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Reaction System - Open to Community Suggestions
New Reaction System!

You may have noticed we have a new reaction system included in the latest release of IPS which allows you to respond to a post either by the usual thumbs up or in another way that can be added by us, we have full control on what reaction images we use and how they affect the reputation system, but don't worry we have already decided against negative reactions that reduce your score!

This post will be to take suggestions of what reaction images you would like to see added, It can be a member of the management teams face to your favorite one you've seen or used elsewhere (excluding Kappa... if we want something like that then let's make one based on our own member with permission of course! and excluding anything copyrighted or not free to use)

The floor is open, Upload a reaction below, why you think it should be used and we will pick the best suggestions

If you wish to read and learn more about the reaction system then take a look on the IPS blog

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