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    20:00 Restart NHS Fixed Medic Sync @DjHolyChirst POLICE Added NCA Van (Thanks to @Antollyme for the skin) @DjHolyChirst Added NCA Hunter @DjHolyChirst Added AR Hunter @DjHolyChirst Added command uniform to SI+ @DjHolyChirst Changed Default Hunter skin is now Command Hunter @DjHolyChirst Changed NCA Uniform (Thanks to @Antollyme for the skin) @DjHolyChirst Fixed Police Sync @DjHolyChirst Gas mask now available to PC+ @sciencefreak74 OTHERS/ALL Added Take Communications option (Added for police too) @DjHolyChirst Added Take GPS option (Added for police too) @DjHolyChirst Added Small dome housing for Prestige level 3 members @DjHolyChirst Added Large dome Gang base for level 10 prestige members (Only purchaser needs level 10) @DjHolyChirst Added MICH Helmet to the Prestige Club @DjHolyChirst Added Bergen to Prestige Club level 3 and above @DjHolyChirst Changed Kavala Kiosks now unlocked @DjHolyChirst Changed RBA Treasury position @DjHolyChirst Fixed Prestige Club gates (should now only be openable by prestige members via the Gate Controls option) @DjHolyChirst Fixed the gang base at old UNMC FoB @DjHolyChirst Fixed Mullet Meat not appearing in fish shop @DjHolyChirst Changed Time to breakout of prison @sciencefreak74 FeelsKavalaKioskMan Not too many big changes this week, first part of this update is the addition to prestige, there are several domes which can be brought at various prestige levels and more prestige items will come! RBA Treasury has also changed location after much debate it will be a welcome change for most and will hopefully change up the nature of the bank and bring a bit more excitement back. The communications and GPS option have also been added this can be used to alert the person in a text form that their Comms/GPS have been taken. Some more features are coming soon and some bug fixes to the bugs left and of course some script/server optimisation as always is still being worked on. ~ Chirst
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    20:00 Restart NHS Added water coolers to Athira and Kavala hospital @DjHolyChirst Added Impounding to professions @DjHolyChirst Changed the gates inside Kavala Hospital to only be open/closed by medics @DjHolyChirst POLICE Added non tracer Spar 16S Magazine @DjHolyChirst Added a equipment crate to each base (Dump loose gear in there, then empty it via the scroll wheel to delete it) @DjHolyChirst Added water coolers to each police base and prison @DjHolyChirst Changed the amount of profession XP gained from impounding lowered slightly @DjHolyChirst Fixed Spectre base being buyable @DjHolyChirst Fixed Prison gates now start closed @DjHolyChirst OTHERS Added a new skill system (More Info Below) @DjHolyChirst Added Launder Money and Weapon to Skill XP gain @DjHolyChirst Added a new profession system (More Info Below) @DjHolyChirst Added ability to steal vehicles (Require Skill) @DjHolyChirst Added ability to buy Thronos gang base @DjHolyChirst Added ability to buy the cargo tower at old UNMC FOB @DjHolyChirst Added the ability to buy the gang base near scrapyard @DjHolyChirst Added the A-149 Gryphon @DjHolyChirst Fixed a gang base air garage @DjHolyChirst Changed the look of the skill menu to match the professions menu @DjHolyChirst Changed some Skill XP values for different tasks @DjHolyChirst Removed some redundant professions @DjHolyChirst Added Prison Break back @sciencefreak74 Water Coolers the Big New Feature There are several new big features/overall coming this week and many can be read below. Prison break makes a return so you no longer have to waste away on jail, severeal new bases are also available for purchase grab one before they all get snapped up! Next week we have some more features coming in as well as an expansion on these new systems implemented. ~ Chirst New Skill System The New skill system has some major differences from before, these are: Max amount of skills are capped at 18. Each skill belongs to one of the three trees; Rebel, Vigilante, Entrepreneur. Skills only cost one point now. All skills are universal however skills earned on one faction do not carry over to others. Many new skills have been added, part of these skills is the Ability system. The ability system will take a skill to require an ability, this can then be used, for example one of them gives the player an emergency toolkit but the cool down on the ability is once every hour. Other skills may unlock things, such as the skill under the rebel tree for unlocking the Chop Shop Steal option. New Profession System The profession's system has also had an up-haul, the changes now are: Professions have a max level. Any Profession over the max level currently will be kept at that level till it is prestiged. Prestige Popup can be turned off in the setting's menu. Once professions are prestiged you gain a prestige point, this will grant access to the Prestige Club. As you rise in the ranks of the prestige club further exclusive items become available. More items are to come for each of the prestige levels, so if the reward seems lacklustre for now do not worry!
