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  1. 600k is not a bad amount , i can offer a upstairs bedroom at my place . However i feel this is GTA rather than Altis.
  2. welcome back , hope to see those arac trucks in convoy soon
  3. Nema good sir ,I dont need all and shall leave you some for old time memories of long ago heists but I am willing to take 3 off your hands and state the first batch of watches will have you name blazened across the back .
  4. Hello i am a local entrepreneur that works in kavala . I have recently come into the possesion of some dubious rolexs from stratis , now before i can sell these on the streets of kavala i need a couple of gold bars so i can give them a gold plate obviously with no intention of fooling anybody or the trading standards . I will offer 1 million per bar for the gold though as i understand how hard it is too obtain .
  5. Yes i think i was one of the first 3 to get to level 10 however i then took a break not long after due to family commitments , i have made my monies worth back for the grind i imagine but ruining the rarity of items in game is not going to help , That would be like high ranking officers of police waking and going free berets for everyone . Where is the benefit? Thats all im saying .
  6. Because the item would lose its rarity factor but If you think its such a high price to pay then of course log on and dish them out . I just see it as i grinded to get level 10 so why not use that graft as a use to sell rare items for inflated prices allowing me more time to roleplay .
  7. This feels more like a unimformed rant rather than a statement of the servers policies , As with any good community the server is staffed daily and usually without us knowing so it is hard to state what action/actions are given to anyone .
  8. what kind of cheap sweater shop knock offs are these
  9. Im almost tempted to create an all new hobo gang with this fresh blood of intrepid petty criminals lol
  10. i will match the offer of 370k for my linen clean vests , i shall also offer security while doing transaction as a added bonus for a valued customer .
  11. Merry Christmas all !!!!

  12. Have I ever said how much I admire the police force of Altis
  13. Geforce experience is the best if you have a Nvidia based card , I personally use https://obsproject.com/ as has a lot of tweek ability and if setup correctly there is hardly any notice to performance .
  14. decided to go for the corsair following the positive suggestions , cheers guys
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