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    This is an intended Arma 3 mechanic and is completely counter-able - for one, I can only stay under for so long and have to go up for a while the longer I stay under giving you an opportunity to kill me. For two, you can use weaponry specifically designed to be used under water such as the SDAR. If Bohemia didn't want it this way it would have been out the game years ago. Hiding underneath the water is not an exploit - you yourself were hiding under the water when I was shooting you as you were swimming across to those rocks after you came up for a breath (shown in the video), were you exploiting? Or is it only exploiting because it happened to you? I don't really get it. You're hiding under the water after I shoot at you, I'm hiding in the water after I shoot at you - you're assuming that the interpretation of the rules is that one is allowed and the other isn't? It's literally just a tactic and isn't unfair at all considering the various counters to it. Not only that, but it is a very common tactic that I haven't seen anyone punished for in 3 years I've been here so I have no idea why there is a report up on this - when it happens to us we just have to find a way around it rather than putting a report up because we're annoyed at how they're outplaying us. Using your argument I could say someone sitting in a blackfish or an owned house is exploiting as I can't shoot him with my mk20; the counter is to use a different weapon that can penetrate through, or wait for him to expose himself, as would be the same in this situation. It's not rocket science. For another example it's not so different to someone back packing their weapon and us being unable to confirm whether or not they're involved in the situation - it's annoying but there are counters. y?
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    Hi there, Bit confused as to why this report was put up after our discussion in the liaison room, whereby I apologised for by poor flying and explained that I was attempting to avoid the Poseidon MH-9 from crashing deliberately into my rotors which caused the second collision which you said was fine and you would not be taking it any further, but alas; I was flying a Taru and received a call of distress from an officer on the ground, who was only a short distance away from where I was. I flew my Taru over to the situation and attempted a combat landing to allow officers on the bench to immediately jump off to attempt to aid Ponty, however, my landing was somewhat poor as it was too rushed for such a large, heavy vehicle and so I admit 100% fault for the collision which took place between the Taru as well as yourself and Ponty (which I apologised for in the liaison room, explaining I had not combat landed a Taru in a good while). In regards to the second collision, you can see my POV here: https://plays.tv/video/5cec4aadaf479e6f5a/mh9?from=user The Poseidon MH-9 attempted to hover above my Taru almost immediately after I landed, and a rather low-quality initiation came from a Poseidon member who was sprinting around in circles stating something along the lines of "if any of you pull a weapon you will be shot" I attempted to evade the low flying MH-9 as it seemed to me that bullets would start flying and the situation was clearly escalating. I misjudged how close the ground was, and was too focused on manoeuvring away from the MH-9 to the extent that I did not notice/realise I would hit people on the ground through moving my Taru backwards the way I did, and so, unfortunately, I hit both you and Ponty, killing you. After which, the MH-9 flew into my rotor blades deeming the Taru inoperable. After I realised I had hit you both I immediately apologised in-game and requested medics come to the area to provide first aid. (https://gyazo.com/1482f87fd54764073bf54d9804dfb6bc) I did not intend for any of the actions to happen, and acted accordingly in game by attempting to get medical attention for yourself, informing a Poseidon member who had loaded you into their vehicle that the nearest medic was at the South Checkpoint. Cheers, Shuttle
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    Poseidon Promotional Video The Poseidon promotion footage here, read by Raptor Poseidon, directed by Jeep Triton, Co-Written by Qrow Poseidon and featuring several unnamed members of Poseidon whom are now likely deceased due to our speedy turn-around around here. Poseidon, you’ll never want to leave!.. Because you’re dead. New baron Of Orion Since the last update a new Baron has been appointed for Orion. We would like to welcome Baron Simon Orion to the leadership of the Orion family. Despite being completely unheard of and unknown we are sure that Simon can’t be worse than Qrow Quad Bike Race As part of Poseidon's initiative to relieve stress from members hard days at work, we set up a large scale quad bike race from Pyrgos to Kavala. This race showcased the competitive nature that the families have between one another with many Poseidon members finding themselves laid up staring at the sky counting daisies. Altis Police force was happy to assist the Poseidon Cartel in this venture by rounding up all the lazy lay about Cartel Members and delivering them to one super safe and secure facility. There was some talk of terrorism and a charge, whatever that was about. Lobos Assemble Like the Avengers, except they have guns and are squishy flesh bags. So basically nothing like the Avengers. With the ever increasing threat from Police and rebels attempting to hinder our operations it was more apparent that we would need to invest in some higher security. With the leftover money seized from ‘Operation Sympathy for the Wanted’ and profits from our Casino, a shipment of weapons and clothes were smuggled into the country through one of our various routes. With this a new division of the Cartel was born. Lobos, which for all you indignant types basically means timber wolves. Much like timber wolves, they have yet to instil fear in local police forces. Poseidon Pawnee Come to fruition The Poseidon Pawnee, snuck in on the last delivery of new equipment to the Island. Raptor has coveted Poseidon’s only Pawnee and as such it is forever garaged in his house. Some strange writing has appeared on said Pawnee and Raptor himself hasn’t been seen for days. All hail the one Pawnee. The one to bind them. The one to rule them all. Poseidon Trucks Poseidon took one out of the police playbook here and blocked in a police car