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    20:00 Restart NHS: Carryall Backpack added and made invisible (An alternative to the Messenger bag) @DjHolyChirst POLICE: Added Van to vehicle garage (UCP) @DjHolyChirst Added Rangemaster Belt to clothing (UCP) @Fallen Added Sand NightVision to clothing (UCP) @Fallen Kavala Police Station partial redesign, cell area moved and other small details tweaked @CC Joseph Tadworth Added railing to stairs at Athira PD to prevent death @DjHolyChirst Removed goalposts at Agios PD, large vehicles can now spawn @DjHolyChirst Police Tear Gas added for AR (Hand Version for now) @DjHolyChirst Police Spikestrip now only spikes once it is passed over not within 10m @DjHolyChirst UNMC Gas Mask added to stores @DjHolyChirst OTHERS: Fuelstation Presco's Express Added @DjHolyChirst TCK Garage fixed @DjHolyChirst Gas Mask added to rebel store @DjHolyChirst Jet Fuel now refuels air vehicles @DjHolyChirst Lock-picking sound re-enabled @DjHolyChirst Weapon switching exploit fixed, (temp) will need to be reworked @Fallen Anti-Rad suit now forces you to walk when wearing it @Fallen Fix Uniform button now added to Y menu @Fallen Toggle Invisable backpack locally on (6) menu @Fallen GPS added to rebel outpost shops @Fallen Kavala garage spawn fixed, vehicles shouldn't get stuck anymore @Fallen Updates So as you can see by the changelog's this is rather small mostly fixes and changes update. With the move of the servers, the development server needed to be moved and with this came some troubles as we found out Bohemia had pretty much dropped support for linux based servers and as such we needed to move over too Windows. The trouble with this arises from the fact all the plugins written by Ciaran need to be re-written for Windows which is a massive task he has been hard at work with. Due these problems some major features of these updates are missing as they require testing with multiple people something we can't do right now. Going forward I aim to send out frequent updates as long as no serious problems occur. The major features intended for this patch will be implemented as soon as we can.
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    (8:00PM Restart) NHS NHS no longer have to pay for fuel @Fallen "Paramadic Outfit" renamed to "Air Rescue Uniform" @DjHolyChirst High Vis's for RIR members @DjHolyChirst Athira Hospital in now a greenzone (As discussed in a community meeting) @DjHolyChirst Athira Hospital - NHS members will spawn inside (like Kavala) @Fallen Athira Hospital - Heli Pad now works and is functional @Fallen NHS Taru has been readded @Fallen POLICE Fixes and More Coming Soon UNMC New UNMC Rank Icons Added @CC Joseph Tadworth UNMC Drones Added (Trial Period, Thermals are Disabled and Only very high ranks have access) @DjHolyChirst OTHER Headgear upon revive will go into backpacks if emtpy (Bandages still get applied though) @Fallen ARAC now have a Orange high vis instead of Yellow When renting a vehicle it will now tell you @Fallen Keychains no longer show the player side (East,West etc) spoiled the purpose of undercover @Fallen Uranium Added (See Below) @DjHolyChirst Uranium Update Information Uranium is the new high paying Illegal job, To do this there are two clothing requirements both located at Hugo Ross: Anti-Radiation Suit Anti Radiation Headgear Pickaxe The suit needs to be worn when entering the red circle on the map around the uranium area, inside this area is a small destroyed city here uranium can be mined, When entering the zone some begin to feel uneasy and strange side effects might appear in your vision to fix this use some Anti radiation pills brought from the Uranium Buyer. If you do not wear your suit when entering the zone you will die and quickly it is still a dangerous area. ====================================================================================================================================== *Crackling* Hello? I hope you can hear me, listen this is important to all citizen's. The government is lying to you what happened in the north east city, the explosion it was not an accident. Do not go there the living might not know the truth behind the area but the dead does... Please leave the area alone for your own good. *Crackling* I have to go just remember the area is not safe DO NOT ENTER *Gunshots* ======================================================================================================================================== Sorry about that, Anyway do not listen to that guy the Uranium mines are completely safe. Enjoy the trip.
