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    I accept that this is definitely a risky topic to approach and it is likely that this thread will turn to flame and so I urge people to avoid posting small one-liners and write detailed responses (not rants), to help this be a mature discussion and to walk away if things get heated, and would like to request that flame posts are removed to help this discussion to continue. Now, to begin. Over the past several months it seems there has been an increase in the bans of long-term players. Now I completely understand that some of these have been long-awaiting and much deserved, but others I have had some questions over. Several of these players have had multiple warnings, bans, and chances before and seemingly are not able to keep themselves within the rules; or simply do not care to try. Others though have had a clean record, do well to promote roleplay and hang-around with "good" groups of players. Some of these have been clear-cut rule breaks whilst others seem to be slip-ups that have resulted in a ban. My issue is primarily with the latter, although slightly with the former. Where is the loyalty when admins deal with such cases? It seems that newer players who haven't read the rules get away with rule breaks despite obvious direction to read the rules. I have no issue with this - but breaking the rules straight away is allowed yet breaking a rule after hundreds, even thousands of hours will land you a punishment? As a member of this community for over 3 years now I am constantly worried that a slight slip-up could tarnish my profile forever, and lead to harsh punishments instantly in the future as a result of it. The admin team seem to be more interested in 'making an example out of people', rather than treating them with fairness that they deserve from their past behaviour. I would like to think that my contributions to the server and other players have benefitted people; but I will still be banned over a bad word I might say in the heat of the moment to 'be made an example of'. After thousands of hours I will be treated worse than a brand new player, rather than being treated with any of the loyalty I feel I deserve. We are all human beings and we all make mistakes - but it feels that that is not an excuse anymore. Plenty of admins have had bans, warnings, or questionable situations in the past and I have no issue with that because we're humans.. but another player could do exactly the same and yet not get away with it. Of course, admins have been made examples of in the past... deliberate racism, exploiting - these have resulted in removal from the staff team but no other punishment and liberty to play on the server. But I could be permanently banned for less and never be able to play here again. Breaking a rule and saying "sorry I've been here for a long time" is not a reason not to be banned.. but one slip-up in thousands of hours of playtime is seemingly unacceptable. All I'm asking is that long-time players are treated with a little more respect and consideration of their loyalty. I fail to understand why I would be banned instantly, without even being talked to - for something a newer player would get away with a verbal warning for. This has been something I have wanted to ask for a long time, and is no way connected to today's events (I have not even been online). Thank you for reading and please keep responses constructive.
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    I cant see my nose. Can we please allow me to see my nose please. (FPS counter broken I don't get 9 frames in NPAS)
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    Can we change rule 4.7 to clear up some confusion and to make it more clear change from this (4.7) When joining the server, you cannot involve yourself in any ongoing gunfights involving your group/faction for 15 minutes. to this (4.7) When joining the server, you cannot involve yourself in any ongoing hostile situations (eg. RBA or a Robbery) involving your group/faction for 15 minutes.
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    Last 25 minutes before the restart in Friday Kavala never cease to amuse
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    [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED] Monthly Statistics June 25th - Present 2019 Over the Last 2 Months we have been tracking and logging our seizures of narcotics, firearms and vehicles being used for drug trafficking. With our focus on stopping the distribution of narcotics aswell as disrupting the manufacturing sites, Operation Javelin has been a success at piercing the bank accounts of hobos Highly trained rebels & Cartel Jobsworths. With all assets combined the National Crime Agency have seized an estimated £1,849,544,523 in total (Records started May 23rd). With NCA officers seizing an estimated £760,312,545 worth of assets in the last Month as of 25th July 2019. In total NCA have seized (Records started May 23rd 2019): Asset Seizures: 121 x HEMMT Boxes 7 x Mohawks 1 x Buzzard Jet 19 x Hurons 15 x Tarus 15 x Ifrits 2 x Hunters 22 x MH9 Helicopters 2 x Blackfish Transport VTOLs Firearm Seizures: 529 x Rifles (5.56 = 98 | 6.5 = 159 | 7.62 = 144 | 5.8mm and Others =128 ) 17 x Spar 16s Rifles 6 x Zafir 7.62 LMG's 18 x Mar 10 Rifles 4 x Lim 5.56 LMG 80 x 7.62 Suppressors 26 x LRPS 9 x ASP-1 KIR 12.7mm 19 x ASP-1 KIR 12.7 Magazines Item Seizures: £8,130,840 in cash 63 x Weapon Bags 479 Gold Bars 15 x Blasting Charges 23267 x High Grade Weed (Est Value @ £81,899,840.00 ) 4997 x High Grade cocaine (Est Value @ £19,583,243.00 ) 152 x LSD 134 X Blood Diamonds 325 x Heroin 432 x Uranium Aswell as other assorted Illegal contraband "you run the risk of NCA bumming you over each time you cross that south border!!!" Yours Sincerely, Director General of the National Crime Agency.
