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    Police unable to scrap unless in a BZ Brief Summary: I believe the current police scrapping system is flawed. At the moment, it’s possible for a cop to go up to any vehicle and scrap it in 0.1 seconds and that’s it. It removes absolutely any chance of being able to retrieve the vehicle and lets be serious, it’s pretty stupid seeing a cop go around and scrap millions worth of vehicles in mere seconds on the spot when everyone else on the server must take a vehicle to a scrap yard. So I propose police must take a vehicle to a blue zone before it can be scrapped. Detailed Suggestion: As stated above, I believe the current police scrapping system is flawed and often abused. My suggestion is to require cops to bring a vehicle back to any blue zone before being able to scrap it. I cannot count the times where I’ve had a vehicle scrapped before I could even react and so I believe this change would bring some much needed balance in this area. The Pros: - No insta scrapping anywhere - No more “accidental” combat scraps - A fair chance to retrieve your vehicle before it is scrapped - Balance The Cons: In terms of the server, I see no way in which it would be a bad thing. In terms of for the cops, I see them not liking it due to the fact they can’t just scrap 6 vehicles in a second anywhere on the map. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I believe this change would change the balance of the server due to the fact players will now have a fair chance to save their vehicle before it is scrapped.
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    All the effort building a new prison and this is what the cops do
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    ARAC Hemmt Flatbed (Dev Request) Which Arma 3 Classname is your texture for: B_Truck_01_flatbed_f Explain your creation: The ARAC Hemtt Flatbed was a product of the first filed dev request - I haven't tested it with the fuel truck - but it confidently works just fine with the flatbed. The files were an absolute pain to find. Any constructive criticism is welcome! I am open to making changes based on popular feedback: Yes If successfully approved I confirm this texture will be exclusive to Roleplay.co.uk: Yes If successfully approved I confirm I will email this texture to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes
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    Just a little insight to our daily role as a Police Communtiy Support Officer here within Isla Altis. Myself PCSO TANNER along with my Colleauge PCSO HAGRID responded to a Grade 1 Potential Suicide Call during the early hours of Thursday 19th December, approxmitley 03:18 am. As we were dealing with a welfare check in Kavala at the time.. we accepted this job, and responded accordingly on a Blue Light run, due to the nature of the call. We arrived on scene to find a young, and clearly distressed & vunerable male, stood at the end of a jetty.. attempting to take his own life. While keeping our Control room updated, we focused our attention on the young man's welfare and safety, reassuring him that we were there to help. At this time our other colleauge PC ALFRED [2632] arrived with tea, crumpets and a warmkit for the male.. Unfortunatley the victim was spooked by a passing aircraft and fell backwards off the pier, and below the water level.. however, due to the quick thinking intiative of our officers on the scene, they swam down, and brought the male back up and onto the beach head. During this time our SPO - CI LASTNICKLEFT [7111] had contacted the NHS for urgent medical assistance, secured the area for a Emergency landing, and co-ordinated a succesfull role of protecting and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of a member of the public. The young male was treated by PARAMEDIC JeTZz [MTO] , the male was then flown out to Kavala District Hospital, where our officers later visited to check up on the individual. Thanking all those involved, including members of the public in the community, I believe it was a job well done.
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    Think people need to lighten up a little bit, it’s christmas ffs
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    Mental stream tonight. Glad we could show a wee taster of whats to come for RPUK. Massive thanks to @Stealthee for his efforts deving GTA RP on the low down and @CI Erik for the stream support.
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    M (38) gets hit by a Police Hatchback flying mid air going about 200 km/h. Here is some footage that was managed to be recovered from the scene of the GoPro he had on. Don't show this to your kids.
