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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): PC Simen [8080] Time and date of incident: 14:00GMT 11/11/19 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Me and my buddies were just hanging around kavala chatting to some people, chilling with a few cops just having some fun when suddenly out of nowhere comes the corrupt cop that I am writing about today. Now I happen to know PC Simen fairly well and had wondered how long it would take until something like this happened. So here we are, one of my friends Jebediah gets spotted with an illegal firearm, and I am just mortified that he would be capable of such an act! I ask him to find a car and store it asap as we wouldn't want to be accused of trying to upset the police. So on his way to said car, PC Simen happens across him and warns him that if he doesn't put said firearm in a car that he would be tazed. Fair enough, but the issue then begins when PC Simen follows Jebediah for a while, on his way to his car, at which point he tazes him despite being told that he was still going to his car. Now I do not have footage of this incident, this is second hand information and should be viewed with skepticism by yourself. The thing that I do have proof of however is PC Simon taking Jebediah to a remove building away from other officers and attempting to extort me in the form of a bribe. Now we are used to dealing with corrupt officers, probably more than you would like to think, but this dealing goes both ways. I would never PCC an officer for taking a bribe as, unfortunately, that's just how the world works. But when we go ahead and pay this bribe and then my guy is released without his firearms, gear, suppressor etc despite that being in the terms of the bribe, I find my only option is to bring it to a PCC. I am very sorry to inform you of such treachery within your beloved police department but I am sure that your image is very dear to you. And I am sure that you would not like your reputation to be damaged in such a way. I am available to talk about this situation with any person who finds themselves dealing with this complaint. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: Demotion until PC Simen see's the error of his ways and learns not to besmirch the good name of the Altis Police Department Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA_BKAwEPBA
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    Gang Uniforms | Woodland Which Arma 3 Classname is your texture for: U_I_CombatUniform Explain your creation: Woodland camo with different colours intented for possible ganguniforms, can be turned into any color really. (Roughly 260 kb per texture) I am open to making changes based on popular feedback: Yes If successfully approved I confirm this texture will be exclusive to Roleplay.co.uk: Yes If successfully approved I confirm I will email this texture to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes
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    Its not about being realistic. Its about having fun. If you want to be an arsehole in the name of "realism" go ahead but dont get surprised when you become quickly disliked.
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    From time to time, the Poseidon cartel have been known to trick unsuspecting police officers into committing corrupt acts. Forcing them to provide information in exchange for our silence. Eddylane doesn't think we have enough on him and has refused to co-operate. Our story begins... Poseidon were involved in a heist on the Armed Response weapons cache. During the heist in which Eddylane was operating a darter for the police, Poseidon members snuck up behind him and knocked him out. Taking him as their prisoner, or was he? See 2:02 into the video, we're all friends here Eddy. 2:30 we allow Eddylane to see the drug locations, mark them on his map. A Poseidon Capo sharing locations of drug businesses with the police vis a vis, is that a regular occurrence? 5:35, Eddylane confirms that we are indeed all friends. 5:50 Eddylane discusses with a civilian that he is partaking in our weed run, and asks the rebel not to report him to the command. 6:20 Eddy tells us that he's definitely not a hostage. Is it a joke? who can say. Shortly after he gives rebels advice that they should use hurons, as its more profitable. 7:20 Eddy asks whether or not he's getting money from our shared drug run. I assure him that of course he is. 8:00 Eddy discusses the inner workings of Armed Response with us, the marksman test. 8:20 We offer Eddy a position in the Cartel. - He turns it down, but indicates he was interested. 10:00 - Around this time Eddy admits to selling drugs to the drug dealer. 11:00 - Eddy asks us to say hello to a known associate within the cartel, a mr Stubley Triton. 14:00 - We frisk eddy's pockets ensuring he has no money and Eddy takes our 250,000 that we earned from drugs. He puts our money into his bank account before giving me 50k back via wire transfer at 15:35 to another Poseidon associate known only as Mcarthy. 16:30 - We ensure Eddylane did place that money into the ATM. We inform him of his actions and he refuses to co-operate. Stating that he's going to turn our dirty money over to Police command. - Note that he did clean £50,000 for us "for his life". - He makes a compelling argument, right? 19:20 - Eddylane shares some useless information with us that there is an ongoing AR Patrol and they are on the main road. 21:00 - We allow Eddy to check his phone. That's what friends do. 21:20 - Eddylane offers us our 200k. Now we're talking, 250k of clean money from a police officer. 22:00 - We begin to talk about Spectre base and Spoon's previous involvement with the Poseidon Cartel. Eddylane confirms that he was there with Spoon at the time, also telling us where spectre base is. 23:00 - Eddy appreciates us trying to save beecroft, he asks us not to photograph him at the spectre base. Oops. 28:00 - Poseidon offer some false information, Eddy indicates that he likes gold, and gives us our £200,000 in cash. Which is fine, because we knew Eddy had no prior money on him.. 29:00 - Eddy retrieves his weapon. - We're all friends here. Eddylane, Victim or Co-Conspirator? - You Decide.
