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  1. i miss your memes

  2. Hi. You should put sunglasses on your dogeeee!

  3. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the Mentor Team Oli. You will be greatly missed and you have big shoes to fill "if" we open up recruitment again. If you ever wish to become a Mentor again I have added you to my short list. Thanks Again.
  4. Gotta love when the tea is on point
  5. So I finally got my Pumpkin carved tonight, I think it turned out okay... lol Has anyone else carved their pumpkins if so post a picture! Robert
  6. This is an awesome song too!
  7. Can all the new Mentors please show face at the Mentor Induction Meeting tonight at 8.30 and we will get you guys added to the Mentor Database and showed how to use it. Welcome to the team everyone!
  8. What has being in the Police got to do with it ahaha
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