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    20:00 Restart Server Misc Completely overhauled the weather system @Roberts Implemented the base functions for an admin panel (work in progress) @Roberts Slowed food/water making this more realistic dependant on the time @Roberts blood now regains realistically depending on how much water you drink @Roberts 35% chance of the M4A1 spawning with all the relevant attachments @Roberts Saline bags now provide 2500 litres of liquid/blood @Roberts Improved VON quality @Roberts increased performance by enabling/disabling certain scripts @Roberts Improved the awareness for zombies (harder for them to see you in fog or hear you in rain/thunderstorms) @Roberts Items Increased spawn rate of food @Meeloo Increased spawn rate of medical gear @Meeloo Increased spawn rate of drinks @Meeloo Increased spawn rate of ductape @Meeloo Decreased spawn rate of vehicles @Roberts Increased spawn rate of axes/hatchets @Meeloo Increased the amount of M4a1's on the server @Meeloo Increased the spawn rate of regular/medium tents @Meeloo Decreased spawn rate of landmines @Meeloo Decreased spawn rate of grenades @Meeloo Increased/decreased spawn rate of various none crucial items @Meeloo @Roberts Added Added calories and set them to realistic values @Roberts Added green variant of the M4A1 @Meeloo Added black buttstock for the AK @Roberts Added green and black variants of the ballistic helmet @Meeloo Added more variants of jeans, shirts and jackets @Meeloo Added bear traps @Meeloo Removed N/A Notes This update mainly focuses on us adding quality of life improvements and fixing item spawns. We are pushing our focus onto adding rules/roleplay soon. For now we are focusing on making the server more accessible to new players, but also maintaining balance for players who are more experienced and have been playing. Our focus on mods will begin once we've stabilized the server to the point where we think it's best to play.
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    Exciting news...they now have access as "managers" to upload to the RPUK YouTube so we can expect great things! If there are any other content creators with some example work out there interested in uploading videos get straight into my DMs!
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    You all don’t know what yous want, they’ll add back the suppressors and then yous will cry about sniping and ask for them to be removed again
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    Road flares Brief Summary: Throwable road flares https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrbodDsQg44&feature=youtu.be Detailed Suggestion: introduce Deployable road flares that can be thrown then used to illuminate an area with light. These could be used for roleplaying purposes to highlight road accidents at night, and also to signal your location at night. The flares last for 60 seconds which is 15 minutes in-game time. 15 minutes being how long real-world road flares burn for. In the demo version, I have created them in a few different colors that could be factions specific versions https://imgur.com/a/pFLvbFC The Pros: A unique throwable item that could be used creatively in a few different ways to liven up roleplay The Cons: Used like smoke grenades, someone could buy a lot of them and then chuck them around to maybe slow down players FPS or troll people. However, the light shed is only visible at night and is not that high and wouldn't blind anyone at night, and the time of how long the last could be easily changed. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? No, I don't see how this could affect server balance.
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    I'd like to thank Gordon for being a friendly and dedicated member of the staff team. Gordon gave time out of his day to help solve my TeamSpeak ban issue. Thanks @CC Gordon for helping!
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    All received, Will be in the next update, moving to implemented
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    The best economy this server ever had was back in 2015, i have no idea why it was fucked with and changed every restart there would be 10 HMTTS lined up in agios all going to the weed field the dynamic market was so good it actually forced people to do runs at restart because thats when they would make the most money honestly just scrap poseidon weed that alone has fucked every single run on this server, the only time people are in queens land doing runs is when there isn't 5 poseidon on. Then you have to factor in without poseidon weed it basically renders poseidon useless, imo scrap poseidon all together then it would force people to make more gangs or join the police which would make the server feel more alive as you dont have 40+ members in one faction however, rebel is legit shit and sooooo boring it needs so much work to make people actually want to play it.
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    AEGIS acquired a couple of police vehicles, including a chopper, and used them instead of our regular security vehicles when providing our free protection. They were an excellent deterrent, and I think it looked pretty cool...
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    If you need a chin wag and a place to chill. Ground Branch Channels welcome all Merry Christmas RPUK Peoples
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    Both myself and @YamiShiro decided to role play as a grandson and a grandad who had served in the police force during the UNMC era so we headed down to Agios police station to see if there were any officers available to give us a tour. We would like to recommend Sgt Smith for taking the time to give us a tour of the police station. This is just a little clip of us while we were there, overall we were there for about twenty minutes.
