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    16:00 Restart Added Impounding system @sciencefreak74 @Ciaran @Jaffa @CC Gordon The old "impounding" system is renamed to "Garaging" Impounded vehicles will be greyed out in the Garage Vehicles that are impounded must be retrieved from the new Impound Lot Retrieving an impounded vehicle costs the usual garage fee + fine set by the officer ARAC can impound abandoned vehicles at the impound lot New NLR System @Ciaran You will be warned if spawning into an area with active NLR Shows active NLR areas on map Red beret for senior Poseidon members @CC Gordon Viper Beret @CC Gordon Dancing animations from Contact @CC Gordon Perks to show names and side arrows on group markers @Jaffa Community skins @CC Gordon G7S Van by Shepherd provided by @DCC Shepherd Fracture Hummingbird provided by @INS Riz Scrollbar to vehicle info in garage @Jaffa Missing intro variant @Jaffa Preloading of area when spawning @Jaffa Return to garage option added to Kavala Police Station helipad area @CC Gordon Equipment boxes added to more areas of the Police Spec unit base @CC Gordon Upgrade options for Ceaser aircraft @sciencefreak74 Modified Poseidon casino moved @CC Gordon. Buyers moved to balance new location @CC Gordon Platinum buyer moved to eastern gold buyer location Eastern gold buyer moved to Orekastro Terrain grid tweaked for FPS @Jaffa Aircraft carrier gang base price reduced @Jaffa Periods between rainfall increased @Jaffa Group/map markers are now only shown when alive @Jaffa NPAS Taru colour tweaked @CC Gordon Several map tweaks @CC Gordon Crumpets renamed to Doughnuts to match their icon @CC Gordon Poseidon can now shutdown redzones @Jaffa Redzone flags now lower and raise with a synced texture when captured/shutdown @Jaffa Downed players now fill vehicles from the back first @Jaffa Unflip calculation reverted to earlier revision with force boosted @Jaffa Fixed Possible fix for some nights being too dark @Jaffa Possible fix for boats flipping excessivly @Jaffa MPU having access to darter but not the terminal @CC Gordon Some admin menu bugs @Jaffa Behaviour of loading screen when server fails to load @Jaffa Some quirky behaviour when determining side player count @Jaffa Possible fix for downed players not being in correct animation when loaded into a vehicle @Jaffa Removed Unused Northern Police Location @CC Gordon Confusing, badly optimised and very easily meta-gamed fake border passes @Jaffa
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    @TikTak After lots of sleepness nights since the incident. I have decided that it was more than due I follow up on at least one of the requests you have given me. We have a video here of a horrific news report against me, so at the end I have made the apology towards it. I do not feel however that I need to pay for your hospital bills as you got up and ran straight away and the day after I saw you running around with an ACC in restraints, so you look all good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iz-PvnAf6I&feature=youtu.be (Creds to Jolly)
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    South Checkpoint Explain your map design: Poseidon Checkpoint If successfully approved I confirm I will email the .sqm to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes I confirm there are no floating objects & damage and simulation have been disabled: Yes I confirm my map design was created in Eden Editor: Yes
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    Do I really need to reply to what was clearly an accident Tiktak, your clear vendeta against the police is getting quite sad now. I did not see your vehicle when I was reversing as I was concentrating on my radio to the emergency I was responding to. I am sorry for the pain I may have caused you and I hope that you have made a speedy recovery and are back on the streets in no time. Get well soon, DNCA CI Felix [4800]
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    Sometimes the animation of players pulling guns doesnt play. I have no idea why, but it makes it seem like the script is being "bypassed" Here are some examples. This is clearly an issue that is needed to be brought up as it does seem like something is being used to bypass it but in reality it is just a visual bug. https://gyazo.com/d54fa27918ff17a6df7a825ad31e404e https://gyazo.com/be9507c84fe2c0b7440e3a540b5486b1 Not sure if this is on ArmAs side or is to do with the scripts being used on the server so it may or may not be fixable.
