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    Banner? Leave a fat Ends: 8pm
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    The Poseidon Cartel has spread across the Island of Altis over the last months. While initially welcomed with an influx of rebel individuals pledging their allegiances to the cartel. Relationships quickly soured. "Do You Have A Border Pass?" Has fast become the bain of many civilians lives as Poseidon have attempted to secure they're territories in the east, leaving East Altis Constabulary with very little to do. The Poseidon checkpoints are infrequently manned, as intended, which has lead to some interesting tactics by rebels and police alike. Just yesterday, police were sighted by an unnamed source. They were sitting at the southern border and questioning passers by of their intent, instructing them not to buy passes. Very peculiar. The police then secretly followed these vehicles into the territories. Almost like entrapment! Poseidon's Sports Hatchback Scrappage scheme was a fantastic success. Over 420 Sports Hatchbacks were scrapped throughout its programme, which has now come to an end. We have no idea why we took this project on board, we now have 427 sports hatchbacks somewhere in the east peninsula rusting away. Undercover police and invasions by armed response and the national crime agency have lead to multiple conflicts throughout Poseidon territories. These conflicts have yielded no clear advantage for either side. Recently Poseidon have taken the mittens off, after an unfortunate game of poker between a Poseidon Baron and the King of England. In which resulted the King betting against the gold plated stairs of the Orion compound and losing. Poseidon left for the treasury immediately, to be informed by police that the king doesn't own the gold in his majesties treasury. Despite the king indicating to this news outlet that he does. Perplexing, but apparently true. Now that the jewels held within the treasury now lie safely in the Poseidon Casino, where the doors are always open and there are no locks and the vault can be accessed by shooting out a glass panel, we can all rest easy. Unfortunately the lives lost in these arduous battles with the "I'm sorry sir, i'm restraining you for your own safety" department and rebels refusing to pay the border tax has lead to a bitter cost being paid to support the families of our fallen warriors and friends. Poseidon found this money in the international reserve. The APD were very accommodating to Poseidon. A superintendent Gremlin understood that the lives the police had taken in cold blood were a heavy price and that it should not be solely on Poseidon's shoulders to support those families. An amount of 14 bags of cash were secured. Fortunately through the ingenuity of walking out of the back door Poseidon left with 24. Some days later after the international reserve had a delivery of fresh governmental funds the Poseidon bomb squad went to action! They had received information that every bag of money contained within it a small explosive. They had to be removed immediately! An unnamed officer of Armed Response, complete with his bomb proof uniform (very stylish) oversaw the initial attempt to recover money. He then rather confusingly knocked the bomb disposal engineer out which resulted in an "explosion" of gunfire. A shame, but this officer pictured below was later found in an empty International Reserve vault, complete with Poseidon standard issue vest. We're sorry to our brave undercover agent, we may have blown your cover. Recently, due to an £8 million deal Poseidon has been forced to intervene with many of SoS Gang Base robberies. This has lead mostly to victory, but is a great strain on our resources. As such Poseidon renegotiated for a mere £4 million more. Poseidon have since fired their key negotiator. Poseidon Capos are sunning themselves on a beach in Malawi, supporting Poseidon technologically, with many background projects in the mix. - This is all satirical Much Love.
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    [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED] NCA MOST WANTED BULLETIN Dear Citizens of Altis, If You know any information about any of the Listed fugitives please contact the National Crime Agency or contact the Altis Police Service to report any Activity that may allow us to capture any of these dangerous individuals. DO NOT APPROACH Any Individuals on this list without Calling the Police, Approaching any Individuals on this list you will do so at your own risk. If you manage to detain one of these individuals or provide any information or action that leads to the successful arrest of those in question, those responsible will be eligible to receive a sum of up to that stated within our Downloadable Bulletin shown above. This Also Details Further Information within the Bulletin. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19bSaodslAZcdoXEGf5Z_j4r15lNtUNAZLlGtR8plijk/edit#gid=2035045310 (Google Spreadsheet of Detailed Warrant Information) Further Updates to Come; Updated 11/09/2018 NCA Command ~ Director of Operations 22/08/2018
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    WARNING: Video contains graphic content and may disturb some viewers
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    2nd day of NHS rehab
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    Day 3 of NHS rehab.. I'm struggling
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    Off to start my rehab, wish me luck.
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    Nothing better then sleeping in your own bed.
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    They’re all bots already
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    few days late but my kid was born so im now officially daddy Jon Snow
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    TFW you get a new job -
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    Academy August Statistics Total Database Entries: 433 Total Applications: 100 Total Interviews: 73 Total FTC's: 56 Total FTT's: 41 Total FA's: 36 Current Amount of Academy Members: 15 This month has been a very slow month for the academy staff, holidays were a priority for some but in the end, everyone managed to fulfil their duties to the constabulary and for the police as a whole. I would like to thank everyone for the effort put into the tests and the dedication to the trainees. To another great month! Kind Regards, Academy Command CSI pZz SI Harry White | SI Wolfy CI Daanv | CI Dan Barretto | CI Stephen Allen | CI Daniel Snow
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    Booted from nhs again. I'm sure that bot doesn't like me very much....
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    Mr CEO Big Man Filihut, I'm sorry for your loss of Mr Frogman, I'm sure his death will be heavily mourned. However, I regret to inform you that shortly before the aforementioned events we recieved a distress call from an Inglorious Bastard about being held at gunpoint at a rebel-owned weaponry purchasing facility. This is the reason why Mr Frogman was taken away from the scene and disposed of by this particular method. IB apologise again for your loss but in cases like this, you have probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-taking business, we in the killing business. And Mr Snakehut, business is booming. Inglourious Bastards Public Relations Department
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    I have never seen a more accurate video to describe a hobo.
