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  1. Staff worth the 480£

  2. Congrats on staff babs x 

    1. John Miller

      John Miller

      Thanks babes x

  3. Another sad time reading posts like this reminding me and the other Ex BA staff members of what we used to do. @Norman @Proxeum i know i remember the great days of running Altis Airlines and really did hope it would of been so much more.
  4. I would probably just remove the point about being handpicked seems a bit boasty just point Sherpas are Roleplay.co.uk introduction team or something
  5. Never spoke to the guy directly and didn’t actually do anything in the video apart from run round with me gun and say I can’t hear him
  6. yea @Wilco how come the annual marathon stopped
  7. This used to be a annual RPUK event held by the staff team every year with cash prizes for top 3 and forum awards for attending however it seems that it died after 3/4 years of doing it dont know what happened but would love to see it being held again by staff members but with the new trophie system.
  8. i just wish we still had the RPUK stats page made life so much easier but it got taken from us
  9. Banned for taking the time to find out what number dan he was.
  10. well i guess this is a nice surprise to find out that I've been reported someone could of told me that i logged off effecting a AR weapon cache as i logged off after being dead for 7 mins because in the video i die at 3:13 and log fully off at 9:55 so there was a good amount of time in which i was actually playing the game and as there was more than 10 cops in our teamspeak channels i didn't see the need to check if there was 10 cops physically in game as it was 11:45pm in the UK so at that time i was close to passing out. would of loved to been messaged at the time or informed by someone but no messages came my way that i can recall and for the Poseidon member to read the side chat when i day and say that was the one at the church seems a bit odd.
  11. Achievement(s) Required: 5 year Time that the awards should have been given: 17th April 2020 Reason the achievements were not given (if known): If based on Donation, please link your donation thread:
  12. So i know its gonna be a stupid question but why not ask it and im sure its gonna be annoying to answer but when is the next RPUK milsim gonna happen but i remember the last one and i know it was only the medical mods and task force radio but that was actually really good fun plus if it ever got to the stage of adding different guns and vehicles it might be a proper blast.
  13. Sadly as it states between who ever and The Road Traffic Unit we will now be putting all members of what ever gang on the arrest on sight list good luck and for anyone aiding or trying to collect the prize money will receive 45 years imprisonment
  14. This is seen as an act of war all members in this video will now be treated as terrorist plus pretty poor threats not gonna lie LOL
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