with some large trucks. Who says you can’t teach an old fish new tricks, learn by doing. That’s what we say. Drug Convoy As a Drug Cartel, Poseidon often conducts large scale drugs convoys. This is pretty obvious, but there it is. In this newsletter. Hi Mum, Hi Cops! We at Poseidon command would like to reiterate that kids buy drugs, drugs pay for guns, guns are loaded with bullets, and bullets kill people. Therefore the real killers here are the kids. Poseidon suggests an easy solution to this would be to put all of the kids in prison for 15 years and is our current Mayoral candidate policy. Casino being hit? The Poseidon Casino is rarely attacked these days, but we have encountered several visits from Ofcom regulation investigating our taxes and platinum quality. We haven’t heard back from the sampling office, if anyone could give us more information on Platinum Inspectors Inc. of 123 FakeKavala Street KV12 F4K3 that would be most appreciated by the brothers Poseidon. Slapped by the Sea Dogs… Again Poseidon’s Sea Dogs are proving to be effective as always in the fight against sea tyranny. Pictured below with yet another Speedboat Minigun to add to our growing collection. Soon Poseidon will be able to send its own fleet out. The Sea Dogs last venture in torture revealed that the Police have already started to name their boats after Orion and Triton. Presumably foreseeing their eventual theft and saving the cartel some time on the repainting. Rattus Norvegicus As part of the Cartels ‘Reach Out’ programme our sister company RatBusters undertook some contract work at the RBA International. The Altis Police Service were more than forthcoming in opening up the doors and letting us take the goods inside back to our secure depot. The Cartel appreciates you cooperation throughout this process. George finally reveals the Cash Many members of the Cartel may be wondering where some of the money that they have earned had gone. Finally George reveals the cash and there was let's say a rush to get it. George's Money Your faction will be gone in 6 months! The Police. 12 Months ago, June 2018. Happy Birthday Poseidon.
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    In-game Name Drex Steam ID 76561198035476840 The date of your ban. 20/05/19 Member of the team that banned you. Robbie Reason given for your ban. 5.4 Entering combat efter being revived The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was in a DMT with four other people, I had a 'duel' with one of them which I lost, after which I was revived. When I had been revived I told the guy that had shot me to "stick 'em up" as a joke, he then asks me "Oh, you want another go, do you!?" I reply with "Yes, yes I do..!" I assumed a position in the DMT, I didn't shoot as I tried to hide in order to "surprise-attack" my opponent with a knockout, but he saw me and I was killed again. After being revived a second time, I walk down the stairs of the DMT where I get shot at by the same person again, at which point I shoot back once more. Why should we unban you ? I can understand if there is an actual gunfight, where someone re-entering combat after being revived is an issue, however that is not what happened in this situation. Being revived and returning to a gunfight would obviously have an impact on the outcome of that fight, hence why I believe the rule is in place. There was no ongoing gunfight, there was no 'winning or losing' team, me participating in another duel after being revived had zero impact on the server. I think that placing a ban for breaking 5.4 in this case is a bit harsh, I've been a member of this community for four years with no bans on record, and wish to stay a member of this community. If it pleases staff team, I'd like to appeal the ban into a warning for 5.4 instead, due to the fact that it was a contained situation in a DMT with friends, it wasn't any form of malicious acts nor did it have any impact on roleplay. In the event of me being unbanned, I give you my word that I shall participate in no more 'defib-duels'. If there is anything you feel uncertain about, please ask and I'd be happy to answer, best regards Drex. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
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    After numerous complaints the staff team would like to make it clear that to run up to people and instantly restraining and unrestraining them (i.e. after rubbering them during gunfights) is considered fail RP. Restraining and unrestraining people must be done with high quality RP. Basically it's to stop people from abusing the restrain feature by running by and restraining or unrestraining 5 people in 2 seconds. There have been numerous complaints about it. Even something as simple as: "I am going to put you in restraints because you are deemed involved would be sufficient." Or anything along those lines, don't feel like you're limited to those sentences but be creative about it and provide roleplay. (I am going to beat you in facepalms now @DjHolyChirst I wish I could facepalm my own post, need to beat your score! Everyone thanks for the facepalms! <3)
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    Your In-game name SGT ShaunLAD [2660] Name of the player(s) you are reporting Jordan Naylor Orion Date of the incident 26/05/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 1530 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident So me and my officer SGT Hammah were in Poseidon lands in pursuit of 5 or 6 hemmets that were fleeing the scene at the drug dealer, while driving around trying to disable the hemmets I slow down as infront of us is water and hammah notify`s me that behind us wasn't police and that's when the guy jumps out as you can see clearly says nothing to us, we then proceed on and continue to try and locate the hemmets that we firstly initiated on, as we are driving away we start receiving shots and at first you can here me and hammah both think its a guy that has decamped a hemmet and starts trying to shoot back at us, I then spin the car around and start heading back towards where the shots were coming from so we could try and locate him and that's when we realise it wasn't the rebels shooting, it was indeed Poseidon that were shooting at us from the bench of a hummingbird, we realise this but we were too late to react and hammah was ripped out the car by Jordan Naylor Orion, I did not try and resolve this with Poseidon as I have been involved with a lot of liaisons with Jordan and it doesn't seem to go anywhere other than it getting hostile and arguments happen. