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  1. Last Visited: Friday at 23:00 - glad to see you're still around!

    1. Wilco


      No GTA RP video yet.... disappointed 

    2. Unlucky George
  2. It's been a looong time, but glad to see this chain is still being updated on the "CMO Phoenix's Office" TS channel Edited the post with the new bits, might re-visit in another couple years in hope it lives on forever!!
  3. Can't say i'm not proud that my old CMO office has kept it's narrator chain going @CMO Haemisch for those who haven't seen before; 2016 to present Beecroft was here WhoisDan was also here Daanish was here also And so was Marc And so was bobmarley Who is Dan? WhoisDan is back again Salty Vampire arrived, and pushed WhoisDan out 33 was moved in 33 was dragged by the scruff of the neck in to the naughty corner in Mickeey's office 33 was released on bail Marc hired Luke Willows to clean the floor of 33's blood. Luke was not paid enough and left the next day Salty Vampire picked up the mop. And hit Daanish over the head as he walked back into this shit At this point Mickeey noticed the shit Daanish walked into and kicked out Kevin for having poor bowel control. Kevin walked in to see Mickeey headbutting a train and left without saying a word Mickeey was found lying there on the floor with a dog sniffing him Turns out the dog was Ponty and so had to be put down Beecroft came back months later and was fucking amazed at what he had created Daanish whispered into his ear the terrible stuff which has happened Mickeey returned to reclaim his land from all of the peasants whom had previously considered it to be their own Marc tells Mickeey that he failed his trial and then reclaims the office to use for a kebab shop. Salty buys a kebab, and then sends a formal complaint as it caused a bunghole volcano. Billy was locked in the pad and fell in love with the wall. Tom came back and played some CSGO but Marc made him sad Connor was thrown in here by Mickeey for playing his soundboard loudly Tom was sad that Mickeey was leaving and played overwatch to make himself feel better. Tyrone/Conner Merlin turned up late to the party so missed WhoisDan being kicked out Daanish came back with tom and stravides to fix his laptop WhoisDan and Unlucky George came back to laugh at Mickeey's magical voice deepening microphone Salty Vampire came back from holiday, and discovered there was fish everywhere. WhoisDan was here for the last time GOODBYE MICKEEY - Daanish Joel Denning took over the Office and kicked all Mickeeys old toys out Marc dragged back in the dildos, they're too expensive to throw out. Joel Denning threw them out again since there was no use for them after Marc left Jackdevo wanted to be here, but Joel dragged him to Masis's office... Joel Denning adopted Jackdevo and is using him as a personal slave now WhoisDan reclaimed this office for Mickeey John yellow is ploting to take over the office during 2017 "I like turtles" - Jeff Jefferson CMO JOEL HAS LEFT THE BUILDING CMO SINGH HAS ENTERED CST Jon escaped CMO Singh CMO Singh blacklists a Staff member, for getting shot Ant Arni wrote if (data.steamid == 76561198142940333) {return;} CMO SINGH HAS LEFT CMO Haemisch ENTERED! Oi Haemisch You Will Be Missed Louie has some big boots to fill xx Meeloo has a bigger Pee Pee Joe, Mike and Roger played Uno in here without Louie!! [Louie Austino Disconnected] "What the Fuck, is he 12??" - Interviewee 17/07/2019 The Passge was moved from Louies' Office to Phoenixs' cause it was bored Louie left Phoenix alone with Jeffrey, Oh dear! 14/06/2020 Joe Cracker becomes the new referee
  4. If you were in a chip shop, and someone asked for a cheesecake and chips, would you look at them blankly? or would you understand they want a cheese patty/cheese savoury and chips? I thought it was a Geordie thing, but i've been told it's not even as widespread as Newcastle.. this is what i mean btw
  5. Your profile background is seemingly calming

    1. JohnJoeegan


      Thank you, I need some trans music to make it that little more calming ;) I am having a hard time find some tho

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      Fits the background rather nice

    3. JohnJoeegan



      Thats been my song for ages Khandi? you see? ;)

  6. Anyone on here got a runescape account (that isn't in a clan), need a favor if possible (:

    1. Dean Williams

      Dean Williams

      old school or Runescape3?

    2. Mickeey


      RS3, pls no hate

  7. My lordy, thats some wealth you've got there
  8. Below is my most scenic runescape moment I had today, when I found out you can freecam??! Here is myself hard at work making clockwork, easy money heheh
  9. @Madmatt150 love it hahahah
  10. So, after a while away from the island, I thought i'd come back to visit. The Marmite family is still loosely together, with few members still resident on the island, so I shacked up with @WhoisDan. We decided today would be a little different, we assigned ourselves a secret undercover Police mission. A mission from God. We noticed a firefight in Athira, so thought we'd try and help out, negotiating with the rebels and undercover officers. Sadly, our "colleagues" were injured as negotiations didn't last too long.. we noticed a fellow "colleague" sitting in an, *ahem* unlocked Police Sports Hatchback (quite a speedy thing, for sure). We decided this was our chance to become real undercover officers. So off we drove, with our silent "colleague" in the back of our newly attained Police speeder. We enjoyed a good couple of hours patrolling, we even performed a couple of spot checks on suspicious vehicles (which were quite compliant to our questioning). At this point, as you may have guessed, we found we could use sirens, which gave us a massive advantage! After we'd had our fun, we joined in to a Police pursuit, which then turned out to be us getting blocked in, and somehow becoming the pursue-ee. We made our best attempt to stay in role as undercover agents (at this point, we had dressed casually, and purchased some earpieces to look the part). The dealing SGT, who I won't name quickly identified that we weren't undercover agents (a matter which I won't digress in to), which then lead to our detainment - this lasted quite a while, standing in the streets being publicly humiliated in-front of our "colleagues", meanwhile, the Police officer in the back of the car had slept the whole journey, and we never actually got to speak to him! Anyways, was fun to be back on the island with a member of the Marmite family, i'm sure we'll be back again quite soon. Now, i've got a bus to catch to Kavala. Hope you've enjoyed the read, a throwback to some of the old Marmite antics. (:
  11. Looking good dude, lil' suggestion, any idea if you're gonna do like a slimline signature? Made a little mock-up just to show what I mean bit better (its looks quite boring cause i didn't spend ages on it lol) So, this is the current size of the signature Nd this is my proposal idea just for a small slimmer version, not sure if you could even work, just leaves some room for other stuff Thanks for your time and I hope I get an investment from one of you dragons, i'll go talk to the wall for a while, give you's time to decide
  12. The funniest twitter page I've seen, abso love greggs I do and their twitter page is, o my https://twitter.com/greggsofficial/ ALSO Since when did greggs ever do a scented candle!?!?!?!?!?
  13. Took this pic earlier for you, happy birthday!!! @CMO Norman If your night goes well out on the town, might end up like this..
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