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    20:00 Restart NHS Can now open the Kavala PD door again in case of workplace accidents @DjHolyChirst POLICE Athira PD Car spawn now does not clip against the building @DjHolyChirst Athira PD back gate can now only be opened by police and NHS again @DjHolyChirst ATMs moved slightly from the HM Compound to prevent triggering the alarms @DjHolyChirst AR Helmet Black Variant added @DjHolyChirst Can now buy blood bags from cop item shop @sciencefreak74 RTU uniform now saves after disconnecting and reconnecting @sciencefreak74 UNMC Can now access houses when on as a civilian @DjHolyChirst Can now create groups when on as a civilian @DjHolyChirst Can now no longer open up cop gates @DjHolyChirst Can now no longer see ownership of houses outside of lands @DjHolyChirst Can no longer repair/open the bank or treasury doors @DjHolyChirst Drones now fixed @DjHolyChirst Added scenery vehicles to UNMC base for boot camp purposes @DjHolyChirst Kahlia scope now set to the appropriate rank @DjHolyChirst AMS readded to the DMU Store @DjHolyChirst Fixed an exploit related to buying and selling a certain vehicle @DjHolyChirst OTHERS Auction House added @DjHolyChirst Blindfolded players now have a visual indication @DjHolyChirst Boat shop added to Neochori port @DjHolyChirst Blood Diamonds added (This is meant to be a multi-person job, You sell at smugglers outpost) @DjHolyChirst Smugglers Outpost added (Further interaction to come) @DjHolyChirst Script Optimisation (Every instance of == swapped to isEqualTo as the latter is faster) @DjHolyChirst Sofia vehicle shop now can correctly store vehicles @DjHolyChirst Clam collection exploit fixed @DjHolyChirst Clams can now only be stored in boats as intended @DjHolyChirst Gold Bars can only be stored in land vehicles as intended @DjHolyChirst Officer Hex uniform added to rebel stores @DjHolyChirst VR Pink suit added to Admin loadout @DjHolyChirst Weapons stored in a backpack no longer lose attachments and ammunition. @sciencefreak74 Repairing vehicles using a toolkit which is in the vehicle will no longer reset vehicle inventory @sciencefreak74 Ocean Man, Trading and Bug Squashing So first update in a while first off i want to apologise for the delay as some know i have had a lot of IRL things to sort out. We have a new developer with us now who will be helping me with mission file stuff which of course is good news and you can see he is already getting stuck into some work. First off the NHS only have a small adjustment this week, but do not worry content is coming for you medics soon. Next up police this week got some much needed QoL fixes with housing raiding now possible again and the RTU uniform not disappearing every time you log out it being some old bugs. ATM's at the HM Compound have now been slightly adjusted to prevent false camera alerts, so less pestering notices should appear now. In the world of the UNMC some bugs have been fixed which were left over from the move to OPFOR, in addition to this there are new scenery vehicles at UNMC base so trainers no longer have to get a variant of the vehicles out to show them off. Lastly some big content has been delivered to Civilians, Abay makes its return (Discussed below) and a new boat seller has appeared at the Neochori port. Blood diamonds have also cropped up on the island (more discussed below). Next weeks update will focus on re-balancing the economy and some further content drops and bug fixes. (Sorry for the Long Patch Notes) ~ Chirst Auction House A new auction house has appeared at Athira, currently you can sell any gear (Clothing, vests, weapons etc), but further plans are as follows: Week 1: Auction House Introduction Week 2: Vehicle selling added to Auction House Week 3: House selling added to Auction House Later On: Auction House raiding and some more features. The gradual implementation of features is so I can monitor the effect of the Auction House on the server, all of the above changes are susceptible to change as the monitoring progresses. Blood Diamonds Blood diamonds is the new high paying job, they are meant to be run as a multi-person job, the diamonds can be collected by the sea, they then need to be transported to the cutter in-land. After this the blood diamonds are delivered too the Smugglers outpost, processed/cut blood diamonds can only be stored in boats similar to clams the unprocessed version can be transported by any form of vehicle.
