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  1. I don't miss you one bit

    sad tears GIF

  2. Hard hats... it is inconceivable how badly I am able to miss a handful of yellow pixels.
  3. Woah woah you're a badmin now... things must be really bad if they're making gods out of orange caps 😉

    1. WhoisDan


      Oh jesus, I've just realized you're not even one of the new ones, you've been one since January. How long was I gone?!

    2. PapaSmurphy


      @WhoisDanI have no idea how this worked, must be a mistake. You have been gone sometime!

  4. I still miss Altis

    1. Robbie


      You me both

    2. Norman


      If you missed the constant gunfights, they’ve kindly been migrated to FiveM now! 

  5. 🖕

    1. Drew


      I agree

    2. WhoisDan


      🖕Miss you bby cakes 

  6. The marmite miners will always have a place in my heart ❤️

  7. A bitter, bitter pill to swallow. Being a Marmite Miner in 2015 was genuinely- without meaning to sound pathetic- one of the greatest joys of my life, and the memories that we made as a group- from the Great Marmite War to San Miguel's Birthday Bash and everything inbetween- will stay with me forever. I will also have to grudgingly admit that a certain George that happens to be quite Unlucky also contributed to a lot of the fun I had on Altis back in the day (although I still don't appreciate being forced to swim across the Altis ocean for the sake of a 30 second clip in a video). Also a mention to KLR, who Owen and I played with a fair amount in more recent times. On an unrelated note... don't suppose anyone knows where one might be able to purchase a hard hat and some Marmite in Los Santos, do they?
  8. WhoisDan

  9. It's the 8pm restart tomorrow night. Altis closing festivities begin at 4pm.
  10. Banned because I haven't been back to this thread in about 4 years and need to scratch my ban itch
  11. Jesus. Whether you were absent or not, I could never have predicted this. RPUK and Wilco are synonymous at this point, it's near impossible to think of one without the other. You and I have disagreed over the years but ultimately you have my respect for what you have built here. The prime ALUK days were nothing short of incredible, the Altis of 2015/2016 could not be touched by any other community, this server was the absolute best, it wasn't even a competition, and you (along of course with the Management and developers of the time) deserve enormous credit for those times. In spite of our differences, I will always be grateful to you for creating this thing that means so much to me and so many others.
  12. always who is dan and never how is dan 😞

  13. Absolutely. That Marmite factory is gonna need workers
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