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SI Gordon

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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Oh God WHYYY.... I won't sleep tonight D:
  3. vladicka

    https://clips.twitch.tv/EnjoyableSuperHareUncleNox Mr And Mrs Vladic share an awkward high-five!
  4. Malden... WOOOO!
  5. Good Luck everyone!
  6. Yay! Well done @Snoops
  7. Best of luck to all applicants!
  8. If @Imstyle's solution doesn't work, my only other suggestion would be to do a full (online) reset of the Wi-Fi. In case you are not aware, you can access this control panel by going to bthomehub.home (As a URL)
  9. As a test, try using other devices when the issue occurs. Does this only affect your main PC or ALL devices connected to the router?
  10. Happy Birthday Greg!

    1. Gregory


      Thanks! was gunna get pissed but ended up doing pub runs :P

  11. Hehehe, We look even more majestic while turning into a Helicopter. Nice one lads !
  12. @TinyBigJacko Look. I apologise. In regards to the URL, yes. It was posted publicly. I wasn't aware of this and that's completely fair enough. My intentions in my original post may have been taken into possibly the wrong context (through no fault of your own). I don't claim to have ANY knowledge of how ANY of this is coded, it was meant as more of a question than anything. All I was trying to state was that it seemed mildly coincidental. (Obviously, I was wrong) Once again, the work that the dev team provides here is invaluable and we're lucky as a community to have them. I don't want to start drama or annoy people. Jacko, I apologise profusely for posting the link that I did. Thank you. //INS Gordon301