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  • CC Joseph Tadworth
    CC Joseph Tadworth

    Joining the Altis Police

    Section 1, Requirements to join the Altis Police
    The Altis Police have a certain set of requirements for you to be eligible to join, these are:

    • You are required to be at least sixteen years old at the time of your application being submitted.
    • You must have a working microphone.
    • You must be able to attend a TeamSpeak interview.
    • You must not be blacklisted from the Altis Police (see Section 2 for details)

    Please keep in mind that you must put considerable effort into your application. You need to go into detail wherever possible to allow us to make the best possible decision as to whether your application will be accepted or denied.

    If you fit within these requirements, you can apply to join the Altis Police.

    Section 2, Blacklisting and how to appeal it
    Altis Police Command reserves the right to blacklist anybody from joining the police. If you have been blacklisted then you have the right to ask for the reason of your blacklisting, who did it and on what date it was submitted.

    If you would like to appeal your blacklisting, you must follow the following process:

    1. Check to see if you are blacklisted, you can do this by asking any Superintendent or above, any member of Academy or recruitment team. If they say you are blacklisted then continue with the appeal process, if not and you are a previous officer, speak to the recruitment team, and they will be able to re-invite you into the police.
    2. Once you know that you are blacklisted, you will need to fill in the blacklisting appeal form, things to note:
      • If you say that you want a TeamSpeak appeal, then please be in the channel “Awaiting Blacklist Appeal” at around 7:00 on Wednesday evening, this will allow us time to have our meeting and see to everyone in order. If you do not turn up in the channel for your appeal, it will be denied and you will have to re-appeal the following week.
      • Board meetings start every Wednesday evening at 7pm, please note some weeks the meetings can run on so you may have to wait a while for your appeal while we discuss other matters.
      • If you keep your submission link (the one that says “thanks for appealing”) you can edit your appeal at a later date if you find that you cannot attend the meeting and want to do a text appeal.
      • Asking us about your appeal (e.g. “Can you look at it now?”) will just make us deny it and you will have to appeal again at a later date.
      • If you have marked that you want a TS appeal and we can’t see you in the channel or can’t reach you in Teamspeak, we will ignore your appeal.
      • Lying during your appeal will result in a Permanent Blacklist.
    3. If your appeal is accepted then you can speak to a member of the recruitment team in order to be reinvited into the police. If your appeal is denied we will specify a time frame in which you will have to wait before putting in another appeal, this is your cooldown period and you should not appeal again until this time is up (we do monitor this and any attempt to do so will simply be denied). 

    In regards to permanent blacklistings, these can be appealed. However, you must contact an Assistant Chief Constable or above and fully explain your case to them. The Assistant Chief Constable will then take your appeal to a Police Command vote, and if the decision is unanimous, then you will be unblacklisted. Please note, if you have been permanently blacklisted then the reason is likely to be serious, and it is unlikely that the decision to be permanently blacklisted will be overturned.