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXLraPi2Mlo&feature=youtu.be This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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    Your In-game name SGT Josh Black Name of the player(s) you are reporting Butch Atlas Date of the incident 02/06/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 1500 What best describes this incident ? Poor/Low Quality RP Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident After a prior situation of MRAPS ramming each other resulting in a few downed people, I put the downed poseidon member in my vehicle to get him medical attention which was when Butch showed up and started to lockpick my police vehicle, I told him I would get the guy medical attention which was when he agreed and left. The poseidon member decided to bleed out and as he did butch returned and initiated on my tyres. I continued to drive away which indeed does put my life at risk however the video clearly shows Butch shot me out on purpose and then said "oops didn't see your tyres there". This is a short video I know, but this video is from the first moment I came in contact with butch and covers everything that happened with a minute. That's how poor the RP was he provided. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://youtu.be/CG8hrSRT0-w This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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    Thank you to all who donated to the British Heart Foundation charity drive I was doing this month as I well surpassed my initial £50 goal and hit a staggering £444 I am absolutely blown away. I know I shouldnt do this but I wanna say that @AlexRose very generously DOUBLED the donations today. Many many thanks.
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    Your In-game name CC Reminissions Name of the player(s) you are reporting DCC Gremlin Date of the incident 27/05/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 17:45 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident I was walking around in Athira when i see a fat unfit police officer attempting to chase a nimble hobo, he seemed to be breathing heavily and only just managed to bark out the order of "stop police then commenced to count down and fire upon him". the innocent Hobo dropped to the floor in an unfashionably unflattering manner. After several minutes the Officer managed to catch up to the downed Hobo and he knelt next to him and told him " chat shit get banged" and then ended the life of the poor Hobo. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.dropbox.com/s/4461ifrcjnmet2j/2.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ok61tg25nnnq207/1.mp4?dl=0 This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No as i was scarred for my life This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) No not in the slightest @Stavik has kindly agreed to look into on behalf of @CC Reminissions
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    Your In-game name Wiisy Atlas Name of the player(s) you are reporting CI Ant Arni Date of the incident 27/05/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 2100 What best describes this incident ? Glitcher Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident There is a gun fight between Police and Poseidon, one of their members (Ant Arni) was sitting in the water glitching/sharking. So in the video you can see him combat standing/crouching in the water so he cannot be shot and get an unfair advantage. At the end Ant Anri kills me, it's proof it is him. He does it several times during this video, he is clearly aware of what he is doing. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://plays.tv/video/5cec4a67e0fbc6137b/- This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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    @CSI Josh @CI Jordan Funny patrol this was not cried with laughter as much as we did
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    Hello @William Connolly! I was hoping that you would get in touch with me cause after the shooting when we wandered into the the roleplay of us wanting to contact the NHS you didn't seem very happy about this. I did try very low key to inform you on what and why, but you pressed the famous F button and not having any of it. Since i did not receive an attempt afterwards i pressed on with the patrol and didnt think of it later. It did cross my mind to have a chat but as a patrol are these days its from 1 situation to another. Initial chase was of course begun after we heard shots from that area the video starts, we have just left the AR HQ and going into our patrol pattern. One of our guys shoots pass you at the Athira t-junction this nearly causes an RTC but he then goes for the verbal and issue compliance. Now the speed demon wizzing past you the second time is me, at this point we have figured out that you are shooting for the border and we need to stop this. My patrol partner jumps out and fires a burst of rounds that quite clearly affect your ability to use the vehicle. Now you mention your buddy should start a timer, but i must inform you that that is a POLICE RULE. The only time we would break the guidelines is when certain criterias are met. As this point you are able and can return the hostility that we just sent your way. You jump out alongside your buddy. Me and my patrol partner went furhter down the road to cover the south "flank" and the video shows you pulling a weapon before running behind a building to heal. I see your friend injured with his weapon going towards a broken car. I was somewhat in the open so i pushed to the wall to hold both sides and let the others push up. Now i've seen him witha weapon but decided to hold any fire until we either could push up and get you to surrender. As you sit down and heal i am peeking that furthest corner down from there seeing you. I relay that you are healing and not having a weapon out. You run into the building also shown in the video, a few seconds later your friend still has his weapon out. We still dont have this completely under control i decided to take the shot. I push across to a building with a roof i can jump out on and see you, the weapon is pulled sitting at the corner, you are deemed a combatant and the shot is taken. You are aware of the fact you are able to shoot back. You are pulling weapons and you are about to return the hostility. It should have been expected.