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    24 Hour Livestream - Friday 2nd February 8 am - Saturday 3rd February 8 am This Friday at 8 am, both myself and @Kech will be doing a 24 Hour Livestream in order to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. We are doing this as a means to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and highlight the risk it poses to men both in the UK and across the world. This amongst other personal reasons is why we are doing this. Streams - Ponty - https://www.twitch.tv/mponty Kech - https://www.twitch.tv/king_kech Information about Prostate Cancer UK - Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the United Kingdom. With 1 in 8 men getting Prostate Cancer at some point in their lives. The risk of this increases dependant on race and if you have a history of Prostate Cancer in your family. Donations - All donations will be done through our streams directly, via the streamlabs system we both use. This way you are displayed on stream as donating and we can thank you there and then! After the stream is done, we will each provide evidence of the money going directly to Prostate Cancer UK via a just giving page linked here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pontykech24hours PLEASE NOTE THAT STREAMLABS CHARGE DONATIONS MADE THROUGH THEIR SERVICE AS A 3RD PARTY. FOR EXAMPLE, A £5 DONATION WILL RESULT IN US RECEIVING £4.63. Games - These are the games we will be playing throughout the live stream! ArmA 3 Golf with your friends Human: Fall Flat Left 4 Dead 2 Portal 2 PUBG Rocket League Stick Fight: The Game Viscera Cleanup Detail Be sure to stop by and support the stream! Thank you! ~ Ponty and Kech Disclaimer: All donations are final and will go towards Prostate Cancer UK
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    20:00 Restart NHS Added morphine overdose @DjHolyChirst Added light-bar to the ambulance @DjHolyChirst Added the ability for Medics to see the bleedout time left for a player that is incapacitated next to their name @Ciaran Added put in vehicle / pull out of vehicle for dead bodies, removed the old method for transferring bodies in vehicles @Ciaran Added ability to open the rear doors of the Ambulance @Ciaran Added ability to open the side and rear doors of the Taru Medical @Ciaran POLICE Fixed non Spectre being able to blindfold @DjHolyChirst Fixed van lights no longer float above the van @DjHolyChirst Changed the ability of seizing cash to PC and above @sciencefreak74 OTHERS Fixed North airport vehicle storing @DjHolyChirst Fixed two more gang-base air garages fixed @DjHolyChirst Fixed sirens not working after dying and increased the sound @Ciaran ... Let's go practice medicine Another week another update, this week has Ciaran overhauling some of the medical systems, A handy new implementation is the ability to see bleed-out timers on the map hopefully helping medics prioritise where they want to go better. Also in this update is an overhaul of the drag system you now need to load bodies into vehicles this replaces the old funky system of dragging bodies then getting into a vehicle. On my front i have had a bit of a break week only changing a few fixes the most notable of these being the Morphine overdose, to prevent potential exploits in regards to it. Some stuff related to civilians and rebels are being worked on and should start to arrive next week. ~ Chirst Put In/Pull out Ability There are some added features to the ability added these are: If a vehicle explodes while patients are inside, the patients will die (similar to an execution). Medical Bed seats will be selected if possible for downed players, in appropriate vehicles. Life Support System - The Ambulance and Taru Medical provide a life support system to dead people loaded into the vehicle, this means that they will not bleed out while in the vehicle. They will be able to respawn only when the vehicle has no driver (as a precaution).
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    Tonight after a discussion about the future of the UNMC as a whitelisted faction, the UNMC collectively amongst themselves decided to bring the faction to an end. I wont go too much into the details surrounding this but the simple version is that the issues facing the faction as a whole didn't have feasible answers. This isn't the end to our whitelisted faction, you may find a power vacuum waiting to be filled. I'd like to extend a personal thanks to @Kech and @blaze1981 for all the hard work they've put into the UNMC as well as all the members of the faction that worked to make it what it was. I hope you've all enjoyed it and your experience has been positive. For now we'll leave this here as a little bit of a Q&A / memory sharing thread and in the spirit of the UNMC's love of keeping posts in RP... =================================================================== Tonight the last rumble of a Xi'an was heard heading East from the Molos airfield, an uneasy calm has fallen on North East Altis. The people have emerged from their homes, the roads once loud with the roar of striders now empty. In the rubble of Sofia, a new entity prepares itself.
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    To whom this may concern,, I am a PCSO that has previously been in the police. The first time I joined the police was in February/March 2015, I remained in the police for 10 months before leaving. Between that time and present day, I have joined and left the police a couple of times. I am writing to the Police Board to voice my concerns over the way training of new officers is handled, specifically as far as tests are concerned. I have been waiting for two days coming on when I can to sit in the waiting room for someone to take me on my PA. In this time there have been people joining the waiting room after me and then being taken for their FTT/FTC's. I understand they take less time and sometimes multiple people can take them at the same time. I also understand that academy members have other jobs and do this in their spare time. I saw the Police Academy Statistics from January and I decided to do some number crunching.... Total FTC's: 90 Total FTT's: 58 Total PA's: 46 Total FA's: 31 Percentage of officers that make it from FTC to FTT - 64% Percentage of officers that make it from FTT to PA - 79% Percentage of officers that make it from PA to FA - 67% Percentage of officers that make it from PCSO to PPC - 51% Percentage of officers that make it from PCSO to PC - 34% So 66% of new officers have not made it to the end of the training which all officers have to undergo. I want to explore the reason why: personal situations, work, family, medical etc they