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  1. Did someone say 7 Years? Nice.

  2. @Wayne KingLoving the cover photo G

  3. Messages to the Devs. You guys are fucking insane, THANK YOU!!!
    Much love- Joe King

  4. Glad too have you! We'll be keeping an eye out
  5. Man I knew I recognized the voice. Nice to see you Ivhan it's been a very long time! Please make sure you're drug tested before each patrol, I couldn't imagine what kind of charges you might try to pull on less fortunate people! Much love
  6. Definitely the end of a big Era for a lot of the people here, we've definitely also had to say goodbye sooner to some other good people too. Been a blast over the last 7 years, I originally joined when I was 14 around November 2014. Found myself being banned pretty quick for being a tit (Still a video on YT I believe) Appealing some time later definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. The people I've met during my time on Altis and the friends I made were unmatched you're all insane. Obviously still not holding grudges on @Randomized for not giving me DNPAS or @Aidenfor not giving me Inspector (Mad love for you both). Could go on but I think it would end up as a novel trying to write up 7 years worth RIP Altis it's been fun, - Matthew
  7. Been a ride. Enjoy that R8 Wilco
  8. Gonna miss Altis, but sheesh that looks good! Very well done.
  9. Usually not a popular brand but I've always used Razer Krakens and have never had an issue. Comfy, decent sound quality. Nice for listening to music to. Well worth it for the price imo.
  10. Benefactor is not a primary affiliate of the Street Races.
  11. Live - Joe King! - Import Car Show Tonight twitch.tv/stick3rz


  12. Race Night with Joe King! twitch.tv/stick3rz


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