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    Hi sciencefreak74, Thank you for responding to my complaint. I have to say, I'm not entirely sure what benefit adding your headings to the complete information I already provided will achieve or how it will assist you to process my complaint but I'll endulge you by massaging your ego on this occasion. As you requested Sir, my complaint (with exactly the same information), just in your format Sir. Many thanks, Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): SGT Wicker [7782] (As stated in the title!) Time and date of incident: 30 December 2019 @ approx 2100hrs Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: Having been in the vacinity of an HM Treasury Shipwreck, I was arrested and taken to the Police SOU at the airfield. Whilst restrained, I was thrown by SGT Wicker [7782] from the Police Taru. I have the Go-Pro footage link below. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: Since the incident, I have suffered tremendous pysical pain from the injuries and I am now beginning to walk again. I have also suffered severe PTSD which has led to the breakdown of my marriage and losing my job. I feel the Alis Police force are very much to blame for my circumstances and I should be compensated for such treatment. Having sought legal advice, my solicitor has advised me to make an out of court offer of $25,000,000 for which I will sign a non-disclosure wavier and rights to any further action. He has advised that if I bring a civil suit against the Police, you could be facing damages (especially given the evidence) of 100s of millions. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: Go Pro Footage
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    Make Drugs Great Again Brief Summary: Overhaul the current drug runs. Detailed Suggestion: Drug runs are terrible. Pretty much every rebel knows this, and the only people who ever do non-Poseidon runs are hobos who do them once and then just do diamonds. The money is worse than diamonds and people don’t want their vehicles scrapped. Drug runs should be high risk high reward, not meh risk low reward. Just changing the prices won’t fix the system. I’d call for an overhaul of the non-Poseidon drug runs, and I’d suggest these instead: Make cocaine runs for planes. Have each part of the run from collecting, processing, and selling on a runway at an opposite corner of the island. Prevent it from being slingloaded perhaps through a script, and maybe buff the cargo capacity of the Caesar to compensate. Should be a 45 minute run for at least 1.5 mill, maybe an expensive licence. Weed runs should be for newer rebels. Should be much shorter than it is currently, and maybe a slight buff in price, but near kavala so it’s still very risky. LSD runs should be very complicated. Maybe separate ingredients that need to be collected, maybe two illegal and one legal, that can then be combined at a lab for a very high reward but a long total run time. Meth should be extremely risky as it already it - obvious location with smoke alerting your position - but to make this used, the reward should be very large, instead of currently where it’s inexplicably worse than a legal diamond run. Right now people are used to the current economy, but it really makes no sense at all, and I’m sure some players who’ve been here a while who I’ve talked to preferred when drug runs actually made money and were viable, rather than now where diamonds and Poseidon weed are really the only things people do. It’s just a bit boring. The Pros: - Much more interesting money making - Helps to rejuvenate the currently dead rebel life - Robberies require more effort than just camping Poseidon drugdealer - More things for cops to do in Queensland The Cons: - Work for devs Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? I don't think so, it would make it harder to rob drugs but cops would also be in closer proximity to drug runs, rather than the occasional NCA presence. I guess it would also balance against Poseidon a little.
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    Have a great night everyone! Can honestly say rekindling my passion for arma 3, specifically RPUK has been one of the best things I've done this year amongst alot of negatives, this certainly has helped bring something positive back to me. Meeting new people and catching up with old friends has been amazing. Bringing back AEGIS has been great and reminds me of the good times when I joined the server five years ago. All the best to everyone in 2020 and stay safe tonight!
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    This will be in the next update, likely to be in the blackmarket but might move to hugo ross... we will see! Thanks for your hard work on this @Antollyme and well done on contributing to our mission file!
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    Please bring back the runs. +1
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    Yeah it's such a shame. Back in 2015-2017 it would be hard not to find a convoy of trucks doing drug runs. Nowadays you're lucky to find even 1 in the Queen's land. I feel like chasing down drug runners was a big part of enjoyable policing activities. You would have to gather intel, plan your next moves and chase the suspects and that was always quite enjoyable. Whatever changes rebels feel are needed to make the activity worth doing again on a regular basis I am in favour of.
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    Big shout out to everyone that boosted the discord server! We've managed to reach lvl 3 and have unlocked all the cool benefits! Make sure to use your discord nitro subscription to boost the RPUK server to get some cool extras for everyone and a few bits for yourself!
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    When passengers decamp from ifrits they don't decamp with gun out but hunters do.
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    I think what he means is so when you are in green zones or blue zones you can't use the full automatic rubbers. you should only use the pistol.
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    I'm going to support this suggestion. Recently in some situations we have taken trucks and helis back to NPAS and it gives rebels a chance to try and get it back and adds more RP. I'm sure this can be added by devs by quite simply only allowing people to scrap with windows key when inside a blue zone like how you can only send people to prison when at the HMP, so might not even require a new rule which will be nice.
