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    Time for change Not going to beat around the bush here, Its perfectly clear that since august we have been dropping numbers and as some may think it isn't because the much loved moon is missing from the sky nor is management, the staff team and development team completely blind and in denial. Yes Arma numbers are dropping the game is now 6 years old and our numbers have been steadily showing that over the past 2 years but in the last month or so there has been a bigger decrease here than anywhere else. So clearly we haven't done something right. Rather than allow what so many have contributed there time and money to build phase out over the next few months lets move to correct issues. In a unique turn of circumstances today and tomorrow this community will turn into a democracy, So lets open the floor to some sensible feedback of what you think we have done wrong and what changes you would like to see, I will be monitoring this thread today and the best ideas will be put to a poll. Please note this is not asking for suggestions of what features you want etc, We cannot achieve or recruit new devs to give us groundbreaking features in a day, Lets approach this with the bigger picture in mind and use this opportunity sensibly. Thanks for your time, Have a great weekend
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    UNMC... Im sure im not the only one that thinks this but UNMC was by far better than posideon have ever been, from the quality of RP to the way they dealt with people. Currently you have to do illegal runs in posideon lands or youll be put in the tower whats the point??
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    These are some of the things that were discussed in the meeting aiden held which alot of people seemed positive about and wanted implemented. * Poseidon and Rebel prices *Custom gang uniforms for most active gangs *Capture and contest zones * Weekly/2 weekly pvp event in Redzones for prizes (gangbases, uniforms, weapons, ifrits etc) *A rework of disputing to encourage resolving over reporting *Unban appeals being more straightforward *Viper license owners able to revive (and extra perks of having viper) *Call in an SAF air drop *Changes to certain areas on the map/Server performance Communication between dev's and the community whats being worked on what the community would like to see etc.
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    @Delta & @Oliver's fine artwork
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    all the banned players voting for mass unban be like
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    I will list a few things that I believe have resulted in the downfall of the server. - Whitelist priority - for months it has appeared that with every update there is around 5-10 new additions for factions to around 1-2 for rebels (if we're lucky). It would be nice to see new updates where rebel/civ life is the complete priority. We've already compiled lists of what we want on the server and of which has been agreed on by a vast majority, the Dev team should have these lists now. - No communications - I find it quite sad when I visit other communities and see how good the communication between players/staff/management is. Here there is nothing. A good example is this, right now I have just looked at another RP communities forum and seen a fairly recent thread from management where they're really apologetic about a recent incident which impacted players, they spoke about how they're dedicated to the community and making this right etc. etc. That is completely unheard of here. I just feel that there is no real appreciation of the community here, we get kept out of everything, never told anything and just expected to get over it if the server suddenly goes down. A lot of us feel like ID's on a database than valued members of the community. - Staff team - I'm not saying anything here with the intention to cause drama etc. this is all my personal opinion which I know quite a few also share. While a lot of us appreciate the work and effort staff members put into keeping the community great, there is a lot of corruption and bias cropping up which we have all started seeing. We can't speak up about it otherwise we get banned, silenced or end up "on the list". If staff members are looking at this and thinking things such as "That's a load of bullshit" then maybe you're one of the genuine staff members, maybe you're one who doesn't notice, or maybe you're something else. Main point is, it's still happening all the time and the community are seeing it and are becoming sick of it. While I know the topic of YoCo is not wanted here, it is completely relevant to my point. So the short version of this is that a staff lead was one of the cops shooting lethals at rebels into the BZ, nothing happened to said staff lead but the rebels were all banned for shooting cops. A lot of the players were obviously annoyed and frustrated and eventually the bans were reversed. YoCo called a certain other staff member out for reporting all of this but not issuing any sort of punishment for the staff member involved, he called it an embarrassment and I believe the community agrees with him. Of all the chat logs I have seen, I have seen nothing worthy of a permanent ban without appeal. While I understand YoCo has made mistakes in the past, a large portion of the community feel like he was seriously hard done by here. Stuff like this happens a lot but this is the biggest case recently. Staff should not be untouchable and its a shame no management members actually play the server otherwise you'd pick up on this too. - Whitelist protection - Its a thing, don't deny it. Like with my above point there is a huge bias and that's why after the BZ situation quite a few members left rebel to rejoin factions as they were worried about being banned. Out of 30 staff members on this server; around 20 of them are in the police and 3-4 (Which I can remember) are in Poseidon. The rest I have no idea because I never see them play. Where are the rebel staff members who can fight for our side? As many community members can tell