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    October 2017 Newsletter Getting in early this month, Its about time we had some consistency with our monthly newsletters, Going forward they will either come from management team members or our lovely community manager team. Development Team Additions You may have noticed some new green names around! We are pleased during last month to have added new talent to our dev team in the form of @DjHolyChirst and @Fallen, Its always better when members of the community come aboard the team as they already get what the server is about and what is needed from a player perspective. They are currently working on fixing multiple bugs which you would have seen releases on already before bringing us some shiny new features (Some really great ideas are already becoming a reality), I know some of you have already but please give a warm Roleplay UK welcome to them! If you have any bugs please report them here, Want to suggest a new feature go here and if you have a hidden talent you haven't yet disclosed then apply to be part our team here Community Funding As you would have noticed this month there is no monthly sale as we failed to reach last months goal of £500 to fund our 5 servers and licenses, I have felt for a long time this goal was a big ask considering we are relying on the goodwill of our members but we have always met it monthly this year mainly with the help of new lifetime donators (51 of you to be exact!). However monthly donations are down and as shown almost every month this year if there are no lifetime donators then we will fail to meet the goal meaning that we are running at an unsustainable level long-term, Without your kind support we wouldn't be here we remind ourselves of that every day and we plan to be here long-term, Long after Altis Life and Arma! We have looked again closely at our servers and requirements and believe with a bit of extra work (Poor @Ciaran is currently doing) we can make some considerable cuts with the help of VMWare but still deliver the same level of performance and service you all love and expect. It is important we continue with 2 Altis Life servers as every night there is an overflow required, It is also very important that both these servers run on their own dedicated server, However other services like Teamspeak, the website, the DB and API/bot system no longer require the resources of their own dedicated servers. We are happy to announce that going forward our new donation goal of £300 per month will cover all our servers, licenses and PayPal fees and have lowered the goal to that effect. I understand this is still a big ask but it only requires 30 of us monthly to part with £10, To celebrate this more sustainable amount we will start a 50% sale for all players the moment it is met every month until the end of that month (changing from our 10 day sale) as a thank you to our roleplayers! Please consider donating here, All donations no matter how small is very much appreciated, If forum awards are your thing we have a list of ones that can be acquired by supporting the community here You can subscribe to pay a monthly amount here (we will update your forum account manually for subs a new subscriber forum group will be added today) If you are a lifetime donator you can now become an investor and support us again, See details on our donation page here Our Female Members Unfortunately we need to touch on a serious subject this month, This community was founded for all roleplayers regardless of gender, race, country, background etc and I find it completely disgusting that some people do not know how to conduct themselves with female players, and this isn't the first time this has come up! I have heard about females leaving the community in tears because people have threatened things as disgusting as rape, This will not be tolerated and the management team is happy to permanently ban anyone caught treating anyone differently and in such cases, we will fully assist affected members and the police with inquiries. It's not a joke, it's not funny, grow up before it's too late and you find yourself in some serious hot water! or very alone in life! Halloween Spooky Scary Skeletons! You may have noticed in Hugo Ross that the Halloween clothing has been unlocked and is now available for purchase until November 1st! We hope you consider wearing them this month and of course Halloween night! Twitch Streamers We understand how hard it is to actually get some viewers, Our members when not on the server love watching twitch streams, and we love supporting you by inviting you to our streamer team page and our homepage if you're streaming, All we ask is that you only stream Altis Life on our server while on our list and that you have a webcam and provide regular entertaining streams! Our Twitch team page is here: https://www.twitch.tv/team/roleplay you also get added to the automatic website twitch bar that pops up if you are online. Send in your application here, If you have applied before please reapply as we have cleared our list and are now looking at fresh applications. Thanks For Your Hard Work! Our staff team are the backbone of our community and really do give up endless amount of hours to give you a great experience while on the servers, forum, Teamspeak, and discord They usually only hear the abuse or people arguing and never really get many thanks from our members, So if you see a member of the staff team or they have helped you how about doing something positive and giving them a hello or asking how they are or how their day is going or simply saying thanks! It will go a long long way! That's it for this month! Thanks for being part of RPUK!
