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  1. Due to popular request, I made an extended version of my m a s t e r p i e c e. Enjoy ? @CI Coozer @CI Phil @DI Ponty @ArrogantBread @DI Icecube @Fluqi @SI Joseph Tadworth @SI MACCAS @Conner Merlin @Caitlin @CSI Xsum @ @DI Wiisy @Fallen @JStar @Robin -The Pirate @Qnie @Farmer Giles @Humzah @Elliot Ash @Qetz @Mikey Kearns @H A N D Y @Buidurd @F A D E @Katie @Scott1sh @MariXa @DSGT Reiss @DSGT Creed @INS Stephen Allen @AlfonsPappa @VRambo @Drew @Vladic Ka ^ all who feature
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  2. Here it is! The 'big update' at last. Many thanks to @Azamai@TomTheDogeand @DI Busterguy for scrabbling through over 1500 code-commits and goodness-knows what else, in order to find the most important changes to report to you here. All I know is, I had too much work on my hands to keep track in a form that lends itself to posting here, but these fine lads did the legwork for me. Also want to thank my little army of testers - over 50 of them helped, and I'm sorry to say there isn't space here to list them all. I'm sure there are still bugs, and I'm sure we all know things we'd like done bett
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  3. Not going to lie, I did not expect a report to be made against me for this. However, I will explain what occurred from my perspective, seeing as not once did you ever contact me regarding the situation. During this situation, CSI Joseph Tadworth called for backup near the Athira checkpoint, stating there were armed rebels surrounding the area. This was met with a group of approximately 15 officers in the small vicinity of the checkpoint, all in the same channel, so things were very disorganised. Amongst this clown fiesta of a response, I was standing in front of 2 rebels in
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  4. As you all know, we pride ourselves on being a serious Roleplay community. Part of this pride is borne from providing ALL of our community members with an enjoyable RP experience they can be proud of. Sometimes, however, there are individuals and even groups of players who put their own interests before those of others and degrade the RP and enjoyment for all concerned - this is bad for the community as a whole. 
 We have a number of ways to deal with these issues: With individuals we have the report a player section but sometimes, when groups of players have a habitual habit of breaking r
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  5. Going live at 12PM: Groups System Effective immediately, the old gang system will be deactivated. You can edit the ranks of offline and online players (and remove them) as if they were online in the old system. Four types of group can be created: Gang - Rebel groups / Street gangs Mafia - More organized / drug related crime Businesses - Fill this one in yourself. Bounty Hunter Group - A group for bounty hunters to collaborate together. Picking the correct group type is imp
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  6. Hello. I am SGT Alfred[RT697] was the Pilot of the I-99. I took the Aircraft just before the start of a RBA treasury. We had recently received word that people would be carrying out a robbery. I went up in the air and started to mark a large number of location so that when officer arrived they knew what areas were called so they would be better prepared for the worst that could happen. As I was in the air i started watching a large group of rebels arrive and set up around the area. I marked hostile locations and as started to talk Officers on the ground onto hostile areas. Onc
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  7. I`ve decided to write this forum post today instead of tomorrow because I want to enjoy my last day (Thursday) here in RPUK for at least the next 4 months with out having to stop to take care of it at the last second and also I wanted to finish up what was left on the taking care of list that I have made before my admission to the hospital and my thank you note to RPUK was the last thing on the list of things to do....So here it is The time has come already folks...tomorrow is the big day when I put my life in the hands of a surgeon whom I must admit I have confidence in so I think ever
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  8. Added: New Rebel Uniforms @Ciaran Wetsuit [AAF] Syndikat Uniform Recon Fatigues (Tropic) Paramilitary Garb (Tank Top) Gendarmerie Commander Uniform Full Ghillie (Jungle) [NATO] CTRG Urban Uniform CTRG Stealth Uniform (Tee) CTRG Stealth Uniform (Rolled-up) CTRG Stealth Uniform CTRG Combat Uniform (Tee) Combat Fatigues [AAF] (Officer) Combat Fatigues (Tropic) Combat Fatigues (MTP) (Tee) New Civilian Uniforms @Ciara
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  9. Added: New revive system: When being downed, you will now be able to talk to the medic and will be able to hear players within your vicinity. Player executions - You are able to kill downed players by shooting them with any handgun weapon. Since you are able to talk to them while they are downed, you will most likely want to talk to them before executing them. Dragging downed players - Downed players can be dragged by any of the white-listed factions, or people who have bought a stretcher from any hospital. Blood Bags - Reset the death timer o
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  10. These are a list of things, that NEED to be fixed. alot of them have been a problem for what, 2 years? and are as simple as hammer and nail, or so i am told. If admins could simply grab this post and use it as some kind of a " List of things to complete " and complete them rebel life will be 100x greater. I fucking guarantee it. Ps. These are not PROBLEMS, they are SOLUTIONS. :Disclaimer: Please only comment and reply to this post, if you have FULLY read and understood all of the points, and give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. People who have played this server longer than others will unders
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  11. So you're new, confused! and you've just arrived into the coastal town of Kavala. Let me SAFELY... guide you, through this brand new, updated & bigger guide to the world of The Altis Life. I'd like to thank all that helped and unknowingly appeared in the production.
