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  1. This issue has been resolved in a previous update.
  2. Come watch me fuck up something 😉


    1. TurboPrellj


      Thank you for your email

  3. Thank you for reporting this, this has been fixed pending to be added on live.
  4. It does work just need to find the right recipe for it
  5. Date / Time: 5/12/2020 Release: Who knows what to write these days. Additions Bean Machine blip changed @Loyalty Added new base layer for new crafting recipes @Archie Added new crafting animations @Archie Added voice notes for prison cut scene from @Shepherd Kingston Added new group system for staff etc @Hawaii Added new permission system for the wheel @Hawaii Added new minigame for lockpicking doors instead of progress bars @Archie Added clothing for NCA @Santo Added marked version of the X5 @Mike Polo Added snowba
  6. @DeltaWhen you can, come on ts for a chat about it.
  7. Archie

    Solicitor Pay

    This has been looked into and will be changed on the next update.
  8. Archie

    House alarm system.

    At the moment the owner receives a message on there phone alarming them that there the intruder alarm has gone off. However we will be looking into adding more security features in the future. Thank you
  9. I'm currently working through the list! I'm currently at 100 out of 320 on the garages so hopefully very soon
  10. So I removed it a couple updates back due to recoil being added to vehicles. I have had people message me there concerns about this so I will be looking at this in more detail in the next couple of days. Thank you
  11. SoonTM



  12. Date / Time: 20/11/2020 Release: Small things come in big packages Additions Added funds for Police & NCA @Archie Prices for Police & NCA on weapons/vehicles @Archie Ability to return items to armory after patrol @Archie Separated factions evidence lockers @Archie Vehicles for evidence convoy for Gruppe 6 @Archie & @Antollyme Added Ability for Police & NCA to destroy evidence @Archie Added more workbenches for gunpowder @Archie Adjusted wheel menu @Archie Fixes / Changes Attemp
  13. I have fixed it, sorry mate
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