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    2. Wilco
    3. Gregory


      Naaa Gordon, I was just checking they worked :P

    4. Gordon2


      Hey, can you unprivate the Big Man Tyrone YouTube video? I need it for research purposes.

  2. This place was built as an escape while being an escape for myself and most of the people involved back in the day and I am sure now I love this kind of post, It makes all of the hard work worth it It also makes me want to get back involved in some way... but I know I am no longer wanted 🤕
  3. @GordonI know its a big task... but isn't it time to invest some time and move over to the inbuilt Invision achievements and ditch those unsupported old achievements!
  4. I take them down December 1st and put them back up again January 1st
  5. You sound like a gambling man with many losses to your name, Such type of person is worth betting against! Because that dable will cost hundreds of hours in development time, a cost of 2 new dedicated servers (one for the game and one for voice) A large part of this community would need to be interested as they are the ones who pay monthly for the servers and by the size of this thread I would say that’s not the case… personally I wouldn’t want to ride a horse for 45 mins across a map to find someone to put on a cowboy voice… that will get old quick, there definitely won’t be any UK theme to the server You must consider then if the numbers are there for a new server and how long it will take for RPUK to provide a new unique experience Then there is the recruitment of new devs that are interested in REDM, you wouldn’t want to take the current ones off the GTA project and if you did do they have the time and passion for REDM (talented trustworthy devs are hard to come by) Then you must wonder if that dable is going to have an adverse effect on people playing GTA here on RPUK a project that a lot of people has put a lot of work into including the community who run businesses, factions gangs, not just the devs and staff How long term REDM is going to be, are some of the players there just bored of GTA Roleplay but will abandon REDM soon as the novelty wears off What will be the case when a new game or a new GTA game gets released, how many players will stick with REDM then That’s just a few of the many considerations management must ponder and explore before a dable! …. If the next reply is but you can flick a switch and buy slots and have a REDM server up in minutes on xyz shared server provider I am never reading this forum again! 🧐 I also think you and you might agree with me here that you are a little naive if you don’t think a community the size of Roleplay UK and with the wealth of experience it possesses that large considerations was not made on the first REDM release and constant monitoring on the market haven’t been made since
  6. 🤷‍♂️ This is the kind of shit I do not miss 😂
  7. Wilco

    DayZ RPUK

    @TommyTV how many of those players are “roleplayers” I am going to take an experienced guess and say less than 500 the rest are just fighting with friends The community needs to focus on what’s the best platform for Roleplay that it can add its touch to and at the moment that is GTA
  8. Wilco

    DayZ RPUK

    @Tujm Makmud It was done... Got to number 1 in the world for a few months.. Closed it down We then brought it back a few years later but more Roleplay focused, It wasn't so great In 2022, I must say I am surprised if anyone is still playing DayZ then again! I cannot believe people play Arma still they must clearly be dead inside.
  9. I cannot tell you to fuck off without the management tag pinned to my shirt! So I hope a conker falls on your head and you stub your toe all in the same day 

    1. Chilli


      Thanks dad. now its the turn of @Aiden

  10. Just remember the memories.. don’t play it again as it will fuck your nostalgia!
  11. Wilco

    Irish pub? !

    Especially that Mike Polo guy!
  12. Wilco

    Irish pub? !

    It won't happen... the devs are anti Irish! 🤭
  13. I was the future once ... ok stole that quote!
  14. The state of RPUK in 2022 … ”Orange Cap Gang”
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