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  1. police

    I will buy the mk200 for 200k
  2. think theres a hacker on sever 1

    1. F A D E

      F A D E

      Really? I don't think anyone knew.


  3. you know that the spar 16 is 5.56mag
  4. ome boys and girls lets give this stream sme love https://www.twitch.tv/nor_tiktak

  5. So i have £1500 to £2000 to build a new pc but i have no idea what to get and what to put in i if someone could help me out with it you would be a big help.

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    2. Zeito


      If you have the money to burn, get the best i7 cpu you can, best z-series mobo you can, a good air cooler, a 1080ti, an SSD and all the other goodies. There are lots of build threads in the Tech Discussion forum, have a poke at a few of those and just ramp up the components.

      I would give you a more in-depth answer but im flat out at work at the minute so just dont have the time. If you want to throw together a pcpartpicker post and PM it to me to review or whatever feel free.

      If you're posting a thread or you want to pm me, please let me know things like 
      a) are you keeping anything from your current pc
      b) do you need peripherals as well as the base hardware?
      c) your plans for the pc - i.e. if you want to game in 4k your budget wont go nearly as far as a 1080pc etc.

    3. ACC Joe

      ACC Joe

      @Kieron hmu in TS

    4. Kieron




  6. count me in i am up for this anyday
  7. 225k
  8.  i am back after 1 year away from the sever


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    2. Kieron


      u in ts 


    3. F A D E

      F A D E

      yh but revising for exam.

    4. DCC Tampax

      DCC Tampax

      fuckin ell' 

      Welcome back!

  9. Holy fuck its kieron

    1. Kieron


      yep its kieron😀

    2. JohnJoeegan




    3. Kieron



      just like the old times but in IRL... me with the LMG 

      toy tropers.jpg

  10. Press CHEESEBURGER! @Creedd

  11. @Jackdevo no problem the NHS needs all the support it can get.
  12. its nice to see someone putting some effort to help the people that want to get in the medics +1
  13. See you in 6 months mate. I hope all goes well for you in those 6 months. Maybe see you around at somepoint and was nice getting to know you. Sad too see you won't be able to play for 6 months , but i will probably see you around at some point , seeya mate 

  14. thanks for the recommendation @Hugo000