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    “Easy clap” would be the removal of you from the server and forums
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    Removal of Poseidon Brief Summary: Removal of Poseidon Detailed Suggestion: Well its a complicated thing todo, delete Poseidon files from data base... easy clap. The Pros: Well pros to this is, roleplay, more players on the server, less RDM, more support cases as poseidon will forget they arent on as poseidon and are infact on as medic, soooo cant RDM as a medic... The Cons: Poseidon gonna comment on this cos democracy never works it seems. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? Yes, massively increase the roleplay, and massively decrease the amount of RDM and reports filed specifically against the faction Poseidon... i have thought about this ALOT.
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    Date / Time: 24/05/2020 Release: Half Update New Additions Police + NHS Livery Selection (G In Shop Menu) @Stealthee New custom Anticheat measures and improvements @Stealthee Faction Whitelisting Core (Notes) @Stealthee Vehicles Highways Los Santos Vehicle (Unavailable) @Dan B @Mike Polo Police Insignia Model + Texture @Dan B @Mike Polo Police BMW Floating Carpet Model @Dan B @Mike Polo Police Ford Model @Dan B @Mike Polo Bug Fixes / Changes Various vehicle model requesting issues @Stealthee @Dan B Pushing vehicle now restricted to broken vehicles @Stealthee Various spikestrip changes @Stealthee Various admin tool fixes & changes @Stealthee Key conflicts for indicators and hazards @Stealthee Housing bug message fixed @Dan B Streamed Visual Settings optimizations @Stealthee GroveStreet ped spawning alterations @Stealthee Y + T Button conflict (See bug report) @Stealthee Various housing model request and timeout issues fixed @Stealthee Final Notes Smaller Update: The full update isn't ready with stuff half finished or not quite ready to go however because of the recent attacks on the server I have implemented some early measures and improvements to our anticheat. So expect another 2nd half update next few days. A lot of explosion, death, etc etc and various other stuff should be resolved. If you are at a loss because of any attacks please make a compensation request, and I'll deal with it. Faction Whitelisting & Professions: What a long night that was... I have now finished the structure of it all so it is possible for police officers, medics and lost MC factions can go on and off duty. I have also added ability for saved progression on ALL jobs civilian included, and majority of processing (So a profession / skills based system). Over the next few updates as we tighten up scripts - Taxi is pretty solid. But stuff like mechanic and delivery will be looked at as a progression method/additional perks. Looking at the next few updates, we are looking at vehicle modifications & prices, specific vehicle handling, garaging & weapon access/manufacturing. As well as the usual bug fixes, suggestions, and integration for police & NHS to be fully on the new core & job system.
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    Date / Time: 19/05/2020 Release: Update Fixes New Additions Oil Container Spillage/Collection (Likely Temp) @Stealthee New police spike strips added to police caps menu @Stealthee ELS+ Heavy optimization & reworked lighting controls @INS Dan B Bug Fixes / Changes Fix applied for Mosleys prop crash @Stealthee Fixed Mission Row Station interior IPL conflict crash @Stealthee Fix applied for cityhall interiorproxies (Invis/flashing players) @Stealthee Fix applied for Mosleys interiorproxies (Invis/flashing players) @Stealthee Fixed oil container icon @Stealthee Increased consumables/edible values 30-60% @Stealthee Fixed import vehicles being available at premium/server vehicle shops @Stealthee Fixed handsup animation conflict @Stealthee Capslock menu (Keyboard) / Handbreak (Controller) conflict @Stealthee Removed following from Bennies mod list on certain vehicles (Mounted Miniguns, Mounted Missiles, Remote Missile Battery, Remote Grenade Launcher, Heavy Armor Plating, Reinforced Armor Plating) @Stealthee Unmarked vehicle handling fixed @INS Dan B Police BMW Handling altered / fixed @INS Dan B Vehicle locks, minor alteration to key assignment @Stealthee Fixed DB job assignment for whitelisted vehicles @Stealthee Fixed player visilbity bug when viewing cars in car shops @Stealthee Blackjack receiving data / model loading fixed @TinyBigJacko Emergency vehicles and Lost MC retrieval changes @Stealthee Fixed hospital shops closing early / before leaving area - Also now sells more appropriate stuff @Stealthee Police Menu Headers for new core content @Mike Polo Removed old spike strips @Stealthee Stock delivery end point restriction removed @Stealthee Twitter cooldown reduced from 15s to 5s @Stealthee Final Notes Dan has taken the countless hours in order to fix the ELS system and move to the heavily optimized version of the script, as well as seperating as lot of data from our old version. No more Police lights = Major FPS drops, and resource warnings at 4+ cars etc... We have had upwards of 25 cars all full lights and sirens on the development branch and seen no real drop in FPS. Police and NHS for full controls see your command for a PDF for the control list, simple to use but so much more depth with patterns and sequences.