decided the police is not for them and have been removed for inactivity they have broken police rules and been removed from police They joined at the end of the month and therefore any further training they had would not be included in these statistics I believe there may be another factor to which is making people leave before they get to do there training. Please indulge me while I explain as best I can. In the current system, officers that are in training ranks have to go to the waiting room and wait until an academy member joins to take them on their respective training modules. If they contact anyone from academy they risk being put on cooldown and are told to be patient irregardless of how long they have been waiting, season 8 of game of thrones could come out and you would still get the same response. You cannot even so much as message someone and try to arrange a time that is more convenient to essentially book for a training module to be completed without potentially being put on cooldown. I felt myself getting frustrated at how long I waited especially after messaging someone and being told that I will wait longer. So I changed my name to the mount of days I have been waiting. I was then messaged and threatened with a cooldown, I find this quite frustrating to the the point that I want to leave the police, why might you ask? Because I want to advance and be able to patrol as a officer with more confidence and power to enforce the laws on the server, and it means I can patrol with other officers as opposed to finding someone that can act as a caretaker officer. To summarize I want to do my PA so that I can show that I can do things properly. This systems has a way of making PCSOs and PPCs feel like second class citizens and honestly doesn't create a welcoming environment for people that could potentially be outstanding officers, that would go on to improve the police force. Now that I have had my say on what I feel the issue is I would like to end with a solution to make the way police officers that are in training not only feel more wlecome, but also help them progress to their full potential quicker. Academy had 20 members at the time of the statistics post for January (post time and date - 01/02/2018). Considering 90 people have taken FTCs and would have needed training up to TA this would understandably cause a lot of stress on academy and I applaud them for getting that number of officers trained despite their own number's. I feel that things should go back to the system that was in place back in 2015 where there was no constabulary for the purpose of training officers but rather a special division/or something similar which had officers that could go through those modules with the officers in training. This would be reintroducing the title of PTO (Police Training Officer). Most people when choosing their constabularies will be making their choices based off where they will patrol most and where their friends are, hence why the academy numbers may be low. My theory is that officers part of the other constabularies would like to do the things academy wants to but probably don't want to be in the Academy Constabulary. As a point is also states that academy members do training modules in their own time anyway, so I do not understand why it would be a constabulary taking that into account. The waiting room and the procedures surrounding it should be changed as well. People should be told that they are to wait for a specified amount of time before contacting someone, and it would be require that they are polite when contacting them, cooldowns would only be issued if someone was rude or toxic. This makes training more accessible for officers in training and would also make the opportunity to train officers more accessible for those that are already trained, opening doors for everyone on the police. I wanted to finish by saying I appreciate the work that academy do and has done. I only ask that everything I say here will be brought up in the next board meeting. Thank you all for you time PCSO Josh Daniels aka THE JDmyster, Josh Cullen
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    Only memes. Made the clip in 15 minutes just for the memes in private, but decided to share it with all of you <333
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    24 Hour Livestream - Complete! On Friday the 2nd of February, both @DCC Ponty and I started our charity event to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK we finished this event Saturday morning with the greatest of success. We both got up at around 7:30 am with neither of us having much sleep the night before and started streaming just before 8 am, within 5 mins of being up people had started watching and supporting the cause which was fantastic to see. :) Our original donation goal was £100 pounds which myself and Ponty thought that we hit, little did we know we would be raising a lot more than that… our grand total came to: £510.53! Here is the link to the our just give page and as you can see myself and Ponty have donated our collective amounts :) (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pontykech24hours) We would also like to thank Prostate Cancer UK for tweeting us! (https://twitter.com/ProstateUK/status/959470489361158144) (Please note that the totals send from both parties have had a small amount taken this is due to steamlabs transactions fee as stated on ponty’s announcement post) Donators - (Ponty’s Stream) Possiblyaiden - £50.00 Jordcs - £50.00 Nalurah TheLemmen CreatorChris Kyano Dj_cragger Camblackcs FallenUK Creeedddd FADEee Dodgydaave Upsydaisyaylmao DreddtheD Danish_Pirate MrCardosoGaming Stormzytheman R0WAN_55 Georgeharris1998 TepposTalkShow TemperRPUK RobinNorseth Coozergaming Ryker898 Donators - (Kech’s Stream) Tysee - £100.00 Possiblyaiden £50.00 Nalurah Ryker898 CreatorChris Kyano Madmatt150 Deph Jordzys Creeedddd UpsyDaisyyy MrCardosogaming Shoeonhead Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported us, stayed up with us and just to all who enjoyed, thank you for everything you guys are the reason why this was such a success! BE PROUD :D Thanks again! Kech and Ponty
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    Episode 1 : Capten Scarlet Episode 2 : Generation Altis Episode 3: Scarlet goes to court Episode 4: Special Agent Scarlet
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    Not the best attitude to have at your rank. Surely you should apologise on behalf of the police and try to do something to ensure this guy has a better experience with the police? If not stick to your shitty attitude comments and represent the whole police in a bad way, well done.