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    00:00 Update This is just a small update to fix some major (and minor) bugs and issues, various content updates are also currently in the works. Changed NHS Sirens Fixed @Ciaran POLICE Sirens Fixed @Ciaran UNMC Taru Added (Black for now, texture and more Taru's will come) @DjHolyChirst Added new icons @CC Joseph Tadworth OTHER ATC Fixed @DjHolyChirst Admin messages Fixed @DjHolyChirst New progress bar @Ciaran Clean up and removal of old scripts (Will improve performance of server) @Ciaran
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    Recently we’ve had a change of view from the staff team regarding the question of “at what point can you shoot someone?”. Can you shoot someone when they point a gun at you? Can you shoot someone if they threaten you? I point you at the rule below. (7.1.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will shoot” etc is considered low quality RP and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. Executing another player must also be carried out with high quality roleplay, the only exception to this rule is if both you and the victim are engaged in a gunfight together. Today the staff team is clarifying it’s interpretation of this rule and the way we deal with reports for RDM/Fail RP. The answer you will now receive to questions like “at what point can I shoot?” “Can I shoot him if he does X?” will be, have you engaged in high quality roleplay before you shot him? We will not give a black and white definition of when you can shoot someone, you need to ensure you engage in roleplay of a high quality before you shoot someone. Nor will we give you an example of the minimum. We have listened to your concerns, we have seen the incidents and we want the standard of RP to increase server wide and we want to help everyone to learn how to do that instead of banning for breaking of black and white unwritten rules. My best advice is make your roleplay as interesting as you can, instead of running up to that guy you want to rob and telling him immediately to put his hands up give him a bit more, ask him what he’s up to, make a comment about this truck or his lovely pair of sunglasses. BE CREATIVE! - Matt and the Staff Team
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    Are you even allowed to knock someone out and zip-tie them without any initiation?
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    20:00 Restart NHS Medic Markers changed to a more visible colour @DjHolyChirst Infinite Medkit for Medics Added @DjHolyChirst POLICE RTU Whitelisting added @DjHolyChirst / @TomTheDoge RTU now get access to Sports Hatchback @DjHolyChirst UNMC UNMC Airborne Whitelisting added @DjHolyChirst / @TomTheDoge UNMC Rangers Whitelisting added @DjHolyChirst / @TomTheDoge UNMC Air vehicle shop now restricted to airborne @DjHolyChirst UNMC Weapons readjusted for the rangers whitelisting @DjHolyChirst OTHERS Boxer Truck fuel added. @DjHolyChirst SOS Gangbase Fixed @DjHolyChirst Backend Adjustments @Wilco Mass Kicks fixed!!! (@The entire Dev Team) The Boring Bit A smaller update content wise for this weeks patch, most of the development time this week was taken up by implementing the new whitelisting and a few more back-end features however with these implemented it will make further development using these systems much quicker. Going forward some more in depth content is coming towards its final stages in development and should soon start the testing stage. In regards too the two major bugs present (Prison break and Y items saving) a fix is being worked on and should be present in the next update. ~Chirst
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    I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's engagement between the UNMC and rebels. I was very privileged to bring all these gangs together to make probably one of the biggest organized rebel operations ever. It was great to see a community coming together to do something like this. It was great fun and we all had a laugh. In the end it was around 65 rebels VS 40 UNMC 😆 I'd like to thank the gangs who participated and their leaders: Altis Mafia Association - Mad Dog @MAD DOG Altis Elites - John Smith @John Smith Fusion - Magic @MAGICC Hydra - Adam & Kenny @Kennyy & @A D A M Shield Of Shadows - Gen. Faheem & Maj. Geoff @ShadowDirector & @Geoffery The Badman Bureau - Gen. J. Harris & Gen. Bean @CorruptCaptain The Copper Kings - Gen. Stavik @Stavik The Lings - Athero @Athero123 The Psychos - Gen. Carter I'd like to thank the police who made sure that AR wouldn't role up to the border: CC Aidan @CC Aiden CC Dread the Destroyer @Dredd the Destroyer DCC Ponty @DCC Ponty (Well done on promo) I'd like to thank the UNMC that allowed this attack to happen: Gen. Blaze @blaze1981 Gen. Kech @Kech Col. Reece Smurf @Reece Smurf I'd like to thank the Staff that allowed this attack to happen and moderating it: Nalurah @Nalurah CC Aidan @CC Aiden Stoneman @Stoneman Edgar Ville @Edgar Ville Busterguy @Busterguy CI Xkan @CI Xkan AND... Special thanks to @Upsy daisy for robbing us at Kavala drug dealer and sparking the idea to do this event. This was a great experience for all the gangs and we hope to do something like this again in the future! Much love for everyone! ❤️ Here are some screenshots of the evening:
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    Put your homework away, cause it's time for a new video! In this video: * Diehard @CI Ryan tries to speek to an hobo, which is the last thing he does... * UNMC'er @Reece Smurf shoots a little too early... * CC @Dredd the Destroyer escapes an execution of TCK @PNS cammyk * 'God' @Busterguy says 'salut' to a naked hobo...
