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    When kids from other servers come here thinking they're gods and then they get smashed
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    Could someone do me a favor please? Link me the rules page? I would like the rebel rules, police rules and poseidon rules please.. because there all so different Thanks....
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    FREE Mini Graphics Pack Giveaway! [CLOSED] Here is what is going to be included in the Mini Graphics Pack. Banner Avatar Picture To Enter, all you have to do is like this post & comment down bellow and ill announce the winner TODAY! at "8PM GMT" the winner will be hand selected by myself, good luck to all! PS: If this post is well received ill add more things to the next graphics pack which of course will be FREE!
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    When she says she's into roleplay
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    Farming Simulator 2019 is FREE to keep, if you get it before 06/02/2020! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/farming-simulator-19/home
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    Got yourself a car yet? Have you done some bodywork or even work to the engine? Well, if you are proud of your creation. Noble Car Meetup is the place for you! Pay attention to the tweets made to get the locations. These "events" will be at random times, random locations and strictly for fun. Dont bring attitude, bring the fun. Maybe we can have a race? -> Chris Noble
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    you wanted a meme war you have it ( Plz no ban hawk knows hes a naughty boy and exploiting is bad )
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    Big up to the new Staff Members, @Bowen Orion @James Travers @SI Nomad
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    FREE Mini Graphics Pack Giveaway! CLOSED Here is what is going to be included in the Mini Graphics Pack. Banner Avatar Picture To Enter, all you have to do is like this post & comment down bellow and ill announce (@) the winner later today at "8PM GMT" the winner will be hand selected by myself, good luck to all! -Kind Regards Faheem PS: To better your chances of winning, post your best meme I do love a good meme!
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    NPAS Application
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    Tomorrow! 20/02/14 - 20/02/20
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    A rare status update not from @TheCap
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    You wanted it, so here it is
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    You aren't forgotten. Coming Soon.
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    Stress test? More like car test:
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    Los Santos mountain bike club... every sunday at 6am
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    @Jamie nice unit you have sir that keeps camping airport after restart to take peoples guns as they spawn in
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    GTA £6k Catch! https://imgur.com/JvT8pGG
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    HM alarm goes off. 5 cops disconnect within 20 seconds. Pussies man im telling you
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    Dont forget to follow the Farrells instagram. more activity to come. checkout what we're up to
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    Stand tall against living and dead when new fortifications come to the DayZ RPUK Server. Coming soon.
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    Not been around much recently due to life things but I'm about to be back, also just found out that baby Jon Snow number 2 is due in August. lets get itttt.
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    I have a day job! If you are interested in helping out on the FiveM Server please get in touch via the form linked below! If it is something you have dabbled with and want to get into more. Do you want to help with functionality in your free time. You will have my full support if you need reference or need support in terms of learning. Apply and let us know what you already know! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forms/17-gtarp-fivem-development-team-application/ The plan - A basic launch with the fundimentals, where we can build on existing frameworks and develop new content for the server. A lot of time has been spent, rewriting back end functionality for an existing framework in order to allow us to quickly push updates and allow quick + quality development. Going to try a slightly different development style to the past. Developing a server we all want to enj Any questions PM me on the forums. Also you need good music taste.
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    I think I'm addicted to playing as NHS, wish I joined sooner, been having a great time.
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    3 Years Awarded 2 minutes ago 3 Years of Roleplay! Has it really been this long?
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    thinking about choosing a new career path.. maybe joining the medics and making the island a safer & better place
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    There's a new copper in town @DCC Shepherd
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    alright ladies and gents time to bring back the plebs and OG for a final time and collide them together to create a force to be reckoned with. we dont want any of you 50/50 Poseidon/cop guys that are in and out and deciding whether you wanna play rebel or faction, we want rebels only. if you wanna join the NEW best gang on the island get your apps in. we WILL be active and on the server everyday so if your looking to join us then you know what to do, you`re either with us or against us.. lets get it boiss time to take overrrrr Roster coming soon
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    Watch your step, for you aren't alone.
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    On the cupple hours i've played GTA RP, here's my suggestions. Make the chat box smaller please.. Why does it take 5 mins to starve to death? Vehicle trunks are just fucked. Water.. £25? Are you fucking kidding me? a knife, £900? WHAT? IS IT MADE OUT OF FUCKING DIAMONDS! I understand why you cant steal every car you see but damn please up the percentage, it's not fun going around trying to find a car for 10 mins. Also why does my guy have the same cardiovascular ability to someone who's on My 600lb life? Maybe up the pay on all runs? For me at least it's wayyyy to grindy. Mark ATMs on the map?
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    CCTV Footage of Aiden in Police training
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    So today RPUK turns 6. And first of all happy birthday! I want to thank all the hard working volunteers of the community as well as all the players for creating such an amazing community. RPUK to me is something I am eternally grateful for for many reasons. When almost 4 years ago Gordon and Sciencefreak invited me to join this community of this game I have never played before I was hesitant. I joined, not knowing how to speak in game because I didn't know how to switch the channels. Spawned in Athira and got robbed right away. That was a rather bumpy start of what turns out to be an amazing time here. I have many good friends in this community as well as have been fortunate enough to have found to love of my life while on a police patrol (yes I tased him) who I have now been living with for almost 4 months. So thank you RPUK for all the joy and laughter! Here's to many more years!
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    Fun fact, as of January 1st 2020, there has been 4,845 Police & NHS patrols. Of which 867 are NHS medic patrols and 3,978 police patrols.
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    @Hapi What hobos have you been dealing with holy FUCK
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    Thank you to all those who went out of their way to put in a good word about me tonight, really appreciate it.
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    I can't wait to be that drunk homeless character on FiveM
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    I give you, puffefish rave:
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    when the police get told someone is robbing their donuts
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    Incase anyone missed it:
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    Big thank you to everyone who joined in on the event! Was a blast! Also dancing HEMMTs are the best