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    I`ve decided to write this forum post today instead of tomorrow because I want to enjoy my last day (Thursday) here in RPUK for at least the next 4 months with out having to stop to take care of it at the last second and also I wanted to finish up what was left on the taking care of list that I have made before my admission to the hospital and my thank you note to RPUK was the last thing on the list of things to do....So here it is The time has come already folks...tomorrow is the big day when I put my life in the hands of a surgeon whom I must admit I have confidence in so I think everything is going to be alright although i`ve been given the possible outcome scenarios...some good some bad but I`ll get to that bridge when I get there...The last 45 days have been great and I would like to thank the RPUK community for all the love and support shown to me since my announcement in July of the cancer having added itself to the mix in my life...some days have been easy and some days have been really really bad but the diversity of this community helped a lot to pass the time and not think about whats really going on...getting away sometimes is a good thing...and it was great to be able to get away from it all here on RPUK...Thanks to all in the Plebs and Poseidon for your comprehension with some of the stuff in game like being completely lost and disoriented in game to going afk for the barfing spats that I went thru with the oral chemo side effects...I`ve never been more scared in my life as I am today...what I see in my kids eyes...the fear...is something as a parent that I have a very hard time dealing with and I think its what hurts me the most...Pain is one thing that can be dealt with via a pill or what not but your kids pain and fears are what you want to chase the most away and I cant do it being I don`t have control of the situation that is at hand...all I can do is fight and that's all Ive been doing since day one but it isn`t always easy to accomplish but I always try my best...All I want in the end is to see my kids grow up and live a long life so the fight must continue even though Ive lost a total of 74 pounds in a bit less than 90 days... Recovery time has been slated between 4 to 6 months strapped to a bed with full head gear to make sure that all my vertebrates fusion with the screws and titanium rods that will be inserted in my neck to replace the old stuff and the laser removal of the tumor that is logged between my C2 & C3 right side vertebrates with the tail on my spinal-cord so if all goes well I will be out mid January 2020...I will have access to discord and ts via my android but not sure what will be the results after the operation so we shall see...Should shit go south Ive made arrangements that you guys will be notified should it be the case because I have respect for all of you here in RPUK and would not want you guys not to know.... I`m going to take this time to point out a few groups and people that I need to thank personally because its very important to me no matter what the outcome will be for me live or die...none of my Doctors or Surgeons can promise a success operation until the job is done and we see how I recover from it all and if added radiation therapy or chemo is needed...I hope the hell not personally for the rad treatments...some nasty stuff I must say...Ive been in the what if`s mode for the last two weeks...Will is up to date...Life insurance policies are set...everything is taken care of should it go bad...Never in my life at the age of 46 could I imagine having to make these arrangements this early in life...Its pretty messed up when you sit in your kitchen and sign all these documents that are setting your life up should you die...So here we go..... The Plebs: @SALV @`Sydney @ShaunLAD @Boab @Mad Yoke @YoCo @Josh Black @Emiil @Charles Vane @Rice Krispy @Jamada @Mason As a person I appreciate what you have brought to my life these past few months helping me keep it together and I have the utmost respect and love for all of you and this from the bottom of my heart, Thank you...Thank you for everything you`ve all done for me...I plan on Re-gearing and going again Poseidon: @RaptorAM @Wiisy @Harry White Orion @Tuna @Bowen Triton @Samantha Orion @Stubley @hydraa @Maverick Delta @Qrow @Jeepers @Slawek Orion @Nuclear @Simen @Drex Thanks for everything, especially the compassion and understanding concerning my medical situation that you`ve shown me and the help given to make my time in Poseidon enjoyable and the long-term vacation that was granted to me recently...I very much appreciate it.... NHS: @WelshWolf @Warwick @Melom @Sou Cheng @MCKELVIE @Pancho Where it all started...Much love ladies and gents... Rebels: @Finbar @Arbaaz @Imstyle @DexyKing @dopefish Thanks for the fun at the end and thanks for not taking advantage of a shitty situation in some cases where i was completely messed up in my head and had no clue what was going on Good times and good laughs and thank you for your understanding thru it all...Very appreciated boys Staff: @Nalurah @Stavik @Aiden @Daanv The 4 of you are good peoples in life and the understanding and support shown I will never forget and could never thank you enough for your time given to me to talk even if quickly but always reassuring and to the point.... Ownership: @Wilco Mr. Wilco although I`ve never had the opportunity to speak with you I would like to thank you also because reality being what it is in life it would have never been possible for me to meet such a great community full of awesome people had you not started RPUK and I thank god everyday for having put this community on my path of life and ultimately be there to help me deal with what is going on in life for me...I can never thank you enough Wilco... Thanks for everything RPUK and thank you all for being a class act most of the time Much love, Dat Medic Thou xxx PS: When you cap a Red Zone always remember me Beers on me at The Bearded Clam thursday xxx
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    4.00 PM Added: UK license plates to vehicles. License plates are prefixed based on the major city they were purchased in, and the license plate year number is accurate to the real year / month the vehicle was purchased. Rentals will have the second letter in the plate as "R", whereas permanent vehicles will be any other character. @Ciaran Vehicle Chat will be automatically switched to Direct Chat when not in a vehicle. Rejoice! @Jaffa Backpack upgrade for the Offroad, adds 40 extra virtual item (T menu) storage. @Jaffa Magazine repacking with a fancy new UI. Can be accessed by double clicking in the inventory. @Jaffa 7.62 Suppressors can be crafted at the factory if you have the Viper License @DjHolyChirst Garage added to viper house @DjHolyChirst Modified: Gear persistence layer modified to use setUnitLoadout / getUnitLoadout (long time coming). This should result in more consistent loading / saving of tricky things like magazine ammunition counts etc. @Jaffa Custom uniforms (as in, civilian uniforms with multiple textures on the same model) are now persisted better, and will also keep their textures after being dropped on the ground and picked up again. @Jaffa Anti Cheat improvements @Jaffa Player tags refactored and optimized @Jaffa Shipwreck loot overhauled: HM Treasury shipwrecks now spawn actual gold bars, starting at 2 gold bars and adding one for every online police officer at the time of the wreck. Regular shipwrecks now have a chance of dropping drug boxes, boltcutters and weapon boxes. @Ciaran Viper house will no longer spawn in the radiation zone @DjHolyChirst Fixed: Being restrained while downed now keeps you in a restrained state after being revived @Ciaran Jungle Camo Repair Tempest texture fixed @Jaffa Blindfolding the player you are escorting will no longer blind you @Jaffa Viper house will no longer spawn at the same location as the Undercover HQ @DjHolyChirst A brand new Kavala SUV
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    I wasn`t to sure where to post this so I chose Altis Life to pass on my message that I feel is very important to me pass on a message of thanks to a great community here in RPUK....As some of you know Ive been fight that mother fucker called cancer now for 42 days as of today...Ive completed 5 sessions out of 8 so far of Radiation therapy the latest onebeing completed yesterday... plus the chemo intake via a pill called Paclitaxel...So far Ive lost 60 pounds in 40 days and I'm fighting this thing the best I can...I'm doing my best to hide this from my kids but when you melt like Frosty the snowman in mid July its kinda hard for them not to see it...Ive received a lot of support from the people that Ive become close with here in the RPUK community...I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people that have given me the support that I need and also thank RPUK management for have created this community...With out the support from the RPUK community I'm not sure how I would go about changing my mind on the fight I'm involved in... I have a very special thanks to give to all Poseidon members that are there for me in particular @Raptor @Nalurah @Charles Vane @Eemil @SALV @Tuna @Drex @Stavik @Aiden @Wiisy @Nuclear @Slawek Orion @Warwick @Sou Cheng @Mad Yoke and alot of others that Im having a hard time naming...The thing about this cancer bullshit and all the meds Im taking it kinda fucks with my memory a little bit...Thank you all here in RPUK for being there for me and hopefully all will end well...Rest assured that should shit go bad and I die I most definatley be breaking NLR should god give me the opportunity to do so
