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  1. Funnily enough, I had the complete opposite experience with both of these gentlemen, in which I can only call it, the Holiday, from Hell. Firstly, I'm confronted as "that guy" whilst I'm sinking my chips into the High Roller table. It's where I sit, dealer knows me personally, people know I have B A N K. Anyway, I have an Idea, businessman, entreupeuner, innovator. I go pitch. Get invited up to the Penthouse, kindly oblige, the following then persists: Encouraged to stand in Pit of fire for extended periods of time Repeatedly invited to
  2. We actually had safe guards against your scam, I did also notice you on the bar but I was "DJ'ing" so I couldn't come speak to you, I genuinely thought you were just Roleplaying and was going to offer you a job... I didn't come up to you until after, near the shop down the road, The client explicitly asked us to make the drinks £1, normally we would charge anywhere between £150-£300 for those drinks, but they paid the tab upfront. Out of interest, I have no interest in "hunting" you down for the cash, I don't need it and I used to run around pulling a load of scams
  3. Hello, Just confused- not really a suggestion, or a question, but a brain fart. If you were going to rob a shop, or more frequently on FiveM, a Police Officer, does it make sense to rock up with X amount of people in Balaclavas using your 5 second window between them walking back to their car, how do you engage with them in high quality roleplay? - Would the precise planning and preparation, including but not limited to the below, contribute to high quality roleplay? Sourcing vehicles suitable for this "Heist" Ensuring clothes look good and fresh
  4. Has anyone been through the process before? Yes How long does it take? Norman gave me a call What is the in game interview like? Scary because my character had previous charges for cocaine
  5. All the Single Ballas 3hr 40 into the VOD
  6. You fucking bastards, you were stealing from my club!!!!!!!!!!! That's fucking hilarious though, if you had the balls and witts to do this, you deserve to keep the cash, bastards!
  7. This also happens with /vehicletransfer Will grab a screenshot from my stream, as both happened last night VOD LINK :
  8. I'm admittedly only one Episode 1, of Series one, but that Tony guy looks proper fishy.
  9. I have a couple of good ones I’ve been practising, Not like this, more of like the below, @Kseniyaans @VeikkQknow I love them lots and if you have the video, please share with me on Discord, and as you know if I’ve ever pissed you off, just pull me up on it and chat with me, I’ve told you this before Veikk you toe, @TinyBigJacko, I think Yu Wong is going to retire his criminal life, he did make some steps towards living a cleaner life when obtaining the nightclub but obviously still have some antics he needs to iron out, although I don’t think in his story,
  10. Uh yeah, I don’t really hide it and people can generally tag on that I’m a bit special, It was fun It was a little bit deeper than this, I was politely asking for a repair kit and they said “I’m not a mechanic” whilst repairing their own vehicle, with a repair kit, and then tried getting me arrested by calling for police backup, I did warn them to not call for police- to which they did it again, I didn’t just murder them for not giving me a repair kit, also I made no attempt to try discard or remove their body, because the Roleplay that came after that was really
  11. I think you've got it completely wrong there Nuclear, my ban from discord was from a dark place and an argument in the middle of the night over something petty, it wasn't warranted and it was a malicious argument, My roleplay and engagement on the server, some relating to this unfortunate ban- was nothing of the sort? I agree, "/me Mike Polo Smells" isn't the best demonstration of being a great roleplayer, however I'm sure Mike knows how fond I am of him as a person, and I have passed my apologies onto him multiple times for acting like I did. I think, like I said earl
  12. Charles, I pinky promise, I will never use /me in that way again. I appreciate the time and effort that everyone involved in the server donates, including our developers, of course our admins and especially our great role players,
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