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    04:00 Restart NHS N/A POLICE Added big red key @MrKraken Fixed stealth uniforms not working as expected @MrKraken Special unit spawn points added @DjHolyChirst POSEIDON Fixed stealth uniforms not working as expected @MrKraken OTHERS/ALL Added lottery system @sciencefreak74 @Jaffa Added missing base game textures for various vehicles @Jaffa Added tracker upgrade to helicopters and boats @sciencefreak74 Added vehicle registration to keychain @sciencefreak74 Added viper house search @DjHolyChirst Government austerity measures reversed (Fixed paychecks) @Jaffa Fixed magazine listing and added GL magazine listing in weapon shops @Jaffa Fixed a particular hummingbird skin erroneously getting benches without the upgrade @MrKraken Tweaked vehicle unflip forces, now scales with tilt of vehicle @Jaffa Tweaked vehicle unflip will now always flip away from the player allowing control of direction @Jaffa Fixed being able to speak in OOC/side channel with particular binds @Jaffa Fixed players sometimes being kicked when joining with global mobilisation enabled @Jaffa Fixed kicks for van beacons @Jaffa Changed Auction house payments now sent via Altis Post @Jaffa Fixed being able to add items to the auction house when it was full @Jaffa Fixed an exploit to gain items without paying @MrKraken Various security updates @Jaffa Misc staff tool changes @Jaffa @sciencefreak74
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    This is my personal opinion!! This situation of police being in ur lands so much is because of the state of the economy on the server. People make drug runs in the poseidon lands more and more recently due to how easy and how good the return is compared to the risk of doing a run in kavala. This therefore makes the police try and stop drug runs therefore coming to poseidon lands more and more as that's where the crimes are being committed. With how low risk poseidon drug runs are, it should be a lower reward compared to kavala like the old times on the server. This would therefore stop police coming to your lands so much as police would be doing what they are doing anyway which is trying to prevent drug trade in altis
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    Kind of seems like you are to be honest, but I'd happily try and answer some of your questions and concerns about Armed Response. I don't believe we always go around looking for trouble at all. Our job is mainly to react to various different situations and being in the right place at the right time is part of being able to do that. However, we do still need to uphold the law and when rebel gangs and the Cartel themselves are making millions in cash off of illegal drug fields on a daily basis, AR much like the rest of the police will step in to help bring it to a stop. I personally don't see you as a "powerful" drug cartel, no offense. If we see people doing illegal activities be it possession of an illegal firearm or drug-related criminal activity, we will not just sit by and neglect it. We are here to enforce the law, and at this current time, your border doesn't stop us doing that in my eyes. Just because you think there is no good reason doesn't necessarily mean that is true though. If we enter "Poseidon lands" we usually have an object or a reason to do so in most cases beforehand. We have our reasons, we don't have to disclose those reasons at the time, especially when we are met with hostility a lot of the time. I'd also like to say we do not necessarily consider them your lands, in my eyes, the whole island is classed as the Queen's Land and laws will be enforced wherever needed. I wouldn't say there was very little room to roleplay with us either. We are playing this server for roleplay and I'm sure not every Poseidon member thinks the same of us as you do, as I have had many good and enjoyable encounters with people from the Cartel. If we are in your lands we will always be up to talk about whatever is going on, just we are less likely to pull over when we are met with hostility off the bat out of fear for our own lives. Of course, they do. But could you go into this a bit more, please? We do not have any exemption from this. If you are saying we don't value life then I'd say you're mistaken. I feel like you imagine the whole situation wrong because you can't see the side of the Armed Response in situations, maybe some are out of your vision. However, there would very rarely be AR members surrounded and outnumbered by "countless" armed men without nearby backup or other officers close by to assist in a quick manner. If you are willing to kill people for the sake of a drug truck then maybe rethink your decisions and let us carry on with our police business. Well, I'm not sure why this is questioned like it doesn't really affect you in any way and seems like you're picking at things. People have to pass tests to be able to use certain weapons or even be a certain rank in the unit to get a weapon (Mar-10). If we are not geared then we cannot respond quickly to calls like you are suggesting? We don't exactly equipt to the best of our abilities whilst on normal patrol. There are limits on weaponry during standard AR patrol and it's not like we fly around with a Mar-10 looking for trouble. I'd also like to say just because our name has Response in it doesn't mean we just have to respond to situations, we are there to help other officers in less hostile situations and also police locations that need policing, such as your drug locations. Let's be realistic if our only purpose was to respond to calls we would probably be sat inside a Police HQ for most of our patrol. I hope I addressed most of your concerns if you need anything else let me know or pm me on Teamspeak and I'll be happy to respond. SI Jamie Chief of Armed Response