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    So i was bored and walked from Pygros to Kavala today, again. And on my walks i do like to talk about random things, and today it was story telling, and i was in the middle of a story when i walked in on this:
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    S2 up for all you happy farmers.
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    Hi guys, So I've been seeing a lot of people getting kicked for slow speeds issues recently. This is often caused by two issues: 1, You genuinely have slow sync speeds (the speed that gets to your router) 2, You have slow speeds via a throughput issue to your device, for example poor wifi Regarding Slow Sync Speeds this is a very difficult process to explain depending on the country you live in and the network available to you. In the UK with providers on an Openreach network providers advise that you follow some simple checks: 1, Estimated Speeds: Estimated speeds will be best provided by your provider in your contract, although alternatives exist that can give you a better grasp of whats going on. For example: Kitz.co.uk is good for rough estimate but may be a bit technical for some 2, Goto speedtest.net and test your speeds (Please note this should be done via a hardwired connection with no other app running or devices connected), these should be taken once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. This will allow us to test if based on the below checks your speeds have improved. 3, Change the ADSL/VDSL Microfilter: This is a small white matchbox shaped adapter that plugs into your phone socket and works as a sort of splitter for your homephone and broadband. I would advise changing these every 12 - 18 months. [If you have a phone socket with two slots, unless you do the below test you don't need a filter] 4, Try accessing the Test Socket. Most phone sockets from Openreach will have a horizontal split that runs all the way across the phone socket, separating the top and bottom of the socket, if you have one of these the bottom half can be removed. Older phone sockets may have screws, new ones (Like the NTE5C socket) can simply be taken off by pinching either side of the bottom panel and then pulling. Inside is a secondary phone socket called the test socket. I'd recommend setting it up: Router -> DSL Cable -> Filter -> Test Socket. [note this must be the socket were the physical line comes in to the house, I don't recommend extensions for broadband] 5, Once you have done the above checks go back to Speedtest.net: Repeat the speedtest to the same site, morning, afternoon and evening and compare the speed test results. If you are getting less than the minimum that your provider promised you I'd advise contacting them and asking they escalate for an engineer. 6, Ping and Traceroute tests: Sometimes providers will struggle to find the source of slow speeds faults and may ask that you perform ping and traceroute tests. These can be difficult for some people to do but are actually quite easy to do. So for different operating systems there are different way to do this: MAC OS X: Goto applications and click terminal, ping and traceroute can be seen here. Run the commands to google.co.uk and copy the results into a txt file, your provider will need these. Windows 7/8/8.1/10: Open your applications folder and run CMD. Once CMD is open run "ping www.google.co.uk" 3 times and then run "tracert www.google.co.uk" 3 times. Copy these to a notepad doc because your provider may need these. Poor wifi is a bit different. If you have run the speed tests via a wired connection and find your speeds are actually really good and its just the wifi that's slow or keeps dropping out. I'd recommend using ethernet were possible, especially when gaming. If that is not possible here are a few things you can try. 1, Change your wifi channel. So basically routers broadcast on a number of frequencies. So first let's breakdown what you may have. You will most likely have a 2.4 Ghz Network on your router so lets make some suggestions if this is all you have. 1.1, If you have 2.4 Ghz and that is what you are using if you can't use ethernet then I'd recommend trying to change the channel. The method varies from router to router but basically you goto your browser and type the routers address in (IE and then what you do is sign in with the username and password (this is often on the router itself, it might ask you to change the password though) and then goto wifi settings. Once there change the wifi channel to anything else (I'd recommend staying away from channel 1). Also please note some providers can do this for you remotely if you ring them. 2, If you have a 5 Ghz network then basically this network is essentially capable of delivering faster speeds over wifi but channels can still be an issue so I'd recommend changing this. 3, The problem with 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks is as follows: 2.4 Ghz: Is really good for obstructions but is slower and more prone to interference, people who live in apartments often find this network to be near unbearable. 5 Ghz: is really good if obstructions are none existent or very thin. If you have thin walls or have line of sight to the router, then this will be the best network for you. If you live an a old victorian house with thick brick walls, this network will likely not be very good for you. Please note not all devices can use 5 Ghz networks IE the PS4 cannot connect to this network. 6, Another thing you can try if ethernet is not an option and you can't change the channels, baring in mind if you can't get into your router to change it, your provider MIGHT be able to do it remotely, not all providers can. Then I'd suggest trying power line adapters. I use these myself and I live in a 3 story house. Essentially you have two power line adapters. One plugs into the socket near the router, and another near your computer. You attach an ethernet cable to the router from one adapter, and the adapter near your computer also has an ethernet cable attached, you sync up the adapters via the manufactures instructions and there you go, ethernet connection over a long distance without the wired mayhem in a large house. Please bare in mind depending on the power lines in your house your speeds will vary through these. To put mine into perspective I get 250 Mbp/s to my router and I get that through direct ethernet. However through my powerline adapters I only get 80 Mbp/s, which in my opinion is very usable for most gamers. I hope the above helps some of you out, feel free to ask any questions.
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    If this isn't a suggestion, what is it? A new map is a lot more work than you think it is, on top of running through all the scripts and configs, adding specific things for the world, making sure everything works, you also need to actually place everything in the map that interacts with those scripts too. This is not the first time this idea has been brought up, it has been done in the past, initially new servers/maps are popular but they quite quickly fall off, that is also on top of splitting the factions and community between servers, if your response to that is "you could just change the main server" you'd essentially be asking the community to deteriorate itself.
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