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  1. Personally I see this like any other event, beach parties/fight nights/club nights and with this subsection this type of post shouldn't be a problem. I don't see anything negative in trying to reach out to as many as possible. Our first event we only used in game methods which still was a massive success but just using what is available. It is a good idea, honestly I wouldn't even see an issue with it being somewhere on the forums. Just an area that clearly shows these bigger events in it's own space would be very handy.
  2. Hasn't been a car show in over a month pal. Didn't see an issue at the beach party today so not to sure what the issue is. Everyone's always asking me when the next one is, people spend a lot of money on their cars so have the right to be given a planned event to show them off. I've always been happy to discuss anything like this with the devs etc but if it's a real issue then I'm all ears if the devs to approach me about it.
  3. The King Brothers Import Car Meet Powered by: Benefactor The King's are back hosting another car show at Del Perro. This time it is focusing on the new Imports that have been shipped into the city over the last couple of months. We'll be judging the most creative cars; the car and it's looks will all be taken into consideration. With this there is £400000 total up for grabs being split between 3 cars. Can't or didn't make the event? You can watch live on Joe King's Go Pro at JoeKing.live. See you there. "Import = Cars that were added by the dev team and were not in the orig
  4. Live! Joe King - Chilling then beach party tonight


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  6. Vehicle: Subaru BRZ BN Modification Issues: Wheel alignment is naturally pushed far to one side making 2 wheel's sick out of the wheel arches and the others are sucked in.
  7. I've heard around something like this is in the works though I'm not sure if this is true or how far along it is. Would also be cool to get all the car fully categorized into Classes making them easier to control performance and deal with in general. Would happily work with the devs to assist with this!
  8. Have lost many cars to this wall!
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