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  1. Girls on the island

    We have two females in our group that play and i must admit i have noticed that sometimes you can see a noticeable change in a persons character towards them to almost a crude level luckily though so far these instances are very rare but agree discrimination should be reported straight away as most the people on the servers have respect for others be it age or sex . I hope though for the original poster and anyone that does receive such immature behavior from a small minority that they realise they are just better than them and sooner rather than latter the said attitude of the person being horrible will catch up with them . At the end of the day we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves .
  2. Looking for group

    so are you a security firm as such?
  3. New Event

    -1 from me , might as well just play wasteland for a hour
  4. Naylor aka homer simpson

    Not only do they eat as many donuts as Homer Simpson , They are starting to sound like him !!
  5. Malden server?

    Im fairly certain this has been already answered in another post but yes our bank accounts will stay the same .
  6. Malden life

    You also know its not going to be the last time either lol
  7. Oh yea!!! Malden Life!

    Can i ask one question will it be a fresh start or linked character database to altis ?
  8. Please guide me with a rule

    Yes thats how i take the rule too , i have tried contacting him to explain this but he seems he did nothing wrong or even accept how i am perceiving it , I dont want the player banned or anything its just annoying when you try to follow rules and others dont , i just would like for him too accept that was poor RP i mean he could of just robbed me instead lol if he has not responded in hour i shall make a report for poor RP at least.
  9. Please guide me with a rule

    Could someone please advise me regarding the combat log rule , I had a situation where i was purchasing a pistol from a player for 30k i handed over 35k just to be grateful and he logged before dropping pistol , now im not bothered about the money and i dont care aobut the pistol its more the fact that the player in question thought it is ok to leave mid RP and didnt do anything wrong when i tried to talk to him . So my question is am i right in thinking this was combat logging mid roleplay . Thank you
  10. Sold

    normal mags dont fit tho , if you have mags then deal
  11. Sold

    any mags for mk200
  12. Sold

    mk200 400k can buy straight away
  13. MXs

    i will give you 500k today for the lot
  14. LRPS scope

    sorry singh i suffered a health problem of what is called a broken ssd yesterday however i am now back after a quick fix , i shall keep my eyes open for you and hopefully we can complete this deal .
  15. LRPS scope

    cheers are you going to be on too , as can sort that payment for your goods too at same time?