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    December 2017 Newsletter Here we are! Finally the Christmas (Gaming) season is upon us and our 4th Christmas! Hope you are all keeping warm and indulged yourself upon a mince pie or two. We look forward to spending Xmas with you on Roleplay UK! New Staff Team Members Thank you for everyone that has applied so far to our always open staff applications, Our staff team leads have been extremely busy reading them in view of an initial recruitment of 5 new members and have decided after successful interviews to appoint the following people to our staff team. Please give them a warm welcome into their new community roles: @Alfred @CreatorChris @CSI Gordon @SI Deathstroke @Stavik Xmas In Altis You may have noticed Santa, hobo Xmas tree and the snowman have returned in the square (Photo from Xmas 2016) Our Xmas jumpers are now also available from Hugo Ross and we want to see as many of you wearing them! Not only do they keep you warm they are also limited to December only so enjoy them when they are here! Also later this week the weather system will be returning Altis is usually a sunny place to be but unfortunately this time of year is met with cloud, coldness and rain! Development We would like to welcome @sciencefreak74 to our development team, I can already see he is hard at work with his development commits (and hopefully enjoying it!), this new appointment will again benefit the entire community! Hope you are still enjoying our regular weekly updates on Thursday nights if you didn't know our change log can be viewed here Auction House Last week we welcomed a new feature in the new custom Auction house, The usage is being monitored and I have already suggested an upgrade to add this feature onto the tablet as it progresses, Here is the current schedule of the auction house: Week 1: Auction House Introduction Week 2: Vehicle selling added to Auction House Week 3: House selling added to Auction House Later On: Auction House raiding and some more features. The gradual implementation of features is so I can monitor the effect of the Auction House on the server, all of the above changes are susceptible to change as the monitoring progresses. We welcome everyone to try it out! Hoping at some point we will get some rare items on there for you to all fight over More fun features will be coming this month and are currently in development, Keep viewing the changelog! Mass Kicks As you know many months ago via re-coding many modules and optimization of our framework this was fixed on Roleplay UK after a good year of concentrating our time and we haven't experienced another one yet however with the new Arma patch we have been experiencing one or two Arma3server.exe crashes per day which we have fed back to the Dev team at BIS directly and we have been told they are aware and working on a fix. For those of you who play other Arma servers (Wasteland, Koth etc) as per today's Sitrep BIS is working on a fix to the mass kicks by changing the Battleye traffic to a different dedicated port, It remains to be seen if this fixes the issue as its only been tested on the DEV branch which doesn't see the numbers and constant of a community like ourselfs, It has been communicated that fix is likely to be in an update later this week. EDIT: This fix has now been released: https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00077 Unfortunately due to our own commitments and development on this occasion we haven't been able to switch one of our live servers over to the DEV branch to help test. We would like to use this opportunity to thank BIS for making Arma what it is and all the great content they released this year and a special mention to Dwarden for being an approachable contact for the QA and DEV team, We hope you all have a great Xmas and well deserved break! Christmas Unbans Something that has been mentioned here for the last 4 Christmas seasons and its something people even put in their appeals! We personally do not see why people think we would be easier on our very good process at this time of year, If you have been banned its for a good reason, or the benefits of allowing a huge influx of people who might not be rejoining to roleplay. Our permanent ban appeals are currently kept down to a few days as well as our unban appeals, If you haven't burnt bridges completely and committed acts of skulduggery on your way out then you might just be eligible for an unban (its a process we have all year round) At this time of goodwill and kindness to all we’d like to extend this to our wonderful player base by not unbanning indiscriminately, ensuring the servers you all love to play on remain troll and toxic player free, Merry Christmas! A unban should be for life... not just for Christmas (RSPCA would be proud!) Thankyou to our donators! A huge thank-you to everyone donating and supporting the community for all of us, The player base keep us busy and enjoyable with their epic Roleplay however it is the kind donators keep us actually online again a huge thank-you for continued support and your support during 2017! Until our annual Xmas day announcement post and January newsletter, The entire staff team wish you a very very merry Xmas!
