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  1. We Live on a work Night once again oops https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew


  2. Much love again on the stream, Thank you all! Have such a laugh everytime

    1. Nikolai


      of the 3 bans i did you only passed one, i'm dissapointed

  3. I'd ask where is my gif but you prob have no idea who the hell I am 😀

    1. Reverend


      Oh just you wait...

  4. I'm glad to hear this. I think that week away is what you needed. You seem to have a lot of friends that are concerned about your welfare here and wanting you to succeed and take you under their wing so you don't mess up again in the future, My question being, What's the plan ? What are your characters backgrounds going to portray in the future? are they going to be hanging around in the hospital making inappropriate emotes so to speak? This is the problem I am seeing daily on the FIveM server atm, not many people are playing a character and are treating
  5. I'm a mess me

  6. Edited your post for you so the video is embedded. Quite a funny one I must admit haha
  7. Hello This is brilliant to see that you have taken your time out of your day to report me for this incident which you state that you tried to resolve, surely if you did you would have my character name and forum information no? I just want to say it was a pleasure to have such a fun roleplay scenario with you. So where do I start, Watching one of your guys get mugged of a motorbike by a local I then pursue them down the road and get the bike back for you. You and your mates arrive, I'm then met instantly with hostility soon as you guys arrive. "Hands up now, hands up no
  8. Hello I'd like to start this off before we go any further, we would like to welcome @Gordonto our team as a new Staff Lead! This meaning @Matthas sadly parted ways with us. Once again we would like to thank him for his time and work here and good luck to you and your family! Gordon will be assisting us with the running of the staff team and recruitment going forward. Should you ever have any complaints in regard's to staff members please make sure you tag us all in a forum message going forward. @Drew @Stavik@Gordon We are currently looking for a big boost in recruitme
  9. I was actually going to suggest this today after watching a person on a stream who had hundreds of fines, clearly doesn't care because they will just go to jail for it and not pay it. My suggestion was to add to this also, my main concern with these tickets is that there is not much RP aspect involved as everyone still races around the city, and then will just take the jail hit. To combat this I'd say Make it so you can pay all off / multiple tickets at once Auto Charge people who don't pay tickets after a week at full price Reduced tickets if you contact police
  10. Gaming Laptop just arrived time to test this naughty little minx 

    1. Gray


      What one you go for?

    2. Drew


      Lenovo Legion 5 

      AMD Ryzen 7 4800H - 16GB RAM 512SSD and RTX 2060 6GB

    3. TheCap


      stress test 😉 

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