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    1 like = 1 prayer
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    20:00 Restart NHS N/A (Stuff in the works) POLICE Added earpiece to Spectre @DjHolyChirst Added Blindfolds to Spectre @DjHolyChirst UNMC Removed UNMC Textures and files @DjHolyChirst Removed UNMC Map objects @Wilco OTHERS Changed Caesar trunk to 150 @DjHolyChirst Changed Admin suit force walking upon being overweight @DjHolyChirst Added Molo's airfield added for civilians @DjHolyChirst Fixed quadbike rental for airfield blowing up @DjHolyChirst Fixed rotation of vehicles when spawned at AAC airfield @DjHolyChirst Added air garages to two gang bases @DjHolyChirst Added karts to Event store and Mavis @DjHolyChirst Removed Mayor outfit from lootbox and replaced with an alternative @DjHolyChirst Added new sirens added for Police and NHS (Usable when stolen as a rebel) @Ciaran Changed people can now be revived when all medics are incapacitated @sciencefreak74 New Era With the removal of the UNMC we say goodbye to the end of an era, but with the end of an era come a new era moving on forwards we will be looking at what to do with the freed up space, both in the mission file and on the map. Going forward we look to use this space for further development among civilians/rebels primarily and some other areas that need some love. The star of today's patch is Ciaran's new sirens providing an overhauled system upon which further changing of the sirens will be made exceptionally easier. Some larger content is coming next week so look forward to that! ~ Chirst
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @Wilco Best wishes! Give me a heads up next time so i can prepare an awesome video and not something that was rushed at night like this! 😆
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    As some of you may already be aware, the academy test structure has had some changes in the recent days. Firstly, the Practical Assessment (PA) has been removed completely. As of 17/02/2018 the current test structure after the interview is as follows: As it shows above in place of the PA we have now put the FA. After a trainee passes the FA and gets the rank of Probationary Police Constable (PPC) it is then up to the constabulary they are assigned to by an academy member to promote them to the rank of Police Constable (PC). If a trainee is currently at the rank of PPC we have decided to let them carry on as any other PPC would and leave it up to the constabulary to promote them up to PC. We would like to thank everyone that gave suggestions to the Police Academy and Police command on what we could to to improve the training structure and we took all suggestions into consideration before deciding on these changes. Kind Regards, Academy Command CSI mryan19 SI pZz | SI Sassy CI Daanv | CI Dan Barretto | CI Harry White
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): PC Ronin, PCSO Kersal Time and date of incident: 12. Feb. 2018 21:42:55 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Firstly i would like to appologize for this complaing being delivered later than the assigned time-period, but this was quite the situation, and i think it is rationally understandable that uploading such long dashcamfootage would take some time. Hello officermans. My name is Gorgel Blumbermums and i would like to file a complaint against one of your officers in training, additionally his superior patrol-partner for lack of attention to training towards the PCSO he is patrolling with. As written earlier my name is Gorgel B. a unlicenced taxidermist and car-thief extraordinaire (evident from https://twitter.com/gorgel_b). This whole situation started when PCSO Kersal gullibly "forgot" or maybe didnt bother locking his police vehicle. I therefore saw my chances at stealing said vehicle and take it for a funride. As i start driving off in my newly aquired police SUV, PCSO Kersal decides it would be a good idea and also police protocol to enter the same vehicles passenger seat. I tell Kersal it is a bad idea to get into a vehicle when a unknown individual is in the driverseat, however Kersal was having none of it. I then repeatedly tried getting Kersal to exit the car, but to no avail. As the PCSO did not want to get out of the vehicle on his own accord, i saw it fitting to help him with his police duties and try to find the second assilant of the gas-station robbery. PCSO Kersal then refuses my help, witch indicates to me that he was not willing to do his job as a policeofficermans. PCSO Kersal then goes on to threaten my life by saying "I will call in armed response, and they will use lethal force, meaning you will die". This threat was made even though I, Gorgel B. Had at no point in our conversation threatened his life. As PC Ronin almost kills himself with his own spikestrip, i decided i was willing to let the threats to my life slide. It was around this same time PCSO Kersal tells PC Ronin to shoot the tires of my newly aquired police SUV - Endangering my own, and PCSO Kersals life (as evident by the dashcamfootage below the bullets are flying through the windshields, and not hitting the tires). I and PCSO Kersal came to an agreement; I would let him out at Athira Policestation. As we are driving up to the policestation, PCSO Ronin goes into a psychic trance and figures out i am affiliated with a specific rebel organisation. We eventually arrive at Athira Policestation to let him out. Kersal yet again refuses to get out of the car and starts telling me that i am taking a PCSO hostage (You can see clearly from the dashcamfootage that i never took anyone hostage, the PCSO simply disregarded his own safety and refused to get out of my SUV). This is when yet again, his superior officer (PC Ronin) shows up in a stolen civilian vehicle (The dreaded hobo-hatchback). I decided for that reason it was best for me to leave Athira Policestation and head on my way trying to decide how i was going to get this PCSO out of my car. As i am driving along trying to figure out a way to get Kersal out of my policecar things escalate quickly. As promised earlier by PCSO Kersal, Armed Response shows up to take my life away. Armed Response succesfully do so by crashing into my car (Yet again with no regard what-so-ever to My or the PCSOs' life) killing both me and PCSO Kersal in the following explosion. As me and Kersal is lying on the ground bleeding, he keeps calling me slurrs like R****d, and also keeps insinuating i will be "mistreated" in jail by saying "remember not to drop the soap". What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: For his complete disregard of his own life (by getting into a strangers vehicle), his severe lack of good judgement, Threatening a civillians' life, Using childish language like R****d and insinuating things that should not be insinuated. I feel it would be fair for PCSO Kersal to completely redo his previous police training procedures. As a police officer by the rank of PC, Ronin should know better than to let a unarmed PCSO sit in a unknown drivers vehicle and let the PCSO do what he did to me. PC Ronin should therefore have to attend a course designed around pedagogy. I would like to be compensated for my hurt feelings and my destroyed police SUV, by having a Police SUV delivered at my doorstep at Gorgel-Street 1, 5232 Kavala. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:
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    00:00 Restart NHS N/A POLICE Fixed interactions with bank doors @DjHolyChirst Fixed Command uniform showing as undercover @DjHolyChirst Fixed NCA uniform showing as undercover @DjHolyChirst Fixed NCA Hex colour @DjHolyChirst Changed NCA Van skin @CC Joseph Tadworth Removed NCA Van Lightbar @DjHolyChirst OTHERS/ALL Added some more objects to the HM Treasury @DjHolyChirst Fixed Spawning in some properties defaulting to the ocean @DjHolyChirst
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    Massive thanks to the following medics: @Ciaran @TomTheDoge @CC Aiden @CMO Singh @DjHolyChirst @CreatorChris @Kech We did over an hour of checkpoint work tonight, roleplaying we'd had an outbreak near Agios Hoping to do more stuff like this in the future!