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    Looking at this from the point of view of the best whitelisted faction.. The Plebs.. The whole island is ran by the police, poseidon come and put down 2 dodgy little checkpoints which are basically useless. This does not mean the police should patrol these lands. However, of course there would not be "normal" patrols going over that way because like you said iggy, there is an increased risk for the standard officer with standard equipment. This means, of course you will encounter AR and ofcourse you will encounter NCA and that other unit maybe? Specialist... protection.. agency.. the bodyguard squad.. You are directly against the police as a poseidon member, you have come into the police controled island and fucked shit up, taking land, putting down drug fields and all having illegal equipment. You must be a certain level of crazy to think there should be a certain level of peace between the 2 factions. If police have special units on, they should be in poseidon land.. they should be taking your guns and they should be stopping people doing illegal activity. You say its just 1 truck doing weed... ITS THE POLICE JOB TO ENFORCE THE LAW. Damn, someone could be doing it in a hatchback sport and they should stop them and crush there shit. For someone to also say AR shouldnt havr high powered weapons but should pull out when needed.. its crazy. For someone to say a MK1 is better than a car95-1 on this server, is crazy. The guns a beast even in Steves hands (love ya steve) TLDR; Crime is a crime, police are doing there job. Big bad poseidon members getting annoyed at police doing there job, get a grip. Just the opinion of the Whitelisted Plebs where we love everyone equally
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    @ShaunLAD fuck me CAPTAIN PRICE BABY
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    To those whom it may concern, Thank-you both for your statements @Perspective & @ShaunLAD. After reviewing all of the information provided, the Police Complaints Commission has reached the following verdicts. The first element of the complaint I will deal with is the process of how you were detained. It's important to look at how these officers saw this from their point of view, the only facts which they would've been able to establish from their point of view in the helicopter would be that: You had a loaded firearm in your possession. It had been used to shoot another person. There was a possibility you were a danger to other members of the public and themselves. The officers acted as their training would dictate, act in a manner to dominate the situation both mentally, and tactically. Ensure the safety first and foremost of themselves and members of the public, alongside your own safety, and detain you in handcuffs as soon as is possible. This ensures that any threat is stopped and you are unable to cause any further harm, be it lawful, or unlawful. This was not the time to converse with the officers, you had been given strict direction for the above reasons, upon your arrest and when the officers are satisfied that there is no possibility of further harm is when it would be ideal to speak, i.e. when you arrived at Agios Police Station. The second element of your complaint is in how the officers handled the investigation of the crime afterwards. Attempted Murder is an offence which requires "intent to kill", the officers complied with the requirements of Section 24 of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act, to allow the prompt and effective investigation of the offence (Subsection 5, e), under having Reasonable grounds for suspecting you are guilty of it (Subsections 1, d & 3, b) and to stop the causing of physical injury to himself or another person (Subsection 5, c). The officers conducted the investigation into the crime both in the helicopter and at Agios Police Station. In using the defence to Attempted Murder of Self Defence, a person is allowed to use reasonable force to Defend himself from an attack Prevent an attack on another person Defend his property It must be proven to the officers that you thought "In the heat of the moment the defendant did what he honestly and instinctively thought was necessary then that would be strong evidence that only reasonable defensive action had been taken". There is no specific duty to retreat in law, however, it would be noted that "A demonstration by the defendant that at the time he did not want to fight is no doubt, the best evidence that he was acting reasonably and in good faith in self-defence". I note particularly that you did not retreat, but instead acted with aggression to protect yourself, and were actually the first to shoot. This is dealt with under the pre-emptive strike principle, in the "It is not absolutely necessary that the defendant is attacked first", “A man about to be attacked does not have to wait for his assailant to strike the first blow or fire the first shot; circumstances may justify a pre-emptive strike.” I'd like to specifically note that the material facts of what actually happened, are very different from those to which you provided the officers. At the time of the offence, it was stated: "Put your f****** hands up or I'm going to shoot you in the kneecap", you stated to the officers when asked "If he in any way threatened your life" that "he told me that he was going to knock me out", you also state that you believe that the person was "trying to rob me, or take me hostage". The defence of property using deadly force is very rarely acceptable, in this case particularly the only actual defence which the officer would likely have allowed would be that he was attempting to take you hostage. It's very lucky that with the statements you gave the officer that you were released with a £500 fixed penalty notice on the grounds of self-defence, had you provided an accurate statement upon your arrest, it is likely this issue would've been resolved with much less grief, and this PCC would not have been necessary. I accept that it is hard for you to make a perfectly accurate statement, however the exact wording, in this case, is paramount to your fair trial and sentencing. I'd suggest that in future, you attempt to gather the facts in your own mind before guessing at what the person said. Because of the above statements, my conclusions are as follows: The officers in question acted proportionately to the threat they had observed, in the best interests of the public. Your arrest was lawful under Section 24 of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act. You were released with a £500 fixed penalty notice on the grounds of Self Defence. As a general point of learning for all officers, it is important that all suspects, and victims of a crime, are questioned regarding the facts leading up to and including the offence being committed, this ensures a fair and just trial and sentence for all involved. This will be communicated to all officers via the relevant channels. No further action will be taken against the officers this PCC concerns. This complaint is now closed. Joseph Tadworth Chief Constable Altis Police Service