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    Operation Lilly Brief: In the early hours of the morning on the 14th of May, 2040, officers carried out a raid on a home suspected to contain radioactive and possibly lethal materials. The owner of the home refused to talk to police and due to the severity of the situation, a raid was carried out. The owner of the home was actively violating Section 1B of the Nuclear Material (Offences) Act 1983 and the APD had sufficient evidence to suggest nuclear material was being kept in the home. Events and Aftermath: Police were equipped with protective CBRN suits and masks due to the presence of dangerous materials. They were also equipped with heavy armour and standard issue rifles due to the danger of a response by the owner or their affiliates. Police were transported to the building and secured the doors and windows. They then mounted the roof of the van via a ladder and gained access to the upper level of the house. Police then gained entry to the home and seized a substantial amount of Uranium and a firearm with live ammunition. No police officers were harmed during the operation and the nuclear materials were successfully removed from the area. Photos and officers involved: Team Leader: DCC Shepherd Team Member: SGT Jason Detiri Team Member: PC A.Thomson Team Member: PC Jolly Team Member: PCSO Nikolai
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    Dear @Carlo McIntosh The Poseidon Complaints Commission has received your complaint against Soldier Hapi Atlas. We aim to deal with this complaint within the next 4-8 weeks. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Cuntstable Coco Triton
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    Who are we? Grove Street is a gang located in the hood of Los Santos, we are involved with large scale drug and firearm operations. Operating under the nose of the feds we rely on trust and our brotherhood to keep us going through the think and the thin. We risk our lives every day to keep each other safe as we know they will do the same for us. Despite being a new force on the scene in Los Santos we demand respect wherever we go and we don't run in the face of fear when the reward is high. We are not here to take pocket change we are here for the high risk high reward jobs, we are here because we are brothers we are here because we are Grove Street. How do I join? Brotherhoods work from trust if you want to join show us why we want you and why we can trust you. If you meet the cut we will be in touch
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    Hello there everyone of this lovely community. I've been a member for a year now and in that year i have met alot of new people who became my friends and also everyone else i met were so nice. So i just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for this amazing time and the time in the future you guys are amazing and keep this up!
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    I think it is pretty common sense that if you can't rob someone in a GZ, stealing their stuff wouldn't be allowed. As for your friends saying that it is okay to steal from a Greenzone, to quite simply put it, they are wrong. As for you @William The Bastard you should know better than to be as some would say 'Ruleplaying'. I would like to talk to you on TS at the nearest opportunity. And as for that statement, it is no longer true
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    Background The Vespucci family originates from the surrounding areas of one of the most famous beaches in Los Santos, knowing each other from young ages and being an extremely tight family they worked hard to go from rags to riches, trying legal jobs at first, most of them grew up working the impound lot to find the amount of profit wasn't quite up to standards and so turned to the more grey sides of the city. The family has always valued those that negotiate their way out of situations, showing a level of intelligence that is extremely valuable to us as being able to negotiate and speak for the family is an important asset that we cannot overstate. Recruitment Recruitment into this family is very limited as we want to maintain a group that is very trusting of each other and that we know we won't double cross the family. If you think you have what it takes try and find us in the city, do us a favor or two and we'll find out if you're good enough to make it. Leadership Everyone in the family is on an even level and has an even input into the family, except for when it comes to making deals and internal issues. These will be dealt with by the heads of the family who oversee the family and make sure everything is running smoothly. Current Family Heads are @Finbar @Mr Maxim
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    After a very intense gun fight at Athira Bank today I had the pleasant experience to meeting the one and only MasterCrackHead Boab. The interaction was sublime and to the classic Boab style of humerous and insulting. His advanced role play really covered fundamentals of what the server stands, such as High role play and great standards towards community members. I hope everyone has the chance to meet this gem of a man. https://imgur.com/TZT92n4
