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  1. I'm terribly sorry to hear that, phoenix. I've had a good few interactions with him on your stream and always found him to be quite pleasant chap. Very sad news.
  2. It's been tracked down. Merry christmas btw, mate!
  3. History is important. Hope you're well, matey
  4. Yes, but not in the last few days
  5. I'll throw in a slightly used bandage. You drive a hard bargain, sir.
  6. I'll give you 4 lollipops?
  7. Love it. Thanks for including our open day (And love the burning trees picture!)
  8. Had to stop eating a biscuit so I could hear.
  9. Both the Police and NHS post monthly statistics in their public section of the forums. Perhaps you should check those. NHS ARAC isn't a whitelisted faction (Although there is a group for it, I'm sure you could go check for that yourself)
  10. You have a nice RTC and before you know it a burning wreck lands on top of you. Never change, Altis.
  11. You're right, just checked my catch-up tv
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