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    Leave a for a chance to win a banner. Ends: 8pm
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    Hello dear citizens of Altis! We are aware that there are small groups of people impersonating and causing a lot of issues on the island (with the police and other groups) as UltraSec Organisation. The latest incident that was reported to our HQ was about a group of low-income rebels trying to cause issues and kidnap a police officer at Gravia's Church - which is damaging for our reputation and relations with the police itself. Sadly, UltraSec cannot take any responsibilities for people impersonating us - and we sincerely hope citizens of Altis and the Altis Police Service does not hold us accountable for the criminal acts that have happened in our name in the past 24 hours. We are ensuring all citizens of Altis that the group will be found, cought and dealt with on the spot as soon as possible. Meanwhile we are going to try our best to keep all of you miners and fruit pickers safe from all the dangers that are lurking around the island. Sincerely, UltraSec
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    The Poseidon Quarterly News Beat My associates, it has been a long time since the last news beat (Just over one quarter) and a lot has happened in that time, so I thought I would create a summary of some events worth mentioning within our time here on the island. We've made ourselves welcome here for six months now, and here's to another six. A new chapter has begun… Shortly after our last news beat, a new brother was blooded into the Poseidon family. In his time as capo Raptor Poseidon, originally of the Atlas family has shown he has what it take to push Poseidon in the right direction. His replacement for the Baron spot has been taken up by Wiisy. A second brother was blooded after the fall of our beloved Valen Poseidon. Qrow Orion rose to take his place along side Raptor and DJHolyChirst Poseidon. A replacement Baron has yet to be nominated. Yes Please Upon intelligence that a local hobo was hoarding some high caliber guns in a house located somewhere near Pyrgos, a Cartel patrol was dispatched to reveal the contents of the house. After gaining access the Cartel found several guns which we hope will be put to good use. Poseidon Earthquake Relief On the 11th September a devastating earthquake hit Altis. Showing our kind side the Cartel set up a Relief fund in Kavala, complete with money bags ‘acquired’ from the RBA, food, water and fuel. The relief effort was a great success involving people from across Altis. The APD even showed they too, have a heart and came to help out with our relief efforts. A number of Police officers were seen leaving with their own relief packages. With thanks to the APD As part of our plan to help the spread the valuable drugs across altis we have enlisted a number of officers over the last six months. A number of these officers have arisen to the upper echelons of silver command within the APD and include members of specialist units such as the National Crime Agency. These police officers have discovered that in fact, crime really does pay. Operation Sympathy for the Wanted Back in late september, operation sympathy for the wanted was a huge success. Poseidon claimed compensation for the deep stress that SI Ali Barber - Director of Operations for NCA has caused to 4 members of Poseidon. George Harris Triton, Simen Atlas, DJ Triton and Joshua Triton (They still cant get his name right) all needed funds to see a specialist in Pyrgos hospital. As such we decided it was in the best interest that we took some gold from the HM. Obtaining numerous trucks full from the compound over an number of attacks Poseidon has managed to acquire over £400 million in gold. We much appreciate the Altis Police force facilitating our gold delivery with such ease. Operation Trident More recently with the success of operation trident, a retaliation for Poseidon members who have been imprisoned unjustly, over 7 officers were forced to fight to the death in several rounds of "Zuber in the middle". It was shown that a number of officers without hesitation were happy to gun down their colleagues in cold blood if it meant survival. Honorable mention to a SGT Hammah who gave his life, despite getting to the zuber first, so that his colleague might live to entertain us further. Entertain us he did, as after a moments hesitation he executed the armed response officer. The rise and fall Like a breath, rebel groups have arisen to greatness and then fallen into despair. A number of groups that previously caused issues with Poseidon have been laid to rest. While the fighting with these smaller factions intensifies, a number of militia's have rallied to Poseidon paying their way into our good graces. Requiem for a drug filled dream Our drug fields are being hit multiple times a day by the APD as of late and while the majority of the time we are beating them back we have had our fields burnt, our dealer arrested and our processor ransacked on more than one occasion. We will succeed in this war of attrition, there can not possibly be an endless tide of cloned officers being produced from a eugenics facility off the coast for frontline policing... NASA Recently a rocket was launched from our small island of Altis, destined for the stars. Astronaut @Nalurah required money to construct a new rocket after her previous rocket was impounded. The Poseidon Cartel, ever known for it's generosity of course provided Nalurah with the funds to produce this rocket. Qrow and Raptor Poseidon immediately rallied the cartel, with the help of George Triton and Wiisy Atlas a withdrawal of funds was made from the Royal Bank of Altis International Reserve. Thanks again to the Altis Police for being so accommodating. Worry not the government of Altis, we paid the cleaners well with your money to remove those gooey red stains from the reserve floor.