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    New South Checkpoint Explain your map design: the new map design includes a new building never seen in RPUK server the Radar HQ building from the contact DLC brings it's uniqueness with its run down look well fitting for a Poseidon checkpoint the south checkpoint will feature Taller walls, four instead of two deer stands, camp fire, larger capacity of vehicles from three to six, a cage for anti Poseidon rebels and a ATM. the building features a large roof capable of landing hummingbirds and m-900 on top this can be a Poseidon only helipad or open for all air traffic there is also a helipad outside the compound for larger aircraft this can be optional for the south checkpoint same with the bollards in front of the building where they can be removed to keep objects low. the south checkpoint will still include Poseidon garage and boarder pass buyer tablet more images here ---> https://imgur.com/a/sKx274F If successfully approved I confirm I will email the .sqm to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes I confirm there are no floating objects & damage and simulation have been disabled: Yes I confirm my map design was created in Eden Editor: Yes "Vehicles not included"
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    100 players on GTA RP at one point tonight
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    10mins before restart revive Brief Summary: It's a fairly simple one, just make it so people can get revived like 5 10 mins before sandstorm Detailed Suggestion: to make its so anyone can revive a downed individual as long as they have a defib on them, this makes it so people dont lose all there things because NHS can't quite get everyone up, thi mostly happen during the day when the server is at peak pop The Pros: A lot less people are going to lose their gear from the sandstorm. The Cons: I might limit the ability for nhs to roleplay and play the game in the last moments before the sandstorm, if there is anything im forgetting or not thinking of please make a comment. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I don't think it changes much
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    Hello Dan , Due to how you have recently been acting towards Poseidon, as it´s member declaring war on us with your gang and your inability to follow the rules stated in the Poseidon Handbook (about targetting Poseidon), which you have been warned about, I now have to let you know that you are from this point on a full time rebel. Your services in Poseidon are no longer needed. Hopefully the other members of Sentinel within Poseidon choose a better path for themselves. Regards Nuclear Poseidon
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    Fullscreen NVGs Brief Summary: As the title says, it would be very nice to have fullscreen NVGs added in the server. Detailed Suggestion: As far as I have looked, last suggestion about it was in 2016 and since, things have changed. I have no idea of how it goes from the Dev's perspective to how hard this is to add this in, but I know a good chunk of other servers have it and personally, I love it. I have no idea how coding works, but it would be nice of having a certain mask/glasses which have this ability, but I think other people more experienced in this field can illuminate me a little bit on the process. The choices would be to: -Simply have it in ALL shops, such as clothing stores for civs and all that, as well for police and all the rebel/poseidon stuff. -OR have it as a perk that anyone can obtain. The Pros: It gives satisfaction that many Arma 3 players love. It makes life easier and cooler. The Cons: I don't think there are any? nOt ReAlIsTiC but damn it's a game and it's 2040 I think that by then there may be like glasses that are able to mess with the wavelengths perceived/emitted so that only certain colours can be seen. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? It would make Tier 3 helmets of Police and Poseidon not so special anymore because of their fullscreen NVGs but if EVERYONE has access to such items, therefore in my eyes, it cannot be unbalanced as anyone from a hobo to a full-on rebel can have access to it.
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    Hi, I'm Teddy Wrinkle the Mayor. I would like to congratulate the whole of the NHS for their outstanding open day yesterday evening. A real highlight for me was the Quiz run by @Proxeum, great questions and great prizes, superb job! It was amazing seeing so many residents of the Island showing their respect and gratitude for the work you do, a special thank you to Poseidon for attending in great numbers and peacefully enjoying the open day. Once again, thank you for such a well organised and fun open day. Your Mayor and friend, Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.