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    Hey you contacted me on teamspeak and closed the conversation off after I responded with no other response, so to be quite frank i'm quite surprised you've filed this report against me, but as you have I'm going to post a video from my perspective and give a response. Here is my perspective, so you can see clearly I give you a clear command to place your hands up, then after this I inform you that if you do not, you will be knocked out, after which you stand there turn around and do not respond to me, forcing me to knock you out and then place you in restraints. Personally I fail to see what I have done wrong here. Furthermore the reason why I acted hostile is you have just arrived at weed processor and I highly doubt you were just here to talk. There is also no requirement to be nice and chat to you. I gave you three opportunities to comply, the first where I asked you to put your hands on your head, then where I say if you don't comply you will be knocked out and then AGAIN where I say "If you don't fucking do it you will be knocked out" at which point you just stand still, turn away from me and ignore my request. You say that there were multiple people screaming things, but you were clearly aware of what was going on as you had looked at me, furthermore you can clearly hear the initiation in your video, so I'm going to presume it was audible.
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    Whats the deal with these petty hobo reports as of late? If you didn't want to get executed simon offers you the chance and when you are given the ultimatum you respond with ''Thats fine''. Stop promoting this ''Rule playing'' what i know isnt you @Imstyle, we're here to have fun and seeing revenge reports like this is just disappointing.
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    I've taken the time to review your evidence and the comments above. A chase is started, you are informed by the officer that your tyres will be fired upon if you do not stop, you accept this risk and the chase continues. Shots are fired shortly afterwards (the references in the clip to the 'three minute rule' is a police rule and not relevant to this report) and you eventually lose a wheel and decamp from the car. At which point you pull your weapons and prepare to return fire (as confirmed by the words spoken within your verbal communications). it is the accepted common sense ruling that if fired upon as part of a vehicle chase, the occupants are free to return fire. At the point that it becomes clear that the vehicle occupants are about to return fire, those who fired the initial shots are well within their rights to defend themselves and fire upon the individuals. RP should always come first but it was very clear your intentions were to shoot back and you confirm this yourselves. Stavik has stated correctly that by leaving the car, pulling weapons and taking cover the officers can assume they are about to receive shots and have acted accordingly. We're into the realm of in-depth technicalities but the final statement is: RP always comes first, the opportunity for the officers to RP with you further after they disabled your vehicle was denied the moment you exited the vehicle, pulled weapons and prepared to shoot upon the first officer you saw. No further Action, report declined
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    Hello Sir... This Chief Inspector Stavik within the Road Traffic Unit and my badge number is indeed 5958. Are you a relative to the owner of this bodycam footage ? Last report of that situation suggested was that 2 suspects passed away on scene and an officer got executed by either your relative or a third suspect. We managed to give critical medical assistance to a third man but we do not have the identity of that man. Still recovering from two of the gunshots to my lower abdomen and left shoulder im in pain but i can handle it. (Not my first time being shot) Onwards to the situation, this is from my documentation that was done verbally at Athira Hospital after the intial surgery. Officers in the patrol will remain unnamed pending the intial murder investigation. (Relatives have been contacted). This is only snippets form the initial situation. Incident Log: 22/05/2039 19:50 Robbery / Code Zero / Active Shooting Myself and my other colleagues where leaving the Patrol Area around Athira heading Agios Way. Just before the T- Junction Leading either to Telos or Agios we encountered a HMMT Box with a man in restraints. When we got closer we saw multiple armed men, all the same hight and with weapons in the caliber from 6.5 upwards to 7.62. Situation as we were talking to the civilian ended up being rather calm as we tried to get their stories out. Civilian assured us that these had simply pulled him over for a check. This then calmed it for us as he was released and he was given the goahead to leave. This is when 1 of 3 suspects approched us talking jibberish about taking our weapons. Me being a Police Officer for quite some time now my spidey sense were tingeling. Code Zero was broadcasted over net. (Code Zero for us means: Urgent assistance required) Me instructing the suspect to stand down and suspect not complying forced my hand to use my MMA training to tackle him to the floor and restrain him. When trying to secure the suspect i myself got shot once, then the second time. I went down. I must have passed out a tad bit as when i was laying down i saw my 2nd officer fall to the ground cause of