and even show you, there is a massive issue with whitelist protection and something I hope can be clamped down on. - Rebel life is dead. The Plebs and Altis Response are the only two gangs I ever see that can get more than 5 members on, the Plebs being the biggest though . We (Plebs) do what we can in game to try and make rebel interesting. Whether that's doing banks, robbing players or even taking new players on ridealongs. We do what we can with what we have. It then infuriates so many of us when you get some babies in factions who don't like being beaten and complain to staff about us. If this didn't happen along with the point above then I'm sure more of us would feel comfortable playing rebel again. This along with the already suggested content for rebels should improve rebel life a good deal. - More freedom in factions - I personally think it's ridiculous that you have to wait 2 months in a faction just to play 1 week as a rebel. Either talk to faction heads and have it down to 1 week of holiday per month or just allow factions players to also play as rebels. This brings more variety and allows players to feel less restricted and enjoy more of the server. - Better RP coming from factions - The amount of times in the last few days alone where I've been confronted with an "Hands up now or you will be tased" is insane. Too many players in factions have the need to win every situation and so everything becomes boring. - Reduce cop slots back to 30 - It's rare they go above 30 but when they do it is a nightmare to do anything. - Reduce weapon prices - This is a point brought up for months but still nothing changed, in fact prices just got higher. The addition of having to pay 30k per 100rnd mag was stupid. Undo it all. Most weapons are currently at an alright price range (on half price) but could do with being slightly reduced. MK1 for example should be reduced by 50-100k from 300k on half price. Too many players in factions have access to the highest calibers now and it ruins the fun when we have to dish out so much just to stay at an even level. - No value of life in Police - This is more of a personal opinion but still valid. Cops essentially get everything for free. This results in no value of life or gear and therefore running into situations where they should realistically back off etc. To improve this there needs to be some balancing with either cops paying for guns or another method. If anyone complains saying "iTs NoT REaLiStIc" I'm gonna flip my shit. It's a game and it requires a balance. - One life per gunfight rule - Gets a bit stupid when you're fighting cops or Poseidon and have to fight off 3 waves of the same players. With HMs I believe cops should also only be allowed to return after the different stages like rebels. - Stupid comments on unbans - @Wilco This is more aimed at you but does also apply to the other staff leads that handle permanent bans. Can you just cut it out with some of the stupid responses? If I were a new member to this community and read the replies you sometimes give I'd go elsewhere. It does reflect badly on the community. The gifs are nothing but dumb and annoying as well. I'd be livid putting in a lengthy unban just to get denied with that gif because you didn't like what was said. I'm not trying to be rude here but it's something that can easily be changed and would encourage people to try and appeal. Everyone is human and they come here to have fun and enjoy their time, if they make a mistake then they shouldn't be faced with silly responses, This for example. Just act more fair and professional These are the main points I can think of now, some are controversial and some are not. I hope if management look at this then they take it seriously. These are not thoughtless points, these are points backed up by many regular playing rebels. If you want the community to survive then listen to us please. Please none of this "You're wrong, we know best", if you knew best then we wouldn't be in this situation. Take some criticism and lets make this community better. TY
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    What is one of the biggest problems with the community at the moment? The fact we don’t have the same kind on numbers/player base we used to. The mass unban helped, but it won’t help but other things need to be done to help encourage more people to come back. We need and want to have old and new players enjoy there experience when they play on the server. For me personally since being back it doesn’t feel the same.... I’ve been trying to figure out why and come up with some ideas on how to fix it and I want everyone to bare with me, and read all my points before jumping down my throat. Server performance The first problem is with the servers performance. This has been brought up a million times, has been a problem for as long as I can remember, and seems to be getting worse and worse. The FPS in game is horrible and often unplayable. Getting 30 FPS I’m any other game would be completely unacceptable so why do we have to put up with it on RPUK? Other RIVAL servers have much much better optimisation, and stability then we do. Witch definitely will tempt some players to play there instead purely based on the fact they can have 60 FPS in Kav and up their settings... If you took a 1000 people and made them login to the server for the first time, I guarantee at least 250 of those people will log straight back out based on the poor FPS? And at that point we are just setting ourselves up for failure, and losing people? Why give them the chance to leave based on poor FPS when something can be done about it? Rebel life improvements. This is a roleplay server, it’s based on these key “factions”. Police, NHS, Poseidon, Gang, Civilians. At any given time on the server there will always be a split of these types of players on the server. When the server was at its strongest with 2 servers full up, the split was something along these lines. Civilians - 20% Police - 25% NHS - 5% UNMC - 10% Gangs - 40% This in my opinion was very balanced, as gangs would be groups between 5-15 members. And it always felt like there was a good split. Always something going on, always