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    We got these, the same situation with 2 different views of the same thing. Whatever way you defend it surely it shows an inconsistency ? https://gyazo.com/fd7943bb71e8efa8e55216d2c33998d5 https://gyazo.com/a138e336844d93ee200db3ed5838b15d
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    Live To Ride The Lost began in 1964 with eight U.S. Marines who met in Hanoi, North Vietnam. After the war ended, they had a continued thirst for the drugs the military had hooked them on and the violence they experienced. They started a motorcycle club and named it ‘The Lost’ in honour of their fallen comrades. Since then 'The Lost' has had a troubled path. A long and bloody war with The Angels of Death MC, which raged across several states which was quickly followed by a brutal conflict from within has left many of its members dead, or missing with the president changing hands frequently. The discipline of honour, loyalty and respect was all but forgotten along the way. Now with John Pope as president 'The Lost' aims to re-establish itself in solidarity. To remember those core values at the heart of the club and to garner respect, understanding and acceptance of its culture. What is the Lost MC? The Lost MC is an outlaw motorcycle club residing in the East Vinewood area of Los Santos, with connections to Yellow Jacks Inn in sandy shores. 'The Lost' aim to roleplay motorcycle club life accurately, hosting civil events as well as delving into the seedy historical nature of the motorcycle club. They aim to establish themselves as a driving force of both intrigue and challenge in Los Santos. How do I join? Recruitment into 'The Lost' will be unlike any other roleplay faction currently within Roleplay UK. If you wish to join you must present yourself to the club first as a hang-around. This literally means, someone who hangs around. If we like you, we might invite you to a party, or take you out on a run and get to know you. If we don’t, tough luck. Make another character and try again. After a while of hanging-around a patched member may sponsor you to become a prospect. This is a huge responsibility for a member of 'The Lost', and it will not be taken lightly. Your failings are your sponsors failings. If you fail your prospecting period. Tough luck. Make another character and try again.
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    We removing Cops as well now?
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    Want to help us spread the word of our GTA RP Server ? Our Devs are working extremely hard to bring us new features and our server is getting more popular but it would be great to repay there efforts in more numbers! We are going full steam ahead on the promotion of GTA RP on twitter and here is how you can help! Get taking snaps in game and upload them in this forum! Throw in a back story if you can, This could be of you and your friends dancing, chatting, in your new whips! or a fun Roleplay experience you had. Lets make a name for RPUK in the GTA RP world!
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    A review of the ALASEER hostage taking services... An inexperienced hostage taker but learning quick. At first interaction my hostage takers seemed like an experienced gang of rebels but it all went down hill from there. Shortly into my hostage taking it turns out my hostage takers DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ZIP TIES!!! I gave my hostage takers my zip ties in the hope it would go up from there, my god was I wrong. Throughout my entire experience my hostage takers couldn’t even provide any real threat, I felt like I was on a road trip rather than a hostage taking. At one stage we even had to stop so I could give them fuel for their vehicle!!! My hostage taker failed to give clear demands and was constantly second guessing himself, he managed to redeem himself a little by shooting me in the leg which gave me a little more hope for an engaging hostage taking but sadly I was let down by a lack of conviction. Would recommend finding a better hostage taker for all those looking unless this one offers you a good deal!!! Equipment supplied: 1/5 Threat to life: 3/5 Threat to family: 0/5 Pain caused: 4/5 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!! //For those wondering what this is, it is an in RP “yelp” review for being taken hostage earlier today not some form of REE post about being taken hostage. While this is obviously a negative RP yelp review in reality we had an amazing time, the roleplay from ALASEER was amazing and it was definitely a great hostage taking, most fun I've had for a while. @ALASEER_0110