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    So, after respawning and being a fresh spawn me and Oliver decided we are going to be hobos, i came up with a idea to initiate through a Christmas carol, we managed to get a groupof officers so we new we wouldn't get a way with it but we couldn't be a scrooge and not sing the kind officers a Christmas carol so we sang them the song, unfortunately for @Stavik and the other officer, not sure who, (was wearing mask) ended up getting rook banged until we were demolished by all rubber on the planet ! Video below :
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    RoleplayUK Launcher Quite a while ago now (only a few "oldies" will remember) RoleplayUK (AltisLifeUK at the time) had its own launcher, capable of downloading the now-defunct modpack and connecting our players directly to our servers without any of the hassle of using the in-game server browser. I'm currently in the process of developing a new launcher with a whole host of new features to improve the RoleplayUK experience and am willing to open the project to the public at this (relatively early) stage of development. Planned Features Obviously, I'm very open to suggestions, so if you've got any please comment them below and I'll add them to the below list if I feel they're fitting for the project! Pre-download and install mission files before entering the server to avoid having to use the (extremely slow) in-game downloader. Connect a PlayerID to your launcher and view in-game stats before entering, as well as various different badges/achievements relating to your in-game character. An in-game overlay that connects seamlessly with your client while on our servers. tracking and monitoring your playtime on our servers and tracking your stats as you play and rewarding you with both in-game items/currency and achievements. Join our all our servers with the OneClick joining system. A dashboard with the latest RoleplayUK News items and featured posts from our forums. How you can help Anybody can help with the development of this project, by suggesting ideas for the launcher, offering your skills in the development team, testing the launcher when it reaches alpha/beta stages, or one for everybody by providing some of your favourite quotes from our members to be displayed on the loading screen (simply type them as a reply to this topic), and if you're lucky, you'll be featured. Some sneak previews of features and the launcher will be provided in due time, and if anybody has any questions feel free to send me a message on the forums, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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    is not ready yet, looking like tomorrow or Sunday. In the mean time, enjoy this:- @Vladic Ka @CreatorChris @Reece Smurf @Stoneman @YoCo @Fancy @Delta @whoisdan
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    8pm Update Added: Hobo Tree, Santa and Snowman objects return Xmas Jumpers are in stock and unlocked at your nearest Hugo Ross Amended: Various logos changed to the Xmas ones A few billboard amendments Removed: The lingering rotten pumpkins from halloween Only a few standard Xmas updates you expect at this time of year! We may add more xmas themed update in further updates as the month goes on!
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    Added rule: (1.9) Providing a false age when applying to join a whitelisted faction in order to circumvent the age limits is punishable by a ban.
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    Today is armistice day in the UK. A day when we take a moment to remember those who fought and died for our freedom and peace. Europe is now experiencing a long period of peace and many people take that for granted. Peace unfortunately is not a common thing, it is something to be worked for, it goes hand in hand with tolerance. To remember these ideals we would like to invite everyone for a small memorial service at 11am on server 2. There will be a room in teamspeak available for all who wish to be present. From 10:45 onward you will be welcome in this room and will be given the password to go on server 2 for the service. All are welcome who wish to remember and honor the fallen.
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    Well, I was looking to get a series out for some content but, I listened to you guys and stuck with the subtitles as i know people enjoy them. So i just went into game with no real plan and just recorded. Big up to @JohnJoeegan for one of the scenes!