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    So to start off, this is not a representative opinion of RPUK, the staff team, or the leads. This is my own opinion, though some of it is based off of my knowledge not only as a cop, but situations witnessed in the course of my staff duties. I also believe it wise to also get this in early, I am not making this to shit in anyone's cornflakes, as I am aware the level of commitment and work you have to go through to run a whitelisted faction. 1. The Border I'll begin with my largest gripe and honestly what I believe to be the root cause of a great number of hostilities. The border represents a line in the sand between "our lands" and "their lands" despite this being the premise for the former UNMC, a paramilitary organisation that sought to take land, I see no logical reason why a cartel would have not one but two border checkpoints complete with "Border Passes", armed guards and barriers. It's all a bit bureaucratic and governmental, things a drugs cartel should be ideologically opposed? Given the opportunity, I would remove the lands and spread the family compounds throughout Altis. This not only allows the cartel to spread out from "their lands" but also prevents border skirmishes, police stating "Why are you in our lands", Poseidon complaining that "Police have crossed the border". With any luck, without the firefights that start literally because one side is in the "area" of the other, Poseidon can focus more on defending its interests, than being on the lookout for police, and manning their border checkpoint. It would also alleviate a staff issue where members of the Triton family are unable to respawn after responding to the Continental (or other fights in Pyrgos), without breaching NLR, which causes them to have to sit in their compounds for their timer. Possible Locations for relocated family compounds: Airport North of Abdera - The furthest away in terms of distance but with the obvious advantage of being able to get out aircraft at this location. Former Zaros Bank Location - Close proximity to Kavala, Red Zones, Cocaine Processor Fuel Station near Northern Scrap Dealer - Potential for side business, charging tribute for scrapping vehicles, charging tribute for fuel. Construction Site South of Alikampos - Proximity to HMP Altis, Main Road, Agios 2. Border Passes and Cashflow Inline with the above point, scrap the idea of border passes as there would no longer be a border, the payment would come from an increased payout from Poseidon drug dealers, at the flipside of them taking a percentage of your sales for distribution to the Poseidon members online. This could be relevant to the Poseidon members online to a minimum percentage. 5% for 1-5 Poseidon members. 10% 5-15, 15% 15-25, 20% 25+. This then gives the rebels an opportunity to cut Poseidon out of their drug dealing by selling at the Kavala Dealer, at the risk of pissing off Poseidon. To gain the knowledge of the drug locations, the other half of the border passes, you would need to get the intelligence from a Poseidon member, which they may require you to pay for, or roleplay for. At night when Poseidon may not be online there could possibly be a signpost at Poseidon main base/Poseidon Offices that will give out the intel for a modest fee that will only work when the OpFor count is less than 1. 3. Side Businesses As mentioned in my list of possible locations for family compounds I made reference to charging tribute for certain resources. Fuel Poseidon would have a second option when at a fuel stations, this would be an extort option. This would enable them to essentially extort the business owner for protection money, which would be additional money for Poseidon members stood within a certain distance of the fuel station and to earn money from fuel purchases. It could also mean the owner starts charging the police to refuel at that fuel station. Scrap Dealer Poseidon would be able to stop certain vehicles being scrapped. Either totally, or they would get a menu to pull scrapped vehicles out from the scrap dealer for a fee, with the possibility of this being expanded to vehicles the police scrapped. Say the Police scrapped your Blackfish, and Poseidon could buy it back from the scrap dealer for a flat £5m, they charge you £8m and retrieve it from the scrap yard.
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    Results are in... After 1 status we managed to get a full police hop on, gold command authorized operation... ALMOST full pop server: Poseidon had stuff to do Police had stuff to do Rebels, i appreciate we all banded together to achieve this and i appreciate all of your help today. it was always going to be a loosing battle but hopefully it was fun. My reason for this was simple, yesterday someone put a status saying there was about 60 people on, today we doubled it.. All because i said rebels were going to cause havoc. It shows we need rebels, rebels are the heart of this server man and all the moaning and complaining we do is only because we want to actually play the server and have fun with new and fresh ideas for us. I think all sides had a good couple of hours and thanks for the rebel help we got from you all! (Cheers)
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    Operation Guardian [27/03/2039] Written by SGT Ponty ℅ Armed Response Command As of recent, military-grade firearms have flood the streets of Altis. They are in every neighbourhood and used by every organisation. Those that use these firearms both do not have applicable approved licensing but also use them for criminal activities. So as of this post being public, Operation Guardian is in effect. During Operation Guardian, the following will take place; Increased number of visible Armed Response patrols. A much stricter approach to seizure of firearms by both regular uniformed officers and specialised units. Greater efforts to tackle large organisations, to seize firearms and cease their methods of funding criminal activity. If you wish to hand in your illegal firearms, seek out any officer ranked police constable or higher at any local police station to hand in your firearms without being fined or imprisoned.
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    The war with @LiL Jeep continues. Here is the latest competition. Hope everyone enjoys!
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    We are looking into rebel prices, faction prices... weighing up the pros and the cons and considering replacing the monthly half price for a small number of cosmetic perks for donators, Until then (might take some time) I have set the server to half price.. Enjoy!
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    I accept that this is definitely a risky topic to approach and it is likely that this thread will turn to flame and so I urge people to avoid posting small one-liners and write detailed responses (not rants), to help this be a mature discussion and to walk away if things get heated, and would like to request that flame posts are removed to help this discussion to continue. Now, to begin. Over the past several months it seems there has been an increase in the bans of long-term players. Now I completely understand that some of these have been long-awaiting and much deserved, but others I have had some questions over. Several of these players have had multiple warnings, bans, and chances before and seemingly are not able to keep themselves within the rules; or simply do not care to try. Others though have had a clean record, do well to promote roleplay and hang-around with "good" groups of players. Some of these have been clear-cut rule breaks whilst others seem to be slip-ups that have resulted in a ban. My issue is primarily with the latter, although slightly with the former. Where is the loyalty when admins deal with such cases? It seems that newer players who haven't read the rules get away with rule breaks despite obvious direction to read the rules. I have no issue with this - but breaking the rules straight away is allowed yet breaking a rule after hundreds, even thousands of hours will land you a punishment? As a member of this community for over 3 years now I am constantly worried that a slight slip-up could tarnish my profile forever, and lead to harsh punishments instantly in the future as a result of it. The admin team seem to be more interested in 'making an example out of people', rather than treating them with fairness that they deserve from their past behaviour. I would like to think that my contributions to the server and other players have benefitted people; but I will still be banned over a bad word I might say in the heat of the moment to 'be made an example of'. After thousands of hours I will be treated worse than a brand new player, rather than being treated with any of the loyalty I feel I deserve. We are all human beings and we all make mistakes - but it feels that that is not an excuse anymore. Plenty of admins have had bans, warnings, or questionable situations in the past and I have no issue with that because we're humans.. but another player could do exactly the same and yet not get away with it. Of course, admins have been made examples of in the past... deliberate racism, exploiting - these have resulted in removal from the staff team but no other punishment and liberty to play on the server. But I could be permanently banned for less and never be able to play here again. Breaking a rule and saying "sorry I've been here for a long time" is not a reason not to be banned.. but one slip-up in thousands of hours of playtime is seemingly unacceptable. All I'm asking is that long-time players are treated with a little more respect and consideration of their loyalty. I fail to understand why I would be banned instantly, without even being talked to - for something a newer player would get away with a verbal warning for. This has been something I have wanted to ask for a long time, and is no way connected to today's events (I have not even been online). Thank you for reading and please keep responses constructive.