gunshots. She immediately passed out. I woke up to a hail of bullets of wich i can only presum was my 3rd officer fight for his life against a mulitude of armed suspects. After this i finally woke up and with quite abit of adrenaline pumping in my body i did indeed say this, but my thought a distraction until my last breath would only benefit officers responding. After Officers secured the area we got transported to NPAS for medical assistance.... Now lets break down your claim here: I did indeed say these things but it was simply a distraction. The meaning of what i said is more like this: "fat little shit" - I will correct myself and i would rather say in the future more in the lines of: You sir are morbidly obese. "im gonna make sure your family gets killed by the police" - This is actually me assuming that your relative would be coward enough to take HIS own family as a hostage forcing Police into the unavoidable chance of an exchange of gunfire that would in turn maybe wound or kill them. Understand what i mean, not what i say.. My mind and body was simply responding to the stress of fighting for my life. This is not an excuse of what i said ofcourse so i will take any punishment that Gold Command have with "open" arms and take it to heart. Also my condolences for the loss of your relative but my heart and mind is with the family with the officer that got brutally murdered by your relatives little gang. When Gold Command reads this i would also recommend my fellow officer that died in the line of duty protecting the values of life that we have to be remembered and commended for his bravery.
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    Your In-game name Longjohnsilvernospaces Name of the player(s) you are reporting Jeep - Simon Orion Date of the incident 02/06/19 Time of the incident (GMT) 2020 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident so i decided to try to sneak into posisedon base to listen to the meeting - managed to hear abit and noticed a member walking up to me - got in my car drove to the gate - jumped out opened the gate - then someone jumped in my car - { a posedion gentleman as a civ } - after driving out the base, i locked him in - then he drove around pygros and then took me back to the base - this is were the video begins - i had a feeling i knew what was about to happen - but hoped they wouldnt be that foolish - anyway the first rule break is simon orion {the baron} as a civ in a purple zone threatening my life - when i refuse to let simon out of the car simon went and got another member to shoot me out the car because he knew he couldnt because he was a civ jeep shot me and the other guy The rules that are broken here are Jeep (6.4.1) You must not attempt to kill anyone in a purple zone. This rule does not apply to staged executions performed by Poseidon. Simon Orion (1.8) Forcing or encouraging another member of the community to break a rule is punishable by a ban i tried to speak to simon but he was very cocky and didn't feel he was wrong - i tried to speak to jeep but he wasn't online they tried to state the reason this is allowed is because its a "staged execution - which is completely wrong- staged execution is like having a person/group of people against a wall - issued there last rights - then shot - what happened to me - was that i was shot because i refused to follow there instructions Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://streamable.com/p5i3i This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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    Dear @Bowen The police complaints commission has come to the following conclusion: Should you expect respect given towards yourself then you should give respect to others, the videos provided do indeed show that the officer in question attempted to calm the situation down and reminded you to take a step back and be careful what you say. After this, the entire situation has a snowball effect of petty comments from both sides, which again brings in that if you want respect you give respect. In the future, I would recommend a different approach to people should you wish them to give you respect. The officer in question, SGT Aplexity 6707, will be receiving a disciplinary conversation with a member of Gold Command for his attitude, providing a false name and taking a ride along by himself, after he will be advised on how he could have approached this differently. Best Regards, Assistant Chief Constable Shepherd.
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    JUNEE THIRDDD Big shout out to the boy @Robert R for joining the Military today. See ya in 3 months man Gonna miss the: https://plays.tv/video/5cf56d30d2525d1cff YOOO WHATUUPPPP
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    Hey, Thanks for posting this - it further reinforces my point that I was too focused on the hummingbird and attempting to evade it that I was unaware of how my Taru had hit people on the ground - I only realised that I had hit people after I got out of the helicopter cockpit, as it was unintentional. I will not be further commenting/posting on this report unless requested to do so by staff. Cheers, Shuttle
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    Always when im in poseidon lands (and out) they always do good roleplay and its always funny with them i couldn't pick anyone from poseidon because they're all good so keep up the good work and get the border hoppers! (Overal expierence) But from today i want to thank @Jordan Orion (his ingame name is jordan naylor orion so i assume this is the right one) for the roleplay today about the selfdriving car event i found it good roleplay and funny at the same time good up the good work Jordan
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    You know what, I couldn't agree with you anymore mate. You have the support of the plebs. +1
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    ''A night to remember'' @George-Harris @RaptorAM
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    The fuck you keep facepalming my stuff for... After a scrap are ya? Helping the hobos out aint i.. ill help you aswell if you need any advice.
