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  1. How does a man unshit his FiveM fps when regular stuff runs fine

    1. Oliver


      Spoilers : you can't

  2. I'm not 'allowlisted' for the GTA server. Anyone know what the problem is?

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    2. Tadworth


      Could also be a restart at 8pm! Who knows

    3. Johnathon Reeds

      Johnathon Reeds

      It's because there's about to be a restart

    4. Drizzel


      Ahh I see, thanks for the response 👍

  3. Anyone else issues with joining servers due to and issue with the oldman PBO? Verifying game cache doesn't do the trick sadly

    1. James Travers

      James Travers

      It's due to your Arma version being a different build than what is currently on the server

    2. Malfang


      have same problem, how to fix @James Travers?

    3. James Travers

      James Travers

      @Malfang7 @Drizzel The server has been updated to the current build so now you shouldn't have any issues with connecting

  4. This might be an issue with helicopters. Are we going to need an NPAS pilot (and specifically trained ones when it comes to Taru/Blackfish) to come over and fly the thing to NPAS HQ every time a helicopter is scrapped?
  5. As much as I would love to see a fire service in game, I don't think it will work out as intended. I have only seen a small number of servers on Arma where there was a well constructed and functional fire department, but those were all heavily modded. Seeing as we need to make do without those mods, the fire service would be extremely restricted. Although I like the idea of making car fires last longer, I don't think it will create a benefit aside from giving the FD something to do and I can already see the disasters a long burning HEMMT in central Kavala present to our hobo population.

    _f2fede7c38f24ca7e44c4557a1cc17a3-jpg.jpg.cb0c41f538d7e30a1dba0c393deec5bf.jpgFound my twin at the airport 

  7. I don't really see the need for downgrading rubbers. Police has the upper hand in close quarter combat, whereas rebels use the MK1tapper to stay well outside of the effective range of rubber bullets and to spray through cover. -1 for me
  8. Would like to recommend these lovely police officers for their amazing roleplay. Had some great fun with them and honestly I don't know how they could stand my rambling about me being an honest and civilized noble from a land far far away even though I had committed nearly every crime in the book, or my accidental murder with a bucket. I even got to practise my harmonica skills in prison! Thanks again lads, you'll get far in the police if you keep it up!
  9. A new version out today! Covering the chaos in Kavala, a suicide attempt and a shootout! Newspaper edition 2
  10. Haha, feel free to send in interesting stories and pictures!
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