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  1. Hello there, I've been paged. We need more info - is this automatic reboot - when does it happen? does the PC work normally at all? Is it always just a black screen? What OS? have you tried it without the GPU? Is your monitor DEFINITELY plugged in and turned on i.e. have you physically checked al the cables and connections?
  2. nice one mate! Just take care putting it all together, though im sure at this point you could do it in your sleep with one arm behind your back!
  3. Ah my first foray into buying rebel weapons was at AEGIS and then I joined them, that was still best time on the server :D
  4. @Soapy let me know how it goes bud
  5. @Soapy If you've changed everything but the cpu and motherboard, it pretty much narrows down all your options. You've changed or removed all the components you'd need to change to really eliminate it. The only other thing to look for is a short, a bit of metal touching on the mobo, case standoffs not fitted properly (unlikely if it was fine up until recently). If you have it stripped down the absolutely minimum - case, mobo, cpu, 1 stick of known good RAM - no storage. Plug monitor into the mobo, power it on and go into the bios and just keep an eye on the temp to make sure it's not going crazy high or anything, and see if it turns off while sitting in the bios doing nothing. Keep an eye on environmental factors as well - make sure it's not a power surge in your house. Either get a surge protector (always a good idea) dont have it plugged in to an overloaded extension cord, see if it maybe occurs at the same time as something else. For example, in my house when the compressor in my crappy fridge kicks in, my TV will briefly go blank like it's been turned off. if the pc turns off at the bare minimum in the bios, and it's not a power surge or anything, then that narrows it down to pointing it at the mobo as the likely cause. You would need one of the same CPU socket to test it. Generally, CPUs dont go bad unless they get overheated. @Samatlewis I got some big onions for ya right here if ya want 'em
  6. Arma is still more or less a CPU bound game, GPU doesnt factor in a huge amount. As I said in my PM - dont go for a 9xx, the 10xx series is more current, more advanced, and a better use of your money. a 1080i is total overkill for Arma, or any 1080p gaming really. Depending on what else you're playing a 1070 would be good middle ground, or a 1060 if you're looking to save some money.
  7. Can you attach the blue screen dump file? It's usually in c:\windows\minidump and will have the date of the time it occurred on it. What was the message on the bluescreen?
  8. Yup all looks good to me if you have the money, go for it!
  9. well let me know if you need any help.
  10. doesnt work when doing what? Can you use them to copy and paste outside of any games using ctrl+c and ctrl+c ? If it's in arma - depending what you want to do depends on the ctrl key. i.e. opening your GPS is RightCtrl+M, left control wont open it (afaik)
  11. shouldn't be any problem with it unless your gpu in ancient? What model do you have.
  12. Check things like SATa operation in your mobo, if your previous mobo was set to RAID/AHCI, and the new mobo doesnt have the same setting (even if not using raid) it will not boot, and will bluescreen almost immediately at boot.
  13. Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.0 GHz (8 Logical CPUs) 16GB DDR3 Mushkin Blackline/Corsair Vengeance Memory ASUS ROG Maximus Ranger VII Motherboard MSI Gaming 6G nVidia GTX 980ti 6GB 250GB SSD (OS) 500GB SSD (Steam) 1.5TB Raid Array (ShadowPlay) 2TB HDD (Backup/Media/Misc) Corsair H80i GT AIO liquid cooler Corsair Graphite 600T Special Edition White case Corsair H2100 Wireless headset Logitech G500 Weighted gaming mouse Microsoft Sidewinder X1 Keyboard
  14. Noctua coolers and fans are some of the best you can get. I'd always recommend them, how do you find the noise off them?