hold its famous plate B19 NUM.
  3. So it's fair to say I'm a HUGE car guy, as you can imagine i like to bully my parents into buying nice cars. So at the moment we have a BMW M2, just had an M3 and have had a few other little cars but they've been our top few cars at the moment. However being involved in the car scene means you meet a lot of people, our best friend has a Mclaren 650s and a Porsche Cayman GT4 which is the absolute dream car set up!
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/750bhp-Toyota-Single-Turbo-Supra-Inc-Syvecs-Precision-Turbo-HKS-Blitz-Parts-/162604841045?hash=item25dc00f855:g:fHYAAOSwHMxZd5To Please?
  5. Jamiie

    Rich boy Koenigsegg

    Flashy ass car