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  1. What am I reading? So you reconize that people are going to abuse carrying and some command is magically going to resolve it all? No! I've seen it abused in even the biggest fivem servers why would we ever add it here. Also isn't this bug report a duplicate
  2. Overflow server? You should be asking for a server #2 instead. First of all we will have issues with the NHS as they are under staffed. Our plan which is currently to improve performance on the server so we can up the slots. A server #2 might become in the future, but right now it's not up for debate among the development team. Suggestion rejected.
  3. Hawaii

    Increase Bleed Out Time

    The suggestion has been denied, mainly because we've said in the past we're not upping it. If you die then you're dead, value your life better perhaps?
  4. The suggestion has been accepted!
  5. If you need a external twitter you're taking it way too serious. It's just a way to share fun shit ingame. Since the time required to make this possible is just not justified I will be going to reject the suggestion.
  6. I'll be taking a look at it. It does sound like a server wide bug
  7. No again it's issues with the fivem servers, there is nothing we and you can do about it. You will have to wait it out I belive..
  8. Date / Time: 12/02/2021 ~20:00 Release: mr Wilco v2 New / Notable Features New gallery app, photos you take with the camera are now saved in your gallery. In the app you can share them on twitter and send as a mesage. You can also share the image to clipboard but it's not going to work until next update @Hawaii@Mike Polo We are now enforcing the new GTA game build which contains both the Cayo dlc and the casino dlc, which means that we no longer need to stream them. The load times should be fast again, and our streaming directory was reduced by around 3 gb. This also me
  9. Player shop deliveries are (still) disabled for now pending a rewrite...
  10. Accually second thought we are able to bind controller keys aswell, I was previously wrong
  11. Hawaii

    Increase Bleed Out Time

    You sure about that?
  12. It's a fivem feature request or whatever since it's not anything we can change. If you're a advanced player you can make your own binds in the F8 console
  13. Hi, what do you mean with "open mic"?
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