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    ConAir Update Explain your map design: The Idea is to upgrade/update ConAir to serve the purpose of ConAir as well as Advanced Weapons, still allowing people to buy Tarus etc. Understandably this update would be highly disliked due to its location, causing players to travel further than they already have to, i.e Airport -> Ghost Hotel -> Desired location. To counter this I purpose to allow for you to have the ability to spawn at Selakano, the town just adjacent to ConAir allowing people to get out a vehicle from the nearby garage and drive the 200 or so metres to ConAir and store said vehicle again. The catch to being able to spawn in this town is that you MUST own the Viper licence, everyone else must travel to this location to use the advanced weapons store. This gives a further reason to obtain the Viper Licence and avoids the potential predicament of people spawning at ConAir during an active situation. The design idea behind this location is to upgrade it to be a heavily fortified rebel region. This area is to be easily defensible by rebels but not impossible to attack, this is due to it being the core location for the rebellion. The location also includes immovable/indestructible barbed wire on the ground to make it difficult for MRAPs to attack the compound (they aren't everywhere it just requires you to be careful whilst driving) This location is out of the way of police and Poseidon (yes it is located in Poseidon lands but too far from their bases to easily be patrolled) making it a rebel controlled region but Poseidon would inevitably attempt to control it giving rebels something to do. A penitential idea to ensure that this location is kept active besides that its used for advanced weapons is to allow for gangs to capture the location and get a discount i.e. 30% off. Slightly changed the idea from my previous one i posted but for more images, as I'm only allowed use 3 for some reason check here https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/118085-conair-update/?tab=comments#comment-684986 And yes you are capable of taking off and landing planes on that airstrip even though its small, you just have to be a good pilot If successfully approved I confirm I will email the .sqm to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes I confirm there are no floating objects & damage and simulation have been disabled: Yes I confirm my map design was created in Eden Editor: Yes
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    For some reason when I see people driving truck boxers they just only render in when they are 10 meters away and i have seen many people crash and stuff because of this
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    Revert Flip Animation Brief Summary: A while ago we had a normal flip animation which would flip your vehicle if flipped. I want to go back to that animation OR make it so it takes 20~ seconds (like capturing a redzone) but will 100% flip your vehicle. Detailed Suggestion: As stated above, however this will stop times where we have all been in situations of trying to flip our vehicle for literally 1-2 minutes. I understand the change got added for 'realism' but not everything has to been realistic. It is an annoyance which wasn't needed and NO-ONE requested to be added. The Pros: Everyone will not have the annoyance of having to wait ages to flip a vehicle. The Cons: People can flip their vehicle quicker? I mean, everyone will be able to flip their vehicle like they once did Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I don't see how as everyone will get access to this.