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    If this was to be done there would have to be some sort of cool down on vehicles instead - maybe for vehicles over 5m when “scrapped”they just become inaccessible for different lengths of time. For example 5m=24hours, 10m=48hours 15mill=72hours ...25mill =120hours -this is based off of half price tho. that way a majority of vehicles will be lost for a significant length of time - prompting ppl to buy new ones if they want to do their runs, whilst not being gone forever this would also need to have a way of checking how long your vehicles are lost for - possibly a pad at Airport/NPAS/the p.d
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    Name of officer: Pc Xeulifer [3537] Time and date: 04/01/2020 approx 1400hrs Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: during the start of my robbery at Telos fuel armed police from the quick response unit came rushing in the hatchback sports colliding with the fuel station building then parked the vehicle in front of the building and upholstered their weapons and proceeded to rush in to the building without having any knowledge of a possible hostage that may have been in my possession i then proceeded to tell them to "get away from my car" with a response from a masked officer who at the time was taking his 5.56 AR off his back sprinting into the building saying "your in my fucking fuel station you idiot" with officers entering the building from the rear and front with rifles adding unnecessary tension to the situation and continuously telling them to "BACK OFF" with no response and the police officers acting very out of the ordinary for Altis police i slowly made my way to the rear door where two officers met me face to face both of us with weapons in hand where i will tell them "BACK OFF NOW" and a response from one officer who has just entered the building making a ghastly noise that i cant describe in words and another officer replying "OR ELSE" with being surrounded and police being overly aggressive and unable to make basic conversation i clime into my car to find a officer has placed himself in front of the vehicle preventing me from moving but with fear of my life and the lack of compliance with my demands i sped off doing my best to avoid the officer who has placed them self in harm way as i start to make my move the officers proceed to open fire on my vehicle with no word of warning as i straighten out i am hit with a number of bullet wounds knocking me out behind the wheel i wake up still in my seat with no officers around and lie there until help arrived What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: for the accident i suffered a punctured lung three broken ribs and lost feeling in my left arm costing me and my family more money to pay the medical bills and putting us in a deeper debt i feel the correct way to process the complaint is for compensation of £250,000 and dismissal of officers involved in the robbery to be demoted and put under direct supervision of higher ranking officers until deemed safe for returned service for the public of Altis and a reminder to all officers on how to act in a hostile environment. Evidence: GoPro Footage
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    I have heard a lot of shit come out of your keyboard over the years but this just tops it... Not only very naive and not thought through but what an insult to the development team, replace them with people who have more free time Our development apps have always been open so we can add to the team but people with more free time with the knowledge level and attributes required are far and few between, as for the rest of the bollocks here its completely off topic and nothing to do with what has been put forward Use these forums wisely and properly otherwise we will stop taking suggestions completely in the future, I championed the push to give people more input and this is really how its getting used ? This suggestion thread has run its course, the devs can see the number of votes and suggestions in it from people who actually want this They will decide if its something we proceed with.
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    Wow 4 years... some amount of time
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    To those who played RPUK on the second of the new year x3
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    Thank you! If your father wants a tour of another police station, you have my number.
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    My opinion is just revert it to how it was before modshop was a thing it was 10x better, no need to rethink anything just revert.
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    Provides me with tea +1 x @Nalurah
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    Dear @Nicolas Bourbaki The Police Complaints Commission has received your complaint against unknown officer. We aim to deal with this complaint within the next 48 hours. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Assistant Chief Constable Sciencefreak OOC: As pointed out there is no way you know the officers names within roleplay. As such, the PCC will be dealt with as if it was for an unknown officer as all information gathered must be within roleplay.
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    Get a carpet cleaner to complete the set up.
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    Gang Uniforms | Woodland Which Arma 3 Classname is your texture for: U_I_CombatUniform Explain your creation: Woodland camo with different colours intented for possible ganguniforms, can be turned into any color really. (Roughly 260 kb per texture) I am open to making changes based on popular feedback: Yes If successfully approved I confirm this texture will be exclusive to Roleplay.co.uk: Yes If successfully approved I confirm I will email this texture to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes
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    Just add 3 lines to it mate.
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    Christmas livestream at 9pm! Will be full of drinks and raiding pirate ships!
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    Maybe they're still there to this day... Who knows...
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    Sell all for all shops Brief Summary: I believe selling is the most tedious thing when it comes to the server, having to type the number you want to sell when its obvious you will want to sell all the items. with this feature it would allow players to have a more positive expirence when completeing their runs Detailed Suggestion: I belive that instead of having to type the number of item to sell there is a button for sell all so that we dont have to waste time selecting the amount we want to sell (Because 9/10 we want to sell all) The Pros: It will ease the selling expirence and allow players to have more awareness when selling The Cons: I cannot underline any, adding this feature will still allow the old method to be carried out but for the grinders we can get things done faster. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? i cannot think of a reason why it would under any circumstance
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    Found this in London the other day.