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    An update for everyone who has been asking and keeping check on me, so mum has been in hospital for around 13 weeks now they discovered a rare type of cancer that couldnt be cured only treated and prolonged, on top of this mum then got Pneumonia and the cancer could no longer be treated during this time she rapidly declined and I am sad to say that yesterday at 3:15pm Mum took her last breath and passed away under heavy morphine so she was not suffering at least. I normally wouldnt post stuff like this here but since so many of you over the years i have been here have spoken to mum and witnessed the banter and what she like and alot of you have been asking, I just wanted to give you all an update. Im sorry its not any better news but please take comfort in that she was not in pain as that what getting me through this at the moment, and a massive thank you to everyone who has checked up on me and supported me in this I truely love you all and you are all amazing WelshWolf Josh
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    00:00 Restart Added NHS Covered Offroad added @Ciaran, texture provided by @Stealthee Gopnik clothing added to the black market clothing dealer @CC Gordon, texture provided by @LastNickLeft Black SUV added to SPG @Jaffa Police Cargo Van added to SPG @Jaffa Christmas clothing & map theming added @Wilco Message added when attempting to place a spike-strip without the required skill @Jaffa Coloured names shown above players heads for Donators, Lifetime Donators & Investors @Ciaran Special Constable Police rank added @sciencefreak74 Police whitelisting reset at request of police command to accommodate this, see police command if you have any issues Spar-16s can now fire rubber bullets (using existing rubber bullet magazines) @Jaffa Unmarked Police can now purchase Poseidon border passes @Jaffa Modified Prison has been completely rebuilt @CC Gordon Prison breakout distance limitations lowered @CC Gordon SPG Quadbike changed from brown to white @Jaffa Replaced old MI5 uniform with new Spectre uniform @CC Gordon, texture provided by @DCC Shepherd Changed message shown when being left restrained for too long by police to be more descriptive @CC Gordon Various Admin system changes @Jaffa Drug dealer can no longer spawn inside of the prison @CC Gordon Changed Kavala Prestige shop vehicle spawn to prevent vehicles blowing up when spawned @CC Gordon Prevent rearming from vehicles that you cannot access the inventory of @Jaffa Tear gas no longer resets the effects of ear plugs @sciencefreak74 Poseidon can now revoke all border passes from players @sciencefreak74 Players with a prestige level lower than 10 can no longer interact with the lvl.5 carrier rigs @sciencefreak74 Prestige suit no longer vanishes when transferred out of players inventory @sciencefreak74 MRAPS no longer trigger the decamp script @Jaffa Your own player name no longer shows above your head @Jaffa Removed Removed Police Hatchback Sport from AFO whitelisting @Jaffa Halloween clothing @Wilco Halloween map theming @CC Gordon Removed some map objects to allow player garages to spawn vehicles without exploding @CC Gordon Christmas Time! It's coming round to that time of the year again! All Christmas clothing has been added back to all Hugo Ross stores in place of all the Halloween clothing sets. For the first time in a very long time, we've got some textures created by the community featuring in this update! Make sure you check them out ingame and let them know what you think! Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas, ~ Gordon
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    I've decided to listen to some of the concerns flying around, rebels have stated that they feel that very few (if any) staff team members play rebel full time and that we don't understand the issues rebels face. As many of you will know I've spent a lot of time in the police and have previously been a member of poseidon so I'll put my WL faction time on hold and return to my rebel TCK roots while I spend some time playing amongst some of the rebel groups and experience some of the issues that you've described so myself and the team can better understand and I will gladly fight the cause of the rebels in any behind the scenes discussions. All I ask is that you allow me to play alongside your gang/group at short notice, I'll likely ask you to ally myself and I'll jump into your channels to join in where possible. You have my word that I will not be joining groups to get anyone banned, give anyone an unfair advantage etc. and while playing with your group any information you provide me about the inner workings of your group will remain strictly confidential. I will remain impartial in any disputes or discussions but will be more than happy to advise on the rules when necessary but bear in mind I will be strictly impartial and will not take the side of your group by default and will give all judgements from a purely independent and impartial perspective so please don't take it personally if I suggest you are in the wrong! In return I'd ask that any previous dealings with myself are put aside. please don't let any previous interactions I've had influence how you treat me within RP otherwise I'll never truly be able to understand what it's like to play as a rebel if everyone in the universe arrests/robs me every time they see me or goes against their word and kills me off every time I play alongside a group! Things to bear in mind, as goes for all staff: I can not ban people in situations I am involved in - Except in extreme circumstances such as Racism / Blatant VDM / Hacking or exploiting etc. No one and no group will receive any preferential treatment from me. I am willing to provide you my opinion on scenarios from a staff point of view but it will be my personal opinion only, it does not reflect any final outcomes if you decide to take my advice and file a report against someone and my opinions given can not be used to coerce or blackmail anyone into getting what you want, this will land you in hot water! and who knows the great may one day return.......
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    Welcome to Los Santos 6 Years of Roleplay with RPUK! After multiple attempts, scraps, changes, and overhauls. RPUK is finally ready to release a Roleplay server for Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM) which we are able to maintain and consistantly update. I'm sure you have loads of questions and suggestions, please hold them until you have read this post. Introduction Our initial plan with the server is going back to a roleplay-focused community where roleplay and unique scenarios take precedence over everything else! Upon joining you will notice not everything is fed to you with a spoon, not everything is marked, a lot is on the map and has to be worked out through roleplay and adventure! Initially we have 3 whitelisted roles: the police and NHS can be applied for by accessing the relevant areas of the forums; The Lost MC application processes and recruitment will become clear soon enough. Put away your differences, and your heavy weapons because we are in this for the long haul. The development team are fully expecting there to be rough edges on launch, with some unique incidents which can only be replicated 1 in a 100 times. Please report any bugs or issues to the relevant forum section. There is a full set of server rules visible in-game using the F5 menu, and on the community forums. https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/547-factions/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/gtarp-rules/ Installing and Getting Involved The FiveM Client runs separate from the GTA 5 Client, however still requires GTA 5 to be purchased and installed. You can download the launcher/client via the link below. The install client should run you through the rest. Please note you need to have Steam running in order to play on our servers. https://fivem.net/ Connect via the server browser by typing, "Roleplay.co.uk" and the following will appear: General Questions How Many Slots? Currently we are set at 64 which is going to be constantly assessed by development/management. Once we have optimised the server, resources and framework to run with more clients, we will increase the server limit. How to Contribute and Suggest? The community corner of the forums includes suggestions, submissions, bug reports, and development applications! It all helps! Who will run the Factions? The existing Altis Life police and NHS commands (3 CMOs and 3 CCs) will initially run the respective factions. The reason behind this decision was to have an experienced command team for release; people who are able to arrange training and documentation (the backend). Management and the developer team will monitor progress closely and will actively assess the best way forward for the long-term, including a change of command. The aim will be to separate the AltisLife and GTARP 'ways of life' completely, yet retain a large degree of realism, commonsense and of course, entertainment! Updates, Development and Server Progression Initially the server will be hotfixed for any issues that come up which slipped through our bug testing. All player data will be safe during these times. We plan on doing frequent suggestion and functionality updates and larger overhaul/roadmap updates every few months. This allows us to implement suggestions and functionality depending on feedback. Roadmaps and finalised plans are yet to be 100% confirmed but I will be in communication over the next few weeks about some big plans!
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    So after almost three months of waiting, Gold command decided to release/implement their compromise to lifting faction restrictions. Although we all knew somewhat of a Special Rank was coming that would not allow anyone in a Primary Unit to play rebel without losing months, if not years of time put into the police, we had some hope as we were told that no matter what compromise Gold Command present, another community vote will take place where lifting restrictions completely and the new compromise will be voted for. (see below). I fully understand that you cannot keep everyone happy and appreciate everyone who has put time aside to work on this new rank however this really isn't what the community voted for. With that being said, many of us would very much like to see the re-vote of the compromise against completely lifting restrictions. We were told to address this situation in the Police Board meeting however in the board meeting we were told that if we wish to see any type of change we should email management. Instead of sending an email, a forum post is most likely the better option as this does affect the entire community. I'd also like to mention that this compromise was added without any discussion with police-board therefor resulting in what the majority did not want. Below is a document with data acquired from the community vote itself and a form response sheet that was made today (11/12/2019) to gather some data before board. I understand that gold command may call bias or claim that the information pool is too small which is understandable as it was only done in one day however a solid 66 police members (at the time of this post) have given their input which is a large majority. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YB5jija4fUg06KkuCZb5xQkTvAww0uQVroV0NCVu3mA/edit#gid=1305151453 Using the information obtained from the google response form, 4 points are clear; 100% of the police that took the survey that are in specialised units would NOT step down to the new rank, removing a large portion of the police from being able to play rebel. At the time of writing this (more data is still being obtained) 58 police officers who took the survey would not step down to the new SC rank and 54 of them would like to play rebel. 40 of the police officers that took the survey are at or above the rank of SGT leaving 74% of police who took the survey and would like to play rebel not being able to. Unless they step down from high ranking/achieving positions. 26% of the police who took the survey that are interested in the new rank are at the rank of PC or below, meaning that they would not have to step down from a high position or lose months/years of time put into the police. Since the Community Vote, the number of officers that would like to play rebel has risen based on information gained in only one day. The previous information shows how unhappy the police are with the new SC implementation and give grounds for this re-vote to occur. Using the information obtained in the community vote that was done by Wilco, the following information is clear; Approximately 65 police members voted in the community poll. 20 of these officers voted against playing rebel. (9 of them being Gold Command members who made the compromise). 45 of these officers voted for restrictions to be lifted so that they could play rebel. 238 community members voted on this poll, however, we are only including the 65 officers due to people mentioning that the poll was bias as not everyone was in the police. (Even though this was a community vote). I understand that we are in the month of December so people may have their hands full with real life and this may take time to change if it were to. Also I am in no way creating this post to incite drama. This is merely a post to address the concern that many of us are not happy with the compromise that has been implemented and would be very happy if the re-vote that was mentioned takes place. Police Command may mention that we are only in the early days of the new compromise being implemented and that we should wait to see how it goes over the next few weeks however it still leaves the majority of higher ranks unhappy and I would rather not see this brushed under the carpet.