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): Pcso Al3xo Time and date of incident: 27/01/2018 16:30 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: so we managed to take a CI hostage. And we were driving away. in order so we could peacefully start the negotiations. suddenly we see a police car behind us and see on ly one pcso in the car. so we decide to stop and tell him we have a hostage. we even outnumber him 5 or 6 to 1. he proceed to lift his gun. then he start to get agresivly even when he is not in the position where he could achieve something. even show him the CI so he can see he was still alive and fine. i then decide to ask him to putt his hands up. in order so we can disarm him ( as we cannot take him by server rules.) he decide to give me abuse while he is still outnumberd and we still have his CI his life in our hands. i was not pleased by him telling me to fuck myself. from that moment i knew he would not surender. so i gave him more time to comply. and rethink his actions. so at that point i had no choice to wound him. if he just surrendered, i did not need to fire my gun. i can tell you we got a positive negotiations. whitout a single shot being fired. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: well i think this person need to get a personal training in how he should act in these situations. And also need to change his attitude towards rebels, who has the lives of his higher ups in their hands. i also think a warning point on his record will be suitable. since he ignored the 3-1 rule. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: https://plays.tv/video/5a6cc1cd59da7e995d/poor-attitude // i did not resolve this with the officer since our teamspeak conversation. i did not see a point, in trying to resolve anymore. http://prntscr.com/i6ff5i
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    @James Blezard has uploaded his first cover to youtube and with full consent has allowed me to promote him, like and share please xd
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): DCC Coozer Time and date of incident: 13/02/2018 14:00 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Well, Some naughty criminals robbed the bank and made off with some gold. they were chased by your prestigious officers and I believe they apprehended these criminals. Being the conscientious law abiding citizen that I am, I decided to check if the bank vault was secured, Upon arriving I found it was left open, with 56 gold bars in. I then decided it would be best to confiscate these gold bars to stop them falling into the hands of criminals. You're welcome. The reason this PCC is against Coozer, Is because he kicked me from the police, If I was still around I would have locked the vault and this would never have happened. Therefore, Coozer is ultimately responsible. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: Mandatory training for all officers involved, to learn how to open and close doors. Training to be carried out by Coozer. Please see my example below of possible training exercise. I would like immunity for the taking of the gold aswell, because this isn't about me xx Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: // it isn't actually against Coozer, however I did want to bring to your attention the failing to lock up the bank. and Coozers name is clickbait
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    Dear @YoCo, Your complaint does not comply with any of the three criteria which need to be fulfilled to make a Police Complaint (shown below), which are found in the Police Complaints Procedure Furthermore, you have not actually complained about any officer in particular (shown below), and therefore it is impossible for us to meet the criteria set by yourself (also shown below) In regards to your above comment, we have denied immunity and will be issuing a warrant for your arrest, and upon your arrest, you will be asked to pay back to the tax-payer what you have taken in the sum of 56 gold bars, or a monetary amount equal to this amount of gold at the time of your arrest. Finally, I'd like to ask politely that in future, you do not make complaints in spite, as you are wasting my time and your own. Police Command is constantly working with constabulary and specialist unit leads to ensure that the bank maintains the highest possible level of security, and officers are reminded of their duty to ensure the contents are protected appropriately. Complaint denied. PCC Closed. Kind regards, Chief Constable Tadworth ℅ Altis Police Command.
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    How do I use it? Visit this link Within the relevant sections (virtual/gear/vehicle) search for the specific item on the left, and then type in the amount of that item you wish to find the price for - use the relevant '+' buttons to add more inputs if you run out. You can leave elements blank, it won't effect the end price Click 'Get Total', and you will have all relevant prices listed, or to refresh already listed values Stuff listed in red or after the / is the relevant half price value (Virtual values don't count towards the total) Click on the big white box with the funky looking text to instantly copy that text, allowing you to paste it wherever you want with ctrl + v I've rebuilt the entire site and added a bunch of new features, as well as made it extremely easy for me to edit/add new values so I'll actually be updating prices regularly, as well as adding new features hopefully. Currently I'm looking at making the 'Copy' box more readable, and sharpening up the design because it was made pretty hastily. If you use the copy feature, you'll end up with text like:
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    As a thank you for being such a wonderful community I wanted to give you guys a little gift. I have decided to open up my mess around servers to all of you. These servers are non-profit, I will pay for them myself. The rules of RPUK apply to these servers as well bar perhaps the rules that are directly linked to the ARMA game. These are not roleplay servers. Servers Ark Survival Evolved A modded Ark server Extinction Core is the most important mod on the server. As a new player you will be happy to survive for about two minutes. Good luck ;) How to connect: Search for the name: [UK/EU] PVP [x2 Modded] The Center Rust A modded Rust server. Important info: - A wipe every two weeks. - Gathering x3 - Home and teleport - Kits - RDM is allowed ;) How to connect: Load Rust, press F1 and write client.connect