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    How has this turned into a debate about police and posiedon, it’s about rebel life
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): PC AJ [ 1799 ] Time and date of incident: 1500 5th Aug 2019 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: i was wrongfully killed at the check point near the airfield next to bustop 103 we was going from the airport to pick apples and as we passed the check point somone opened fire with no warning at all and shot and killed me. like this was a RDM server you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: i would like to be compensated for my loss of earning and my equipment 300,000 Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here: support picture taken below
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    This, precisely this. I cant say I always follow the rules, but I never do anything that would give me the upper hand. Anything I'd do would be harmless and usually gives people a laugh. If the rule break is harmless and the intention is to solve a problem or create a fun scenario, then a ban should be the last thing that pops up in the admins head when (s)he spectates it.
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    The Firearms Act Addressing shotguns Due to a recent surge in popularity, we have decided to make some amendments to the laws surrounding shotguns. It's important to note that while we do follow all UK laws as standard, some changes are made by the Altis Government in partnership with the police in order to ensure peace and prosperity to the citizens of the island. In the recent days we've seen boat loads of mainly 2 new shotgun types being shipped into the island along with plentiful ammo supplies. With the easy access of these shotguns many more people have come to acquire them and it appears they've been subject to misuse. With the rate of gas station robberies and muggings increasing at an alarming rate, we've decided to ban the ownership and use of any and all shotguns. Shown below are the two shotgun variants that appear to have been smuggled in, both of which now made illegal. If caught with a shotgun of any type or variation you are subject to the same punishment as would be faced if caught with any other illegal firearm. As always, officers of the APS work on a discretion basis and will take into account many other factors when issuing punishments. Both articles were found at a gang base which was raided by the police, many more similar firearms found in the wooden crates to the right. Signed, Deputy Chief Constable Gordon - Frontline Policing ℅ Police Command
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    Here is the trailer for the RPUK Summer Event. It is a zombie themed event and will take place sometime in August. Hope you enjoy! P.S This video was made by Jolly and was in no way created, endorsed or distributed by Lil Jeep a.k.a Jeep Triton
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    Full server reset. Money Runs Faction leaders
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    Its pretty straight forwards really make legal runs not worth it as it should be and make normal weed and cocain better in value maybe make it so its shifting between posideon weed and normal weed. That would make it so new players would attempt to do weed and cocain so cops can stop and rebels can rob
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    Shit rebel life wasn't as fancy as I remembered
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    and replaced me with spoon
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    When we in the police are using a wetsuit we cant escort people or drag them when they are down. Video of that we cant Escort under the water: https://plays.tv/video/5d34ee40a4a2e13dec/wetsuit-bug Video of that we cant drag downed guys under water: https://plays.tv/video/5d37a39fd9eabb9ef1/wetsuit-bug
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    Tracers are still free ^ Server-wide change intended to make tracers the default large capacity magazine, tracer variants replaced the non-tracer prices, with non-tracers being a higher price. The police price here follows that same intention and is essentially nothing compared to civ/poseidon price. Was part of a run through of mag prices that isn't finished and wasn't meant to be in yet, ended up in the hotfix since that was delayed.