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    Time for change Not going to beat around the bush here, Its perfectly clear that since august we have been dropping numbers and as some may think it isn't because the much loved moon is missing from the sky nor is management, the staff team and development team completely blind and in denial. Yes Arma numbers are dropping the game is now 6 years old and our numbers have been steadily showing that over the past 2 years but in the last month or so there has been a bigger decrease here than anywhere else. So clearly we haven't done something right. Rather than allow what so many have contributed there time and money to build phase out over the next few months lets move to correct issues. In a unique turn of circumstances today and tomorrow this community will turn into a democracy, So lets open the floor to some sensible feedback of what you think we have done wrong and what changes you would like to see, I will be monitoring this thread today and the best ideas will be put to a poll. Please note this is not asking for suggestions of what features you want etc, We cannot achieve or recruit new devs to give us groundbreaking features in a day, Lets approach this with the bigger picture in mind and use this opportunity sensibly. Thanks for your time, Have a great weekend
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    Community Vote #1 So here we have it the first community vote that would change the way we have always done things, The current ban system as been in place since we started in February 2014 and during the last year or so and in the recent changes topic people have demanded change. Current System If a player gets banned for breach of the rules they are issued a ban which they can appeal in the forums to get un-banned as long as they display a understanding of what they have done wrong and which rule they have breached, If they are banned again the staff can then decline the appeal and they can open a permanent appeal within 6 months. These appeals have always appeared in depth and we have felt in the last 5 and a half years the players that have been unbanned have rarely been banned again so there has been a level of learning from ones mistakes! Proposed new system Using the power of Battlemetrics (the system we use for RCON and Banning) we will move to an automated timed ban system with the ban length and the rule number listed in the ban reason so the player is aware, These bans will auto expire after a certain time and due to that will not be able to be appealed (no exceptions) Some rules like hacking, racism, bullying, abuse towards staff etc (all to be determined) will be permanent, This community will never tolerate this. To avoid players not treating the rules with respect we will enforce an increasing ban time system which we propose as the following Example: (Times to be decided and are not final) 1st ban = 24 hours ban 2nd ban = 48 hours ban 3rd ban = 1 week 4th ban = Perm ban (This will need to be appealed) We propose that this resets every 6 months so players do get given clean slates so for example if you get banned today for 24 hours and learn from that and get banned again in say 8 months time you will receive only another 24 hour ban then rather than a 48 hours ban, This treats players who made a mistake fairly. It also means that it might work against players when it comes to an appeal, We will have 4 instances in a 6 month period where the player has breached the rules, Meaning that it will identify the player isn't following the rules or just feel it doesn't apply to them, Therefore the appeal process at that stage will be as in-depth as they are now. All this however comes with staff discretion if there is a player going around using this system to their advantage or someone clearly do not want to be here and has just geared up to go around RDM'ing then this system will be bypassed. This will mean that our staff team actually save time in going through unban processes due to the automation, This time could be better used in game taking more times with decisions and speaking to players where necessary. I feel that this will come across as a more lenient system, one that will appear more fairer to players, however it should not be taken for granted or abused. Rules that apply to this system will be stated in the community rules. You decide Whatever you decide will be implemented, This vote will run until midnight tonight and depending on the result we will either remain with the current system or implement the new one including a rule changelog over the next week as we will need to conduct meetings with the staff team etc.
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    July Newsletter Published: 14/07/2019 Author: Nalurah Welcome readers to the new RPUK newsletter! The newsletters will from now on be a regular part of our communication to you, the community. Every first of the month we will have a newsletter informing you on the things going on in the community. In the words of the legendary Bob Dylan: "the times they are a changin", so too do we have some changes in the community. People are being added to the different teams; development, staff and community. More about this will be announced in the separate columns of the newsletter for the different teams. As some have you may noticed the Community Team has taken a new shape and clearer step away from traditional staff duties throughout the past six months. This to make it clear that the Community Team is there to represent the Community, liaise with issues and provide fun diversions like events. Since a few days I am honoured to call myself the new Community Manager. I will be taking over from the ever wonderful Mr. Edgar Ville. Edgar will still be around to help out the team behind the scenes. My focus as Community Manager will be to let the voices of the community be heard, communicate and provide a fun gaming experience for all. I also have the great pleasure of introducing the new Community Liaison. This person has been a staff member for quite some time and has shown true dedication to the community. So a hearty congratulations to @KingGodDiabloZ! Love, Nalurah Development Team Restructuring The development team has been ran by DJ and I for quite a long while now, and under our shared leadership we have had the pleasure of working alongside many developers who were kind enough to give up their time to work on our ArmA server. This flat management structure fitted the development team well, but times are changing, and we need to branch out. This naturally comes with a need to reassign and delegate responsibilities in the team to ensure that our projects receive a fair amount of development effort without burning anyone out (this is a hobby for us, after all). Which is why we have had a small shuffle in the development team. Without further ado… ArmA Team DJ has, alongside Jaffa, shown a very strong affinity for ArmA development and project management, which is why he will be the Lead Developer for Altis Life going forward. For now, this team will inherit all other developers unless they request to switch to the FiveM team. We would also like to welcome our two new trial developers @CC Tadworth and @Joe Malley! Applications for this team remain open, and are accessible here on the forums, if you think you have what it takes, give it a try! R&D MrKraken will be running his own team and will be working on discovering and testing the waters for future projects, sort of like an R&D department. Applications to this team are open, but require a wide and interesting skill set. Experience with common languages used for game modifications is required, for example, JavaScript and LUA. Applicants can message @MrKraken for more information, or can apply using the application system here on the forums. Discretion is expected from the members of this team. You can apply for MrKraken's R&D Army here Game Testing In addition to these two main teams, we are introducing a Game Testing team. This team will be responsible for fleshing out updates and ensuring that they are fully functional before they hit them main servers. People will be accepted for this role based on their experience and trustworthiness. If you think this describes you, send a PM to @DjHolyChirst. Footnote On a more offtopic note, it is great to be back with the community again after my extended break for exams, and I am looking forward to working alongside the leads to allow us to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. Everyone knows we were waiting way too long for those number plates Thanks, Ciaran Ingame you are playing a persona, don’t let grudges from inside roleplay affect how you interact with each other outside of the game. Try to be unique with your stories, it’s these stories that both sides will remember down the line, not the mundane. With every situation that happens have a clear objective that once achieved you can then pull out. This saves a firefights turning into a war of attrition. And of course as we progress in this community and you become more and more experinced the experience you have could be used to benefit the community in the bigger picture. the Roleplay.uk do have Staff Applications open at all times. Now if you feel like you can contribute to the community with your experience and knowledge, we urge you to apply to the team. Have a read of the process and apply! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/guide/support/staffapplicationprocess/ After numerous complaints the staff team would like to make it clear that to run up to people and instantly restraining and unrestraining them (i.e. after rubbering them during gunfights) is considered fail RP. Restraining and unrestraining people must be done with high quality RP. Basically it's to stop people from abusing the restrain feature by running by and restraining or unrestraining 5 people in 2 seconds. There have been numerous complaints about it. Even something as simple as: "I am going to put you in restraints because you are deemed involved would be sufficient." Or anything along those lines, don't feel like you're limited to those sentences but be creative about it and provide roleplay. This message was not written by Gold Command and not sanctioned by them. It was written by a kind RTU volunteer and edited for clarity. With the addition of the seatbelts the Altis Police Force would like to remind you to wear your seatbelts for your own safety. Also we would like to ask you to not always fear a traffic stop as we often just wish to talk about a discovered anamoly. Racing away will only start a car chase which has a high chance of ending in a car crash and/or gunfight. In honour of the one year anniversary of the Poseidon Cartel they would like to share their story with the rest of the island. Around 18 years ago there were three young brothers playing in the back streets of Pyrgos. A rough city on the Island of Altis, but their home. Life wasn’t easy, made worse by a heavily immigrated Altis police force that didn’t understand local customs. Soon the Police were chased out of Pyrgos, Things got worse for the brothers. They had each other and through thick or thin their bond remained strong. They learned that the most important thing in life is family. The unbreakable bond that these brothers had was all that mattered and between the three of them, they could do anything. The brothers used their cunning, willpower and strength to co-opt three notorious crime families. Orion, Triton and Atlas became a Cartel, named for the brothers, Poseidon. The cartel has grown in number over the past year, its members now represent up to 20% of the inhabitants of Altis. They are well equipped, well financed and dangerous. Members and leaders of the families have come and gone, but Poseidon remains strong. The pull of personal gain or a misplaced sense of justice has lead them to other lives in the Altis police or amongst rebel factions. They tell themselves they’re better off without Poseidon, but Poseidon never forgets, and you can never escape. If you have nowhere else to go, no one to turn to, or wish to leave your life behind then Poseidon will be there for you. If you work hard, and provide for the family, you will be rewarded. We are the Altis NHS. We are here to help from the smallest bobo like a thorn in your hand to the bigger life and limb situations, even the outrageous stuns gone wrong. We are here to help everyone and if you are interested in becoming a medic, please feel free to fill out an application on the forums! We hope to hear from you soon! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/91-nhs-applications/
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    You asked. We listened. 20 10 2019 -------- 18:00 BST 20/10/2019 17:00 - Briefing RPUK Teamspeak Rules will be explained, the laws outlined and the game announced. A location will be designated lawless, all activities will be legal - Redzone Rules apply, all other server rules apply. The police won't stop you, and neither will they help you.... they might even shoot you if you try and run.... 18:00 - Purge zone announced A number of valuable assets will be placed within the lawless zone containing all manner of illegal wares. Grab your cut before the rest of the blood hungry mob does and get it secured before the final countdown begins. Beware the police can and will shoot you on sight if you leave the zone with any goodies or ill gotten gains. Weapons, drugs, stacks of cash, gold bars. You name it. Get it fast and get your arse back into the purge before the second phase begins. Fancy being cheeky and sitting just outside the zone, looking inwards, spotting or taking potshots? Our highly trained enforcement officers will be authorised to gun you down, or fling you right into the middle of the action to face death by firing squad. 19:00 - The final countdown begins. A second zone within the Purge zone will be clearly marked. You have 10 minutes to make your way into the newly created circle on the map. Anyone left outside of the circle after 10 minutes will be hunted down by enforcement officers and killed. Every 10 minutes a smaller circle will be created and you must make sure you are within the 'zone' in order to survive. Once you die in the final countdown, that's it, you're out. 50 Million in cash awaits whoever is left alive.... but you'll have to share it with everyone else that's alive. The more people you kill, the more you'll earn. Good luck.