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    Dear @Jefke V The Police Complaints Commission has reviewed your complaint against Prob. PC Al3xso and we have come to the following conclusion. @PC Al3xso I understand your attitude in a hostile situation like this, clearly you weren’t happy with the criminal’s actions and wanted to stop them and get your CI back. However, your hostile attitude and your very rash actions lead to the situation turning extremely hostile resulting in you getting severely injured and you could have easily sealed the fate of the Chief Inspector with the attitude you presented to the hostile party. In a situation like this I do not expect any officer to take on 5 armed rebels in an open field who have a hostage by themselves, instead they should remain calm and composed not allowing any emotions to cloud their judgement, call for additional units to assist and wait for the right moment to start negotiations or strike in attempting to save the officers life. (Value of Life – 3 to 1 (Rule).). Therefore, due to your rash actions, lack of care and due attention and unnecessarily putting yourself and others in further danger we will be taking action against you. @PC Al3xso you will be receiving a warning point against you for your actions and you will be demoted to the rank of PCSO undergoing all your training. This is so that we can confirm that you are fully aware of how to deal with situations as a police officer avoiding any more occurrences such as this one. Your first training will be your FTT which you are able to sit immediately. @Jefke V thank you for submitting this to the Police Complaints Commission, however you are have clearly broken the law from the evidence provided. You are to turn yourself in to Kavala PD within the next 24 hours serving a 20 year sentence for breaching the Firearms Act of 1968, S.5; Taking of Hostages Act 1982, S.1; Offences Against the Persons Act 1861, S.18. Failure to comply will result in you being apprehended and sentenced to 40 years in prison. PCC Closed. Kind Regards, Deputy Chief Constable Curley
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  27. 15 points
    @George Kohler @Auxen @c4mmm
  28. 15 points
    Wow, 3 years have gone fast indeed. Most of the time have been spent at the our police community. What years have been so to speak. I would make an heart full thanks to all members of Roleplay.co.uk to let me into this community while I was just an hobo picking apples and mining copper. These 3 years would not have been if I did not get the welcome into this community from everyone, including members of staff, police, UNMC and rebels alike. My first encounter with an rebel gang was the all reliable TCK and somewhat their main big guns TI (which have been banned). Those encounters thought me how I could fend for myself as well as getting good RP from shady gangs and not so shady gang. Both gangs at the time have shown me as an hobo how role play really where conducted as well as welcoming me with an lead bullet to the frontal lobe. My first real encounter with police where when I did iron and my HMMT got stolen filled with produced Iron wourth 1/5 million. Their professional and effective way to search and find my truck where the first real encounter with the boys in blue and lead me to the interest of being an police officer. sadly Martec have departed as an Commander of Altis Police Force and in his place, three respected and all out good fellows have taken the mantel of change and command. It was in that time I wanted to do something different from police work and started on NHS patrols. My time in NHS where short as I had real life issues I have to deal with at the time. But never have I encountered someone who willingly risk their life’s to save others. No matter who they are and what crime they committed. After that I left the police and began an rebel life as one of the lads of TI. The rebel life never suited me and I left the gang in hope to join up with police again. I got reinvited with open arms and started from scratch. Now after 1/5 years of work I am an proud inspector of West Altis Police Force. During my time in this community I have only been banned once, which I take great pride and shame upon. That ban was purely my mistake, and I have learned a great deal after that to never let anyone get under my skin. I would like to thank everyone for 3 years of joy, anger, sadness, pain, work and opertunities. With that I would like to thank some special folks at this community: Paul S which have sadly departed from this community. He was the one staff member that took the time to explain da rules towards me while I was an hobo. Maratec which have sadly departed from this community as commander of the police force at the time I joined. @Fuel which took time of from work to speak and solve any issues with any member of the police and community at the time of my PCSO and up. @EmPeRoR RuTHLeSS2k18 which where an Inspector at the time of my first joining in and now an respectively staff 4 as well as ACC. Jordan Naylor for being my rival/friend in police the second time I joined in. Deathstroke for his work and and beeing curently my higher command All staffs tireless work to make this community what it is. And of course @Wilco and all developing staff for their tireless work
  29. 15 points
    3. Breaking Rules while complaining about rules being broken. Check
  30. 15 points
