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  1. I should have been more clear. What I mean by that is less money runs = more players travelling along the same routes.
  2. Once again this is a very long post, sorry about that. Brief Summary: Make money runs payout by distance and risk and reduce amount of runs to promote player interactions. Detailed Suggestion: The aims of this change are: 1) Compress player routes and areas of activity to increase chance of interaction 2) Payouts based on the distance and risk of their selected run To accomplish point 1: - Less money runs, funneling players through fewer routes in order to increase the chance of interaction - Moving sellers closer into Kavala to promote the
  3. Don't forget, it must be a wicker basket that Pablo defecates into... you only make that mistake once, trust me
  4. Agreed. I do think this is another lockdown surge similiar to what we saw in November, but I would love to be proven wrong on that. Whatever the cause of the surge is, this is an enormous opportunity for us to attract loads of new players. Our focus needs to be on keeping them coming back through lockdown and beyond.
  5. WhoisDan

    The Mentors™

    In a sense. As far as I can tell the Sherpa Scheme was intended to be a recreation of the Mentors that existed in 2015 but without being an official branch of staff. But for a support system like this to be effective, it needs to be official. And the old Mentors just weren't really given the tools in-game to be utilised in the way they were intended.
  6. WhoisDan

    The Mentors™

    Only issue with that is the Mentor might not be a high enough rank in their group to invite.
  7. WhoisDan

    The Mentors™

    Brief Summary: Reimplement a long lost ALUK institution: the Mentors, but this time with improvements. Detailed Suggestion: This is an extension of the points made by @Riz in her suggested revisions to the Sherpa Scheme. Put briefly, the Mentors of old were effectively Teamspeak moderators and not much else. Although their role included helping new players, there was no official system to allow them to do this apart from the support rooms on TS. They were no different in-game than any other player. This time, Mentors would be whitelisted and would be able to receive di
  8. This. There's been a whole lot of talk about catering to current players and not a lot about retaining new players. They are of equal importance and we can't afford to ignore either.
  9. Are you serious? He's been called a cunt and told to leave. This clearly isn't about buying a barn anymore, if the guy's broken a rule then ban him. This is literally just a hate thread now, why are you refusing to lock it?
  10. Whether he gets the point or not, this is only a game and the amount of abuse he's recieving is crossing a line. What he did was wrong, but what is happening to him now is worse. Everyone needs to lay off.
  11. I think maybe we should all stop now and if this needs to be dealt with further then it can be done privately. It's making me a little uncomfortable watching someone take all this abuse. I think he gets the point by now.
  12. WhoisDan

    Perk revamp

    My only qualm with this is that I feel the selling perks on legal and illegal runs are a little high. 45% seems slightly exessive given the current economy issues. Personally I'd say it should be 30% tops. Aside from that, +1 to everything else. I particularly like the MicroChipped perk that ties in to Riz's suggestion.
  13. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Could probably be slotted in next to the clothing shop, or maybe where the Mentor Dispatch Building is and then the Mentor building can go next to clothes.
  14. Not everyone has the time to sit around all day doing money runs, for some that 20+ million is months and months of work. C'mon man we all come here to have fun, surely you can understand the problem with what's happened here. Just give it back bro, you are embarassing yourself.
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