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    EVENT! Hello! I'm guessing you're all bored during this lockdown so little well known event that we all love. It's simple, we need 8 teams of 5 people for this event. This will be in played via tournament style and will be 1st-8th place (example of structure here; https://gyazo.com/06165cc60386e78ccf20e3376fa39298) HOW TO SIGN UP Each team will need a leader, this person is to be the only one to reply to this thread, please comment down below the name of your 5 members and the name of your group, you will be assigned an outfit on the day. Police + Poseidon can use their own outfits. VESTS / Any form of Armour are not allowed, if you wish to keep any other gear I'd suggest storing it for this event. Rook-40 with 30 Round's will be provided for you. The FINAL ROUND FOR THE WINNERS WILL BE PLAYED WITH THE ZUBR.45 . (Sign up is based on 1st come 1st serve basis) Teamspeak rooms will be sorted on the day for the event. PRIZES All prizes are divided out equally between your team 1st Place - 20 Mil 2nd - 10 Mil 3rd -5 Mil 4th - 2 Mil Prizes may be changed / more things added soonTM Rules ALL SERVER RULES APPLY During the rounds is the only exception to shooting your weapon during this event. We are all here to have fun, so those who are coming along to spectate please be respectful and do not cause a disturbance. This will be live on stream on Sunday!, feel free to watch! https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew Team Name = Player 1 - Player 2 - Player 3 - Player 4 - Player 5 -
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    NHS Open Day Sunday 10th May 2020 20:30 GMT - Kavala Hospital Anyone currently looking to join or already in the NHS or even people looking for a bit of fun is welcome to come to our annual NHS open day, come along and have a look at what we have to offer and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have. Come have fun with a variety of different events put on by our NHS medic's for a chance to win vital medical equipment which you never know may come in handy someday. Possible rewards - Defibrillators - Blood bags - Stretchers - Lollipops - Other Medical Prizes - Maybe even a few bit of morphine here and there Hopefully we will see you around soon
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    Bit late but is anyone willing to do anything regarding VE day today I'm thinking maybe a two minute silence in Kavala square or Churchill's speech being read out just adds to that spirit and the same as remembrance day helps us remember who lost there lives during this horrific war. But yeah I will be down in Kavala at 8pm restart for a few celebrations and a two minute silence plus i'll play Churchill's speech and stream it Would love to see people get involved 8PM KAVALA SQUARE WAR MEMORIAL(GREENZONE) Happy VE Day
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    Date / Time: 27/04/2020 Release: The art of the botch New Additions Player Owned Vehicle Shops @Stealthee (See final notes) Server Owned Vehicle Shops Rewritten @Stealthee (See final notes) Map Alterations LostMC Warehouse & Clubhouse update @Stealthee Vehicles @The Thread @Qrow @Warwick Bug Fixes / Changes Casino Slot Machines issue @Ciaran Vehicles not applying certain modifications @TinyBigJacko Vehicle damage not saving damage or fuel @TinyBigJacko Realtime vehicle persistance monitoring fixes (-TBJ Named this) @Stealthee @TinyBigJacko Various blip conflicts with admin tools @Stealthee Loading screen NUI alteration - Bye Bridge @Stealthee Taxi job NPC fixes and tweaks @TinyBigJacko TB.Jewellers Reinstated @TinyBigJacko Localisation changes @TinyBigJacko NHS Clothing Stream @Mike Polo NHS Blood Bus &Motorbike @Mike Polo Inventory icons @Mike Polo Vehicle pushing fixes @TinyBigJacko Vehicle locking alterations @TinyBigJacko @Stealthee Mission Row Crashing - Possible Fix Implemented (Feedback please - WIP) @Stealthee Various vehicle handling stuff @Stealthee Shop purchases banks are now tied to a shop bank account @Stealthee Vehicles losing their modifications on disconnect @Stealthee @TinyBigJacko Final Notes Vehicle shops and normal shops are out but are very early in development, so those who own the shops expect some controls to be a little bit clunky, but the functionality to purchase non server shop cars and sell through your dealership is there. In order to streamline the system, other dependant resources need to be rewritten, such as the garaging system and how vehicles are stored by the server. SoonTM on this. Stock ordering will be done properly soon and not botched in to another system. SoonTM on everything. Once the previous has been done I'll come back and tighten up the vehicle shops & interaction considerably with the new stocking systems. Small delay on Lost MC stuff this update, building is now in but I have had something come up, will continue in a few days. Import vehicles moved to car dealers, so speak to them about getting your fave car imported.
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    This is What happens when you put your vest and clothing in your backpack and trust your rook.
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    That lasted long, but I wanna point out I ain't gonna throw salt into the wounds. To stop people messaging me about it, ima post this here. I was stupid, did a thing that I know I shouldn't do and attempted to pull the wool over their eyes. My interest in the server still stands and I am not gonna be a bitch about it. Much love
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    Drew got a bit out of control.
