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  1. Streaming some Popo patrol with Ghostie.


  2. yeah show a recording pls, you must be running some dual xeon PC built for nasa. Games laggy as fuck in kavala few hours into a restart, i get like 40 ish on a 5.2 ghz overclocked i5 pal
  3. Naylor pal, your video was class haha Like Ryan said, come patrol with us some point mate
  4. well. Congrats on making yourself a server meme pal xoxo the pinnacle of the police force , brandon
  5. bought the game when it was priced at like £130 or something like that , if anyone wants to jump on it sometime. probably racked up about 1k hours in it so far.
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/MagnificentFamousKoalaBatChest
  7. @Andreas Lykke Do you boot the game with steam launch options? so -nolauncher in your steam options at all? i used to start the game that way when i used OBS to stream. Check that and let me know
  8. Possible i can take @brandon aint been on and i want it https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/11641-brandon/
  9. oh what have you just started. here we go again for the next month
  10. @John Miller come speak to me mate
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