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    I recorded a New Cover! Have a listen!
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    THE RESULTS! What an event! Was absolute mayhem but hopefully enjoyable for most. We did unfortunately have to Disqualify one of the teams due to their extremely poor behavior however I am pleased to announce the following! 1st Place: (Presidential Hire Taxi Services) Simen Tuna Qrow Wiisy Simon DJ Joshua Butch George Harris Slawek JOINT 2nd Place: (POGGGGG & Meme Team) Meme Team: Kai Hawk Charlie Papa Smurf Ciska JOK3R EddyLane AJ Joseph Lou Cheng POGGGGG: Hammah Jamie ShaunLAD Reiss Ant Arni Delta Ponty Eemil Jordy Josh Black All monetary prizes should be in your bank accounts by 8:00 PM tonight, if it isn't, let me know!
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    Hello there, once again! Today, Me and my associate were charged with attempted robbery in poseidon lands. We were taken to court, and had a trial including a jury, the highest judge & an eye witness. The case was thoroughly investigated, and justice was served in the end. Nontheless, The roleplay in this scenario was phenomenal! I wanted to dearly thank everyone involved for an interesting, unique roleplay scenario which was enjoyable for all parts. I have chopped the situation down to a 15 minute video, for anyone who is interested in the situation. Video can be found Here Thank you for an incredible scenario!
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    Secret to why rebel life is dead.... = WP
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    CAR 95 - Supressor - DMS
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    There's a reason why you're still PC. Its cause you're a shit one. L2p.
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    or the ones that have this trouble...
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    There have been some interpretation issues in regards to this issue right here but as some might know, in the past people have been warned. After consulting with our Development team we are classing this as glitching. What was utilised in this one was the combat stances. Forcing your body under the water comepletely when not in the swimming animation is regarded glitching. This can be done without realising so i urge people when encountering these rather rare situations to atleast talk to the guy. This time it was not a mistake as per explanation in the defence and we are dealing with it as such. @Ant Arni You have an interesting history. But since this now set a precedent in terms how we deal with these cases a warning for 2.4 will be put on you. Because of your rather colorful history throughout 2018 this will also be a FINAL WARNING. For any rulebreak in the future a permanent ban will be issued.
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    How the cops pull up to weed processor @LiL Jeep work your magic?
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    I ran out of fuel in a police chase... enjoy watching: Excellent police work of CSI DAN Barretto [9632], who did not act like a rambo, so we could keep the roleplay going. I also think that he was polite, descalted and tried to talk me out of it in a convincing manner. I had a lot of fun in the chase, thank you! @PyroPlayzStuff @CSI Dan B
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    SGT Trisha, thank you for you bravery against all odds. You sacrificed yourself so that others may live. Thank you.
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): CI Stavik [5958] Time and date of incident: Time : 19:47 Date : 22/05/19 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: After a brief encounter with a couple of police officers we followed our rebel brains, we shot and injured 3 officers one being INS Stavik whilst he was lay on the floor slowly bleeding out we reassured him no more harm will come to him he then said to us "im gonna make sure your family gets killed by the police" also "fat little shit" The second rule of the Police Ethics is 2.1 According to this standard you must: • carry out your role and responsibilities in an efficient, diligent and professional manner • avoid any behaviour that might impair your effectiveness or damage either your own reputation or that of policing • ensure your behaviour and language could not reasonably be perceived to be abusive, oppressive, harassing, bullying, victimising or offensive by the public or your policing colleagues. 1.4.4 All police personnel in leadership roles are critical role models. The right leadership will encourage ethical behaviour. Those who are valued, listened to and well led are likely to feel a greater sense of belonging, and so be more likely to take pride in their work and act with integrity. I believe this basic rule of the police force has been severely damaged by the Inspector and the reputation and view of the police have been affected by those that have seen the footage. As an inspector I would have expected him to be a role model to other officers in the force if they believe they can threaten and bully civilians I don't know what would happen to the police force What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: To have his employment as an Altis police force officer terminated due to me being afraid that other officers may believe they can get away with this disgusting conduct with no repercussions. Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:
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    Little man getting big, 6 months allready
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    Dear @Mr Maxim I'm sorry to inform you that according to (Police Complaints Procedure) you need to submit the complaint against the officer within 24h. Incident Date - 22/05/2019 Complaint Date - 24/05/2019 Decision : PCC DENIED Kind regards,  Assistant Chief Constable Deathstroke
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