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    Dear Citizens of Altis, The Specialist Protection Group (SPG) are now accepting requests for protection from the public. SPG provides protection to high profile individuals (VIPs), mainly the mayor and members of police command. However, SPG would like to broaden its horizons by looking for those with an avid interest in roleplay, preferably who are well known to the island and who would want to roleplay as VIPs (such as governors and government officials, politicians, diplomats and various other VIP positions). SPG wishes to look for the most experienced roleplayers with the best ideas, and due to other police duties and responsibilities, SPG will only be able to offer the best of the best these opportunities. SPG will provide personnel protection to those who wish to roleplay as these characters, either through internal operations or a staff induced server events. It is worth mentioning that before attempting to obtain protection that our rules state that if you are wanted or were convicted within 24 hours of the beginning of your protection you will not be allowed protection. For more information about the unit and how it works please read our Unit Information document. For feedback, complaints & recommendations please use our Service Form. Additionally feel free to message any of our command team. To request specialist protection, apply here. Signed,Sergeant HunterChief Of Specialist Protection.
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    2 weeks? praying for longer this time Congrats on staff mate ahahah
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    wow guys almost 100 followers
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    Lf 10 blasting charges
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    Dear officers , We as the Athira constabulary made our own Cover of the song "Hero" by enrique iglesias. We call ourselves , The Athira Boyband. @liammobes @Shaferz @Jolly @dylanp858 @KCF CPLSsteve @Wazowski @DSGT Zener @Brad231 @Mads Frost @INS LONG BEARD @SGT Hero @SPC jammy @SPC Vicks SPC Jolly13 Thanks to all involved! Athira boyband coming soon with an album! < Don't take this to serious > - The Athira boyband
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    thats what you get lads.. come at me
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    Historical moment: https://plays.tv/s/M-jZg4Imqcfd Hopefully ill see you in a month
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    I might've not seen the gate.. https://plays.tv/s/M-FxPufQ-HtH @Reece Triton @Windmist @Hapi
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    streaming with nathanial come and take a look at our great fragggssss #Ring Of Elysium
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    Look which feature is back from the dead...
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    Where you at Brick, NPAS could do with a new taru spotter
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    Calvin I already have a hunter come back when your gang stops asking for money after losing gear when crashing helis.
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    @WhoisDan I think this meant to say PCSO Whoisgettingdemoted
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    Go on a medic patrol they said , it would be fun they said @Qrow
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    @Gen Calvin Charles Come back when your in a decent gang
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    looks like its back to rebel
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    Recently we’ve had a change of view from the staff team regarding the question of “at what point can you shoot someone?”. Can you shoot someone when they point a gun at you? Can you shoot someone if they threaten you? I point you at the rule below. (7.1.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will shoot” etc is considered low quality RP and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. Executing another player must also be carried out with high quality roleplay, the only exception to this rule is if both you and the victim are engaged in a gunfight together. Today the staff team is clarifying it’s interpretation of this rule and the way we deal with reports for RDM/Fail RP. The answer you will now receive to questions like “at what point can I shoot?” “Can I shoot him if he does X?” will be, have you engaged in high quality roleplay before you shot him? We will not give a black and white definition of when you can shoot someone, you need to ensure you engage in roleplay of a high quality before you shoot someone. Nor will we give you an example of the minimum. We have listened to your concerns, we have seen the incidents and we want the standard of RP to increase server wide and we want to help everyone to learn how to do that instead of banning for breaking of black and white unwritten rules. My best advice is make your roleplay as interesting as you can, instead of running up to that guy you want to rob and telling him immediately to put his hands up give him a bit more, ask him what he’s up to, make a comment about this truck or his lovely pair of sunglasses. BE CREATIVE! - Matt and the Staff Team
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    The Island has its own internal economy system that operates on a supply/demand system, like pretty much every other island in the world. Checking the market to ensure that no price changes have occurred has because less and less required and the economy has stabilized. It is worth noting that if you are away for a long period of time, double checking the market database to be sure nothing has changed is still worth it! Note: That not all items on the list are currently available, the prices are only stored in the database to be sure that no one is left out of pocket if they somehow have a small stock of old legacy items. Item Name Sell Price (You get) Buy Price (You Pay) Item Name Sell Price (You get) Buy Price (You Pay) Apple £50 N/A Industrial Code Breaker N/A £30,000 Baked Beans £25 £75 Iron Ingot £3,200 N/A Beer £3,500 £4,000 Lockpick £75 £150 Blasting Charge £17,500 £35,000 Mackerel Meat £175 £200 BlueBurger £40 £45 Marijuana £3,000 N/A Blood Diamons £15,000 N/A Marmite N/A £250 Bolt Cutter £500 £7,500 Mullet Meat £250 £300 Bomb Defuse Kit N/A £2,500 Old Gold Bar £10,000 N/A Broken Bell £4,000 N/A Ornate Meat £40 £50 Broken Pottery £4,500 N/A Parking Ticket N/A £500 Broken Statue £4,000 N/A Peach £55 N/A Cardoso's Whisky £2,500 £3,000 Pearl £18,000 N/A Cat Shark Meat £300 £350 PearBook© Pro £60,000 N/A Cement Bag £1,950 N/A Pickaxe £750 £1,200 Chips N/A £40 Potato £30 N/A Ciaran's Secret Shandy £1,500 £2,000 Processed Cocaine £6,375 N/A Cider Bottle £200 £2,000 Processed Heroin £3,800 N/A Coffee £5 £10 Processed Oil £3,200 N/A Computer Case £6,000 N/A Rabbit Meat £65 £75 Computer Components £11,000 N/A Radiation Pills N/A £500 Computer Screen £8,000 N/A Rat Kebab £30 £35 Copper Ingot £1,500 N/A Red Bulldog £200 £1,500 Crumpets £60 £120 Refined Salt £1,650 N/A Crystal Meth Box £12,000 N/A Round Object £3,000 N/A Cut Diamond £2,000 N/A RPG Tips Tea £5 £10 Defibrillator £10,000 £20,000 Rusted Metal £1,000 N/A Ephedrine Barrel £1,000 £2,000 Salema Meat £45 £55 Excavator £1,600 £1,750 Square Object £3,500 N/A Fools Gold £500 N/A Spice £9,500 N/A Fires £65 £70 Stable Uranium £21,000 N/A Frog Leg £1,000 N/A Stone Tablet £3,500 N/A Full Fuel Can £500 £850 Strange Object £7,000 N/A Glass £1,450 N/A Tuna Meat £700 £900 Glass Bottle £1,000 N/A Turtle Meat £4,000 £4,000 Gold Bar £100,000 N/A Turtle Soup £1,000 £3,000 Gryo £25 £30 Uncut Diamond £750 N/A Hermit LSD £2,500 N/A Zipties £1,000 £15,000 Ice Cream £50 £55 All these prices are subject to change at any time Last Updated: 28/01/2018 Credits: Mattch (Content) / Archie (Images) / Ram
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