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  1. I believe I have explained this already Khalifa in my longwinded post, and I would kindly ask you to reread that, but I'm happy to reiterate and I'll do my best to condense it. I explained that after my conversation with you, your friend, and the named Staff member, I learnt that this initial shooting was acceptable as we left the zone when I said "This initial pursuit was cleared up for me personally." This however, as I described in the second and third paragraph, does not explain why the following siege ensued, why two unarmed people were shot, or why the pursuit itself continued in t
  2. I can confirm that this happened early yesterday morning. The report was not uploaded outside of the 24 hour limit and I'm sure that can be checked through whatever logs are available. Below I have included a link to my footage of us entering then leaving the zone shortly after, per your request to see footage of us entering and leaving the red zone Khalifa. I should note again that I admittedly make the mistake of calling this RDM as it was occurring, but I understand that is not the case now.
  3. I am this friend that he is referring to. Shortly after I was killed outside, I got into contact with PC Khalifa twice (or so) by phone to setup a Liaison. Eventually, I had a conversation with him and another PC who thoroughly explained this situation to me, and that the continued pursuit after leaving the red zone was justified. This was further confirmed later that night when I discussed the shootings and pursuit that took place with an admin in the Staff Help room on TS (Sonder on Teamspeak). This initial pursuit was cleared up for me personally. The issue here however, as described b
  4. I can upload the footage I have available this evening, as it includes the initiation between the two as proof that a warning was not provided at the very start, but most of my footage lines up with what AlfieT has already sent here. Edit - Footage was of desktop rather than the game so its just audio. Useless on my end sorry about that.
  5. Both me and Home, have accepted compensation from Helmi, and for that reason we no longer wish for compensation to be supplied by an admin. We have not received an apology however from either counterparts, but keeping to our side of the deal in the situation, we request the ban appeal to be closed. Of course this does not remove the importance of our evidence as RDM was still caused by the latter (ATN SNiP3R) and will obviously be dealt with by the admin if need be... Thank you for taking the time to document this still present situation... Regards - J.Rice
  6. Helmi, why is there smoke coming from his gun before I start shooting then man, slow it down, zoom in, spam pause the video, do whatever and you'll be able to see it from his rifle. I will post images after zoom in a moment as they won't allow me to put all four in at once as it exceeds image space... - J.Rice
  7. Helmi Look at my health as I started shooting in the game, it was immediately dropped down to 36% health before any shot from me was fired. I only shot after ATN SNiP3R shot in return. Also, as soon I was shot, I started talking to the player, meaning I couldn't even initialize roleplay with ATN SNiP3R before he opened fire upon me killing me in the process. So yeah, your friend didn't even attempt to communicate with me when he saw me. The rule for RDM being: 3B) RDM - Random Death Match Definition: Shooting at someone without engaging in any form of quality role play (eg. Giving enough ti
  8. Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): [ATN] SNIP3R Time & Date this happened: 20/06/2015 Between the times of 13:00 and 14:30 Which Server did this happen on: 2nd Description of what happened: 1st incident: Occurred when me and my friend noticed the player travelling up and down the street in a red hatchback in Agios. We didn't make contact with him. When we got into my friends truck, ATN SNiP3R got out of his car and started firing at us. My friend mistook it for RDM but of course neither of us were hit, but he did not however make an attempt speak to us at all. 2nd incid
  9. Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name): Dylan Gaming PC Time & Date this happened: 02/05/2015 10:00 am - 10:40 am Which Server did this happen on: Altis Life Server 1 Description of what happened: I was holding Dylan at gun point in the oil fields south of altis, without me noticing he backed up to his red offroad and got in. Of course not being the best shot when it comes to people driving away from me at around 70 km/h I missed shooting him or his tires out. He then hit a truck on his way out. As I ran over to him, he disconnected from the server. What Rule Was Br
  10. @Lifad I was coming to a stop man, I haven't VDM'd or RDM'd in the game before hand, nor have I violated the rules, ask anyone. @TI Mike for example is one of those people who can say that this unlike me to do so. Another player that I can also advise you ask is a member of the group "EXP", I am unaware of his account on Altis Life UK but his name in game is Jgp Erebos or somewhat along those lines. Finally I will also refer to player @SwoogFret who has pretty much been with me almost all the time on the server, he too can stand for me to say that I had indeed not done this before, and I would
  11. Your In-game name: J.Rice Your Steam Profile ID: STEAM_0:1:59566180 Your GUID (Using this tool input your steam ID and press enter): 93be0022afb88d99dbbeca2a209c312e Date & Time you was banned: 30/04/15 Please copy and paste the rule you broke: VDM)) Please give reasons why we should give you a final chance: I have followed the rules in the game very carefully to avoid getting into situations such as this one. I have constantly roleplayed and engaged with other players to help them also. However, last night (29/04/15) I came across an incident while being followed b
  12. Yeah looks like only time can tell on this one, officer hasn't got into contact with me or the helpers I've been talking to. So I'm hoping for the best, thanks though guys.
  13. Oh team speak lmaoooo, thought you meant server
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