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    Poseidon Purpose Response [08/10/2019] Good evening from your whitelisted rebel gang leaders. In support of and in competition with the smaller, ill funded rebel groups everywhere. This is a letter to the opposition. To spell it out, that would be the incredulously well armed military faction posing as the police. Let's start with a bit of a history lesson The UNMC got whinged about pretty much none stop by police, and rebels. Much in the same vein as this. From outsiders looking in, they were abrasive to say the least. The UNMC ultimately was disbanded. What did this lead to? Several players being removed from the community. A number of UNMC players joined the police. The police swelled and without the UNMC there to provide a buffer the Rebels got bullied. A lot, and relentlessly. We couldn't wait for a new faction. There were suggestions for one left, right and centre. The purpose of Poseidon out of roleplay is to provide that buffer. To give you that break, so that it's not just cops vs rebels day in, day out. So that you have the opportunity to do a run while the cops are distracted. So you don't just get picked on by 35 police officers with nothing better to do. What does that mean for Poseidon? It means we're the one in the middle that gets attacked on both sides. When the rebels don't want to go at the cops too much. They come at us. When the cops need something to do, or want a guarantee of a fight, they come at us. Looking back it seems silly to blame the UNMC for being so abrasive when they took up the same mantle. Poseidon is rebel life on the cheap? Poseidon pay 66% for weapons and 100% for many of the clothes and some magazines, but the average Poseidon member is probably killed more often than the average Police officer who pays nothing. The UNMC had an 80% reduction. Charles Vane himself last night said that he lost £20,000,000 being in Poseidon. That was when gear was at the cheaper 80% reduction not the the 33% it is now! Poseidon has been going now for 1 Year, 3 Months and 29 Days at the time of writing (That’s right, we beat your “they’ll only last 6 months” not once, but twice, soon to be thrice!) Over this time we have seen a lot of changes within the faction itself as well as the server as a whole. Poseidon have to find a line between being kind and being cruel. Unfortunately it is apparent that there are players within our community who find it difficult to distinguish OOC from IC. When Poseidon members are harsh, abrasive, nasty and generally acting like the scum off the floor you would expect a lowlife run of the mill Cartel member to act like, people get upset. This has caused a lot of tension in developing the factions identity. Thus our roleplay is guided from what assets and features we have available to us at the time. Over the course of the last year we have been adopting our roleplay to try and suit the nature of the server and the direction it is moving. A change in response to the community feeling that Poseidon were too overpowered in protecting a civilian from would be robbers drove changes to our roleplay and ethos. For example; When 5-6 Poseidon show up for 1 robber it gave an unfair advantage to us and nearly always Poseidon won a situation, protecting civilian assets and costing rebels money. In short, we made the “best run” safe. We took this onboard and our roleplay shifted to have a form of payment or reward for us which persuades us to go over and help out the civilian. Infact, if Poseidon protect a civilian through the course of roleplay currently, then payment is forced upon them. This for sure meant that civilians were getting robbed and shafted but it levelled out the playing field. Poseidon Drug Locations We always try where possible to spread our drug runs out so that the run isn’t a money farm for lots of players. We are bound by some server restrictions meaning we physically can’t place the fields and processors in some areas that we like. So far we have had runs that are close together which were too easy for rebels to make major amounts of money quickly and we have done trials putting them in places which make it a lot harder to make the money. Currently the drug dealer is in the Uranium zone, not ideal for heading there quickly to sell stuff and takes a bit more planning with getting the suit and helmet but isn’t this what people were wanting. Stopping the economy getting out of control earning loads of money and the run taking longer, but still having the run there? People complaining about this specific location is confusing, it without a doubt adds a more interesting interaction that some other locations, more planning, more danger and with that more excitement. Getting involved in gunfights Inevitably gunfights are always going to be a thing and we have to find the balance between when some are necessary and when they are pointless. We totally agree with Charles Vane that landing in the middle of a gunfight waiting to be shot to start shooting everyone is unacceptable and personally if we saw this they would have a lot of explaining to do. When command cannot see this happening we need to be told by you, the players, so we can deal with it as it arises. A better way to sum this up would be that there are members of our cartel, the "rotten apples", that spoil things for others. They are not only found here but they will be rooted out eventually. The changes that Poseidon have implemented within themselves recently have lead to more gunfight scenarios developing and a greater Poseidon presence outside of the territories. Obviously this will be considered and looked at, off the back of the constructive comments in this post. Your Suggestions There are lots of minor and major changes that the community have suggested that Poseidon Command fully support and have been supporting for a long time. We hope this puts at ease some of you. We hope you can believe us when we tell you that there is plenty on the table that Poseidon would like to have. Plenty of interactions overhauls, and developmental changes that are sat waiting for implementation but the reality is that Poseidon's development comes second. (At least we hope we're second ) Protecting you guys from the nasties of the internet and online gaming comes first and foremost for the development team in many cases and we are thankful that we have a server to play on that isn't blown up every 30 seconds by some kiddie with nothing better to do. Moving Forward We would like to thank the people who have provided some constructive criticism throughout the forum posts. Those posting meaningless drivel or inflammatory gifs its plain as day that you simply have an axe to grind against the Cartel for some personal slights you have decided to harbour. So with that being said we urge people to take a look at our quarterly news beats we put out which highlight some of the best roleplay we have had over the past few months and ways in which we are trying to allow everyone to have a fun time on the server. https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/116394-poseidon-periodic-news-beat/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/113426-poseidon-quarterly-news-beat/ https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/109757-poseidon-quarterly-news-beat-maybe/ Regards, Capo Qrow: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/50078-qrow/ Capo Raptor: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/44202-raptoram/ Capo George: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/44278-george-harris/ Baron Slawek: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/38325-slawek-orion/ Baron Nuclear: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/42639-nuclear/ Baron Jeep: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/53454-lil-jeep/
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    Operation Breaking-Point [13/10/2039] Written by Armed Response Command. As of recent, a large number of frontline policing officers have been subject to constant abuse, harassment and hostility from people identified as the Poseidon Cartel. A large presence of Poseidon patrols have been noticed entering Queens-land and a very large amount of our officers have been targeted, taken hostage or shot in cold blood. The Cartel are not only stopping at putting officers lives in danger, they have also been targeting civilians and causing distress throughout the whole of Altis. Due to this, as of 13/10/2039, Operation Breaking-Point will be put into affect. This will include the following; A heavy presence of Armed Response members staying in close proximity to our frontline policing officers. Poseidon Cartel members being searched on-sight along with their vehicles, if spotted in Queens-land. With reinforcement from the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984, Section A. Illegal weaponry, attachments and magazines being seized and destroyed under the Firearms Act of 1968. Poseidon members that refuse to be searched will be forcefully detained and arrested under the suspicion of carrying high calibre weapons. Any Cartel members that feel they are currently forcefully serving in the ranks of Poseidon and would like to seek a way out, feel free to visit any Police station unarmed.