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    I understand how it can be a pain for factions, but I do feel like how it currently is steers more towards balance than if rebels couldn’t combat revive. The factions get the numbers, so rebels should have a way of evening the odds more. It’s not really a common occurrence to see rebels get combat revived anyway, we need to go and buy defibs and then we’d also be vulnerable when actually reviving. If factions could combat revive like rebels then there would be a massive balance issue. Because instead of 5 rebels reviving each other to survive, you would now have 20 cops reviving each other and constantly hitting. I don’t think there’s enough to warrant a change of this rule right now, it gives a benefit to rebel which can be nice and helpful.
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    Getting knocked out. Detailed Rule Suggestion: A while ago it was considered not realistic to knock someone out who has a weapon in their hands and aimed towards you. This was due to the fact of the way the knock-out works it's an instant hit and there is no "fight". Then the staff team made a decision to get rid of this and once again allow it. This topic is to gage to the opinion of the community on this and if we should add the a rule back again to regulate it. who would you be allowed to knock out in what state? See the below pictures: Outline how your rule will improve the server/community: At the moment people are using knock out just to kick off gunfights as its a cheap way to take someone out of the fight from the start. Think about any bad points your rule suggestion might have: Only downside I can see is that when people like to take someone hostage they may end up having to kill them if they fight back. But on the contrary, this could bring more RP by getting them revived or trying to keep them alive with blood bags etc. What punishment if any should breach of this rule have: Warning or small bans depending on multiple occurrences.
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    Remove DECAMP Script From All Vehicles Brief Summary: Like the title says, remove decamp script from all vehicles. (Not suggesting the timer to be removed) Detailed Suggestion: Basically, when you get out of any vehicle (including helicopters) you would have your gun out instantly, but you would not be able to shoot for a second or two just like it is currently on MRAPS. Not everyone E.g. in the Police & Poseidon have access to MRAPs so in gunfights they are in a big disadvantage and so are rebels. This suggestion would make it fair for everyone and easier to fight against MRAPs if the decamp script was removed from all vehicles. Right now its very unfair for the people that are trying to chase a MRAP because they are just going to get killed out of their vehicles when trying to chase it because the MRAP driver can just get out with his gun out. Also if the MRAP driver sees someone decamp he can just decamp and kill you before you even get to pull your gun out. My suggestion is to make it that, you get out with your gun out from every vehicle The Pros: Brings more balance to server/gunfights and for people who don't have access to MRAPs The Cons: Can't think of any really as long as the timer is there Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? No.
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    The police member in question has been murdered by a Poseidon member, no action will be taken for his actions in his past life PPC closed, CC Dave triton McCarthy
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    Sad memes that the officer in the video later died in the same operation as it started with. Apperently he still had his GoPro on him and has been recovered by the police. PS. if no one realized how sarcastic i am yer stupid
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    New Ressource "Wood" Rework to "Coal". Brief Summary: Create a new ressource for people to farm, whilst at the same time fixing the "issue" of Trees weighing 25 each. Detailed Suggestion: Trees used to be more valuable and be called "Christmas trees" from what i understand. They have since then been neglected and are now just a "useless" material. - I would like that to be changed with implimenting a Wood Burner, and a Coal Salesman, as seen in the picture. The route can be chosen to be taken on the risky highway, or one could go offroad and use one of the many dirt roads to get to the burner. I would suggest lowering the weight of Trees from 25, to similar to other ressources (3-5), and have the price match the ressources of similar weight/route length. The Pros: Not only will it bring life to the current dormant Wood area, but it would create more ways to make money for people the legal way. And its a way to make legal money outside Posidon area (salt, iron, diamonds, froglegs,) which they currently are not-so-friendly towards you if you do since they get no taxactation of those. The Cons: None, from what i can think off. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? Yes, it will create another ressource for people to farm.
