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  1. Robbie

    Man, what a blast from the past that was talking to you on teamspeak again! It's been a long time since you got me into the support team 😂 

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    2. Ram


      You sure will!

    3. Norman


      Did we finally download more @Ram?

      Nice to see you back and straight on NHS Patrol! 

    4. Masis


      Why have I missed this special occasion 😭

  2. Unbanned Before you join the server make sure that you have fully read and understood the rules click here If you have any questions in regards to the rules you are welcomed to join the support channels.
  3. In order to prove that you have a working mic, you will have to join our TeamSpeak 3 server at "ts.roleplay.co.uk" contact one of our staff members via our support channel and ask him to reply here and confirm that you have a working mic.
  4. Did you improve your roleplay since? What would you do before you shoot someone in the future if we decide to give you another chance?
  5. "Sharing someone's personal Facebook and harassing them" not to mention your "lie" in your last appeal, It's a little more than just asking your "old friend" for information don't you think?
  6. I've unbanned you on Teamspeak, if you have issues connecting to the server do contact me via Teamspeak and we will fix it, as mentioned I can't seem to find any ingame ban searching for your guid/steamid/ip. It's now up to you to prove that you are worthy for this community, don't let this chance slip away.
  7. @tizmond I can't seem to find a ban on the steam Id that you provided in this appeal, please provide us with your Teamspeak UID
  8.  Apple picture  donation


    1. DainMK


      How do you like them Apples

  9. Would like to say a few good words about this officer, I had a very interesting roleplay scenario with him and I have to admit I was surprised he showed high quality roleplay and acted professionally as a police officer, out of few officers that "Only wanted to tase me" he was the outstanding officer that was only interested in the roleplay that's a +1 from me as we ended up having a calm and a fun roleplay scenario after I robbed a gas station KEEP IT UP! @Daniel Emprexs
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