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    20:00 Restart NHS Morphine added to NHS Items {More Items and uses to come) @DjHolyChirst POLICE ATM added to MPU Harbour @DjHolyChirst Fixed MPU Whitelisting @sciencefreak74 AR Helmet added to NCA Store @sciencefreak74 Vehicle shop added to MPU habour @sciencefreak74 UNMC Police gates at NPAS and MPU can now not be opened @DjHolyChirst OTHERS Scenery added to Smugglers Outpost @DjHolyChirst Y Menu items (Virtual Items) now save properly @DjHolyChirst Caesar Trunk increased @DjHolyChirst Rebel Weapon Shops prices now more balanced (Further Changes may come) @DjHolyChirst Rebel Clothing Shops slightly balanced @DjHolyChirst Gang base weapon shop downgraded @DjHolyChirst Loot-crates added to the Rebel Market (Offers exclusive gear) @DjHolyChirst Gas Mask changed to black version @DjHolyChirst All boat spaces buffed @DjHolyChirst Map markers tweaked to follow the correct format @sciencefreak74 @DjHolyChirst EA Loot boxes but better So coming in first we have the important Y Menu item fix, they now save!!!. We have quite a lot of fixes all round and with some buffs to certain vehicle trunk sizes we hope to see them more frequently used. Morphine is a fun little item for NHS to hopefully provide more RP, further expansion on this items and others will come in later updates. Loot crates have arrived go to the rebel market and start trying your luck they have some exclusive items in them so hopefully we see some rare items start to appear. Finally the big elephant has been addressed with rebel weapon prices getting a balance we also found it appropriate to downgrade the weapons available to gang bases in a hope too see people out and about more, more changes to prices may come as appropriate. ~ Chirst
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    I bet all you officers have came across this and can relate to it ;)..old but gold 😂
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    Didnt make it into UNMC so thought it'd be a giggle if i took the strider! Ended up in a black list GG boissss
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    @Thor of Umbrella @RaptorAM @icarus @Swaghetto
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    731 days since my last Altis video, about time for a new one don't you think? Coming soon TM
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    Fundraising for a new Coast Guard HQ; The Altis National Health Service's Take Over of the Smugglers Outpost! For best part of 4 Hours, @Thor of Umbrella, @Fluqi, @E LongSlongJon, @James the real , @Lionel Ryker & @TheChinaGuy created a Fundraising situation where we were located on the Smugglers Outpost obtaining donations from willing criminals to fund a new and improved Coast Guard Station nearer to the newly found populated area. On behalf of the National Health Service & it's customers, I'd like to thank all criminals that donated to the wonderful cause that is getting us a new Coast Guard Station closer to the Water based activities. Now we can respond within 10 minutes, rather than 10 hours.
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    RPUK Unofficial Stats Page LINK Current Features: Net/Bank/Money Values Name/SteamID/GUID Search (Updated 05/12/17) Total Vehicles Police/UNMC/NHS/Gang information Report/Recommend/Steam Profile links Leaderboards (Added 01/12/17) Server Wide Statistics (Added 02/12/17) Vehicle List (Added 03/12/17) (Updated 04/12/17) License Information (Added 04/12/17) Planed Features: GUID/Name Search with advanced details Real Net Worth (Value of vehicles at full price included!) Leaderboards Server Wide Statistics Vehicle List License Information Player themes dependant on faction/presence in top 100 (bling) If you have anything you wish to suggest, fire away! Credit - @CMO Norman @Tadworth (can't find it...)
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    How has this server gotten to a state where people know their vehicle has been initiated on, know they’re getting shot at. But decide to drive around the area and stay in it because ‘they didn’t initiate on our lives, it’s rdm if they kill us’ then try to get someone banned. Jeez #CommonSense
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    Your In-game name Jax Teller Name of the player(s) you are reporting [TCK] Salv Date of the incident 11/28/2017 Time of the incident (GMT) 23 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident Salv killed a medic Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) No
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    lmao and nice initiation btw "stop or ill shoot the tires" 12 mili seconds later shoots the tire. and then the big man gets gatted down when he has the jump on him lmao https://youtu.be/Ntbm8xUkmAc
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    Just doing out civic duty by helping a law abiding citizen Lodge his truck from between two houses (still no idea how he got it in?!!) Thanks again, Aaron
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    This evening we married a loving couple. Thought some of you might like to watch some footage of the smitten couple tying the knot. The wedding - And the after party - See you on the field, Aaron
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    Roses may be Red and Violets may be blue But if Server 1 was up You'd be playing Server 2
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    Rather Ironic that this was the result of the medic meeting.