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    You can tell Ground Branch are back when our fans come back:
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    Having just came back to the island today (at least in terms of regularly playing) I was almost immediately flung into an RP situation in Kavala where I was taken hostage after shouting at some rebels for parking in front of a drop curb and hence blocking wheelchair access to the shops. 5 mins later I was being tortured and hooked up to a car battery. When the police showed up, I was bundled into a car and taken to a remote location. Here, Cass presented me with a chance to live by completing a mission: I had to bring her a hostage within an hour. Me being me I immediately went to the police, and against all expectations the police actually wanted to RP with me instead of run off to another gunfight! Sonder (and I forget the others chaps name) organised a sting operation wherein I would arrange to meet Cass at oil extraction, and rock up in my van, with 2 cops in a quad bike hiding in the back. Cass could tell something was up. However, when she arrived I managed to get her to go check behind the oil silo, and the cops in the van and the surrounding undercover unit moved in and apprehended her. I'm not sorry I ratted you our Cass, you did electrocute me several times and plan on killing the hostage! Fantastic RP from all. It really did bring me back to 2015. Also shout-out to RaulK for initially trying to help. @Sonder @Perspective
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    NHS Reviving Whilst Under Threat Detailed Rule Suggestion: Currently 11.2 states that NHS are to consult alive police officers at scene and if they are not any alive consult rebels a rebel can then request them to not revive a person and they have to obey. I suggest changing the current rule from: " (11.2) If attending to a crime scene, do not revive or move any injured people without consulting with the nearest police officer. If there are no alive police officers in the area instead consult with nearest rebel / gang member. If it is made clear that you are not to treat any individuals then please accept that request and do not treat any indicated person(s). " To (11.2) If attending to a crime scene, do not revive or move any injured people without consulting with the nearest police officer. If there are no alive police officers in the area instead consult with nearest rebel / gang member. If it is made clear that you are not to treat any individuals then please accept that request and do not treat any indicated person(s). If it is made clear that you are under threat to revive any individuals by rebels / Poseidon you must comply unless shots have been fired recently or a police officer is available at the scene to consult with. Outline how your rule will improve the server/community: Will stop the current powergaming that seems to be increasing with medics refusing to treat people whilst having a gun pointed at them but simply don't care due to not being able to anything against them. Rebels get a chance to get more hostages and would also avoid having people help their friends by refusing to revive them to avoid getting them taken hostage. Think about any bad points your rule suggestion might have: Can't think of any but im sure others might... What punishment if any should breach of this rule have: Based on their current ban history 24 48 hr bans.
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    These lot even had a document prepared! It's so fun to see!
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    Dear @Haywire As mentioned by CNCA @SI Ali Barber, as a certified psychologist I will be more than happy to provide you with counseling and assist you with whatever issue may be upsetting you. If you would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact me directly. PS: psychological assistance will come at an additional cost — get up to 35% off your first session when reserving with a SPG escort Kind Regards, CSI Creebles [6669] NCA Director of Training department
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    So because civs can Revive in gunfights it means everyone else should -1imo you have numbers and we can revive in gunfights equals it out a little bit
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    Ross Kemp Extreme World coming to a island near you! Stay tuned...
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    Only just found out that Cotton Eye Joe isn't as innocent as I thought... Another name for S.T.D.s because you have to get the swab down the PEEPEE. @big jimmy the sexual educator.
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    Loved all far cry’s from release, far cry 3 was by far the best one for me. But 4 and 5 kinda felt like the same game. Got very repetitive and just feels like your constantly doing the same shit all the time
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    Do you have a lot of money? Do you prize rare and valuable items from the history of Altis? If so, a raven vest may be the ideal purchase for you! This rare and collectible item of clothing can no longer be obtained through normal methods; the few that exist are the last left. Bidding starts at 2m, minimum increase 100k. Bidding will end whenever the price is good enough, good luck!
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    This is what the server is for. Not loads reports about petty rule play would rather roleplay anyday. welldone guys
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    Loved it! Great fun, and as Samantha said, hit us up if you want to rp! Always down for that!
