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  1. pfft, RP? What is RP, take that 7.62 and spray them down. I'm joking don't do that, just be honest about it say its a gun make a decent story of why you have a gun and they might let you keep it, depends how the officer feels, it is an illegal rifle so if you want to try and get away with it, be prepared for the worse.
  2. Smith I could of bribed him xD
  3. cant really drive that fast it bounces like mad and flies everywhere and im sorting something out khan :P you can put a heli on it aswell but its hard to keep it on, and khan ill pm you how :P GOD DAMN IT SMITH!! xD
  4. if you stay on the server late enough ( like 5am uk time ) theres only a few people on and we do it xD
  5. Ill let lincoln speak for him self, i wasnt there when he shot, but even if he did do it 2 wrongs don't make a right
  6. That's not how it is, just because he took it further doesn't mean its a revenge report, you done something wrong, not our fault, we are just reporting for something someone has done, wouldnt of mattered if it was a hobo or a high up still would have reported the terrible role play you gave us
  7. Trust me This isn't a revenge report. this is just reporting someone who we think has done something wrong. just because you reported us before doesnt mean you can do anything you want and not be reported. I am Involved Before i get a warning point, i was there, Plus was my video which is provided .
  8. Excuse my rat photo bombing
  9. Achievement(s) Required: 4.20 and picture perfect Time that the awards should have been given: 1-2 days agoReason the achievements were not given (if known): If based on Donation, please link your donation thread: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/11833-thelaw/?tab=node_donate_Donate
  10. whens the next meet up?


    1. Lord Hank of Kavala

      Lord Hank of Kavala

      There isn't one planned rn, But i'd worry about being unbanned before you worry about community meetups


    2. Fallen


      law you just got roasted

  11. Dec will be getting it :) hahaha
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