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  1. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/019/068/lgJCmtjW_400x400.jpeg Eggplant emoji PLEASEEEEE
  2. High Disk Usage

    Try changing your HDD for an SSD (I mean, SSD's fox everything, right?😉)
  3. What do you do at a greenlight tho?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YoCo


      hitting old people with your vehicle?


      i know an expert @F A D E

    3. Hontah


      Samat im quoting you now. 

      "You stop dickhead"

    4. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      "Take handbrake off" who uses handbrake when stopping at red lights ??


  4. Should I join the NHS

    As @Drama Lama said, it's a faction purely for roleplay. Want to only get involved in roleplay scenarios with next to no chance of getting shot? Join the NHS!
  5. A Roastful Topic

    @F A D E you've got ESP, hacking admin AR squad hobo 😉
  6. NHS

    Should imagine so
  7. CSI FADE and PC Samatlewis

    For the little stint I was invovled, it was a brilliant conversation! I hope to possibly see you in the police waiting rooms 😉
  8. Need help

    We need some more information... PC specs? I.E, motherboard, CPU,RAM,SSD/HDD etc would be nice to know.. Not much to work off of.. Try starting without your GPU plugged in
  9. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    @Zeito I summon you!
  10. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    Are all your drivers up to date? Windows etc? when did this start happening?
  11. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    It's relatively unhealthy to defragment an SSD, search it up on the ole google! You can have my onions if you want? Uhmm, have you checked the temperatures that your PC runs at? Could it be due to overheating?
  12. 5k posts? 

    You shitposter

    1. Samatlewis


      What can I say, someone's gotta catch up to @Crumble

  13. When one has to many eggplants on their profile.
    Most likely response: You can never have to many eggplants.

  14. Don't mind me..I'm Just casually chilling on your forum page listening to your profile song 🎵🎶

    1. Samatlewis


      It's my favourite song!

  15. RPUK PUBG Tournament

    I'd be down