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  1. Your cover photo needs to be updated :ninja:

    1. Tampy


      Very true...

      *pssst* @Archie

    2. Archie


      Aghhh You hahaha...Will Do

  2. So just some fun life updates:

    1. Son turns 3 months this week, he's funny, happy, and healthy.

    2. I lost 18 pounds by rowing with my rowing machine and not eating junk food in the past 2 months

    3. I'm still not a staff member anymore, yet I find it funny people are still messaging me for help with getting them unbanned 

    4. I tried to come back and try the new map update which looks good, but truth be told since I stopped gaming all I do is play freemium flashgames as that's all I really have time for

    5. Hurricane matthew was a joke, but gave me an extra $1000 for the overtime I had to work

    6. @Crumbleis still a scumbag


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    2. SectorOnPc


      Haha, never skip a beat do you?

    3. Norman


      Your son can be @TacticalPanda's newest fwend!

    4. Crumble


      Glad all is well Soldier!


  3. I miss you :))

    1. Thesoldier


      If my infant would let me play, the roleplay would be hilarious




      //AFK BABY

  4. My suggestion for what my input is worth: Ban system is fine, the unban system could use a little work as long as the player puts effort into an appeal. Towards the end of my career, I began expedited unbans where if I saw the person put effort into their appeal and pretty much answered the questions, I unbanned them right then and there as long as it was within 24 hours, instead of dealing with the long drawn out back of forth Q&A session.
  5. Currently in the midst of hurricane matthew. Worked 13 hours yesterday, and set to work another 13, but cant go on duty cause the winds are too high. Family and I are ok, didn't even lose power or internet!

    1. Rick Wolfe

      Rick Wolfe

      Good Shit Soldier,Glad to hear it.

  6. Hope you got a boat, but in all seriousness be safe and please let us know how your doing.

  7. Stay safe! hope you have hit the road and moved away from it.

  8. I see you are online! is everything okay over there? the family safe?

    1. Thesoldier


      stuck at home for now, still have power and internet, but man it's a windy!

    2. Kaden


      Good to hear! Is it passed you yet or still more to come?

  9. Some people have been PMing me about bans issued back in the day. Get with a support member to help you as I cannot assist you. Also good morning to my friends!

    1. puppy1004


      Can you unban me pls?  😂😂😂😂

    2. FergusW


      Please look at my unban appeal.

  10.  can i Be Your Friend?

  11. Even in slumber, he continues to work


    1. Thesoldier


      Just seeing how the new guys are doing when I'm bored at work 

  12. Image result for hurricane meme

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    2. SectorOnPc


      It's supposed to hit a little bit farther than me, hope I just get rain.

    3. Thesoldier


      hope you got a boat 

    4. SectorOnPc
  13. I don't run events or play anymore, but that sounds like a good idea. Maybe bring it up in the suggestions forum for a Tanoa revival event.
  14. You know it's easy for you to talk smack when the man poured two years of his life into RPUK and left on his own terms and he can't be here to defend himself. Neo was never in charge of the Tanoa venture, it was a team development effort. In fact all Neo was in charge of was the data for the economy which was changed after the community suggested it. There is no one to blame, the development team tried something different, it didn't work. Also the Tanoa map itself really is not anything special in my opinion. The buildings look half assed, the towns have no organization to them, and the f
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