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  1. Being resolved in a overhaul on interactions
  2. We are aware of this issue, at this time we are asking people to use this link until it is fixed. https://forms.gle/ZZCoqGcizH7uqBzw7
  3. Date / Time: 09/05/2021 - 20:00 Release: LICENCES General Changes Added ability for Judges to ban licences @Archie Various PNC changes @Archie@Nomad Updated fines and punishments @Archie Updated licence UI design @Archie @Nomad Added ability for police to issue points on licences @Archie Added cooldown for failure to stop button "Not a heatseeking missile" - @Recon Nine Fixed various houses @TinyBigJacko Licence System The licence system has been rewritten to allow for licences to be banned if crimes have been committed which w
  4. Issue should be solved since update
  5. Date / Time: 24/04/2021 - 20:00 Release: I need a drink General Changes UI Updates Updated impound submission @Archie Updated ticket submission @Archie Updated house search @Archie @Norman Updated prison submission @Archie Cleaned up court UI @Archie Updated house warrant submission @Archie@Norman Fixed impounding issues with G6 @Archie Added ability to call solicitors via law directory @Archie MRPD Parking moved + added additional car spawn points @Antollyme Prison Radio M
  6. Date / Time: 23/04/2021 - 20:00 Release: Prison Riot General Changes Skin texture changes @Loyalty Prison Changes @Archie Various location changes @Archie Fixed respawning issue at the prison @Archie Updated mast system with the prison (More Difficult) @Archie Updated design for prison with new MLO's etc @Archie Prison UPDATE Last 24 hours the emergency services have been fighting off a prison riot, which had resulted in a fire in the cell block and the infirmary. The government have used all its resources
  7. Date / Time: 17/04/2021 Release: Time for the pub? General Changes Added 30+ new animations @Archie Updated speed camera system (Moved around the city) @Archie Added ANPR watchlist for ANPR @Archie Fixed walking animation issues @Archie Fixed warrant alerts from ANPR @Archie Fixed door within Casino @Ciaran Fixed crafting recipes @Stealthee Various fixes on casino @TinyBigJacko@Mike Polo Fixed delivery exploit @Mathias Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions:
  8. Thank you, this should now be fixed.
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