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    Dear DOBBS, I am deeply sorry for the distress caused by using your / partner's car without permission, However, i believe you may forgive me knowing a bit of the police side context. I had been responding to an armed outbreak and sighting of what seemed to be a gang conflict between the police. I'm sure you know this already as evident from your body camera you can be seen walking in the fields and surrounding compound talking to another one of my Colleagues who was also responding. I later positioned myself in that tower to overlook the Area of operation and to gain a visual vantage point over incoming and outgoing vehicles. Your vehicle, in particular, I had noted was left abandoned below said tower, unlocked with the keys in the ignition, providing the simple explanation of that his vehicle must belong to one of the men involved in the armed conflict, apparently, this is not as it seems based upon your preliminary complaint. This begs the question of why was the vehicle left abandoned in an armed conflict with the doors open and keys in the ignition, to me this seems like you may have had some significant role or impact for you to rapidly abandoned the car not caring about your property. When in the tower and following the discovery of myself by you, DOBBS, and your partner in crime friend. You both appeared to try to halt my response to save Superintendent Dan Barreto as he was pinned down behind the ridge, that my tower could not gain visual contact to, from automatic gunfire. I was responding to Dan's distress call and knew that walking would not have been an option as he would have wounded or in the worse case scenario killed. My actions as shown by DOBBS body camera shows a clear haste to respond to a distressed officer, I may not have made my intentions clear to these two as they appeared to be attempting to hinder my ability to climb down the stairs of the tower. I was listening to the officer's radio call and trying to work out my plan of action to save his life in as little time possible. @PCC - However I believe that my personal actions were warranted however may not have been directly legal, I had thought that the owner of the vehicle was indisposed and not able to be asked if I had permission to use the Blue Hatchback in this do or die situation. Dan Barreto did survive sadly and is currently dealing with Academy issues as per usual. Regards, Unkown Officer. INS Ali Barber KV954 12 Neri Road, Kavala, Altis, RP15 UK1
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    Your In-game name Wicker Name of the player(s) you are reporting Boat Date of the incident 03/11/17 Time of the incident (GMT) 1655 What best describes this incident ? VDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident The boat drove me over with no initation Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://plays.tv/video/5a242bbc9cf719acf2/vdming-boat This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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    Academy November Statistics Total Database Entries: 621 Total Applications: 147 Total Interviews: 101 Total FTC's: 90 Total FTT's: 73 Total PA's: 48 Total FA's: 33 Current Amount of Academy Members: 20 Thank you to all of the Training Officers, this month has been a tough one for us, this month we will aim to carry on providing high-quality tests and improve over this month's results. Kind Regards, Academy Command CSI mryan19 SI pZz | SI Dan Barretto CI Sassy | CI Jordan Naylor
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    I'm applying to join the POLICE with @WhoisDan - thanks @SI Jason for the guidance!
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    First documented case of DPI glitching in 2010
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    The two main men myself and @S A L V decided to go behind UNMC lines when the rest of the lads had gone off and were able to bag ourselves these 2 little beauties through sheer stealth and ability! Safe to say we had a lot of fun in these tonight! I don't think there is a jump left in altis we didn't attempt 😂 Yellow smoke for effect 😜 #TheCopperKings <---website Thank you camera man @Ant Arni ;)
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    So, not an exact science. This is 25 minutes cut down to 3. Here's one of the new RPUK server intros.