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    Just finishen 2,5 hours of roleplay with these guys they did a RP RBA international and they did an amazing job they Where Well organised they had prepared a Well designed dokument and id Card and knew What they were and What they were rping as. Allthough strix AKA minimum wage guy had a Weird obsession with the npas tier 3 helmet, but never succedded in getting it... @Mads Frost and @tck strix Made it out with 4,6 million punds for their huge effort in this roleplay session Well done guys again, hope to See you lads ingame again 😉 #rpeverything #rp=reward SGT Shark signing out peace ✌️
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    Roleplay can be ironic and in many forms, including a 50cal ROLEPLAY EVERYTHING
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    Hobo gangs on server 2 as usual
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    Ft : Hugo, Long Beard, Steve, Remi, Ponty, 33, Naylor, hobos @SI Steve @Reminissions @CSI Hugo @ACC Ponty @INS Naylor @SI LONG BEARD dont know 33's tag :( Likes and subs appreciated !
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    Right, after reviewing all evidence supplied I have come to the following conclusion. @Wicker Your V-44 X Blackfish was lawfully scrapped. The reasons for this are noted in the Civil Aviation Act of 1982, for the sake of this PCC, I shall highlight the laws you have broken in Green and then go into detail as to how you have broken them; Misuse of Aviation Air Travel without Due Care and Attention £50,000 fine / Caution Violation of Restricted Sites £50,000 fine / Scrap Perverting the course of justice £50,000 fine / Scrap Landing within City Limits £75,000 fine / Scrap Violation of Noise Control £50,000 fine / Scrap Improper use of Flares*: Unauthorised £50,000 fine / Scrap Air Travel without Due Care and Attention As seen in 2 of the videos you have provided for this PCC, most notably; https://plays.tv/video/59cbc662260098037b/lol?from=user https://plays.tv/video/59cbc6eb1a86a11166/lol?from=user You can clearly see how dangerously you have landed your V-TOL next to the main road of Agios, a very busy main road with frequent traffic, mostly those speeding well over the designated 110km/h speed limit. If anyone were to lose control of their vehicle, they could have easily hit the front nose of the Blackfish as it is sticking out past the compound, which I may add appears to have been used to break down the wall of the compound, arguably criminal damage. Secondly, when arriving at the very well known "Meth Lab" your V-TOL is again, very precariously landed. Surrounded by mutliple obstacles such as fences, trees and even a van, posing a risk to not only yourselves but other road users or civilians who may be passing by. Landing within City Limits Also notable via the 2 videos provided, you are landing well within the limits of both Agios, a very popular city and Gravia, a popular town located next to the Airport and just south of Athira. Violation of Noise Control Under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, it is by law that minimum Air Travel shall be conducted at an Altitude of 150 metres unless landing at an airport or in moments of clear emergency. The V-44 X Blackfish is by far the loudest Civilian Aircraft purchasable at the Air Vehicle Shops. The two tilt rotors the Blackfish uses to propel itself forwards and upwards is capable of being heard well over a kilometre away from where it is moving. Meaning if someone or any wildlife is in close proximity to it, will be at risk of hearing damage. These 3 laws broken by yourself throughout the course of your flight and subsequent arrest more than warrant your Blackfish being scrapped, albeit a bit harsh compared to some other officers standards, the officer(s) in question who made the decision to scrap your V-TOL have not overstepped their lawful duties as Police Officers and have not acted inappropriately. With regards to the Methamphetamine that was discovered on your colleague's person, we shall disregard those charges due to lack of evidence, as with the claims of drug trafficking, as again, no evidence has been supplied to suggest that the vehicle contained any "Meth". However, why you would even attend that location with Ephedrine Barrels, the prime ingredient for producing and making Meth Crystals, I do not know. With regards to compensation, the IPCC will not be arranging compensation or a replacement for your scrapped Blackfish, however, if any of the officers who were on the patrol and were a part of your arrest and decision to scrap your V-TOL wish to provide any compensation, that is entirely up to them. PCC Closed. Kind Regards, Assistant Chief Constable Ponty
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    https://plays.tv/video/59c86a5cb8df3f0f85/cheeky-5-piece?from=user @Fallen ur a and d gets alot of skilled players felt i had to spread awareness. facepalm this post = ur bad
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    Requirements are a clear lack of understanding rules , a dodgy internet connection and up to date lag switch programme 😀
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    there is just something about this community which has a warm welcome and makes you feel like a part of a family every day. Everytime I finish school I can't wait to load up my computer and start playing on altis life. It zones me out of the shit I'm experiencing at school,from the low life people who have to put you down every day, and replaces it with amazing people who you meet in the server. I would just like to say a massive thank you to everybody in the community and all the devs and staff team for being here everyday making the server better as days go past. @Nalurah is an amazing community liaison and is always correcting people if they break rules. Very kind and informative. @DjHolyChirst another new member to the RPUK team but has already made several amazing changes to the server and is very active. @Wilco been there from the beginning of the server back in 2014 and is still active and making great projects. @jamesjsm @Watson @Will Smith Are all great medics and are fun to be around!