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    I had a CT scan a couple weeks ago to determine whether my cancer (stage 3 melanoma) had spread to distant parts of my body effectively making it incurable. I've been off work for a couple weeks waiting for the results (also why I've been very active on RPUK!). The CT scan was clear! Meaning treatment could eradicate it or at least keep me knocking about long enough to achieve my goals. So happy It's so nice to receive some good news after so much bad news. This does also mean, regrettably, that I have to go back to focussing on qualifying rather than becoming an RPUK billionaire...
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    They always turn up to active situations, get involved when its nothing to do with them and worst of all what do they actually gain as a cartel in this situation? https://plays.tv/video/5d9c8f7510f561a55f/what-are-they-even-here-for- Happening more and more recently and its boring as fuck. Pick your own gunfights if thats what you want. Your not some sort of "clean up crew"
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    Name of officer(s) involved (Please give their name, rank and collar number if known): SI Ali Barber Time and date of incident: 24/07/19 12:35 Description the incident and what happened in as much detail as possible: As a concerned citizen of the island, I feel it is my duty to report inappropriate behaviour from the representatives that work on behalf of the taxpayers, even if the affected individual is not myself. It is with great disappointment that I have witnessed a clearly identified officer mock another concerned citizen on the reply section of official police media output, especially given that this officer is a senior member from my understanding. I feel that if this behaviour were to be replicated in person, it would constitute an offence of breaching the peace and go against all professional standards the police force has. What do you feel to be a suitable outcome of this complaint: The officer should be re-trained in regards to their conduct with the public and use of social media Please post any video/screenshot evidence to support your complaint here:
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    00:00 Restart A slightly delayed contact update, sorry about that! Added ATC Notification System Police and Poseidon can define ATC alerts at ATC control laptops (located in the Spec Ops HQ for Police and Poseidon Base for Poseidon) ATC alerts will be shown on the map for all crew of air vehicles ATC alerts will generate an aural warning as well as a hint when flying near the zone The old ATC phone notification system will stay in place for impromptu updates, but permanent air closures will be handled through the new system. Crime Scene Investigation Suit for Police (White CBRN gear, for roleplay purposes only!) Bomb Defusal Robot to ACC+ Police (for roleplay purposes only!) Contact DLC Vehicles: Tractor £50k 3 skins: Red, Green, Blue 100 inventory capacity HEMTT Cargo £450k 2 skins: Olive Green, Jungle Green 725 inventory capacity HEMTT Flatbed £400k 2 skins: Olive Green, Jungle Green 400 inventory capacity Covered Offroad £15k 3 Skins: Black, Green, LDF 65 inventory capacity (same as Offroad) Contact DLC Weapons: Promet 6.5mm - Black to Police and all other variants to Rebels & Poseidon Promet MR 6.5mm - Black to Police and all other variants to Rebels & Poseidon Promet Underbarrel Shotgun - Black to Police and all other variants to Rebels & Poseidon Hunting Shotgun & Sawed Off to Rebels & Poseidon AK12 and AK12U variants to Rebels Alternate magazine colours: Black/Khaki 30Rnd 6.5mm mags Black/Khaki 30Rnd 6.5mm tracer mags Black/Khaki 100Rnd 6.5mm mags
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    Thanks for to the lads in AR to help me out with the clips, even some of the Poseidon boys helped out aswell. Thank you!
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    Leave like for a chance to be in the next one
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    Well, where do I start, in the early hours of this morning I was on duty at my local police station when we received a disturbing call of domestic violence just down the road from the railway station where I am based. The nearest Devon and Cornwall police unit was 3 miles away so we decided to go and assist and get an understanding of what is going on when we arrive at the said property we heard no such thing happening when the D and C unit arrived we decided to approach the property and knock on the door. Me being the first officer at the door I heard some noise and scuffling behind the door so I do the generic "Its the Police we would like to have a chat" around 1 minute passes when a male who is fairly large in size opens the door and so I start inquiring about the said case of domestic violence that had been reported he says he knows nothing of the sort but then in the background I hear an older woman crying so I politely tell him I'm going to be coming into the property him knowing that we were onto what he was doing decided to politely greet me with a sander file which I only describe as a saw blade for filing things like wood and metal. He manages to get my arm when I raise to defend myself and severed a vein leading to a decent amount of blood going over him,myself and his front door me not fully aware of what just happened I ran at him leading to use falling on his porch floor and having a scuffle was he seriously injured his hand leading to one of his fingers needing amputating. I then scream for help when my supervisor manages to use his taser to effectively save my life! where we fell back and articulated what was going on. It turned out he was beating his girlfriend for spending money on food for his small 6-year-old girl and he didn't have enough alcohol for the night... I would just like to point out this won't be in mainstream media on local news as it isn't a "Big Issue" with myself only needing 13 stitches and a cast on my arm for the next three months. But these things happen to police officers daily and would like to point out it doesn't happen to just police paramedics get their fair amount of it. all in all, if you did read all that thank you but when you are looking at mainstream media and incidents like London, of course, it is tragic but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes which you don't see.
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    TRI POLOSKY - Real man's clothing Which Arma 3 Classname is your texture for: U_O_R_Gorka_01_F Explain your creation: TRI POLOSKY is the ultimate Slav clothing brand. Amazing fabric, quality and familiar stripes make it an amazing choice for squatting, listening to Hardbass in your LADA or drinking vodka. Can be used as a combat uniform, wedding suit or pyjamas... at the same time. I look forward to your feedback and ideas and I'm sure that together we can bring this idea to life. I am open to making changes based on popular feedback: Yes If successfully approved I confirm this texture will be exclusive to Roleplay.co.uk: Yes If successfully approved I confirm I will email this texture to email@roleplay.co.uk: Yes
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    Why would a ban appeal be denied without any explanation given?
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    The link to the police suggestions is broken and does not go anywhere. So instead of putting it on the forums, I would like to put it to you like this. My suggestion is that: “Police cannot shoot tyres on vehicles (except MRAPS)” This might seem like a drastic change for the police but think about it. Rebels have to pay around 1 million for their gear. If they commit some small crime say a gas station robbery then the first thing police will say is if you drive off we will shoot your tyres. Every single cop in the area shoots at the car and the people inside die. This is something that has been getting worse and worse and there is actually nothing anyone can do about it other than accept it “because it was an accident” or “the recoil on my spar 16 must have been too high”. Its not RDM or even comp worthy "because you chose to endanger your life by driving away". Then once they have been shot handcuffs get put on people whilst they get medical treatment, or bleed out. The police force are supposed to be a professional force and they are also given all of the assets to stop vehicles with what they have. Every officer can carry spike strips, RTU should be trained in high speed pursuits, so why not use them? I believe that this change would make a massive difference to the actual chances of getting away from a situation and increase roleplay after if caught. The police for the most part outnumber other rebels/poseidon so i believe that this change would make them work together better and also they have the assets to stop people by other means. I don't think the police should be endangering people's lives for no reason, if someone is fleeing then they are obviously not trying to shoot police or be hostile towards them. There trying to escape. I think that the police force should be competent enough to stop them without actually having to shoot someone out of a car for no reason and then handcuff them before they get medical treatment leaving no chance for the other person to escape. I believe that this will encourage more roleplay at the end of a situation, i know from experience that if i have been in a 30 min police chase and i then get caught in the end. I am perfectly willing to serve my jail time and also have a laugh about it because it's fun. However when i am shot out of a car after 1 line of roleplay “stop or i will shoot tyres” then I am the complete opposite. I am not so willing to go along with it because quite honestly it's a bullshit way of catching someone when they have all the spikestrips in the world to catch someone. I know this will get a lot of hate, however, maybe this could be another factor of why nobody plays rebel. Because they get shot out of a car and cuffed when they should not have been. Police will say: “Its your choice to endanger your lives and drive off” - My response: Well the police force should not be endangering the lives of people that have not endangered theres when they have non lethal options available (spikestrips) or wait for them to crash... “Rebels and poseidon can do it so why can't we” - They are both rebel factions who are usually outnumbered by the police. These are also “rebels” they do not have to preserve life or even care for it. (not saying that people should be shot out of a car but they are usually outnumbered so then of course police can just shoot the rebels/poseidon out of a car if they just killed a cop even by accident). The police should be doing everything they can to apprehend instead of kill. That rule is already in place: A civilians vehicle's tires may only be shot at after 3 minutes of chasing so long as verbal initiation has been given. There are a few exceptions to this rule*: If your vehicle is stolen and there is no other way to pursue it. (unlucky, you have plenty of backup and a radio... or a taxi.. lock your car?, dont let people lockpick? upgrade your cars locks?) If the vehicle is an MRAP (Ifrit, Hunter etc) or any Armed Vehicle (.50cal Offroad, MB 4WD armed). (this should stay) If the vehicle poses an immediate threat to life (VDM’er/RDM’er) (this should stay) If you have witnessed the driver or passenger carry an illegal weapon that has been discharged or used to commit a further crime (E.g. Robbery, Threats to Life, Murder etc.) (unless actively shot at i dont believe this is worthy of killing someone unless they have tried to shoot you already, just because someone has a gun dont mean they want to use it all the time) If you truly believe pursuing them would further the risk to life. (so basically any time????) When authorised by an ACC or above. (should not be there) * Verbal initiation must be given no matter what the circumstances. This 3 minute rule has a lot of loopholes, for the most part with these current guidelines from the handbook it will mean that police can shoot tyres in almost every situation. Shouldn't need to say this but obviously if people have shot at police already then of course police could just shoot the person out. But im talking about situations like if you take a cop hostage and drive off and the police spray a load of bullets into their own cop. At the end of the day all of you police have chosen to join a very strict faction who are supposed to be there to protect people, preserve life and also apprehend criminals.. not just kill them for driving away.
