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  1. (G2.5) Compliance - If someone complies with your demands you may not kill them, unless they were involved in an illegal transaction. (Sale of drugs/weapons/dirty cash)

     What incentive do people have then when it comes to complying? surely removing this gives the green light to go ahead and execute everyone that you rob? maybe im picking this up wrong but with this rule removed why would anyone want to "value their life" if they know that people are allowed to just kill them anyway.

    1. Charles Vane

      Charles Vane

      I wasn't at this rules meeting Jake but i think the point would be that in GTARP the standard of roleplay should be a lot higher than just killing everyone you rob. Because that would be stupid, that would benefit nobody and i would imagine if that were to happen it would fall under another rule of something like Poor RP anyway. Long story short, this rule would be covered by others.

      Interactions with anyone should be at a much higher standard in GTA so hopefully people take the "interesting RP story" over "kill anyone you rob" 

      We can all hope anyway 

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