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    he is waving at me and its proper fucking bait
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    gangs that can't take getting slapped up lol
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    Poor kenny shopping in some poor shops. support kenny giro555
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    JOIN AR TODAY!!! nuff said <3
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1161596816 There was plenty more hexagons than i expected, people really wanted to defeat the UNMC! Great job by all, involved. Big up the admins as well, @Nalurah @CI Xkan and others, without there great over watch stuff like this wouldn't be possible! Shout out TBB Gen J. Harris @CorruptCaptain for the scout, absolute hero! Thanks to TCK, SOS, AMA, AE, P, Fusion, TBB, Hydra for the frags and fun.
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    So were playing some Pro Club thingy? And @Clarity faces was revealed Sorry for the laugh.. @Ant Arni @S A L V
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    At least the negotiation ended well...
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    NEVER TRUST ANYONE I'm so sorry @CMO Jackdevo
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    Just two of my experiences so far as a rebel! Thought i'd share them publicly for you all to enjoy! Hopefully even more clips coming throughout the week! Seems Armed Response have been developing their tactics... @angellfall #Mario #Invisiblecar #Bestbugever Re-uniting a dog with his owner... #Poopie
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    00:00 Update Halloween clothing now unlocked and in stock at Hugo Ross Various small fixes @DjHolyChirst
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    Hello fellow Citizens, As your new mayor I wanted to introduce myself to those who do not know me. Within my first 48 hours in post i have met a number of the lovely citizens of Altis (and also been kidnapped twice and thrown off a building) I'm committed to making Altis fair for all, and making changes where i can. Today I got my first request, and it's a BIG change... It appears that my captors earlier had an issue with socks, and often found one had worn through before the other. As such, My first decree is that from this day forward, all socks sold on the island must be sold in sets of 3 rather than 2! I will be speaking with the city hall legal team about passing this policy with immediate effect. If you have a problem, and nobody else can solve it, chances are i can't either, but i'll give it a damn good go! I'm often in and around Kavala so please feel free to stop and say hi! Your servant in office, Todd Teddington Altis Mayor.
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    We should do this often, but now UNMC will attack us and we defend 😎
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    Oh well... Oh well, lets start fraggin'
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    There is another perfectly viable option to 'counter initiating'. You can accept that you've been caught and do your best to make the most of the time leading up to being dropped off at the prison, or talk about how you've learned from your mistakes, or about how you feel awful about all the bad things you've done. In my time in the police, I've seen hundreds of situations end in a small ticket and a gun being taken because the perp has offered a civil, engaging conversation rather than immediately alerting officers to he presence of 'friends in the area'. This new way of looking at situations, I hope, will take the state of the layer base on this server back to how it was when I first found it, back when people didn't get all fired up and threaten to post complaints or reports each and every time they were shot.
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    12 months of hard work, working around the clock for 6 weeks solid to meet a final deadline and a lot of swearing later and I've finally reached the end of my masters degree. That's [TCK] Matt MSc to you lot now. Get me a beer.
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticInquisitiveOryxCoolCat Not suitable for young audiences @Vladic Ka
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    How many people have to die before America changes it's gun laws...
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    Had a good laugh with these two for a good 10 mins while they saved me, Selsig's Secret Sauce coming to Altis market soon... Little clip of it: @Selsig @CST Alfred H
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    1 Right I'm gonna start with this point as it looks like you haven't read my complaint, We did not have any crystal meth inside the VTOL at all but we got a gift from Walter which was 4 crystal meth boxes, as we said we did not want to be apart of Walter's business so my colleague was just about to throw it away before the Armed response rushed him. After meeting with Walter my colleague was standing in front of the toilet because he was going to throw it away like you can see in the third video where he gets arrested for drug trafficking. In this footage that I'm about to show you can clearly see us putting the barrels in the heli and then landing their to prove that we had not crystal meth at the time. https://plays.tv/video/59cbc662260098037b/lol?from=user https://plays.tv/video/59cbc6eb1a86a11166/lol?from=user https://plays.tv/video/59cbc79f55e2a7c4bf/lol?from=user 2 I got in contact with the chief of National police air service and I got information that you are not allowed to land into cities And if you are flying you need to stay 150 meters up in the sky, and that you are allowed to land on fields. https://gyazo.com/ac4dd196778917dadec9303c858fd7c8
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