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    Fed up of people complaining that I don't have a beard in RL, the beard has started! Lets see how long it gets :D
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    Okay then. 1. First of all, i want to request the whole of this situation unedited before any contact between us had even started is uploaded from your body cam, obviously this i doubt will be released as it would reveal your true intentions, because if we are honest here mate, then if your true intentions where to get out and talk to officer, which of course there are no problems with , then why didnt u pull into a car park spot and then walk up to the gate and wait for an officer to approach you ? why did you sit in your car for a long time and then when i walk up to you decide you all of a sudden dont need officers help. I specifically walk up to you and ask "do you need help or are you just gunna drive away" in which you then proceed to then drive away. This clearly shows that you dont need my help and are there for reasons that are unknown to me and my officers inside of the PD. 2. I am still uncertain here but im guessing this whole PCC is around the fact that i hurt your feelings by swearing at you? Well, my justification for doing so is that we are encouraged to try and deal with situations with necessary force. Now if you hanging around the police station waiting for a cop to chase you, im presuming this PCC would have still been made if i had simply pulled you out the car and arrested you, or restrained you or threatened to shoot your tires, as you would have called that "abuse of power/ police brutality" which i would agree with. But from my combined time of nearly a year in the police i have learn a few things, people like you are not uncommon to police stations, waiting for an officer for you to simply drive away, not only is it wasting police time / police utillites it is uncalled for and a petty thing to do, and usually the people who do this will return if you ask them to leave. So i made the decision that the required force to make you leave the police area in this situation was to ask you in a more aggressive manner, in order to add emphasis my point, to make you listen and to make you leave. Now if you took offense to that then i am sorry but i wont loose sleep over it. I saw it as justified force, and the fact that in you returning you hit an officer, not only angered me, as seeing a colleague injured, is not my fav thing, but it also proves my point that having you around the police station is a danger and waste of time. 3. Now not all officers may agree with my tactics here, but i fail to find what police code i have broken? We are asked and trained to be respectful to all civilians and people we come into contact with, which if you ask most people who contact me i am, however i do not have to be respectful to people who don't show the same respect to me. Therefore you wasting my time and showing a total lack of respect for what we have to do, with tackling crime on a daily basis, by wasting our time with your petty games shows that you have not only no respect for me but any of the other officers at the PD. Now as you can clearly see in the video my other officers are in a rush to leave, because we have to deal with other officers to make sure that they remain safe while trying to do there jobs, so having to deal with people like you who waste officers time, it endangers the officers i should be looking out for and making sure that they are okay. 4. Now, i want to question why u decided to make this into a PCC, you could have retrieved all of my contact details through the information you where given and things could have talked out in 5-10 mins and everything could have been made okay and i wouldnt have had to sit here typing this all out, but instead you brought this to a PCC. As you can see through your body cam footage, even though all of my officers are asking me to leave and get in the taru, but i dont, i stay and give you the relative information you would need to contact me later, i am okay to talk this through with you if anything is unclear here, and you dont feel like this is brought to a justified conclusion. Now for the sake of the command member who's task it is to deal with this, i want to make somethings clear about this situation from the body cam that he has shown. - Notice how he only starts the video as i ask hit to "fuck off" and not before, i will upload my POV of him sitting there and what was said if need be. - At 00:15 seconds into your body cam recording you can see that there is a clear jump, im presuming this is because you said something to your friends you should not have or my second guess is because my suspicions where right and you do have a gun and thats what you put away, so you thought that you could just edit it out. - At 00:11 you can see this man strike down an officer with his motorized vehicle. - I only give this man my badge number at first because i am apart of the national crime agency, a specialized unit given masks to hide there identity so the gangs that we deal with on a daily basis can not recognize us if we meet them again, to protect us and our families. - You clearly hear me asking for Curley to exit the vehicle and speak to the men who requested my higher up, Curley doesnt get out as i presume he didnt see the need considering he could hear the entire thing from inside of his vehicle. I would like to refrain from commenting any further as i dont want to fill this PCC up with pointless 1 line replies. I will only respond if asked to by my police command. from PC zener xox
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    give over you fanny you'll never take my award https://plays.tv/s/LW1IRmV6OpyM