something new to do. I feel like over time this split has started to change. Gangs have been targeted as a bad “faction” on the server. “Bad roleplay standards” always apparently causing problems for the other members. And slowly but surly people where banned, blanket banned, given warnings, given restrictions. Guns where harder to buy, runs where harder to complete, big gang bases taken away. The fun was taken away from the rebels, or they where banned. This has definitely had an affect on the player base. But I don’t think the mass unban is going to help completely? Because people aren’t gonna stay if they think same will happen again, or if there’s nothing to do. The gang uniforms that are being added is a good start. I think the drug dealer should be in kav again, and not move every restart. Gun prices should be lower even if it’s just for now as gangs get back on their feet. Make gang based more achievable Don’t punish rebels for having “to many gun fights” as long as their roleplay is at a good standard while the situation is going on. Add more places for them to rob, more things for them to do just having the HM as a main money maker gets boring for everyone. I think when any gang with more then 10 members should have a staff member represent them, not part of their gang, but someone they can go to for help and guidance, someone that is looking out for them and trying to make sure they stay and don’t get banned. More events I think there needs to be more events again, so people look forward to coming back to the community. And maybe get new players to play as well. Economy The economy is very broken right now and needs looking into. We need to stop focusing on the casual player as much and focus on the players that will play day in day out. Give them a scene of community again. Overall as a community I think we need to figure out why people aren’t staying anymore, what’s making them leave, I think two of the biggest issues is server performance, and rebel life. They need fixing.
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    Listen more to what people who's actually playing on the server wants, not what someone who's never on the server wants to be there or not. This is the biggest thing imo I know, devs do it on their free times, but try get us some updates. Especially rebelsided ones. Dynamic market would be a huuuge thing to swich around all the runs. Priceing is also a thing on wepeons, however, the ones who cries the most are the ones with biggest numbers on their account, so i dont get that really. Banning keymembers. For example, you ban one guy, wich makes 4 more leave/stop playing. Sure, if they're racist/toxic/heavily exploiting however fine, but the one recently i think you already know about, and isnt the first time. Be less harch to people with bans, and maybe introduce time based bans. After certain amount of bans/seriosness, you have to make a perm one. Also, sneaking in updates that affect things that have been there for ages and not in patchnotes gets you really annoyed aswell, and hasnt really never been a problem. Some people know especially one thing im refering to, wich is the benchnerf. This is a longshot, but the decamp script.....
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    They needed you but you was no where to be seen? on youtube watching furrys again was you? @Kayn Thank you for giving the police force valuable information about possible house locations within Poseidon! We respect your co operation.
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    Its a red zone... you kill anything without a hex
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    I'm not a fan of the idea police and Poseidon playing rebel whenever they want. but I would vote yes to a 7 day hoilday every month. *edit* Or even an extended hoilday period with the current 2 month intermission. say like a 2 and a half week hoilday
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    I would prefer a few more restrictions. Categorize the bans in 3 categories: 1. Instant unban; small rulebreaks, no added history. 2. Unbanned after coming to ts and wanting to play on the server again. This is for bigger rulebreaks or a bit of a history. 3. Not unbanned; our bridge burning buddies out there. This may take a bit of work and if need be I am willing to do some administrative work to divide the people into these categories. I think it will help safeguard the community while still helping people get a second chance.
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    @WhoisDan No... some people really closed the door to this place and caused our staff team a lot of wasted time. Some people made it crystal clear that they didn't care about Roleplay, This community or Arma, We will review that but i predict that some people will slip through the net, If they do then they are granted a golden opportunity under the new rules and I do hope they would take it.
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    Already works that way This is a big one cops are meant to be an example of excellent RP however whenever I have played it often seems the case I get some of the worse RP from cops.
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    These idiots must of paid u some amount
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    Got my Parkrun PB yesterday in Krakow... Just about to start the Krakow Half Marathon! Here goes!
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    When you go into your Air Garage and check the "Advanced Information:" tab it does not show if you have bench upgrade on the heli or not (which it used to show but not now for some reason). This makes it a bit more of a hassle for people to find their heli which has the bench upgrade and have to memorize where in the air garage it is if they have multiple MH-9's This can easy be replicated ingame by just buying a heli and getting benches on it and then store it while having a couple other MH-9's in there without benches as well and you will see it doesnt show a difference between a heli with bench or without. This heli has benches on it but does not show up saying it has benches in the menu.
