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  1. Merry Christmas all !!!!

  2. Have I ever said how much I admire the police force of Altis
  3. Geforce experience is the best if you have a Nvidia based card , I personally use https://obsproject.com/ as has a lot of tweek ability and if setup correctly there is hardly any notice to performance .
  4. decided to go for the corsair following the positive suggestions , cheers guys
  5. Could anyone give me recommendations for a decent budget headset priced around 40-50 pound , Thanks
  6. did someone mention possible free stuff ? let me get my basket
  7. @Mr Gray We didn't take the challenge of doing such a convoy expecting it to be safe
  8. in the bios you can set the boot order of the pc , ie the first one needs to be what your OS is on if that does not work make a boot disk or stick of any PC and then you can at least start your pc in safe mode , or use dos to format drives and re install at the extreme level
  9. perhaps also take the time to watch this video for some helpful insight . There have been a few changes since this video was made but is a good guide still .
  10. become a communist of Altis
  11. Also you can upgrade the properties for a fee that gives more storage and stronger doors to prevent break in so fast .
  12. no there does not have to be a certain amount on , however the more that are on the higher the rewards . Shipwreck loot overhauled: HM Treasury shipwrecks now spawn actual gold bars, starting at 20 gold bars and adding one for every online police officer at the time of the wreck. Regular shipwrecks now have a chance of dropping drug boxes, boltcutters and weapon boxes.
  13. Ive met Makkay before and can defo vouch he is one of the good guys and always trying to help people .
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