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  1. Hey! You can join Altis life straight from the Arma3 launcher, we don't run any mods, just connect and play. You can search for "Roleplay.co.uk", or you can directly connect to "s1.roleplay.co.uk" Best of luck!
  2. The point of this report has clearly been made, as it seems we're unable to act as adults, I'll lock this thread - awaiting a member of staff to process the report.
  3. That's definitely a good price range! Are you looking to buy something pre-built? Or are you happy to buy components and build it yourself?
  4. That depends a lot on your price range. How much are you willing to spend?
  5. Had a fantastic experience with @SerSloth& @Bonzithis evening after I nose dived a plane into the ground (Apparently they need fuel??) They took lots of time and care in cleaning off blood, ensuring I was comfortable and then performing complex surgery right then and there, very impressive! To top it all off they decided it would be best that I couldn't work for 4 whole weeks, cannot complain! Top job fellas'
  6. Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean. Your report has been approved and action has been taken against the reported player. If you are out of pocket due to this case please now open a compensation request here, Do make sure to mention this report.
  7. Player: Pablo Escobart Ban issued: C3.0 Advertising Ban Length: Permanent
  8. Thank you all for your submissions! Thread Closed / Unpinned.
  9. The new forum backgrounds are in!

    Big thanks to @Shepherd Kingston, @Jonathon Reeds& @Fluqifor the content - you'll all receive a £10 steam giftcard to your forum DM's shortly.

    1. The Bearish Crusader

      The Bearish Crusader

      Can we please have one of the arma ones as well? ;( No need for giftcard, just would be nice with one of the arma ones as well ;(

    2. Gordon


      I did trial the Arma ones, unfortunately due to their composition they don't look great as forum backgrounds as the majority of the "interesting part" of the image is in the middle (which is hidden), I did include guide images for people to use for this exact reason.

      I'm absolutely not against adding any Arma backgrounds, but they need to be better composed.

  10. The prodigal son returns...


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Masis


      Absolute banger indeed, always loved this during the meetings 😜

    3. John Fletcher

      John Fletcher

      What an absolute banger this was!

    4. Sau



  11. Only a couple days left to get your submissions in!


  12. Hello! The RoleplayUK forum backgrounds have remained much the same for a good few years now with only the notable addition being the Los Santos background upon release of our FiveM server. I think it's high time for some new additions, and where better to source some new backgrounds than from the community! We're looking to add around 2 more (Maybe more if the submissions are good!), the two that exist now will remain. Below are some guidelines to follow in submitting. Submissions should be added as replies to this thread. You're welcome to use image editing software such as photoshop
  13. Happy Birthdayyy! 

  14. This should not be a revelation that you're only now having. You've been here long enough and had more chances than many to sort yourself out. Why should staff waste more of their time on you? Why is it different this time.
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