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    Old but gold. @Coozer
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    Dear Mr Yasleeper, This statement is on behalf of the NHS CMO's. 1. Being revived by a NHS member is not a given right, it is a service that we offer to players in the hopes for us and you to receive a quality roleplay experience. 2. If you feel that a medic is AFK i can assure you, in 99% of cases, they are not. What happens is that a medic lands to help someone and then provides them with a roleplay experience and just as they are about to finish off, someone is brought to them, then another, then another and so on. It could also be the case that the medic is dealing with a situation involving anywhere from 1 to 15 people. However if you are not convinced then i would suggest that you take actions to help this. You can apply for the medics on the link that has been provided for you by Riz (Thanks). Or you can contact an admin.(i would only suggest this if you have proof). With that all being said, If you feel that there is more of an issue then please feel free to put in a suggestion via our public suggestions located here and give us an idea on something that you feel would be feasible. Please bare in mind that my medics are doing this out of good faith, and to an extent expect to receive some roleplay back in situations, not just someone who lays there quietly waits for the medic to finish up, then stand up, shout "FUCK YOU" and run off. I look forward to reading your suggestion on how this could improve and even an application to join our already busy team. Yours, CMO. Phoenix Chief Medical Officer Altis National Health Service
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    Humorous - causing laughter and amusement; comic humerus - the bone of the upper arm or forelimb, forming joints at the shoulder and the elbow. If you’re smart enough to make condescending digs, at least be smart enough to use the right words.
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    Rebel Rep Role! Brief Summary: Create a fourms , teamspeak , in-game role that rebel leaders can be voted into. Detailed Suggestion: My suggestion is that every 3 months leaders of organised rebel gangs put forward who they want to be the rebel Representative, a poll is then created and all players get an opportunity to vote for who they wish to represent them. Who ever wins the vote gets recognised by the staff and development team as the rebel representative and gets treated the same way that a CMO/CC/Capo would do in terms of input and direct feedback link to the staff team and development team. The Rebel rep will have opportunities to call meetings with gang reps to conduct in-game business and get direct feedback from rebels on what they want changed or what they like etc. My suggestion is that the role is changed every 3 months, this is to insure that who ever gets elected still has time to create the changes that they believe are necessary but also means that the role is switched out often enough to keep things fresh and new, players can be reelected multiple times but if the staff team feel a rebel rep is being ineffective in there work and just getting reelected because they are popular etc then they can be removed from running. In order to be included in the vote each person running for rebel rep will have to fill out an application form detailing why they believe they will be good at the job and provide instances where they have been a good leader for there group etc , this is in order to make sure that the applicant is fit for purpose and not someone who wants a fancy new tag. The Pros: - Gives what I feel are a under represented group of players on the server a representation that they desperately need. - Gives organisation back to rebels - Can help prevent rebel life from "drying out" and becoming boring -Gives staff/police/nhs/Poseidon someone to give feedback to regarding rebel roleplay and vise versa -Provide more roleplay opportunities regarding organised crime on the server -Hopefully reduce the amount of "random" crime committed by high level rebel gangs which seems to be the cause of a lot of issues regarding poor roleplay rdm and factions getting board because they are constantly getting battered by high level rebels when they should be dealing with low level crime -Give the NCA MI5 etc someone to go after for example if a rebel rep is giving a lot of emphasis on committing crime ageist the police these spec units can actually get used to tackle high level crime The Cons: - The role could be abused ( can be monitored but there is always a chance ) - Popular leaders of gangs can sway the votes - Vetting of applications to be in the poll will take time to consider etc but could be managed by the rebel rep at the time -There are probably a few more logistical problems that will need to be ironed out -Will take quiet a bit of initial work to setup Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I hope this sort of thing if implemented will give the rebel life the boost that it desperately needs, Police/Poseidon/NHS/Staff would all have to adapt to this new role but I think it will bring more balance to the server.
