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    After weeks of crashes and rages my little project is finally done, i hope you guys will enjoy it on the pain and misery it was made upon. Please note to POLICE COMMAND that all these clips were recorded pre-banning use of civilian clothing so don't punish me or my fellow officers... also note that some of the clips are scripted and approved by @DCC Ponty, if you have issues, he will happily sit in the liaison with you for 5 hours and listen to your whining. Please note to STAFF COMMAND what ever rule i broke in this movie, it wasn't me... you got no proof! Enjoy gents. Music used: Rev Theory - Hell Yeah Army of the Pharaohs "God Particle" Waterflame - Glorious morning The Offspring - Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell
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    @Brick - with respect, I do not feel it is your job to make statements outlining what is expected of a senior police officer, nor is it helpful to this discussion. Best to leave that to the police team, I think. I believe the point that Sassy is trying to make is that he feels the punishment does not fit the crime - and I must say that having looked at the evidence, I agree that his sentence seems rather excessive, when compared to other police-officer transgressions in the past that have been much less harshly treated. I would - for the time being - ignore Sassy's comments about your evidence, other than the recognition that all that exists is a TS convo, which can be read in one's head in a variety of voices - some damning, some not. This isn't about you. Nor is it really about Sassy trying to suggest that 'nothing happened' or that he's not guilty of anything. It's about someone trying to understand why his punishment is so severe, given the relatively small scale of the crime, and the total lack of any really significant outcome as a result of this conduct, which, per se, is not even a breach of police-rules, given the ranking powers of a DNPAS. At worst, imho, Sassy is guilty of responding rather cheekily to a member of the public who has seen fit to stick his nose into police business and become a bit of a 'lawyer'. I've seen RL coppers be a lot, LOT harder on pavement know-it-alls than that, tbh! I think Sassy is entitled to at least ask the question whether there is a hidden subtext that's not been made known to him (or which may even have been made but ignored or forgotten by him). It's probably best that you let him ask it, and let the appropriate commanders handle the justice, and make known the police constabulary's viewpoints on things. Not really your job, and you've already achieved your recommended outcome of having his career placed quite heavily on the skids. I think your work is done here, don't you?
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    Appeals Form I am writing to you to appeal my removal from rank as a police officer and my removal from DNPAS. I would like to prove my point by bringing forward evidence and making a point that my punishment I feel does not suit the crime I committed. (Sending an invalid ATC message) What is Gross Misconduct? · Being reckless is the field of duty. · Being corrupt and breaking rules. · Causing fear and alarm to others. · Creating situations which can be seen as problematic for the police. I would like to point out that during my PCC that there was no valid video evidence of anything that I had done and your judgement on me was purely based on my word against his. Secondly I would also like to point out that my punishment although there was evidence of my ATC is a very minor offence. No one was hurt in the field and I there was no injustice done towards Mr Brick other than I gave him a heated response to his otherwise questionable comment. Why I believe there is an injustice? · Based on evidence · Based on past PCC’s. · Based on past punishments. · Based on my conduct within the police for the last year and a half. Based from other officers who have been PCC’d let us point back to when Dan Barretto a great SI at the time mowed down a gang of rebels using lethal rounds instead of rubbers. His punishment PCSO for 2 weeks and demoted to CI this was clearly a worst crime than I committed due to loss of life. Another case when Police seniors have been rude to other people is the case of good old DI Ragion who was forever being reported for his interactions with UNMC members. Nothing ever happened to him until he was caught using his restraints to glitch people through a wall. A certain DCC who played an inappropriate soundboard during a live twitch stream his punishment PCSO For a week. A certain CSI who called someone a bitch and was removed from the island … no punishment. Do you start to see where my problem is with this punishment? I have been given the full extent of punishment from police command either because my face doesn’t fit or I am not a member of your circle. My dedication to the police force and the work I have put in as DNPAS and as SI within academy and regarding the fact I have never received a warning point nor been punished for anything within a year and a half service feel that this punishment is questionable. Do police command want rid of me or are they just looking to set an example of me based from and ATC warning. I guarantee if I was to start a petition to have me reinstated I could get the signatures of more than 200 members of Altis Police who would say I have been treated poorly by police command. Based on the fact there is very little to very poor evidence and such a major punishment for someone who was at my stature within the police force. I would like command to review all evidence against me and to be honest with me why such a punishment was really given to me. If I have done anything to cause dislike towards myself by police command and this is the primary reason for this punishment I would like to apologise and would like to try and repair this. The problem I have is if I am unaware of any issues between myself and police command no one has made me aware of it. I am not by any means trying to justify my actions but I have strictly followed the rules of this faction from the day I started in December 2016. I have a great standing with members of my constabulary and they will all vouch for me as a command member. I have not been given the time to patrol as often as possible and this has tainted my ability in