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    Live on Twitter, Dont forget to wave! https://twitter.com/RoleplayUK
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    Red zone kill leaderboard (individuals) Brief Summary: First of all I do have another account yet forgot the password a long time ago. Now this suggestion may had been brought up before multiple times, yet due to how well RPUK is doing compared to other servers with its high population as well as the donation goal being smashed by the community each month. I believe its time we see something new in the combat side of the server, yes this is the best server to roleplay on possibly better than lakeside servers. But... there are a few players here that do see combat over roleplay sometimes, players strive to be the best on the island with their large egotistical uniforms and names. Yet could we see something that can sort this out. Detailed Suggestion: Each Saturday after the 12pm restart people may go to red zones as usual, yet if someone is killed by another player at one of any of the four zones that player that had killed the other player will receive 10 points that being 1 kill=10 points. Yet red zones are a very large area some larger than others for example OG compared to church. Within each red zone there will be a very small circle that could be of the color dark red, within this zone and only this zone if you kill other players you gather points. Yet you will not gather points from killing players that are within the point zone if you are outside of it. This will change the play style of RPUK players yet I do believe it is for the good currently gun fights are zzzzz people sitting 300/400m out roaching. However, for this it will create a lot more pace of gun fights rather than fighting at redzones thinking its exile or something. At the end of the week the points are shown on the discord as well as here on the forms (it would be cool if we could have a tab on the forms keeping track of the points players earn yet I'm asking too much here). The top three players with the most kills are awarded cash, could be 1st = 10million 2nd= 5million 3rd=2.5million. The Pros: Allows players to have more competition over one another Creates a new play style for RPUK players they might actually slam The Cons: Devs will be having a large sum of work to do Don't see anything else pop a msg if you see something wrong with looking at how many kills people get at the red zones Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? don't see anything wrong with adding in a leaderboard hopefully it doesn't disturb the role-players
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    Stop putting that “new players” shit. When I first joined the server nobody gave a fuck about me I started doing my iron run rebels robbed me they didnt give a fuck if I was a hobo or not? I used to do weed in a full packed server and back in the day the highest paying run was weed and the weed field was packed everytime you show up there 100% somebody was there so the risk of me being robbed was very high. Now if you go and visit the weedfield its filled with dust... I had to work for my shit it wasnt easy at all like everybody else. Now its your turn if it is way too hard for you to start off even though the highest paying run is diamond with waaaaaay less chance of getting robbed. There was no “be nice to hobo’s let them start off so they dont get angry and leave” when I started so why the fuck would I be nice now? Its a hard life out here everybody hungry so if you cant take it than bye
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    Prepare for the worlds most over engineered line chart
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    Literally never see NCA unless they’re all roaming around with their 16s’s mincing poor hobos. Someone has definitely “accidentally” hit the wrong button on their calculator here. But GJ Ali, even though you were probably only online for one day in the last 5 months.
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    Any updates regarding faction restrictions? Its been almost 2 months since we heard anything
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    This is something I believe both factions need(although obviously Poseidon would have a unique one also), a form of base in which they can use to retreat to or take gunfights to if they so desire, like rebels can now with their gang bases
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    It's a no from me, you already get cash from captured zones. There are far nicer game modes to play other than on altis life servers for combat.
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    Eyyy Up, So I've decided to come back fresh to Altis Life UK i did play a while back with a different RP account https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/34045-happie/ in case any of you are wondering and i do hope to have as much fun with the server as i did back then but first I've got to refresh my self on the rules, so see you all out there
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    To be honest its extremely rare for 30-40 cops to be online at once and if you think that's too much to take on then don't do the bank at that time. As for Poseidon getting involved that's just unlucky and it will happen from time to time.
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    What? What do you mean' give the man a chance'? The whole point of this is to accurately see how current rebels are affected on the server by the current meta. Getting AR while on holiday to do a bank is not current meta and isn't what happens on the server. No shit I want this to fail as when I do a bank, I don't have police AR on holiday and when any other gang that do banks don't have police AR on holiday as-well. That is not the point of this; its like me asking 40 of my mates from other servers to come on and help with a bank. That is not what actually happens so why pretend like it is?
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    1k posts! you now officially have no life!
