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  1. Liam

    Hi Drew

  2. For those who can't make the fight I'll be streaming it https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew
  3. Rumble at the Ranch Press Conference LIVE NOW https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew    

  4. Rumble at the Ranch Press Conference LIVE NOW https://www.twitch.tv/usualdrew
  5. Best believe Father Nicholas is writing some rap bars for you @FatherAugustus
  6. I'll stream it lad
  7. I'm not saying btw you should have a rap battle if people have been murdered and shot at I'm taking about ways to solve beef before that murder shit starts, example I've seen two gang members crash into one another in the street and they've just given eachother shit talk.. Next minute a whole gang rolls up to the others turf and wants to start something because of it? Gang leaders should always be looking at ways to calm the situations and resolve in a way that benefits them and doesn't make them look any less of a gang. Wars should always be last option, no IRL gang in my eyes would wanna start risking their lives because someone called their nan a horse or some shit. I like seeing the melee stuff always seems less toxic for some reason, I'd love to see two gangs meet up in a bar get their characters drunk af and have a pool cue fight or something We've all got to play a character and try not bring ego into it, like is it really good for a gang's progression to start a war because of miniscule things that could be resolved in numerous fun RP ways? I
  8. I'll give my simple opinion 1. People will start a war because someone called someone else fat 2.War's getting carried over into hospital and other unrealistic places Now exactly like you've stated not everyone but, this is how I've seen it go in the past Something silly happens > War terms start > terms broken people getting shot in/out colours and in hospitals > dumping > crying in OOC and in RP > Not acting downed > Repeat Unless you switch things up and make them less toxic it's the same shite I continue to see. War will literally break out because two people had a run in with eachother so the whole gangs want to scrap ? War should be the last outcome possible for gangs, let's say these two people have had a run in and hate eachother? Can't you get them to have a fight or a rap battle or something entirely stupid and different/ unique. Personal Opinion
  9. Negotiating is a thing. Forcing a situation where you are trying to leave the scene by getting them into a car isn't furthering the RP. You're clearly outnumbered very fast here no chance you're getting out there as quick as you'd like. If I was in your shoes, I'd be screaming for a negotiator. You're not even speaking to the cops that show up on scene you're still focused with that guy? Not saying I don't agree with you in my personal opinion everyone recently has a win mentality, however think you could of handled that better from your own perspective too mate.
  10. If you've got a cross hair on your monitor at all times you're not here for the roleplay. #Controversial

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    2. Liam
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      So what we doing about this then lads, anyone I see using CrossHair X, shall we add them into a pool of fraggers not roleplayers then it'll he easier to donk?


  11. Hey mate, just a heads up incase you’ve been gaming all day, however it’s Christmas Day just incase it slipped your mind
  12. @1cecold 1080p 144hz Monitor, looking to upgrade like but bit skint now hahaha
  13. Not a chance mate I fell out of bed yesterday no way I could build a PC It's getting built on PC specialist, only just ordered it, says pre order so it'll be a long wait I think
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