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  1. What kind of roleplay do you wish to bring to the server if given the chance?
  2. @Kyle JeremeyPlease respond soon otherwise your appeal will be timed out.
  3. Right John. Firstly for the smelting confession of yours. This is something that you shouldn't have done, you shouldn't move away from the smelter whilst smelting as lets face it, it doesn't make sense really does it? You should not have left the area and you should definitely have reported this to the staff team immediately. Now onto the second situation that we discussed via pm's and without giving to much information. You was watched by a member of staff who seen you take advantage of a bugged spot and you decided to allow deer to fall to there death and then skin them. Therefore you have been banned for exploiting for your actions. So given your history of bans, I am prepared to give you one FINAL (Will expire in 6 months) chance. However under conditions. You will have your hunting license revoked and be blacklisted for 1 year Thomas Gabbana will receive a full wipe (will not effect your police rank) You will only be given this chance if you agree to the conditions above. Failure to do so will mean you will stay permanently banned.
  4. Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player. Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.
  5. So since no party has been able to provide any footage that shows any sort of context other than the 58 second clip that has been provided I will decide what appropriate action to take with the only evidence I have available as what has been described to have happened can't be proven and is therefore heresy. @Louisyour description of what happened doesn't support the evidence you have supplied in this report. All the video shows is the police shooting at a car just because it was driving down the road towards an on-going situation. @C_ComaI don't quite understand why you thought it would be the best idea to stay around the situation after being shot and then told to fuck off... Not exactly the best thing to do as realistically you would be bolting it out of the area to avoid being killed. Could have been a rouge cop going on a mass murdering spree or even a terrorist and you decide to say "who you shooting at" like you are untouchable. So that bit out of the way onto the next bit I have two option on how to deal with this report. Option 1. @LiamWould receive a 1 day ban for G1.2 (First Offense - FBS) for executing someone without engaging in any sort of quality roleplay. The cop who shot the car without engaging in ANY roleplay would also get the same punishment. @C_ComaYou would receive a 2 day ban for G2.4 (Second Offense - FBS) for not valuing your life. Don't think I need to explain that much here, I think we both know you shouldn't have done what you did. Option 2. Reject the report due to lack of context. However still warn both parties for the above. Now since this report is clearly lacking context I am going to go with option 2. That being said I expect both parties to take this on board and learn from this as both of you can do much better then what has been shown in that clip. Also when making a report in the future, please supply evidence that shows some context that proves your story to be correct. Warning's given for G1.2 and G2.4 Report Rejected Due to lack of context.
  6. Please quote the rule that you broke and explain why we have this rule.
  7. If a similar situation was to happen, what would you do differently?
  8. Without giving out information that could possibly encourage others to break rules. Who told you about this spot? At any point did you not stop and think. This doesn't seem right maybe I shouldn't take advantage of it?
  9. This is now your 4th ban. You also have 2 warnings to note as well. Why do you have a problem following the rules? Why should we give you yet another chance? Why did you think doing this was okay to do?
  10. What gave you the idea that this was something you could do?
  11. So you logged out to save your gear... What happened to the gun? Did you give this gun back to your friend?
  12. Thank you for this information. Before I dive into this, let me start of with something else. Can you tell me about your hunting experiences. (Please for this part, Reply to my message to me, not on this appeal.)
  13. You have summed it up quite well. However you have forgotten to mention your attitude towards the end of the ticket. Can you please explain why you decided to act the way you did despite people looking into the issue and trying to resolve it without having to punish you.
  14. Should? Surely someone who is trying to convince us to give them a second chance would have already put the effort into understanding the rules. Right? So did you not do this despite saying yes to it?
  15. Thank you for putting more effort in this appeal. So reading your appeal and the reason on why you ended it the way you did it's not good is it? All I can see really is someone who thinks that everybody is out to get them instead of actually looking at the stuff that you did wrong. Always pointing fingers at everybody else except you. That clearly is a problem, for instance you get another chance from this appeal. What happens if you break another rule? Is that an admins fault? An admin protecting his friend? or even someone who knew you about a year ago and still has a grudge? How are you going to change this mentality that you had?
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