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    Approved and implemented.
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    My post was not created to incite drama, it was placed in lost property due to my uncertainty of returning. I believed I had been left in the dark regarding my case, it had been nearly 2 weeks without a reply and recent board meeting notes specified I wouldn’t be returning for a while, this prompted the post.
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    I am a meme lord what can i say
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    Thanks for helping me make this @DCC Gremlin - Hostage @PC Louis - Rebel @CST Meeloo - Squad Lead @Sonder - Operation Lead @Maverick Delta - INDIA-99 @Vladic Ka - Task Force Member 1 @Magic Mike - Task Force Member 2 @SGT TBigSoul - Task Force Member 3 @Wayfarer - Task Force Member 4 @UwUBigShlong - Task Force Member 5 @Roberts - Task Force Member 6 @SI Corrie Healy - Panicking SPG Agent @Alex Bear - Panicking SPG Wombat Trainer
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    Hello everyone, Finally, I've managed to get all the clips together and edit the video and I now present to you WHONGCHENG│An RPUK Documentary. Whong and I spent a long time on this, and we hope you enjoy it. It's a short documentary that canonically begins when Whongcheng returns to Altis and runs for Mayor again. I decide to approach Whongcheng and follow him around as he talks to different members on the island, as well as comments from some other citizens about him. This was all done in Roleplay and anything someone mentions in the video is not intended to hurt/harm any members or factions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbxUJmCd1oo [Some more notes about the filming and editing process if anyone's interested] This was my first video, and there are some noticeable things that could definitely be changed in future, any advice is also appreciated on how I can improve. -The resolution is off by a few pixels -Audio and music could be done slightly better (Fade-ins and non-copyright) -The AFC intro and Green movie introduction were a bit blurry As I said previously, any advice is appreciated and I'll take it on board. If anyone wants me to do a video for a gang, or another documentary don't be afraid to message me on here. Cheers, Talyn
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    Ganja Nations evening Login impersonating plebs. Get told there breaking a rule, shite them self and log off. Hit the Mansion Get nowt Get killed by cops Lose gear and the little money they have left Oh. Dress up as plebs so cops shoot us. We dont respond. 200iq Catch ya tomorrow! Big thank you to the police force for keeping our neighbourhoods safe.
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    Poseidon Overhaul Brief Summary: I believe that Poseidon Cartel need a hell of a lot more purpose on the server and things to do, this will be things i believe could make the cartel something the server NEEDS rather than just another faction for "cheaper" gear and 120k ifrits... People think the best option is to remove them and make everyone play rebel however that is far from what i think, they can be used so much better. Detailed Suggestion: Let me start by saying im not bashing Poseidon, or there command or anything. I love Poseidon however it could be improved drastically. This will be broke up into sections of what i think a drug cartel should be running/owning. (Also let me add, some of the things i say may not be possible from a dev point of view and i have no fucking idea about that stuff. Im sure a Dev will let me know if its something not even possible) GENERAL THINGS - Poseidon should be able to do everything a Civilian can do, and more.. thats what they sign up for right? to have a purpose on the server and play as a member of a cartel. At the minute they cannot interact with all of the normal runs that civs can (not sure if its a dev thing or meant to be like it, but they cannot do it, accessing processors for salt and mines and such) - Poseidon need more reasons to play, at the minute the faction is 4 things: - Checkpoint - Camp rebels buying guns - Fuck over rebels doing LEGAL runs (salt, iron, diamonds anything in there lands other than high grade) - Protect land from police. - They should be able to buy houses wherever the fuck they want, same as civs and police should be able to find them.. the same as civs.. (by some saddo windows keying every house one the map.. i know, sad right?.. but its all for the roleplay i guess?) - Poseidon should not have there own land, i believe they should have a base as they do now as a purple zone.. however they dont "own land" and "claim it as there own".. I think they should have there own uniform and skins as they do now, however have more map freedom. - They should be able to capture red zones, however for example. If Poseidon own Castle, then guns are like 3/4 of the normal price.. if police own them its full price and if rebels own them its 1/2 of the price.. I believe that would be a fair outcome (if even possible) So with this in mind, a whitelisted faction with a bunch of numbers and cheaper gear should have a hell of a lot more to do than that. All of those things there only fuck over rebels and also do not actually make the cartel a useful faction. The fact is, Poseidon are bored, they dont have much to do, they are very restricted and thats why maybe they "bait for gunfights" and cause issues when they dont need to. but the fact is its because they dont have nothing to do, in the grand scheme of things. These operations against Poseidon and vice versa are caused out of boredom. I have been in all factions and i can promise you that. Yes you will always have people who will want to fight other to prove there online dick size however, there will be others who generally join Poseidon to make money and relationships with rebels. There is a police operation at the minute against poseidon but really whats it for? they dont smuggle guns, they dont (for the majority do drug runs) sell drugs and they dont really represent a cartel. There kinda there as a 3rd wheel, like the annoying friend that is cock blocking you in a club trying to pull there friend away.. There just there, when they shouldnt be.. They should be out there making weapons, selling weapons, buying drugs, selling drugs and controlling drugs. DRUGS Poseidon should be the forefront of drugs, i believe that people should not be selling to a sign for more money than kavala/the drug dealer that moves.. . Poseidon cartel are a dug cartel and such they should be dealing and controlling drugs. I am under no illusion that drug runs are all fucked right now, however if people choose to do ANY drugs, they could be rewarded by poseidon. By selling direct. My suggestion is that; - Poseidon have there own drug dealer that they can sell too, maybe like a multidrug seller? this drug dealer would work the same as the one they currently have however only Poseidon can sell to it. This would mean that for example if you sell a hemmit box of weed at Kav drug dealer you would get around 700k right now? then you could sell that truck to poseidon for 1 mil and then they could sell for 1.2 mil.. similar to what high grade weed is? - Poseidon should be able to complete every drug run on the map to give more freedom on what they should be doing in the first place. - They should be able to use the normal dealer WEAPONS Poseidon as a cartel should heavily influence the weapon trades.. my suggestions: - Poseidon should have the right to craft ALL weapons CURRENTLY in dodgy daves.. (not premium weapons like Zafirs/MK200's/MAR-10s i believe that should be keep for implementation to viper license.. ). This crafting would be using the Factory as we craft things now, however they would be able to craft weapons and move them onto the "Cartel Gun Smuggler" for re-sale. - Poseidon should have there own "Cartel Gun Smuggler" this would be based similar to auction house and they can set the price at whatever they feel like based on the work they put in to make the equipment. But obviously undercutting dodgy dave.. E.g a MK1 at full price costs 600k, if rebels own castle then maybe its 300k then if a Poseidon member wants to make a MK1 they could sell for 250k each? (Police would be able to raid this as long as there are 15 poseidon online at the time) also members can only sell 10 things at a time on there. - What it would take to make.. i mean it could be any mixture of things really?, Steel, aluminium, glass for a sight i dont know.. maybe even change runs people dont do like rock.. to something like gunpowder so it can be used this way? Off the top of my head these are some things that i believe would help to bring a hell of a lot too the server. I think all of the things that i have suggested here only are aiding roleplay and encouraging rebels to interact with Poseidon and not see them as enemies (unless we cross them? or try to sell to normal drug dealer without involving them?). Everything here just created a full on roleplay experience between all factions.. Poseidon can do runs to make guns/ammo for rebels/rebels could choose to rob them mid transit OR help them because they want cheaper weapons?