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    ^^ Allow them in Gang channels I also thing allowing them in 1 NHS channel wouldn’t cause any issues as there are 5 others, can be muted when necessary as well as NHS is much more chill compared to the rest - a lot of people listen to music when flying around anyway
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    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.
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    Dear @Haywire, In relation to your complaint. Contrary to @DCC Shepherd's statement, I will first deal with the issue of the Human Rights Act. From past experience, and previous research into case-law, it would be extremely uncommon for the searching of a vehicle to constitute a breach of the Human Rights Act. From my observations, there was no breach of any rights in the duration of the evidence which you have provisioned, or I have otherwise been provided. In relation to the searching of your Hureon, my statement below will outline the legality of such a search, with areas highlighed in bold being those that apply to such as search as the one you experienced. Section 1 of the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 states that, "Any person or a vehicle may be detained for the purpose of a Section 1 search, provided you have reasonable grounds to suspect that stolen or prohibited articles, bladed or sharply pointed articles and prohibited fireworks will be found and that the person or the vehicle is in a place defined by the Act. There are no minimum age restrictions, nor is there a requirement that the search is conducted in the presence of an appropriate adult. Powers to stop and search must be used fairly, responsibly, with respect for people being searched and without unlawful discrimination." An officer may exercise the power to stop and search: in any place to which at the time when they propose to exercise the power, the public or any section of the public has access, on payment or otherwise, as of right or by virtue of express or implied permission; or in any other place to which people have ready access at the time when they propose to exercise the power but which is not a dwelling. You can never carry out a Section 1 PACE search in a dwelling. You can search people in the gardens or yards attached to dwellings, but only if you have reasonable grounds for believing that the: person to be searched, or person in charge of the vehicle, does not reside in the dwelling; and person or vehicle is not at that place with the express or implied permission of a person who resides in the dwelling. Notice that the Act uses the term reasonable grounds for believing and not reasonable grounds for suspecting here. Reasonable grounds to believe will require a much stronger level of objective facts than ‘suspecting’. “Premises” is defined in Section 23 of PACE as any place including any: vehicle vessel aircraft hovercraft offshore installation (such as oil or other drilling rigs, and the accommodation platforms or vessels associated with them) renewable energy installation as defined in the Energy Act 2004 Section 104; or tent or moveable structure. Premises defined as ‘any place’ would include the places normally associated with premises such as private dwellings and commercial buildings. Section 117 of PACE gives the power to use reasonable force, if necessary, to exercise any other power granted under the Act. This means that you may use such reasonable force to arrest or to gain entry to premises for example if: The premises are known to be unoccupied The owner or occupier is known to be absent Not to do so would frustrate the operation or endanger someone The occupier, or other person entitled to grant access, refuses to do so It is impossible to contact the occupier or other person entitled to grant access In conclusion, there was no breach of the Human Rights Act, and PACE was (although very minimally I may add) used legally on this occasion. I will suggest a review into the training of officers, and their use of powers to Stop and Search to the Police Board, you may never find out the results of this discussion, but I can assure you that it will take place. This complaint is now closed. Regards, Tadworth Chief Constable
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    Nice to see Poseidon bringing out 8+ ifrits
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    Its gone finally after 2 and a half years
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    For someone who is “rich” I expected more *Shakes head in disapproval* a lot of talk from cap the hobo
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    yeah, i do understand that is something that comes from both ways. if you get any situations like this, send them to me. and i will see case by case. how to improve this situation .And come to a solution.
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    As others have said as a rebel I rob the HM very rarely, not more than a couple times in the last month or so. If police are getting bored of doing HMs you don't have to respond with 30/30 officers every time it happens. Zaros would be a better location though, no roleplay there to disturb and way more CQC action, water to swim up sneaky sneaky, it was a fun location for the purge for sure.
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    Arma bug, looks like it'll be fixed in the next update or hotfix https://feedback.bistudio.com/T146148 It's not something we can do anything about ourselves unfortunately.