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  12. Press like on the video if you love the community! The New Domain! Today we are proud to announce that we have our new domain! One thing we are good at is focusing and running Roleplay servers so we are very very happy to announce as per the above YouTube video (Massive thank you to @Unlucky George!) our future domain is Roleplay.co.uk therefore we will become Roleplay UK! #RPUK. With this domain the possibility's of RolePlay wont end with Altis! We can build Roleplay servers across other Arma 3 maps like Tanoa and any others out there and most importantly across oth
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  13. Giveaway i understand 3 million is not a lot to some people but atleat it's something the giveaway will end in 1 or 2 weeks time this is for fun as I do not play that much but still, good luck How to join To join you simply have to 1) Like this post 2) comment (you must do both to be entered) Update I am adding a extra 1 million and it will draw on Christmas
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  14. Poseidon We are ready. Ready to show you a new way! For a long time now we have been trying to find our feet in this ruthless country. We have failed many times, but we have never given up. Always looking for a new way, a way that will allow us to succeed where others have failed. Finally, we have our chance, a chance that is too good to be true at a time when it is most needed. We will need help in this new adventure that we are setting out upon. You may be what we need, but we will never know unless you try. We can offer you a new life. A new goal to work towards. You ju
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  15. In-game Name SI Fluqi [AC363] Steam ID 76561198162754500 The date of your ban. 05/08/2017 Member of the team that banned you. Vladic Ka Reason given for your ban. Racism - 1.2 The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. The reason I am banned from the Game Servers is because last night, like a complete and utter idiot, played a racist soundboard in a teamspeak room when there was someone who was live-streaming on twitch. As a direct result of this, I have been removed from my positi
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  16. Update at 8: New prison system: Multiple prisons: Kavala, Athira, Pygros, UNMC, CLASSIFIED Time can be modified by the person putting you in prison. Time is saved over restart / logout. Police can go to jail as well. Fixed speedcamera adding passengers. Credit to @CSI Xsum for the uniforms, @Scott1sh for the UNMC Prison Map Objects, @Archie for the Kavala, Athira and Pygros jails and @Ciaran for the prison system
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  17. Going live at 12pm: The size of the basket in shops is now 40 instead of 20 for even faster re-arming Bounty Hunters have been removed, the license will be automatically compensated should you have owned one. This extends to the groups created under the heading of bounty hunters, these are now businesses The NCA now show a green Hexagon UAV Terminals for police now show a hexagon as well as the GPS Speed Cameras model now in place (Still wont catch any of you acting like Steve Mcqueen until we install reels of tape into the back of them) @SI Joseph
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  18. Going live at 8pm: Added: Speed Cameras now fully implemented, you will be added to the wanted list for speeding when going over the limit past them. Added a few more cameras to the map. Map Changes: Anti "TreeDM" and VDM barriers added throughout Kavala (including the police station). Changes to police stations: Comms towers added to all stations. Kavala Station briefing room. Police flag added to Kavala and Athira stations. Removed th
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  19. Another successful UNMC Operation
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  20. Recently we’ve had a change of view from the staff team regarding the question of “at what point can you shoot someone?”. Can you shoot someone when they point a gun at you? Can you shoot someone if they threaten you? I point you at the rule below. (7.1.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will shoot” etc is considered low quality RP and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. Executing another player must also be carried out with high quality roleplay, the only exception to this rule is if both you and the victim are engaged in a gunf
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  21. 4.00 PM Added: UK license plates to vehicles. License plates are prefixed based on the major city they were purchased in, and the license plate year number is accurate to the real year / month the vehicle was purchased. Rentals will have the second letter in the plate as "R", whereas permanent vehicles will be any other character. @Ciaran Vehicle Chat will be automatically switched to Direct Chat when not in a vehicle. Rejoice! @Jaffa Backpack upgrade for the Offroad, adds 40 extra virtual item (T menu) storage. @Jaffa Magazine repacking with a fancy new UI. Can be
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  22. Added: Added Silica / Silicon Run (unsellable) - @SI Joseph Tadworth Added Aluminium Run (Can be sold at the Altis Metal Trader, also known as Iron/Copper Trader) - @SI Joseph Tadworth Added ability to process Oil into Plastic (unsellable) - @SI Joseph Tadworth Added Computers and Computer Components to the factory @SI Joseph Tadworth / @ArrogantBread Making of "Computer Components" Requires: Refined Silica, Processed Copper Take to the "Factory" to combine to make Computer Components Can be sold at "PCP World Wareho