/police could choose to pull them over/people would actually do runs again on the server because they have something more to do. All in all i think this would be a great thing for the server and help to bring some purpose with Poseidon. They control drugs/weapons whilst educating everyone else not following there morals.. thus creating more things for them to do, more money to be made for them and also more opportunity for MEANINGFUL fights between rebels or police and not just the bullshit pointless gunfights we currently see. Would be nice to be able to say to a new starter on the server "if you want to make good money and get cheaper gear then try to find a poseidon member and they can sort you out" rather than "Yeah, buy a pass do diamonds, sell too an inanimate object then move onto Poseidon high grade.. sell to another inanimate object all and your now a rich rebel" The Pros: - This would bring purpose to Poseidon - Give Poseidon something more to do, as they are actually quite restricted.. hence all the complaints against them for getting involved in shit they dont need too (myself a person who says that) - Would create a hell of a lot more traffic on runs that nobody else currently does just for the sole purpose of crafting weapons or items just to undercut dodgy dave. - Poseidon would be seen as people who you could choose to help or fuck over and im not going to lie, when i see poseidon at the minute as a rebel i know its either me getting fucked over or them. Would be really nice to see a different approach. - Poseidon members could choose to roleplay to there hearts content, selling guns to civs in kavala from the back of there offroad that they just spent 1 hour crafting to make some money.. or they could choose to still do what they do now. - Gives some variety to the cartel - Creates more roleplay opportunities for rebels/police and Poseidon.. If someone takes a soldier hostage, they could request items.. not just (i want 100k or he is dead, poseidon say "he is just a soldier kill him". The Cons: - Maybe it would be a bit more confusing for new people as they would not get all of this shit given to them on a map as soon as they spawn in? - It would mean rebels are not drained of money every time they regear (however still more than poseidon or police would pay) - A lot of Dev work? - I would imagine that people will complain "well Poseidon could make guns and sell them for 20k for a MK1..) well i can assure you if someone wants to do a run with lets say 3 different items, go and craft them, move them to an auction house to sell for 20k they they are plain stupid. Does this suggestion change balance on the server ? This change i believe would bring more balance too the server, this would make rebel stuff cheaper (if Poseidon choose to make it that way, and if they dont then i would question why? as money could be made and this is what they signed up for). I think that it would create more opportunities for the police to make traffic stops, and also make NCA (NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY) an actual thing again, rather than just being AR without a tag... They could do drug busts and stuff like they used too, im sure Ali Barber would love it. Rebels get a win... the chance to get cheaper gear if they own zones.. if not they can still buy direct from Poseidon for a discount. My opinion is that these changes WILL change balance, however it will actually create balance. As right now rebels are nowhere near this scale on balance, they are so far down its a joke. This change to poseidon would give Poseidon a purpose and things to do whilst helping rebels in the way that the community obviously wants (cheaper gear). Everyone knows im all for balance, something rebels have none of at the minute. However i dont just think this helps rebels, this creates a more vibrant server with more people spread across the map and a real purpose for the factions.
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    Quick update, some brilliant all hands on deck work has been done by the staff team to sort through people who can return and people who completely burned bridges. So far they have been very fair, In the meantime Ciaran as worked hard to sort out the removal of the other 29,000 as well as keeping hackers and pretenders where they should be. Things are going well thanks for your patience
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    Before you watch the video I would like you to read the list of apologies. List of apologies: The sound and video quality (phone) The weird "up my big nose" angle (it was on my desktop leaning against a coffee cup) The weird faces I make (concentrating) The mistakes (didn't practice) Unintentional changes in tempo (needs more practice) Every time the melody gets a bit bland or does not quite fit in with the chords (I mostly improvised the melody) Not dearing to go all out on the chorus (it's late and I don't live alone) Subpar lyrics (no excuse for this one, I'm just a bad lyricist) The mess (I'm messy) My hair (just how it looks) My painfully ugly teenstache (I'm out of shaving cream and it's too expensive) Potential spelling errors in the lyrics underneath the video Now that you have read all my apologies you are free to watch the video. All things considered I'm quite happy with it although it's no masterpiece. It was just meant to be fun and goofy song for me to play in Altis Life. I will happily take consctructive criticism, but please do consider that I wrote it just now in about 45 minutes, and it will be much better once I have played it a bit more. Thank you for your time! Lyrics: Verse Welcome to Altis where the sun is always shining, and the hobos always whining, and the citizens are mining their diamonds. If you run into the Poseidon cartel, just don't fuck with them and all will be well. When you go to the Kavala square, you can always be sure someone is there. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. The place where nothing is quite what it seems. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Come and experience the utmost extremes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet. Verse The community is simply uncontended, but if you do something bad you will be apprehended. The police here do care about you and me. They might even cure your hepatitis B. No actually that's probably a case for NHS, but I apologise, I digress. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can buy the very best ice creams. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can share all your favourite memes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet. Solo Verse If you fall from a mall don't be afraid, the NHS will come to your aid. They will help you with a smile. Perhaps chat for a while. They well keep you alive on this isle. Chorus Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. The place where nothing is quite what it seems. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Come and experience the utmost extremes. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can buy the very best ice creams. Welcome to Altis, island of dreams. Where you can share all your favourite memes. The place of friends, the place to spend your weekends. If you can make ends meet.
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    Operation Firestorm [21/04/2019] Written By Poseidon Command The Altis Police Service are enforcing ‘Operation Guardian’ upon the innocent rebels and Cartel members of Altis. Citizens of Altis, Poseidon is aware of your plight. We have noticed the increased illegal presence of police officers in our territories. As such we have released the following statement. ‘’To the Altis Police Service. Your attempts at taking our weapons and stopping our money laundering has caused unnecessary stress to the members of Poseidon as well as the general public. As such any Police Officer found within Poseidon Territory will be dealt with according to the Poseidon Law and no exceptions will be made. Poseidon will be doubling its efforts to ensure that our drug fields and dealers are protected and encourage the public to text us with any useful information’’
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    Small "Altis Police Office" environment made and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Made this for my forum profile cover photo
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    Changing the way we deal with bans The community recently voted on how Roleplay UK deals with bans and the community overwhelmingly voted 206 to 32 for a new approach and today we the staff team are proud to bring change as per your votes! We have just updated the rules page here Please have a good read and update yourself on what rules do not result in temporary bans if breached, The rules are referenced on the rule page with "permanent ban" in bold after the rule, These will need to be appealed as normal, To be clear all other rules are temporary bans as per above. With this change we will be saying goodbye to the permanent ban appeal forum by the end of October and all appeals will be dealt with in one appeal forum going forward as temporary appeals cannot be appealed the only appeals going forward will be Perm bans either breaching one of the permanent ban rules or reaching your 4th ban within a six month period. We now operate a more lenient system, and one that is more fairer to players who accidentally break a rule, There is no need for long winded appeals which means your friends will be back with you in a given time and hopefully refreshed and now aware of the rule they broke. However and sorry to lower the tone with this exciting new change, I want to be clear that this system should not be abused, We will now be using an internal flag system where staff will be flagging players who they suspect breaking rules on purpose for whatever reason so please don't! The staff team have worked incredibly hard to implement this vote so deserve a lot of credit! Please thank them! I am pleased to announce this new system is now fully Implemented! You voted we listened!
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    I think you need to prioritise unban appeals more and not ban people for silly small things. ''roleplay over ruleplay'' is the motto so why ban people breaking a rule when they are just having unharmful fun with friends? You should host a meeting in teamspeak where you yourself is in attendance.
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    20:00 Restart Server Only Added Moon @Jaffa
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    Nobody: Literally nobody Samantha Naylor Orion: "facepalming is inmature and bullying." Jordan Naylor Orion: "Lets just facepalm every post on the site" Only love xx
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    I recommend myself, i had a great RP session the other day.