knowing the correct procedure on sending out an ATC something I feel can be solved by giving me simple retraining. The Ghost hawk I have been DNPAS for next to 4 months and a CFI for 4 months and my understanding of the handbook as it is clearly stated. NPAS rules can be altered by anyone DNPAS+ or ACC+ for this reason it clearly states in the NPAS handbook and have always used this at my discretion. I feel that landing a Ghosthawk at Kavala PD is a minor offence and to ensure safety of the vehicle when being almost rammed by jets is in fact a great judgement and would not change anything with what I did. I would like to point out that everyone makes mistakes once and a while and although some form of punishment should be handed out even a warning would have been a more reasonable punishment. I feel that Police command have been waiting for me to slip up to get rid of me from my command roles. I urge you to reconsider and state how damaging this would be to both NPAS and Academy due to the nature of the work I have conducted for both factions over my time period here. I don’t want to feel like all my work I have done has been for nothing and would like you to consider this appeal once more and actually review the evidence. Once again I feel that I’m extremely approachable and if no one has come to me before with an issue then how am I supposed to fix the problems with my conduct in the police. I assumed that being a command member there job would be to mentor me in conducting myself and instead of me being moulded into a great officer they have taken the easier option into destroying my career with the police force. Based on the evidence the rules I have broken are: · Sending an invalid ATC message. · Having a minor heated discussion with a member of the public. Firstly there is no evidence of any prior interactions between me and Mr Brick his evidence I believe is poor and shows nothing of the actual way I conduct myself and represent the police force. The ATC message I take full responsibility for but believe it to be a minor offence. Please reconsider otherwise I feel you will just be ruining the career of a very promising officer who has done nothing but show extreme loyalty to you. Regards SGT Sassy [AC911] @CC Aiden @CC Joseph Tadworth @Dredd the Destroyer @DCC Ponty @DCC Coozer @Curley @ACC Ruthless
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    Good afternoon all! Welcome to a server event hosted by the Original Gangstas! Event time : Friday 4th May - 8:30pm GMT (Server time) Event details : Please comment down below if you're interested so we can get an idea on the amount of people we should be expecting! Credit goes to @Maik for the beautiful documents and to @OG Bosh, @YoCo, @Simen and @PC Maverick for helping me with the idea. Thanks also to @Nalurah for assisting with the event adding an interesting twist! If any more admins would like to attend to patrol then by all means do! Any questions or comments, let me know. DISCLAIMER : All server rules still apply. High quality roleplay is expected, and force isn't the only way to acquire the weapons!
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    Condolences to the family @Dodgy Dave
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    @S A L V i'm sorry
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    You do not know how close I was.... literally it was good timing that door opening!
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    Take some notes people, it's about to get real important. (They never did catch me but i had to run to Lakka fuel like this which took me a good couple of minutes..) /Yah boi, Jeep.
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    First day of Exams for my daughter. Unfortunately she woke up and said she was sick. Lucky for us we have a Army Doctor living next door. Diagnosis, no internet for the duration of her exams.
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    So at 38 years old (when I run) I am finally going to try something I have never done before. Hope I win the ballot!
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    I think the real reasoning behind this report is not about the Ghosthawk is it but more to do with the fact that your friends Huron got scrapped and you want revenge.
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    happy birthday to me happy birthday to me i neeeeeeeeeed more likes happy birthday to me!
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    Stealthy - ty for the pic @OG Jon Snow
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    OG after these successful HMs
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    While I have no problem with Sassy appealing, I would respectfully disagree that I should not be able to state my opinion about a situation which was brought to the police's attention by me, after he recommended me to do so. In the end this is posted in the public information section. Regarding the TS convo my original intention was to post those first two lines, then a third about why I felt his behavior was inappropriate. Frankly I was expecting it to be at least a few minutes before he replied, and it is unfortunate that the conversation go the way it did. I will apologise in advance if I am taking your response the wrong way, but it seems as if you feel I am simply trying to cause drama, which is not the case. If you think my work here was simply to get an officer into trouble, you are mistaken. I simply wish to bring light to issues that otherwise seem to be completely ignored. It seems like a lot of officers are only sorry when they are caught, but catching them is made almost impossible. Their vehicles, weapons, etc, are all free and unlimited. As a rebel you trust that when you see them in an expensive/large vehicle or carrying a big weapon that they have permission to do so, because unless you have access to the timesheets then you have no way to verify it. In a perfect world I would not have to stick my nose into police business, but given the amount of corruption, arrogance, and downright poor RP I have experienced in the few weeks I have been back, I feel like I should be able to have my say on an issue that effects everyone. If you think I should have that say somewhere else then I would love to know where, but it seems like every time a rebel tries to bring such a situation to everyone's attention it is swept under the rug.