    So, after a while away from the island, I thought i'd come back to visit. The Marmite family is still loosely together, with few members still resident on the island, so I shacked up with @WhoisDan. We decided today would be a little different, we assigned ourselves a secret undercover Police mission. A mission from God. We noticed a firefight in Athira, so thought we'd try and help out, negotiating with the rebels and undercover officers. Sadly, our "colleagues" were injured as negotiations didn't last too long.. we noticed a fellow "colleague" sitting in an, *ahem* unlocked Police Sports Hatchback (quite a speedy thing, for sure). We decided this was our chance to become real undercover officers. So off we drove, with our silent "colleague" in the back of our newly attained Police speeder. We enjoyed a good couple of hours patrolling, we even performed a couple of spot checks on suspicious vehicles (which were quite compliant to our questioning). At this point, as you may have guessed, we found we could use sirens, which gave us a massive advantage! After we'd had our fun, we joined in to a Police pursuit, which then turned out to be us getting blocked in, and somehow becoming the pursue-ee. We made our best attempt to stay in role as undercover agents (at this point, we had dressed casually, and purchased some earpieces to look the part). The dealing SGT, who I won't name quickly identified that we weren't undercover agents (a matter which I won't digress in to), which then lead to our detainment - this lasted quite a while, standing in the streets being publicly humiliated in-front of our "colleagues", meanwhile, the Police officer in the back of the car had slept the whole journey, and we never actually got to speak to him! Anyways, was fun to be back on the island with a member of the Marmite family, i'm sure we'll be back again quite soon. Now, i've got a bus to catch to Kavala. Hope you've enjoyed the read, a throwback to some of the old Marmite antics. (:
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  32. 14 points
    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): PC Gilbert Pennyworth, and An unknown officer Time and date of incident: 06/02/2018 17:20 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Witnessed a police officer driving recklessly through an airport terminal, Went to confront the officer in question as he drove off (Apologies for approaching in an aggressive manner, but driving like that clearly endangered the lives of civilians and such I was annoyed. Car crashed as it drove off, believed the officer to be intoxicated at this point as it was clearly incompetent at driving, The officers failed to stop and provide an explanation, they then further drove off, Committed an illegal U-turn, Drove off Road, And then drove across a parking lot. When confronted about the situation, I was failed to be provided with names of badge numbers at the officers acted highly unprofessional to my requests. I was then threatened with arrest if I wished to pursue my complaint, Which personally I believed to be an abuse of power and detracted from the situation at hand, However as he is a PCSO in training, I don't think it was through his own fault and most likely at the orders of his superiors and he was the only officer acting appropriately. The unknown officer was particularly rude and failed to provide his badge number, saying that he didn't have too. My vehicle was ANPR'D, And searched (Illegally) Twice I believe, I believe that they disregarded my complaint and took it upon themselves to attempt to arrest me in a bid to silence me, threatening me with tazer, and the disabling of my vehicle. If the officers in question had simply offered an apology and a reason for why they drove as such, I wouldn't have taken it to a PCC, but I believe these officers tarnish the integrity of the APD and as such should be reprimanded. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: The driver, PC Gilbert should be sent on a drivers awareness course, and issued a fine for dangerous driving (as any normal civilian would, Cops aren't above the law) The PCSO, I believe he should be given advice on how to approach situations and not abuse his power to silence a civilian with a legitimate complaint. The unknown officer should be forced to redo his training as he clearly doesn't know police procedures (illegally searching my vehicle, and not providing his badge number)= Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:
  33. 14 points
    Some people don't deserve the steam from a hot piss.
  34. 14 points
    Having a baby girl😄😄😄
  35. 14 points
    Absolutely incredible role play by @INS Naylor tonight! We decided to take him hostage to question him and get revenge for a scrapped taru. We literally had him for about 2.5 - 3 hours where we interrogated him, striped him down to his "tighty whities" in an attempt to break him into giving the police force a very firm message not to mess with us! Brilliant sportsman ship was shown by Naylor throughout the whole time we had him. Wicker ended up crashing the helicopter after we had him for about 30-40 minutes. he could have easily re-spawned but decided not to so that we could carry on the RP after we were revived, this shows a lot about what he's truly here for.....and that's RP! Good stuff and keep it up @INS Naylor! you are a credit to the community and i hope you enjoyed the RP the TCK lads gave you! Stay Tuned for the video people! oh, and have a Greeeeeaaaattttt daaaaaayyyyy!
  36. 14 points
    Today The Copper Kings took INS Naylor hostage after he decided to scrap a Taru! Once one of his police officers dobbed in his location we decided to pounce on him and take him to the castle located near the scrap yard, while on of our scout helis was flying around the area we came across this new base... secluded by the trees and only one road led to it.. Further inspection led us to believe it was a secret police base. @INS Naylor being interrogated! New sort of base found?! Naylor being surrounded by The Copper Kings! INS Naylor behind his own bars More pictures of the new base/ new gang tower!
  37. 14 points
    https://plays.tv/video/5a72e47f1731681e86/new-police-plain- @Aplexity @Tadeusz
  38. 14 points
    Citizens of Altis, i have just been elected has Mayor of Altis, your true and only Pupss! Of course iam here for the people... for the... citizens of Altis! I have a special Announcement for any one that would like to attend, it will begin at 5 pm UK Time, the message is in this beautiful video @Terom @Zubba @Bjorn_NL @putjeschepper5000
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    *** Server Event*** Poster by @Jack Santo This will be a small event held at the below location. At the following time Saturday 17/02/2018 @ 20:00 on Server 2. The Winner will receive a Grand prize of an undisclosed sum. Please reply below stating your interested. *** Server Event***
  41. 13 points
    One that can be done: not having so many tests. It's a game after all, besides bad seeds get through wether there are 1 test or 20 tests let there be: interview, module 1&2 and then you'd be a pc like it used to be in 2015. I'm sure I'm not the only one missing it.