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    thank you nahtanial for making the recording, cant wait to be in office with you as my first man
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    Even the Maine Coon Cat got a feature in the banner well played @Wilco
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    Fun fact: Server 1 went live 5 years ago tonight... forums went online the 20th
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    Hello! Mr. CC Ponty, i have recently come across some information that you and your guys have some problems with our allies - UltraSec. Since my gang is allied with UltraSec, i felt offended and went on a hostage taking/killing spree. Here you can see some pictures before the people got executed: In total: I have murdered 1 of your AR officers in a fight against me (i killed him with a pistol he sucks), took hostage the 2nd one and executed him afterwards, took hostage 1 civilian of Altis and murdered him, and murdered 2 more people that i found randomly. I have also stolen your police sports hatchback. Ponty, i want to get a public apology from you about UltraSec, and since i got offended - apology to me aswell. If i won't receive that within the next 24 hours, more people will die. I will keep updating this government website post everyday with new deaths until you give a public apology to both parties. (I have taken over this account now) Yours faithfuly, Unknown citizen of Altis (P.S, they took me hostage and made me post this before my death)
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): Involved was PC Mint, PCSO Rawlings and 1 wetsuit guy with a mask on so did not get his name. Time and date of incident: 21:00 UK Time Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Was being arrested for 2 times bodily harm to officers and 1 illegal landing, Understandable. After being revived at the Hospital Mint acted unprofessional and was pointing a gun at me while handcuffed aswell as throwing unnecessary chatter at me. After taking me to pd Mint got bored or something so he started driving in circles which ended up hitting the Wetsuit guy and knocked him over. And that was exactly what I was being charged with so made my arrest kind of invalid and stupid. He also made a very bad joke about a Caeser Salad which he should stop doing. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: The whip. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: I dont have any, but I'm sure Rawlings and wetsuit man has their own side of the story which they can share or not share I guess. I was told right before they drove off that he would be punished but sounded like an empty promise so would like to know what the Outcome will be from the Wetsuit man
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    Beautiful situation well roleplayed by all this parties, situation started at Athira and ended in Kavala. Plebs we’re attempting to get the Mayor of Altis and the Altis Police and UltraSec teamed together to protect him. Great roleplay was provided from every one envolved in the situation, Good Job Citizens of Altis There is a small part of the situation https://youtu.be/nuWDhazPNzY
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    A wins a win @LiL Jeep
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    Anyone want to fill this in and help me with my school work (takes 2 secs) xoxo https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Z3RKWY7
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    I hear lockpicking Blackfishes are rather unsafe. https://gyazo.com/89fe067b05aeff02d5c53a80f702139d
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    Joins the police -> Has a promising police career -> Leaves the police -> Joins a security organisation -> Leaves? -> Executes cops
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    Loving the banner! Been here for 2 years now and RPUK has become my home, I love the community with all its amazing people! Thank you all for being a part of this!
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    Welcome, CMO Phoenix!
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    Hi I was the CST that allowed a DNR to be put on you, i can understand your frustration with in this issue, however please understand that medics are very busy on the sever and we are happy to treat suicide once or twice but i was told you had attempted to throw yourself off a building many times in a row. when at this point we are then getting moaned at by other people who are not receving fair treatment becasue we are being held up dealing with you over and over and over again. so please do try to understand there are 128 other people on the sever as well not just you and yes roleplay is important but doing it over and over again becomes a waste of medics time. if you have any further issues with it i will be more than happy to speak to you myself on TS if not i hope you have a great day.
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    WTF is this shit why cant i join TS?
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    Did not know the police came out his mouth?
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    For all you wary civilians out there, beware these guys are on the loose, look out for them and let the National Crime Agency know of their whereabouts:
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! 34 going on 40!
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    From Hobo's To Riches, From ALUK to RPUK. From UNMC to Poseidon. Have a classic login tune (Just not as loud and disorientating)- Happy 5th Birthday Roleplay UK! (For the 14th)
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    Go to uplay site or app on pc and claim assassin's creed china for free till 6 feb in the Lunar Sale.
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    Today was around 45 degrees (120F for you "other" people). Still alive! just in the land of oz hope you are all well! xx
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