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    10/10 would let you put posters up on our Turf again, and have a royal rumble on top of the roof, Felt good to just sit around and have a laugh with everyone without anything escalating or ending up in a fight Will welcome you back to put up posters again soon, those pesky youth keep tearing them down!
  2. try going to speak to some of the mechanic garages in the city, I'm sure they may help you out!
  3. Nothing stopping you from taking over one of the places up north paleto/Sandy way (theres about 5 places i think) and RP'ing it as your own shop But you will need to show the effort/RP over a course of quite a few months to get access to things like AE/Tyre Nutz do
  4. on behalf of me and @MACCAS Thank you all for swinging past the Bicycle shop and RP'ing with us, over the last few days its been amazing

    looking forward to the events we're creating!

  5. There is nothing wrong with requesting chicken runs at the moment other than when people do not pick them up after requesting, it becomes broken until next storm - (plan on writing up a bug next time I'm around and experience it) If another gang requests it, then you will have to wait 30 minutes until you are able to request it again (you receive different messages based upon the 'status' of it) It prevents the spam of the runs, if everyone was able to do one without a cool down it would be extremely OP
  6. Run into the 'The boss' the other day at the police station and had a good hour or so interaction with him and a few of the Firm members, amazing blokes
  7. Streaming some Popo patrol with Ghostie.


  8. yeah show a recording pls, you must be running some dual xeon PC built for nasa. Games laggy as fuck in kavala few hours into a restart, i get like 40 ish on a 5.2 ghz overclocked i5 pal
  9. Naylor pal, your video was class haha Like Ryan said, come patrol with us some point mate
  10. well. Congrats on making yourself a server meme pal xoxo the pinnacle of the police force , brandon
  11. bought the game when it was priced at like £130 or something like that , if anyone wants to jump on it sometime. probably racked up about 1k hours in it so far.
  12. https://clips.twitch.tv/MagnificentFamousKoalaBatChest
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