  42. 13 points
    Dear @YoCo the Police complaints commission has reviewed your complaint against the multiple officers in your report and we have concluded with the following. PC Gilbert Pennyworth, @Mister Firstly, I can’t fully grasp the reasons for you driving a Police issued SUV into the airport terminal building and wonder why you didn’t decide to enter on foot. Anyway, I have received word that your driving not only caused slight damage to the doors and exterior of the building but there were multiple tire tracks on the floor of the Airport Terminal building. This has required the building to undergo additional cleaning and maintenance, therefore I will be fining you a total of £35,000 to cover the costs of these services. Furthermore, when you had to get to NPAS asap, you could have taken the road or an easier path rather than going over each of the safety curbs in the car park and I would recommend you sitting a Safe Driving Course (SDC). You can request this by contacting @CSI Gordon. In regards to your collar number, when patrolling you should always have your collar number on and there is no excuse for not doing this. In this instance I will only be warning you for the future, but If you are seen without your badge number this will result in severe consequences. (//I would suggest shortening your In-game name, so you are able to fit in your collar number. No need to officially change your name) Finally thank you for eventually giving the civilian your identification, but it shouldn’t have taken you such a long time to complete this individuals request. PC Fox, @PC Fox In this report you and your fellow officers were asked for identification from the citizen as he clearly had an issue with your performance. Here you seem to purposefully avoid answering the civilians question making the following statements; “No, you cannot”, “I don’t know his name/badge number”, “I had a new driver”, “I’ve dropped my badge”, “He is wearing a mask”. Furthermore, upon your other officer giving his name and the individual then asking you for your name you started to change the direction of the conversation focusing on @YoCo to not give away your personal information. You may have been correct in your suspicions and accusations that you made but there is still no valid reason as to why you choose to conceal your identity. I feel that PCSO Chris P. Bacon perfectly sums up when you should be providing information by stating the following: “Unless there is a reason that you believe that it may be a threat to yours or anybody else’s life that you badge number should not be presented, then you should present it at all times.” Therefore, for your attitude and purposefully using multiple excuses to avoid providing you identification to protect yourself and fellow officers from receiving a complaint, I will be issuing you with a warning point and I suggest that you focus on improving you community policing and the way you present yourself in the future. PCSO Chris P. Bacon, @DatAnnoyingDude I have no issues with any of your actions PCSO Chris P. Bacon, you were very polite and clearly stated that you wanted to detain/arrest the individual under the Public Order Act 1986, [S.5] Harassment, alarm or distress and for suspicion of violating the Theft Act 1968, [S.12] Taking a motor vehicle without consent. Great work, you clearly demonstrated that you knew what you were doing, you understood what you can and cannot do and even lectured your fellow Police constables of information that they should already be aware of. Therefore, we feel that you are clearly ready for the next step in the police force, so congratulations being field promoted to a fully-fledged Police Constable. PCC Closed. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Constable Curley.
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    Hi there, My name is Phoenix and I support a charity called Special Effect, They are hosting their yearly event called Gameblast. This year i am doing different types of events and challenges. I have some goals i have set for the whole of February and would like for you guys to come follow me as i take part in getting them done. Challenge 1. Ill be having a timer on my streams as i try to make 150 Medic hours in the month of February. This is an average of 5.5 hours per day. Challenge 2. Ill be taking a part in a 24 hour stream over a 48 hour period that will be taking part at the end of the month Event 1. Concert from The Lord Of The Rings: Online band Classical Gas Event 2. Second Sunday of the month Classical Gas concert supported by Fluffy Unicorns bands. Event 3. Try to qualify for the Fishing Planet monthly Tournament with PH members! If you would like to help me raise money for people with disabilities to bring them back to gaming please follow this link and make a donation! Thanks to everyone for helping support me on my campaign! /Phoenix
  44. 13 points
    Scarlet here. This is a special moment for me, my first PCC (of many to come). Although I am not the defendant Josh Daniels, I am mentioned in the prosecutions opening statement. The opening statement is hard to read so I've edited it, please correct me if I am wrong. I was wrongfully put into prison for 45 years for no reason by Mr Scarlet. FALSE: I thought this was true, but I've been through my footage and can't find evidence to support this. I did wrongly imprisoned Bigman though. He took all my money of me and never read me my rights. FALSE: BUT as compensation for not believe you I put another innocent man (Bigman) in jail. See video He forgot then remembered i was in prison came back told me to go get my gear again which I did.FALSE That being said I did; ignore supporting evidence that proved your story to be true Falsely claim you were a terrorist Threatening to drown and waterboard you, an innocent man. Trumped up your charges and forcing CSI Gordon to fly you to jail - he only wanted to hold you in the cells to clear your story. Endangered your life my trying to take off the docks in a light airplane. Used police keypads to break Bigman and I out of jail after I was sentenced to compensate your time lost. Take you to buy your weapons back and then immediately seized them only to reimburse you so you could buy them again. My closing remarks; Dill, I like you (I really do) BUT when I next see you I'm going to handcuff you, fly you to a island, shoot you in the foot and leave you there. It was a great night! My favorite photo:- justice being served 'Bigman and I in jail while the defendant visits'
  45. 13 points
    Supreme Leader: The path to glory
  46. 12 points
  47. 12 points
    Kavala TV (KTV) News broadcasts. Breaking news stories and untold stories. Newest Report: - ARCHIVE - - Public property vandalised - Woman shot after traffic incident
  48. 12 points
    00:00 Restart NHS N/A POLICE Added seize cash option @sciencefreak74 OTHERS Fixed issue with UNMC Request still showing on phones @DjHolyChirst Changed Siren volume and range of hearing (-10db and down from 1km to 500m) @Ciaran Quick Fix Just a quick fix to adjust the siren volume and to address the issue when opening the phone. On top of that we have a little treat with something Science has been working on and is ready now this is a useful feature for cops which is seizing cash, something which should come in handy for many officers! ~ Chirst
  49. 11 points
    Ok so what happened james spotted a few guys at weed pro doing the obvious and ended up killing one of his friends the hobo in the yellow top was absolutely terrified and was stuttering a lot which later i found out he had a split personality and had to be executed after we couldn't find a solution for his craziness at the hospital I dont know who u are on the forums but heres a little taster of his craziness and i cant let you guys know how much this guy made me laugh and we RP'D for about an hour and half
  50. 11 points
    24h stream done! MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE! Will be sorting out a better post after we have slept! Cheers! x
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