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  23. Changed Housing System has been given a revamp @Rath Groups can now purchase group properties (Industrials Sheds, Cargo Towers and Barracks) There are special group properties that are outfitted with fortifications for an additional price All properties have a maintenance period requiring owners to pay on a monthly basis Failure to pay "rent" will mean eviction from property and loss of any storage Properties can be upgraded - various upgrades are only available at specific properties Levels = Increases Stor
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  24. Pushed at 8PM Added: Undercover Officers An undercover HQ is selected randomly from houses on the map, and the infostand and vehicle spawn is placed automatically on the nearest road. Only undercover permit holders can see these houses on the map. There are strict police rules around the usage of undercover gear. Police can pull out undercover cars with every civilian color. Police can use civilian clothing from their clothing shop as long as they have the permit. Police can set a custom name to appear while they a
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  25. just so you don't here it for other sources the othe night I was assaulted by 4 guys and I'm now in hospital with 18 stitches in my face where I got slashed and a suspected fractured leg where they were hitting me with a hammer, but reasure ill be return to altis within a few days
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  26. I wasn`t to sure where to post this so I chose Altis Life to pass on my message that I feel is very important to me pass on a message of thanks to a great community here in RPUK....As some of you know Ive been fight that mother fucker called cancer now for 42 days as of today...Ive completed 5 sessions out of 8 so far of Radiation therapy the latest onebeing completed yesterday... plus the chemo intake via a pill called Paclitaxel...So far Ive lost 60 pounds in 40 days and I'm fighting this thing the best I can...I'm doing my best to hide this from my kids but when you melt like Frosty the sno
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  27. Well what a week we have had here at Roleplay.co.uk. It must be that time of the year again where everyone is pissed off about going back to school/work after the summer and dolls are thrown out of prams. Anyone who has been here a while will know that this cycle happens every so often. So from an RPUK point of view what has actually happened, it's a fun story and let me tell you it from my perspective. A few weeks ago we were looking at the numbers for Tanoa and could see the negative trend that was happening there. Most of the team were still chipping away at it to try and boost
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  28. Kavala is turning into a dump, past 12pm especially. I'm really not impressed with the way its going. Its nothing like it used to be and there are far to meany people running the rules very close to the line. And if it comes to the point were the rp drops anymore and does not get better there will be punishment for ANY sort of trolling and bad rp. And let me tell you now bans will go flying left and right if things continue on this course. I have seen so much shit rp, trolling and whatever else comes with this pathetic game-play stile its time to change. This goes to any cop,gang,player or na
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  29. Thought I'd leave you fucks with a little present
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  30. Added: Camo Scopes and Silencers for Rebels Changed: Optimisations Unused scripts removed Weapon Shop has been changed To override gear such as weapons, nv goggles etc., use the Override Gear function otherwise it'll check whether you have enough space for the item Double click on an item in the cart to remove Weapons now show what items are compatible Fixed: License Check for Cops
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  31. SALVS PROFILE BANNERS Daily competitions for profile banners. Making the forums look beautiful. Few I've done. Click the links for higher resolution https://i.screenshot.net/8vd5gfv https://i.screenshot.net/7r31eao https://i.screenshot.net/058dvfe
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  32. 20:00 Restart NHS: Carryall Backpack added and made invisible (An alternative to the Messenger bag) @DjHolyChirst POLICE: Added Van to vehicle garage (UCP) @DjHolyChirst Added Rangemaster Belt to clothing (UCP) @Fallen Added Sand NightVision to clothing (UCP) @Fallen Kavala Police Station partial redesign, cell area moved and other small details tweaked @CC Joseph Tadworth Added railing to stairs at Athira PD to prevent death @DjHolyChirst Removed goalposts at Agios PD, large vehicles can now spawn @DjHolyChirst Police Tear Gas added for
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  33. So today is my first day as Community Manager and as with any new job, I've been ‘finding my feet’ and after stumbling around and getting my act together, I thought it would be nice to post this to let you all know what’s going on and how I hope to serve you. So, firstly, what is a Community Manager? In short, I work for YOU. My job is primarily to ensure YOUR concerns / ideas are heard and relayed to management to help them keep their fingers on the pulse of the community. What do I do? Management are very busy working behind the scenes - trust me, I looked:
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  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing with my theme of Emergency Vehicles, I'm pleased to present my WORK IN PROGRESS of what I hope will be a new part of Altis: Again, I want to stress that this is a work in progress, and isn't finished just yet! Update: The sides are mirrored (what happens on one will happen on the other, but backwards), so I'm trying to find a way ar
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  35. Added: Airdrops @Ciaran Various weapons that cannot be purchased can be found in these airdrops Gallery Heist An event that's still being experimented with Bolt cutters are required to break into the gallery (A silent alarm can be triggered) Up to 4 pieces of art can be found in the gallery that go up to £250,000 at the antique dealer Windows Key to interact with the art Various pieces of art will be displayed in the future Changed: Logo added to loading screen @Ciaran Band Balaclavas ad