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    Hello @Sunny, After a full investigation by the Altis police we can confirm you have committed acts of fraud against the people of Altis and taken part in highly illegal scams for personal gain. Following this you will be pursued by the National Crime Agency for arrest and any vehicles purchased with said money will be scrapped on sight. Have a good day
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    One word: Tractor Fat Load of memes and overall a really fun situation.
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    This sums up why rebel is dead, close the thread now.
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    I need help. I am being harassed by someone (irl) and I have found myself in a very difficult moral situation. It's complicated. If anyone has experienced something like this or would be willing to talk about it - it would mean the world. You can add me on my Discord or let me know in the comments. The reason for seeking anonymous online advice is to avoid worrying too many people and to prevent the issue from getting any larger. Don't worry tho, I have plenty of support! I just realise that I need to listen to the advice of others. Thank you! Haywire#5745
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    This is a very interestign topic, and my first thinking was to go the easy route, "Obviously if you've played a lot you should know the rules, that's why newer players get a chance where older more eperienced players wouldn't". But then you started talking abou the slip-ups and I agree with you. I have been here (on and off) since late 2016, that's a long time now and it means a lot of play time on the server. What are the chances that I over all these hours make a mistake, compared to someone who's only played 50 hours? It's rather big. This of course doesn't mean I should get away with everything and you certainly don't think so in your post either but just looking at this from a pure logical stand point, the more play time you have the bigger the chance that somewhere you will make or have made a mistake because you've had more chances where mistakes could've been made. Interesting points and well written!
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    I bet @Jaffa has been planning the moon removal for years to fulfil his dream.
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    haha the Maxims and Basits part is great
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    AR Saving the day as usual. Jason was hurt but it was only a very minor leg injury so don't worry
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    I wonder why most of the 'better shooters' are in a whitelisted faction
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    The OP literally says " discuss why you don't like rebel and features. " this is a valid discussion. 90% of the people i play with were or are Poseidon. And its well known that anyone who went to play rebel, went to poseidon. This is because rebel has no benefits. It needs cheaper stuff and better money, and Poseidon needs to look less appealing compared to rebel. Rebel is a very dynamic faction. It doesn't need " end-game content ", it needs other rebels to play so that rebels compete with eachother and cartels fight and make money. If a faction is more appealing and dries up the playerbase of rebel, then rebel will obviously seem bland with nothing to do. People also have to remember altis life isn't what it was. Traffic and playerbase isn't what it used to be in Arma 3 so mass rebels aren't going to log on. This isn't to do with server or the features in-game, devs here on roleplay uk and have done a very good job in that regard.
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    poseidon replaced by aliens????
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    I read the title really rather wrong......
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    oof https://plays.tv/video/5d3745749cf5d86881/ooof
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    Sneaky Beaky!! --------------------------------------- @baileyjhuss7 The NCA (National Crime Agency) & MI5 have access to unmarked vehicles and some other assets. The NCA use these to help crack down on serious organised crime such as Armed Robbery, Hostage taking, Money laundering, firearm & narcotics trafficking. We deploy these tactics alongside marked units or with marked officers to ensure that we dont look like crazy rebels! If you have any questions please pop me a message. You wont run into us that often as we are usually hidden and out of sight waiting for the right moment but know we are always watching...
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    It could be set up with points. 3 points is permanent ban. 2 is temporary. 1 is a warning. Then every 6months (however long) a point is wiped. This means players constantly breaking rules will be punished whereas the odd slip up now and again is ok.
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    Did you even read the post? and if anything my ban a while back disproves this more than anything, its literally a myth. get over it. (not trying to flame the post)
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    Your acting as if these things are still rare dude, we done need to find them, we make em instead!
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    Everyday theres a new beggar in town (or should i say on the forum) , buy your own shit thats half the fun.Whats the point of playing if everything is handed to you.
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    this seem like a good idea when everything is fixed or ready to be tested as you could always go back to having your old stuff if lots of people feel that the wipe was bad and would also allow other bug to be found with everyone trying everything and having a full server doing new things you are sure to find a few bugs that private testing could never find. and i would be fun seeing a server full of hobos.