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    Where the fuck the cops at? Original Plebs trying to rob a bank....
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    Why are staff asking questions on this thread, don't you guys talk to each other?
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    He is really funny and Great person to roleplay with , i had alot of fun talking to him and Roleplaying , we was brought to the Treasury and he told us a spooky story noot untill i found a hate and wore it and ended up me with no great power and killing Wills and 2 of my minions . I rate Wills Roleplay 10/10 He is a great sense of Humor -Omar Jaradat
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    what i think is kind of stupid and im saying this as a police officer is that the rubbers can knock someone out through the carrier rig. a vest that s supposed to stop bullets. however when it comes to rubbers it doesnt even take more than 1-2 rubber bullets to fall down. it should take more bullets depending on the armor level and where you re hitting not sure if this has been brought up in this thread already or if its possible to code the rubbers like that but hopefully something can be done to improve this. maybe having to aim for any body part that s not covered by the rig or the helmet like hands or legs could do. again, not sure if its even possible to make it this way
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    I do believe that a meeting like the one aiden held a while back would be very beneficial to the server. People could voice their opinions and the managment get a clear idea of what people want.
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    @Tom Cliffoff Super Duper Very TrustWorthy man No Scamalamfam 100% guarantee barn delivery 200% free delivery in UK
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    Hello! Today it seems that i went back to prison.. again Now - During my travel to the prison, I encountered someone familar - Mark! the person who dealt with our arrest previously involving the squid incident. This situation was expected to be quite bland and boring - It was anything but that. The situation involves in me singing my lovely rendition of Jingle Bells Go To Hell, and demonstrating how to snap someone's neck using 2 fingers. Video can be found Here Upon snapping the PC's neck, the medic seemed quite prepared for this situation. I've clipped the situation down a bit shorter, involving the main key pieces. Thanks for yet another good scenario, keep it up @RockyFx @Mark_02
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    I love reading perm appeals and i got to admit you make me laugh Ian @Kennyunban really does think he is a mob boss hahahah
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    oh Lord here we go again Installing Arma
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    This plus a 15 mil from steve, makes 60 mil This shit is getting serious now.........
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    Though I don't really have any ingame money right now (poor as fuck really) I do want to say that I really love what you guys are doing! Way to bring the community together and just have a laugh! Good job
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    Had some great RP with him this afternoon, always makes sure the RP is a laugh for everyone and never fails to make people laugh. Sadly i don't have a video to show but overall it was the best RP I've experienced in awhile
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    God I miss making them banners full time
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    I have, I speak to him quite frequently. From the messages Ive seen, there is nothing in my eyes that warrants a 1.6
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    Min bid 1 mil buyout 4 mil
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    was a fun time in kavala today, i enjoyed myself and u all did aswell
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    I brought my first two sons off @Tom Cliffoff Also brought a Dag for £200 which then ran away a day later...
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    SPG The Naked Inquisition
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    This kid literally liked his own post....
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    Seen as you like rapping, go ahead and make a rap for Wilco about how you want to return to the community. it'll be the UKs Number 1
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    it's amazing how many secruity alarms experts are on this island who are just fixing a wire.........
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    Yes, we will raid them all 24/7, and if there’s nothing in them.. Weill Just do they’re houses! Nothing is safe
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    Spar16s aint worth shit without it's mag. Only reason I'm bidding at all because you got a good amount of mags with it. Sell the helmet separately and you might have people bidding. But I'll gladly fuck off. Good luck with the sale
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    How is that reflective if there is change or not? That could still happen with the current system in my eyes Police house can’t be raided while on as police. Correct me if I am wrong
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    Imo its to much hassle to get people to do iy though.. Clean slate, sure we will have some issues with players for a month but then things will be somewhat clean
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    I can only see this making any new players that want to be in one of the whitelisted factions going somewhere else, we're not unique in any way from alot of other UK themed servers anymore so if somebody can't join the police here they're simply gonna go elsewhere, considering that whitelisted factions have a much higher retention rate (particularly the police) than rebel factions, I don't think restricting them would provide any positive effects. The Police also provides a means to protect new players, and in some cases some of the better cops will mentor them and show them the ropes (how to do runs, where to buy cars etc) and teach them a few rules while they're at it. Joining the Police is probably the best path for any new player to the server in terms or becoming a long-term member, hence why 3/4 of the staff team are Police, it's not because they're better, it's just because they sticked around longer and knew all the rules.
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