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  36. Just reached 3000 hours on arma and many of those have been spent on this community. Felt like giving back, giving away 2x 20 euro steam gift cards, like this post to win
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  37. So to start off, this is not a representative opinion of RPUK, the staff team, or the leads. This is my own opinion, though some of it is based off of my knowledge not only as a cop, but situations witnessed in the course of my staff duties. I also believe it wise to also get this in early, I am not making this to shit in anyone's cornflakes, as I am aware the level of commitment and work you have to go through to run a whitelisted faction. 1. The Border I'll begin with my largest gripe and honestly what I believe to be the root cause of a great number of hostilities. The border represen
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  38. Dear Roleplay UK, I am pleased to announce and welcome our Community Liaison @Edgar Ville! Firstly a big congratulations to Edgar who will be working alongside our Community Manager @FriendlyFireGuy! The Community Liaison is a role introduced in the community that will allow him to become our public voice and to integrate with the rest of the Community. Here is what he will be up to; Liaison Between POLICE/NHS/REBEL/UNMC/ - (Regular Community Meetings) Gather Important feedback from Community Members & Factions. Writing & Posting of community announce
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  39. To celebrate being promoted to DI, I thought I would make something b e a u t i f u l @CI Coozer @Fluqi @VRambo @SI Joseph Tadworth @CSI Xsum @Vaffla @INS Sir Liam @INS Stephen Allen @INS Ponty @ArrogantBread Tagged those who wanted to see/relevant to the video Academy#1
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  40. That's funny, it's almost as if you're implying that I'm biased. In which case, I'm sure you'll be DELIGHTED to know that as of two minutes ago I'm no longer in the police. What are the odds in that? Banned, piss poor RP. Name:Lt. Reece Smurf [UNMC] Steam ID:76561198124329724
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  41. 20:00 Restart NHS Can now open the Kavala PD door again in case of workplace accidents @DjHolyChirst POLICE Athira PD Car spawn now does not clip against the building @DjHolyChirst Athira PD back gate can now only be opened by police and NHS again @DjHolyChirst ATMs moved slightly from the HM Compound to prevent triggering the alarms @DjHolyChirst AR Helmet Black Variant added @DjHolyChirst Can now buy blood bags from cop item shop @sciencefreak74 RTU uniform now saves after disconnecting and reconnecting @sciencefreak74 UNMC Can n
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  42. You're new, confused and you've just arrived onto the golden shores of Kavala. Let me help & guide you, through the world of Altis Life UK. I'd like to thank all that helped and unknowingly appeared in the production of this film.
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  43. Turned out that the driver of the NHS vehicle was a hobo who had nicked it a few seconds earlier.
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  44. Good "morning" Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you are all doing well and that you are as excited for Christmas time as I am! I am gonna make a Post right now about myself. And for once it's not gonna be about me being a Queen or anything. It's going to be something personal .. and this is very hard for me because I try to not share my real life. So let's go back together to the year 2012 with me. 2012 was the worst year in my life for me. And I am sure we all know one specific year that was just not going as it should be.
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  45. Foreword I said in my last post that I'm having to write these posts all too often now, these latest attacks in Manchester only quantify that statement. It's unfortunate that this world we live in is affected and filled with so much by mindless violence and hatred, which in this case was specifically targeted at innocent younger children with a whole life ahead of them. As I've always said, we must not let attacks like these divide us, we should take pride in our values as a society and should unify to stand up to protect them, these attacks are not just against those who are physi
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  46. Dear Roleplay UK, I am pleased to announce your community manager is @FriendlyFireGuy Please give him a warm warm welcome! He will be our public voice going forward and your voice of reason, The Community Manager role has changed a bit since we last had one so here is some of the stuff he will be up-to! Liaison between management and members. Writing & posting of community announcements. Collate and bring important feedback from members & factions. Power to Ban & unban where necessary. Access to post social media updates on all our external
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  47. Admins have tron suits for a reason, and they play in game for a reason. Last time I checked, it wasn't to ban people for making little mistakes? It's so tiring seeing that people got banned for dumb things, like 'carrying two people'. I've had that done to me by police multiple times, when did it cross the line from it happens sometimes, to ban on the spot? Surely if the admin in question just teleported to them, mentioned the guys mistake and moved on. I mean, it probably takes less time to talk in game rectifying the mistake, than it does to type the ban message. If he did it again, well ri
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