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  1. What am I reading? So you reconize that people are going to abuse carrying and some command is magically going to resolve it all? No! I've seen it abused in even the biggest fivem servers why would we ever add it here. Also isn't this bug report a duplicate
  2. I'll be taking a look at it. It does sound like a server wide bug
  3. No again it's issues with the fivem servers, there is nothing we and you can do about it. You will have to wait it out I belive..
  4. Date / Time: 12/02/2021 ~20:00 Release: mr Wilco v2 New / Notable Features New gallery app, photos you take with the camera are now saved in your gallery. In the app you can share them on twitter and send as a mesage. You can also share the image to clipboard but it's not going to work until next update @Hawaii@Mike Polo We are now enforcing the new GTA game build which contains both the Cayo dlc and the casino dlc, which means that we no longer need to stream them. The load times should be fast again, and our streaming directory was reduced by around 3 gb. This also means that all clients will get a prompt when joining RPUK that they'll need to restart their game to use the new game build. You can read more about it and learn about a pro tip so you don't need to restart your game here @Hawaii@TinyBigJacko@Mike Polo@Stealthee The door locks has been revisited. Doors now have locking and unlocking states, doors now properly close at the closed position (not gates & sliding doors yet, TM), and general backend improvements @Archie Re-enabled police helicopters to lock on to vehicles, but this time the lock on will automaticly cancel if you lose line of sight, or if the distance goes above 700 meters. Other improvements has been made to it aswell, such as only allowing the back seat to use it, fixed the zoom, added the helicopter altitude to the left vertical bar, the vehicle info text now also shows speed and distance @Hawaii The NHS bed system has been redone @Archie Added tutorial NPCs to different places around the map @Recon Nine@Archie Added traffic managment for the cops, they can now close roads properly @Dan B General Fixes / Changes The weather and time sync has been improved. The shadows should now perfectly update without any "teleporting", the water waves are fixed, and the weather sync is much better (no more random weather change if you are driving fast) @Hawaii Fixed house ID 116 or 118 having the wrong garage position @Hawaii Housing has recieved minor improvements. The texts no longer swing around, and some texts improved @Hawaii Minor performance improvements @Hawaii Fixed boat anchors not dropping if passangers aren't in a seat @Hawaii The phone has recieved minor adjustments @Hawaii You no longer see who called you if the person called with hidden ID in recent calls @Hawaii Paychecks are now colured £££ @Hawaii Police Vehicles Overhaul, all of them have been edited for plates. Some got skinned and models replaced, too @Mike Polo@Antollyme Removed notifications when you lock vehicles @Hawaii Grouped dealerships and job blips on the map @Hawaii Made the map scrollable to the Cayo dlc, if it doesn't work for you then reopen your map. Also you wont be able to scroll to the very top of the map anymore @Hawaii Fixed disabling voice chat requiring you to go to to another grid before you can hear anyone @Hawaii Added placing furniture on ground in houses @Hawaii Added camera sound effect on phone, and fixed map sometimes showing. The map will still show if you take images from a vehicle @Hawaii Fixed dead players being stuck on a player when escorted @Archie Fixes to invalid bans matching @Recon Nine@TinyBigJacko Added more documents to Frank the NPC @Archie MRPD building changes @Antollyme Fixed some rooms in pillbox hospital not having enforced whisper @Archie Disabled all airplane flight music @Hawaii Fixed some NHS permissions @Dan B Fixed a whitelist issue for offline players when removing access @Archie Fixed weapons being duplicated in weapon wheel @Stealthee Fixed some recipe @Archie Fixed cruise control not matching with hud @Stealthee Fixed hunting shop @Archie Upped gang storage max weight @Archie Fixed court menu accessing all solictors @Ciaran Replaced time stamps in twitter and reddit with "time ago" @Hawaii Removed twitter and reddit splash screens @Hawaii Removed being able to choose langauge in phone @Hawaii Fixed missing stock market (it's still WIP) @Hawaii Fixed some menus able to be open whilst pause menu is open @Hawaii Removed unused twitter elements @Hawaii Added default avatar to twitter settings @Hawaii When you eat or drink it now updates the value instantly, instead of being delayed @Hawaii Radio default volume has been changed to 1.0 @Stealthee The skin menu has recieved a font change @Hawaii (Hotfix update) fixed "texas" crash causing players to crash very often at random @Stealthee
  5. Player shop deliveries are (still) disabled for now pending a rewrite...
  6. Accually second thought we are able to bind controller keys aswell, I was previously wrong
  7. It's a fivem feature request or whatever since it's not anything we can change. If you're a advanced player you can make your own binds in the F8 console
  8. Hi, what do you mean with "open mic"?
  9. Will be resolved in the next update as we've deleted the other language files and enforced English on it
  10. Ok I the current spawn seems to be somewhere on the other side of the road. I have moved it to your drive way. Will be fixed next update.
  11. Thanks for the bug report, there's also another major issue with it, which is turning with it enabled
  12. Hawaii

    Court typo

    Thanks for reporting typos, this one will be resolved in the next update. Cheers
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