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    There are two main bodies of roleplay. Improvised roleplay and planned roleplay. Roleplay is fluid and for the most part your roleplay will be improvised. Even then you still need to somewhat keep in mind what situations you could come across. For instance, say your checking out a police station. You don't want someone to know why you were really there. Which was probably to check the box and see if you can have some free guns. You will want a creative reason to get you out of there as unscathed as possible and preferably with your goal. The other is planned roleplay. If you take time before you jump in to the fire, then you will likely emerge richer. Remember "prior preparation prevents piss poor performance" think of the activity you would like to do. In this case we will use a petrol station as an example. Think of the scale of the robbery. If its something small such as our robbery then we don't need many equipment/assets. brainstorm with your friends to come up with an idea for roleplay. Gathering together is great because it allows us to come up with fresh ideas which is a big factor for success, remember the police or poseidon and really any other player all want to be entertained too! Once you have decided and have a rough plan laid out in in mind for what you want to do. You will need to plan that idea out. so let's think about the where/who/how/what and why. So for my example I know I want to Rob a petrol station. That means I will want a getaway vehicle. I'm going to go for a fuel truck, stick to something sensible that is believe able. its unlikely your company is going to send you in a helicopter. It also means I'm going to want a gun. This one you need to pay attention to when guns get involved things get very complicated. You will face difficult questions. For the love of God don't say its a drill. So many people have heard that one time and time again and it's very likely they will just shutdown your roleplay before hearing you out. I like to incorporate sounds into my roleplay (I use soundpad) . It can even help with the classic "pull the trigger" tactic. Another handy thing to keep in mind is bigger the gun the harder the explaining. You can't explain a rifle as a two handed drill. Who will I be. Well, in my example I am going to be a fuel delivery driver. My accomplice will be the shop attendant. So I will probably want to wear some oily coveralls and my accomplice will want some kind of suit. The how section describes the plan to achieve the goal, which in this case I want to Rob a fuel station. So to make mines fit I'm going to give the gun to my delivery driver. Like any signed for delivery they will usually scan your parcel and ask you to sign here. Now, here's why my shop attendant comes in useful. When the delivery driver goes to Rob the store the alarm will go off. I'm going to have my "shop attendant" explain it to the cops as an accident. "I was enjoying my tea with a nice kitkat chunky when the delivery came through, the fella was needing me to sign the paperwork. Unfortunately both the companies insists on keeping hard copies as well as soft copies. I knew this. So I leant over for my pen and knocked my coffee over now it's fried the till and set that damn alarm off!" Now for the "what". This is intended to get you to think about any questions or problems that may leave you thinking "what?" for instance when you could be asked to see a contract, or vehicle documents you could be asked to prove its not a gun or could be asked difficult questions regarding who you are. I recommend GIMP photo editor as it's free to help create fake ids. However, there are some very talented members of the community who will help you, but sometimes for a price. Finally the "why". So think why you will successfully Rob it. Often that's cause you want details in your plan and ultimately the why I "the delivery driver" would walk out the door is I would have made a creative story by thinking where I had to go to get my goal. I have told who I am, I have taken out time to think how I will Rob it. I've prepared as much as I can to leave me standing there not thinking "what?" people ask questions like this to catch you out and always ask "why do I get to walk out cash in hand?" Anyway I hope these help @Yasleeper and remember sometimes thing won't work out but you will learn easier the more you try. Also if anyone has anything to add feel free, I am always learning too
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    16:00 Hotfix Added Extra CCTV Camera to large houses @Ciaran ARAC HEMTT Flatbed Texture @CC Gordon (Texture provided by @INS Riz) More domes placed around the map @Ciaran More barns added around the map (Max 2 per player) @Ciaran Players with Advanced Rebel, Viper license or Bus Driver license can have an additional house (one is added if you have any of these, but it doesn't stack) @Ciaran Every other level of prestige allows players to purchase another property (Maximum of 6 properties overall) @Ciaran Modified Tow truck unload system to allow for vehicles to be unloaded in smaller spaces @sciencefreak74 Vehicles impounded by ARAC have a higher impound fee @sciencefreak74 Fixed Floating car in impound lot @CC Gordon Made Viper beret only usable by those with the Viper pass @CC Gordon NLR circles size corrected @Ciaran
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    Frostyjack's Cider Smackhead Club Shoplifter: Brandon Pigeon (Billy The Bong Rat) Heroin pipe 1: K A I (Polly The Pinga Popper) Drug Dealer: Jamessss (jimmy from up the block) Carves his snapchat name into benches: Tommy J (Crackie Chan) ripoff mechanic: SpooN (Aaron The Alcohol Abuser)
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