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    Foreword: Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who was able to attend and participate in the event at 11:00 am on the 11th November to commemorate Armistice Day. Now, Remembrance Sunday is always held on the weekend to ensure that everyone has a chance to pay their respects for all the fallen soldiers of WWI, WWII and all those who have died in combat since 1945. Now, I am pleased to say that for those who were unable to pay their respects earlier today on the server, will now have a chance to do so on the 12th of November as we will be holding another two-minutes silence on Remembrance Day to commemorate all those who have fallen. Details of the event: The two-minutes silence will be held in Kavala Square at the memorial on this Sunday 12th of November, for all those who wish to attend to remember and honour all those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. This event will be taking place after the 8pm Restart on Server #2! Rules of attendance - You must not be in possession of a firearm (Both legal or illegal) when you arrive at the event. - You may not park directly around the square, please use the Car Park provided in Kavala Square. Any vehicle around the square will be impounded. - The police will not be making any arrests on those attending until five minutes after the event has finished. Thanks for reading, Remember Them. #LestWeForget
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    00:00 Restart CHANGES OPFOR Slots can now properly interact with other factions (Fixes the Vehicle bugs) @DjHolyChirst OPFOR AI double check added for those moments OPFOR AI did not get instantly cleaned up (They no longer attack) @DjHolyChirst Kahlia scopes and 7.62 suppressor added back to the rebel stores @DjHolyChirst Remembrance event area added @Wilco
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    Thanks to the driving skills of @mell0 the rally didn't quite go to plan
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    I'd only just recovered from the black friday deals... and now they do this to us, do they have no mercy? The unstoppable tide of Hobo's shall block out the sun 😵
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    ERROR 404 : No creative text & title found
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    Okay, after reviewing the given evidence, I have come to the following conclusion; @PC Zener , I will like to note that when dealing with anyone, please try to remain professional at all times, regardless of who the person is and what they have done. You never know who you are truly speaking to or if any other eyes are watching. You represent the Police at all times when in uniform, try to remember that. As for internal punishments, Police Command will not action any warning point or demotion. Instead, we are going to be informing your Chief Superintendent @CSI Gordon . Where will be asking him to maintain observation of you and your actions/attitude towards members of the public. @Kattana I would also like to note, that you should attempt to seek a driving instructor as soon as possible to undergo a re-test. Your lack of due care and attention when driving around Agios Police Station, driving recklessly and actually hitting an officer with your vehicle, could land you with not only with your license being taken away, a prison sentence as well. This will be the only warning issued to you about this. PCC Closed. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Constable Ponty
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    just a lucky moment from flying in a server
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    Well i've been playing for about a month, initially the concept was bloody extraordinary. A place where I can log in, get away from distractions of real life and get lost in the world of Altis. This server first seemed super friendly, when I realised about the strict roleplaying I got even more excited as never experienced anything like it before! Fast forward a few weeks, I've realised this server is absolutely riddled with gimps who should really just be playing Grand Theft Auto. Countless times i've been "robbed" by someone going... "This is a robbery, 3, 2, 1, and before I've fumbled over the key bindings to try and put my hands up popopopop. Dead. Then they shoot me in the head so I dont get revived. It's happening way too much. And now tonight. I got robbed, put my hands up, and then shot anyway, my helicopter stolen and scrapped. The game is just full of trolls not role players. Yesterday, even the police were that bored they put me and my friends in a firing line just outside Kavala for no reason. So as a concept, the game is fucking awesome, and there's some excellent guys like Stoneman and Gordon Ramsey etc who make it the best they can for others. But this bullshit GTA life isn't for me, and cant be arsed anymore grinding on a game, for someone to come take it all from me without getting any fun, decent roleplay out of it. This is a bit of a butthurt post, not because i'm salty, but because this game and server could be 1,000,000x more enjoyable if there weren't so many dicks consistently breaking the rules to benefit themselves at the expense of others. So this is just some feedback. I'll be logging back in shortly, selling my house and giving all my stuff away to some noob and hopefully they get more out of the game than I did. Stay fresh and look after each other.
  49. 8 points
    It gets better.. Thank you @Unlucky George, I hope you don't mind me uploading this.
  50. 8 points
    As this has now become an official report a player , unmc command will no longer be dealing with it Denied
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