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  1. I would like to wish you goodluck timmy, hope you have a good time in the police force. dieu mon droit
  2. Father Dutchy wil attend and greet him, God speed
  3. i managed to drown someone 


  4. Marmite miners,The Kavala cartel, Ghost Cartel and the Increment.... damm i miss does people. wish they could come back.
  5. wish we could turn back time to the good old....
  6. i would like to be one or atleast a cleric some various paintings of me and this is me in 1454 fighting of the turks that where trying to take altis short after the fall of constantinopel
  7. altis is already owned by the queen ? ( in rp) i mean if we all go for the throne? i shall go to the fields recruit peseants
  8. Just watched the new Mummy movie, was fun. reminds me of my trip trough egypt. went from luxor all the way down to 20 km off from soedan, went trough the sahara. visted a ton of tempels and sites etc and of course the piramides and the museum in cario with all the mummys. hope i dont got cursed 💀

  9. @Wilco can i also have one pls? yes?
  10. this is going to confuse you more mwhahaha