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    As I sent the first ATC I believe it is my duty to help you understand the situation better. I did sent out an ATC saying "Any aircraft around Kavala Drug Dealer leave the area or you will be disabled. This is your only warning" as there was 2 hummingbirds hovering in an on-going investigation into a Huron possibly containing a large amount of drugs (Amount is not to be disclosed to civilians such as yourself). Now there was also another Jet flying around which may have been a different person to yourself however that Jet did get the ATC announcement but decided to fly way too low over the drug dealer anyway. If you were not in this particular Jet then this is irrelevant. We then saw another Jet coming in breaking ALL KINDS of aviation laws flying way to low (If this yourself hand yourself into Kavala Police Station as soon as possible or face arrest in the foreseeable future). Now both Jets were flying around the Ghost Hawk aircraft almost "tempting it" or to me anyway who was sat on a hill scouting for my officers looking for some kind of fight instead of flying away which was instructed for you to do. You were in either one of these Jets however both of them were flying recklessly way too close to other aircraft and not leaving the area when instructed to. As for the officers actions I cannot speak for however this is my view of the situation and the ATC's that were sent out during the Operation at Kavala Drug Dealer. Here is my proof in the radio channel of my ATC being sent: https://imgur.com/a/k4N0JJC I'm sorry for the traumatic experience you have endured over these past few hours however what I would advise for you to do in the future is to abide by ATC Announcements (Even if incorrect, you can bring that up with the officer involved) and leave the airspace to avoid confusion and possible misfire from officers. Have a lovely day, Chief Inspector Benjamin
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    Dear @Brick After a review by Chief Constable Dredd and myself, we have concluded that @Sassy has breached the ATC Messages rule, shown below; ATC Messages (rule) 1 ATC message must be sent clearly indicating the target and stating an intention to fire upon the helicopter followed by enough time to comply with said message.When issuing ATC messages to unknown or foreign helicopters, you must follow the following procedure; First ATC: The first ATC must only contain the request you wish the aircraft to follow. Example: White MH-9 above Kavala Drug Dealer, please vacate the Airspace, you are interfering with ongoing Police Operations. Second ATC: The second ATC, if the original message is not adhered to, you can then issue your request again along with an ultimatum. Example: White MH-9 above Kavala Drug Dealer, please vacate the Airspace otherwise you will be shot down. This is because you are interfering with ongoing Police Operations. During a point that your life is in immediate danger, you are allowed to skip the first ATC message, going straight to an ultimatum, as you are valuing your life due to that aircraft possibly being involved. On top of this, Superintendent Sassy has shown complete lack of professionalism, in both his initial conversation with you and then the comments that are shown on this PCC. Not to mention his arrogance regarding his DNPAS position. Under the belief that because he is able to break NPAS rules, that he can do so when he feels like it. This is not the case, NPAS rules should only be breached when absolutely necessary, and must be justified to Police Command if questioned. With regards to the situation at hand involving the deployment of the Ghosthawk, NPAS rules have been breached as the Ghosthawk was landed at Kavala without good reason. The Ghosthawk resides in a permanent hangar at NPAS HQ and is not to be retrieved or landed at Kavala PD. In conclusion, Sassy, you have proven you are unable to act accordingly in the public eye, showing you are unable to facilitate a command position. You will be issued 1 warning point on your record lasting 3 months from today (Ending 24/07/18) You are to be stripped of your DNPAS role within NPAS, reduced to Tier 1, having to work your way back up through the ranking structure. You will be demoted from Superintendent to Sergeant for 1 month (Ending on the 23/05/18) at which point you will be put back as a Chief Inspector. You are a good lad Sassy and a good officer and I thank you for acknowledging your mistake and swallowing your pride to apologise to Brick for your misconduct, however, we cannot let this slide. In a command position, you will always be watched and scrutinised, so it is up to you to maintain professionalism at all times. Finally, as a note to all officers, ensure you are issuing ATC's correctly with the guideline supplied in the Police Handbook. You MUST specify your target when issuing ATC's. Failure to do so will result in warning points being handed out. PCC Closed. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Constable Ponty
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    Hello, I'm back with some photos of the EMS of the island. I would like to thank PAR. @A N D Y and STU. @hera for making this possible. Here we can see a "mermaid" getting his leg fixed after an accident Terrible vehicle accident on the main road going toward Kavala, we can see a man that lost both of his legs! Remember kids, don't go over the speed limits After saving some lives you need to have some fun no? Hobbyist mechanic had a car fell on himself while performing ordinary maintenance, fortunately the NHS is always there to help. Remember to call an ARAC certified mechanic if you don't feel comfortable doing this kind of labor. Kavala's streets sometimes becomes like a war zone, especially when someone decide to use his car as a bomb. There were at least 10 downed citizens on the streets near the bridge, unfortunately not everyone made it... One of the many car crashes that happened that day, I could hear the radio of the medic going crazy with activity.But after taking this photo I decided I had seen enough dismembered bodies and got back to the station. But a question remains, what's the deal with all of this purposefully made explosions? We still don't know, in the mean time stay safe. For now it's all, Davide Panizza, AAN, Kavala. If someone from the Police, NHS, or any gang would like to do something more organized feel free to PM me on the forum.
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    Looks like that’s 4 years on the forums. Giggedy giggedy goo!
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    Thank you to everyone who can and watched my stream. Will have a little tweak with a few things. Maybe do it again later.
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