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    I've made my fair share of comments here and i said i wouldn't, but i agree with everyone here except one major thing. Making new runs will NOT fix anything. As previously stated, it will be the exact same thing just in a new location. Runs will always be the same process/outcome. If you wanna mix up runs, make HEMMTS carry way more, so that people don't use Hurons and Tarus, and convoys are encouraged. Move the highest paying dealer to a hotspot, like old kavala church. Change the dyamnic market and the way it works, to again, encourage gang/faction convoys and operations.
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    I’m pretty sure most of AR died in this situation
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    Played arma in real life today, will try kavala tomorrow
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    Three Prowlers for sale. I have one lovely prowler obtained from the chief of AR many moons ago, one taken from NCA and the last one was kindly donated by Gold Command. Starting bid per individual vehicle: 500k Offer a buyout and I'll probably accept
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    If you already own all the DLC's and don't have Contact, just buy the Ultimate Bundle instead to save £5
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    Before you watch the video I would like you to read the list of apologies. List of apologies: The sound and video quality (phone) The weird "up my big nose" angle (it was on my desktop leaning against a coffee cup) The weird faces I make (concentrating) The mistakes (didn't practice) Unintentional changes in tempo (needs more practice) Every time the melody gets a bit bland or does not quite fit in with the chords (I mostly improvised the melody) Not dearing to go all out on the chorus (it's late and I don't live alone) Subpar lyrics (no excuse for this one, I'm just a bad lyricist) The mess (I'm messy) My hair (just how it looks) My painfully ugly teenstache (I'm out of shaving cream and it's too expensive) Potential spelling errors in the lyrics underneath the video Now that you have read all my apologies you are free to watch the video. All things considered I'm quite happy with it although it's no masterpiece. It was just meant to be fun and goofy song for me to play in Altis Life. I will happily take consctructive criticism, but please do consider that I wrote it just now in about 45 minutes, and it will be much better once I have played it a bit more. Thank you for your time! Lyrics: Verse Welcome to Altis where the sun is always shining, and the hobos always whining, and the citizens are mining their diamonds. If you run into the Poseidon cartel, just don't fuck with them and all will be well. When you go to the Kavala square, you can always be sure someone is there. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. The place where nothing is quite what it seems. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Come and experience the utmost extremes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet. Verse The community is simply uncontended, but if you do something bad you will be apprehended. The police here do care about you and me. They might even cure your hepatitis B. No actually that's probably a case for NHS, but I apologise, I digress. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can buy the very best ice creams. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can share all your favourite memes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet. Solo Verse If you fall from a mall don't be afraid, the NHS will come to your aid. They will help you with a smile. Perhaps chat for a while. They well keep you alive on this isle. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. The place where nothing is quite what it seems. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Come and experience the utmost extremes. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can buy the very best ice creams. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can share all your favourite memes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet.
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    Always gotta have your 2 pence in on every cop that gets recommended, you’re obviously not gonna get one your in a unit that specialises in killing people! Smh
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    Its a nice video but its ruined by the whole breaking of rules thing. (3.2) Out of Character Chat (OOC) interactions must be made over side chat. (4.1) Side Chat - Using intelligence gained on side chat to influence actions in game. Punishment is a kick/ban. I get where you are coming from no medics online , noone will save him BUT these rules are inplace and everyone must follow them no matter what the situation on the server is. Just because NHS is not on does not mean you get to choose how rules are interpreted.He should have died in all fairness since you would never have found him legitametly and thats fine its how the game works not everyone gets saved by the medics. Again try and stick to the rules no matter the situation its just going to get you in trouble otherwise.
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    Decent pack from humble bundle for Bohemia interactive https://www.humblebundle.com/games/bohemia-interactive-2019-bundle?linkID=&mcID=102:5d486ea095c46002079d469b:ot:59b2aa8766d5d92055b604fb:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019_08_06_bohemiainteractive2019_bundle&linkID=&utm_content=cta_button
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    I wish it had been made by jeep Jokes aside good work jolly
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    Wish I'd seen this half hour ago hahah
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