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  1. You keep referring to yourself when none of these statements were fully directed towards yourself alone, I was mainly dealing with jaffa he was the one who took it upon himself to talk with me in ts the boy even said it himself, he hates me but thats his opinion he kept pulling out topics that were ooc and ingame as to why he dislikes me. Lad what is such a struggle to understand? I was more than willing to comply once given some sort of explanation i really didnt think you lot would steep so low to just shoot me then and there sure there were demands made but i was standing my ground
  2. cypher jake?

    1. Jake


      haha how you doin big boi

    2. Boab


      wee Jakey boy causin it on FiveM cypher 4 life

    3. Clarkk


      ayup mate

  3. To whoever has to deal with this: Pulled up to the ballas to hand myself over knowing full well in past scenarios that no matter what i said i would end up dying, of course i should not let these previous situations influence the rp but its extremely draining when all you have ever experienced from these groups is the same shit over and over again it was also at midnight i was heading off very soon and the last thing i wanted was 40 people hunting me down the next day over accusations, i am sick of the countless times i have witnessed and experienced it myself of being dumped over the sillie
  4. (G2.5) Compliance - If someone complies with your demands you may not kill them, unless they were involved in an illegal transaction. (Sale of drugs/weapons/dirty cash)

     What incentive do people have then when it comes to complying? surely removing this gives the green light to go ahead and execute everyone that you rob? maybe im picking this up wrong but with this rule removed why would anyone want to "value their life" if they know that people are allowed to just kill them anyway.

    1. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane

      I wasn't at this rules meeting Jake but i think the point would be that in GTARP the standard of roleplay should be a lot higher than just killing everyone you rob. Because that would be stupid, that would benefit nobody and i would imagine if that were to happen it would fall under another rule of something like Poor RP anyway. Long story short, this rule would be covered by others.

      Interactions with anyone should be at a much higher standard in GTA so hopefully people take the "interesting RP story" over "kill anyone you rob" 

      We can all hope anyway 

  5. the trade @0:15... words cannot describe how tf that got into a montage
  6. He's the leader and hes pulling off stuff like that? As another white-listed group of the server I expect the same quality that the lost provide. So it was clear that I was going to be stabbed within 5 seconds of leaving the casino, seriously?
  7. Report a player Your In-game Name: Jake Floyd Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 229 & 140 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 05/16/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1810 What best describes this incident ?: RDM / Fail RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: So only been back after 6 months for about an hour or two and this is my first ever interaction with the so called white-listed faction "vagos" Wanted to find out a bit about who they are representing but instantly was being hit with high e
  8. @Charles Vane as stated already the last thing I want happening to myself if unbanned is getting banned again which means I clearly am going to behave this time, I had my first lick of fivem and a proper ban to set me on the right path, my actions have been regretted and I want to change the image that I set 7 months ago, I aint touched arma in a long time now i even have the dead game uninstalled, only way i can be apart of this community again is if unbanned from the gta server.
  9. How we doin charles, As much as I regret the times I acted like a dickhead you cant deny there was other times i genuinely was sound as. The amount of times I actually gave people something to do? I feel like you are forgetting how dead the server actually was at that point? and if anyone should know the struggle of trying to manage an active group of 15+ members its you, you've been in plenty of chaotic groups yourself groups with me in it included you know how bored people can get and obviously I acted in the wrong at times but people only ever remember the bad side no one ever remembers the
  10. Unban Appeal for Jake In-game Name: Jake Floyd Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198158165785 Ban ID: rpuk#1867 Reason given for your ban: G1.2 & G1.5 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned last year due to a report made on myself, a report that at the time I did not agree with but looking back now was definitely the break that I needed off of the server, I displayed zero rp in that report and in the weeks leading up to it overall I was dishing out poor RP which helped the decision making on the 6 month ban. The rules I was sp
  11. as already stated i thought u was having me on c'mon lad reply already stop trying to build a case against me and start nit picking at everything its pretty clear from an outside perspective ive done many a things wrong
  12. So thats how you respond? why have you never mentioned this supposed untouchable attitude I have to me before, so we have been side by side in robberies/gunfights/events before the whole lot even bashed out a bit of among us together for fuck sake n now today you kick off from something so small, what is the actual matter with you. Stop taking it so serious man relax. Build a trust and shit on me when I least expect it, nice one.
  13. Quite weird how you have such a change of opinion on me rather quick after what I thought was nothing more than a silly laugh between us, something that we have done many a times before i.e punching each other for such small things or taking a slice at someone those times resulting in us ALWAYS getting each other up, when you requested to pick me up at legion there was no doubt in my mind you were not going to take me to the hospital and when you said DAM i didnt think we were going down such a serious route, still a part of me thought you were just chatting shit for a joke to scare me as this
  14. https://gyazo.com/6093a0641598bd834f87fab82e55ac5b
  15. anyone who complained about the name >>>>
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