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  1. Wool x

    1. Drew


      I actually have a purple bin tho xo

  2. Something tells me you've had a bad day. Not sure what though
  3. Keep an eye out for message over this week and maybe next in regards to staff interviews!

  4. Well.. I just finished a 12 hour shift and thought, fuck it i'll come on and do some Buk Ling Ping taxi RP. Night started off with a phone call from Mr Chinese man Whong Cheng saying he own's the taxi company and wanted to know who I was.... Now, everyone who know's Buk Ling Ping in RP makes it known about the Taxi Company and being the best owner and driver about. Quick phone call and a meeting took place at the Downtown Cab Co, I said I wouldn't bring anything and make it fair talk, but I called the triads and had 15 odd people surround him for a chat. We actually had an agreement to run the taxi company together after a long hilarious chat. So I was making my way to Prison to pick up Billy Stevens on the Motorway, We then met Whong again near prison road when he had a passenger who was telling me Whong has been saying he's the best taxi driver... going against our agreement! Between myself Billy + Whong we decided to hunt down any other taxi driver who was claiming they either; Said they owned the company Drove a black cab Drove anything other than a yellow taxi Many Black cabs destroyed and either thrown in the sea or set alight, The roleplay was amazing from everyone. Calling other taxi drivers to our location setting things up to look realistic like we just broke down, or was in the movie area shooting a quick film. Nearly every single person who was driving a taxi was quite new but had decent RP and valued their life, too long to write all their names but GG to them. We set out a list of rules they need to follow to continue to be a taxi driver and work for us, we tested them throughout the night. Mike was one person using a Lambo for a taxi, 20-30 minutes later we set up another bait call, Mike then arrived in a yellow cab and has followed the rules and got payed 50k reward ahahahahha Manager of the year? However, I don't normally write these recommendation's up as everyone's RP should be top notch really. But, Billy Stevens and Whong Cheng had some fantastic, hilarious RP. Regardless of these two and their past, proves to me that people can change and I was so immersed in the RP scenarios we had set up. Class stuff lads @Gecko_
  5. "I'm not paying you £50 to be a taxi driver" *gets stabbed over not paying Buk Ling Ping £50"
  6. A 3 part Story.

    1. Drew


      A real love story, just like the movies 🎥 😅

  7. Anyone else just sit on PC build websites making a PC you can never afford FeelsBadMan😓

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    2. LegendaryChaos
    3. Nikolai Belski

      Nikolai Belski

      I've been doing that for the past year haha

    4. JasonO



      Then I got a credit card and DREAM BECOME REALITY.

  8. Hello, So I've noticed whilst going over this report you've somehow managed to get your ban increased for VDM and receive a warning point on the forums. Now If I'm not mistaken it seems like you can't follow simple rules to me here? I'm confused as to why your 5 minute video didn't pick up your audio but did as soon as the ban message come through? However, this report is against Daanv. I do not feel like any action needs to be taken here, there was reports in the OOC about your ongoing antics. Daan had been fair and watched for a while and decided to come speak to you about it. Maybe he felt like your reasoning and explanation was not good enough, considering your past warning and ban he used our Fair Ban System to issue you with a 24hour? he's well within his right to do so. It also looks like it was a good decision. The only thing I see here is @Daanvnot knowing about the respawning up to Paleto.
  9. Hello, Apologies about the Delay. Due to the nature of the report being against a staff memeber, Leads will be dealing with this. I plan to deal with this before 12PM Tomorrow, so if anything else is needed to be added please do so before then. Thank you
  10. Happy Birthday mate! 

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      Nice one fellaaa

  11. Happy Birthday 

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      Cheers boss man

    2. Stephen Allen

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      nae worries

  12. Happy birthday, mate you're getting to old for this shit

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      you're* too*.


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      Aye man I am hahaha nice one lad

  13. Happy birthday big man!

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      My guy, thank you 👊🏻

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